I have boobies!

Finally got my husband to agree with me getting...

Finally got my husband to agree with me getting implants. I have been talking about this off and on for about 7 years now. My husband was always against me doing it for all the right reasons(health risk, money). But now he as changed his mind and is totally on board with me and wants me to have them if it makes me happy. I couldn't do this without him being totally on board since I know I am going to need his help for the first few days.

So after my initial meeting with my doctor I had...

So after my initial meeting with my doctor I had though I would be getting 225-250cc silicone under the muscle and through the nipple. The Dr. However wants to do infra mammary and she feels I should do 275cc's. after trying on the sizers I have decided to go with 275 high profile silicone unders. I am excited and nervous my surgery is scheduled for march 1st

Just wanted to put my stats on here as I have...

Just wanted to put my stats on here as I have found it helpful when researching to find people with similar shape and size.
I am 5'0 and weigh about 105. I have a small frame but muscular. Still not sure how many cc'd I want to go with yet. I just know tat I don't want to go too big yet I don't want to regret not going big enough. I originally wanted 225 -250 now I think 275 is where I should be but my dr was talking more lie 300. I have a follow up appointment on the 13th to go over all the details before my surgery on the 1st.

I have my pre op visit on the 13th any suggestions...

I have my pre op visit on the 13th any suggestions for questions to ask my doctor?

Had my pre op today everything is in place for my...

Had my pre op today everything is in place for my surgery march 1st. My doctor is ordering 275,300 and 325 cc high profile. I should end up with the 275 but she wants to have options after she places the sizers in me during surgery. I am still real nervous but excited as well!

I still can't believe I am 2 weeks away from...

I still can't believe I am 2 weeks away from getting my new boobies! Now that they are paid for I just want to get it over with and be on the road to recovery.
I have turned into a cleaning machine dusting things that have not been dusted in months! My house is going to sparkle come March 1st!
Question for you ladies, where did you find the Arnica tablets? I might have to go to a natural foods store.
All in all I am super excited but equally nervous.

Well ladies I am one week away! I had a mammogram...

Well ladies I am one week away!
I had a mammogram today and ad long as I don't hear of any complications
I should be good to go! I am finally getting over my nerves and am just really excited. My friend who had hers done last November looks fantastic so I am hoping for similar results. She shows them to me every time I see her! She said she had a rough time for about 10 days and then it got a lot better and easier. She only has 225 cc and was an A cup to start and she is spilling out of a 32b bra.
Anyways, I will know Monday if anything popped up on my mammogram then it should be smooth sailing to Friday.

Well I have done everything I can to prepare my...

Well I have done everything I can to prepare my home and myself for my BA tomorrow. Hoping to get a good nights sleep and that everything goes smoothly. I will post as soon as I can afterwards and let everyone know how it went. Wish me luck!

At home feeling a lot better than I expected. I...

At home feeling a lot better than I expected. I have muscle soreness and its hard to use my arms. Now I know what T Rex arms are! Ended up with 300 cc's and will post pics later or tomorrow. So happy!!!

Here is a pic for everyone, it is hard to see...

Here is a pic for everyone, it is hard to see what's going on in there. The sides are packed with gauze and you can't easily see how high up they are. There is about 3 fingers between my collar bone and the implant. My Dr. Wants me to wait til I see here on Monday to remove the dressing

Just a little info for anyone who is having a prob...

Just a little info for anyone who is having a prob with doing #2. Pain killers worst side affect is that they can constipate you. I have been taking stool softener but didn't have much movement. So my dad had me chug about 5 ounces of prune juice. Let me tell you it works! Too well if you ask me! So if anyone is having trouble in that area try prune juice.

Just wanted to add an updated pic now that I am 9...

Just wanted to add an updated pic now that I am 9 days out. I am wearing a new balance bra that I got at Marshall's for like $9.00.
I am feeling better everyday and am not taking any pain meds. I just take the Valium at night. I still have a lot of swelling and upper pole fullness. I really need to stop and fill out the lower portion of my breasts. They look a little better everyday and I am so glad I did this.

4 months post op feeling great!

Well ladies I haven't been on here in a while and I wanted to update my pics and let everyone know how things are. July 1st I hit the 4 month mark and my breasts feel totally natural to me now. I am back to all my pre op activities and able to do everything at the gym that I was able to do before. I have no pain or numbness and am thrilled with my results and size. I am posting some new pics which are close but don't totally portray how they look. I think they look bigger and better in person but I wanted to share my results.
Sonal Pandya

I was referred to my doctor by a friend who had worked with this doctor.

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Looking good! The lower pole will continue to fill out as you drop over the next few weeks/months. You'll be amazed at the difference each week makes! Congrats!
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Great pics! They are looking fantastic! I'm also trying to just take the valium at night now so the morning boobs wont be as bad :) Happy for you!!
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They look great on you and compliment your figure well!!
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Ok now I understand what morning boob is. Woke up with some serious stiffness. It took a couple hours to relax.
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Hey girl! We haven't seen pics in awhile!!
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I know! The girls are looking fantastic and I got some cute bras at Nordies. I was waiting to hit the 3 month mark to post new pics. I still have days where I think I would like them bigger but some days I think they look huge ;) I got my before pics from my dr. They were shocking, I am so glad I did this! I will get some pics up this week.
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You are looking great!!
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They look great on you! Awesome pic! Just finished surgery a few hours ago and Im excited too see how they look like!It feels like Christmas and I'm so anxious to remove the wrapping in 2 days to see my new babies! Haha!
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Congrats and hope your recovery is going well! My surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning so I'm in full search mode to see people close to my weight/size and how they are fairing post surgery. Can't wait to see more pics after swelling has gone down a bit and gauze gets removed!
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Good luck tomorrow! 325 won't be too big, I wanted 275 but ended up with 300cc because it filled my anatomy out better. Mine are def not too big. I can't wait to see them tomorrow. You will do great and as long as you keep up with your pain meds you will be comfortable.
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Congrats to you too! get as much rest as possible. Mine dont look like what I want them to but the doctor is happy with them and says that they have a lot of dropping and filling out to do. They are really high right now so the shape looks a little odd naked.
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Hehe, haven't seen them fully naked. I've been taking sneak pics on top of my boobs, they look a little high, but I suppose thats how it was supposed to be since it's just been a few hours post op:) I heard it takes 6-12 months to see the final results; did you great the same thing?
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Yes my dr said it takes time for the swelling to go down and the implants to fall into place. She was pleased with how they looked today
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Ok I just tried on this bra I got at Marshall's. it is by Marilyn Monroe intimates they come in sets of 2 for $9.99. It looks like a Genie Bra. It is soooo comfortable and looks really pretty.
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It's not an under wire right? I'm not really sure when I can get more front closure sports bra...do you think I should wait till the swelling has subside
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No it pulls over your head. It's like a soft sports bra.
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was it hard to pull over your head?? that's what i've been wonder... how hard is it going to be to pull over a sports bra lol
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I was in the same train of thought as you Breezy, since the incision is under the breast... I don't know when I can lift my arms to sports bras and t-shirts on..
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No I can manage. I couldn't do it fri or sat but yesterday and today it is much easier. I can't raise my arms straight up but I do have some range of motion. My incisions are underneath and I have managed to get reg t shirts and tank tops on. You just have to go slow and careful.
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All my sports bras I bought go over my head and i didn't even think about not being able to lift my arms up lol. I've searched Walmart and target for zip up ones but no luck.
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I went to sears tonight to get the hanes ones that are zip up. They are on sale buy one get one half off right now.... They look really comfy! I'm going to post a pic in just a bit!
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Nice, will have to go there tomorrow. And will check out your pic!
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I just updated my review and added a pic! :)
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If you google zip front sports bra you can see Walmart has fruit of the loom and sears has Hanes. Walmart is online only. Sears should have them in store and there usually is some kind of sale going on. Very soft and comfy
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