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I am 41; mom to three beautiful girls; I am 5'6...

I am 41; mom to three beautiful girls; I am 5'6 and 116 lb and have been barely an a my whole life. I have decided to go with saline 275 filled to 300 and am hoping to end up with a natural looking small C... I run frequently so don't want them too big; the ps said this was the biggest she could go with my lack of tissue- small frame etc. I am in the middle of a really bad divorce but am feeling like I really want to do something for me and am going for it.:)

Thank you everyone on here for all your helpful posts and emails. I am so glad I found this site; you have all been wonderfully supportive it has been an amazing resource. i will update tomorrow from the other side :))


Can you tell me who your PS was and what hospital they used?
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Oooh, they look good. I think they will drop and soften gradually over time, hopefully a little bit every day.

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Day 2 - pain isnt too bad; still feeling tired & trying not to take pain meds. They are still so high and hard as rocks; anyone know when they will soften up & drop a bit; I know its still soon but yikes!!
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Day 4 - Post Op - I feel great; have been only...

Day 4 - Post Op - I feel great; have been only taking Tylenol for the last two days, theyy have started dropping a little but are still on the hard side. I still have to wear the band across the top to help push them down. I am not in pain at all and pretty much back to my old routine. I will be going back to work Monday; so that will be the real test.

I have been very lucky an my recovery has been gone really well. Dying to get back to running; hoping to get the ok from the Dr. in a few days. I wish I had the surgery done years ago!!

Thank you every one for all of your support & helpful comments - they have made all the difference in the world! :)


They look great, I'm so happy for you....
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Petite not appetite
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Looking good! I am scheduled in feb and still trying to figure out sizing. I like silicone better becaus ei appetite but don't want the worry etc so looking at saline. How did u pick size? They already look good!
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I am 2 weeks, 2 days post op and everything is...

I am 2 weeks, 2 days post op and everything is going well. Back to work, driving kids and all of that fun stuff. Swelling has gone down and I am definitely missing the bigger size but still happy with the look overall. One thing I am wondering about is has anyone else had one side heal faster that the other? The right has dropped and feels totally normal but the left is still sort of numb, like a pulled muscle, kind of sore around the nipple; hard as a rock in the morning - ouch ;(. Hoping it catches up to the other side soon and its not the start of an infection or anything. Did any of you ladies have this happen? Have a great day everyone!!


I was thinking either 350 or 375 silicone but now wondering of that is too big and also if I should stay with saline. Having such a hard time deciding!!!
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You look great. Glad things are getting back to normal for you.
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Thank you - they have shrunk a since then :( - my PS said I was limited because of lack of breast tissue I started out with. I do wish I could have gone a little bigger but overall am happy. I run a lot so I didnt want them to be big to the point where running or working out would be difficult... Did you decide on a size?
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