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Ahh finally I'm doing something about it I have...

Ahh finally I'm doing something about it I have always wanted boobs ever since I was young I was alway a a cup but would buy c padded bras so it gave the illusion I had boobs. Finally at 21 I got pregnant and Brest feed and my boobs were DD so you can imagine how yuck they are now.im very short aprox 155cm and 42kg so am
After aome
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DR Julian lofts

Well I have been to x2 consults and he seams very professional and knows his stuff we have choosen a 375cc and now I'm having doubts it may be to small? Any advice please. I do have one more pre opp appointment in dec so will express that I'm thinking of bigger. But yeh ladies who have 375cc id love to hear your advice ;-)

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Dear Cloemae, This is a very important decision to make how big you want to go. It's super hard for us (patients) to determine in terms of CCs. On the other hand for a doctor it's not exactly how the doctor thinks in terms of cup A, B, C, D. Best thing to do find pictures of how you imagine yourself after surgery, show your doctor and go with his advice. LOL I got myself thinking 375cc. I showed my doctor pics of how big I wanted to be. His recommendation was 500cc high profile. I had to say it out laud to my own self to believe :) today is day 6 post op and I AM IN LOVE with my girls. It's exactly how and what I wanted. Good luck to you in your journey. I really really hope you get the best results you want Best regards Lena
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I can't wait to see the results :D
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Hey there! Looks like we have similar stats and my surgery is coming up in 2 weeks, feel free to check out my review hope it will help you :)
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Congratulations on your decision to proceed with breast augmentation surgery. One of the keys to success will be careful communication with your plastic surgeon. Use as many “visual aids” as possible during this process. Show him examples of breasts that you find attractive as well as breasts are too large or too small. Best wishes for a successful operation and an outcome that you will be very pleased with!
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