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My journey is just beginning. I have made the...

My journey is just beginning. I have made the decision to have my breast implants removed after having them for 18years. I know it is going to be a difficult adjustment but I believe I am ready. I am having problems with the left breast and do not want to have to go through this again. That is one of the main reasons for not replacing. I can't say I regret having them done because I have enjoyed having fuller larger breasts. I guess since I have gotten older and more mature, I am realizing that there are more important things in life than the size of our breasts. I am ready to be back to my natural self even if that means small and saggy : 0.....

I know that with the support of my wonderful husband I will get through it but would love to speak to other woman who are going through this or have been through this journey as well. I am scheduled for surgery on January 18th.

mine are above muscle...and yes I understand exactly what you mean. I have become so self conscious too! I feel like mine just make me look large.
i'm contemplating this myself...have saline not above muscle. I've had them for 12 years. My surgeon did a lift which i truly believe he ripped me off! But now after 12 years and 15 lbs I feel very top heavy!!! I'm having a tt on the 16th and am going to discuss my options.
Hi hummelstown, mine are also under the muscle. I have read that you might get better results if they are under the muscle. I'm hoping this will be true. Going in on Jan 18 and getting a little nervous now but so ready for this. I am tired of having pain and feeling self conscious when wearing certain clothes that show any cleavage as the left one seems higher. Its kind of ironic that I got breast implants to feel more confident and now I am more uncomfortable having them. Good luck with your consultation. Keep me posted. I think we all need support going through this.

So tomorrow is the big day. I cant believe its...

So tomorrow is the big day. I cant believe its finally here. Im excited and nervous. I just want to have them out and be done with it. I hope it goes smoothly and isnt too painful. I will repost after the surgery in a couole of days when i am felling better (hopefully)

So today was the day. My implants are gone and I...

So today was the day. My implants are gone and I am thrilled. The pain is a little bit uncomffortable but nothing some percocet cant control. I am so happy I made this decision and I hope my story can help other women who are contemplating their implant removal. They may be small but they are soft and natural and I couldnt be happier.

So implants came out this paat Wednesday....

So implants came out this paat Wednesday. Yestereday was a little tough with some pain and nausea but other than that I feel good. Having some minor pain on my ribs probably because there was some of the capsule that he had a little trouble removing. Still waiting for them to fluff up but its ok. They are small and soft and all mine. There is no deformity which was my major concern after having them for 8 years. I do not regret my decision whatsoever and am happy to be natural again. Will update again in a week or so.
Would love to get the Dr. Name you went to... My e-mail is ... Please help...
What dr. did you go to .. I too am in Mass .. I am getting outrageous quotes... please help
Hi Gina,
I went to Dr. Arthur Shektman. He is on Washington street in Wellesley. The staff was friendly and I had no problems. He is a nice guy. Kinda soft spoken . It isn't a real warm fuzzy kind of place but definitely professional. The consultation was 75.00. I see him tomorrow for my follow up. I am so happy I did this. I, of course, am smaller but soft, natural and all me. With a good padded bra it's all good. Keep me posted on your journey. I am happy to answer any other questions you have as I know how scary it can be. Good luck

My bandages came off today. one week post op. I...

My bandages came off today. one week post op. I feel good. Still no regrets and loving being 100% natural again :)
I am so glad you are doing well.... I am so happy for you... Keep us updated!!!.... g

So tomorrow will be two weeks since my surgery. I...

So tomorrow will be two weeks since my surgery. I feel great. Still will get little twinges of pain with my left breast (which is the one that had the CC) and I'm guessing its my nerves trying to heal. I have bought some nice padded bras and am so happy to be implant free. Best of luck to all the others who are on this journey.

One more thing....Braza dolly wedge inserts for...

one more thing....Braza dolly wedge inserts for bras are great. I put them in my bras when I want a little extra fullness and they look very natural and comfortable.
thanks so much
well done on taking the step to remove your implants. I had the same experience on the left side with the capsule sticking to my ribs so he left part of it in. I am fascinated by the Braza dolly wedge inserts. I live in South Africa and have never heard of them. Where do you get them from?
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