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6 weeks PO and had a set back

Hello Real Self, I have decided to join after...

Hello Real Self, I have decided to join after reading and looking at other's reviews and pictures. I only have 6 days to go and extremly excited and nervous. I am 29 with 2 beautiful kids. I had my first child at 18 so it wasn't two hard to get back a shape (I had a stomach but nothing like now) After I had my daughter at 25 it went downhill.

I just got married June 11, 2011. I lost a total of 30lbs for the wedding but still have the stomach. Since the wedding I have gained some weight back due to medication I had to take. Right now I am 5'6" and about 180-185. I want to be around 165 cause I like curves. I think I get depressed working out and dieting because I seen my stomach go nowhere. I hope this will give me a confident boost.

I will upload some before pictures later. I had a meltdown yesterday scared about the surgery. I never had surgery in my life. All I keep thinking about is my kids and I prayed last night and felt better. I think I am on an emotional roller coaster right now nerves and anxiety is taking over but for the most part I am super excited.

Can't believe I only have 5 days left of this ugly...

Can't believe I only have 5 days left of this ugly stomach!! I am soo excited. Reading people's stories really helps and I think I am prepared for the pain. I have a very supportive husband and my mom as well. It's just going to kill me not being able to move around and do things with my kids like I normally do. My son is 11 and he can pretty much do for hisself, my daughter is 5 and she is a momma's girl lol!! So this is going to be hard but I told her mommy needs you to take care of her for a couple of days and she is ok with that. I still haven't uploaded any photos need to take some without my face.
Thanks...surgery went good...I am in a lot of pain right now but still in good spirits
Good luck with your surgery!
I sure will! I have heard really good things about my PS! And so far I have really liked him and his staff.

Hello everybody I am 10 days post op and still...

Hello everybody I am 10 days post op and still have this stupid drain ughhh..had my follow up Thursday and ps said everything is healing great had to leave drain cause still draining a lot but said I could shower. Still on pain meds but cut down to just 1 like every 5 to 6 hours. The pain is tolerable now at first let me say it hurt. It is more of my back and muscle repair then anything. The tt incision doesn't bother me at all and it's so low yeaaahhh...I have been really tired after doing anything. Also I had one place to the left of my bb that was swelling pretty bad and hurt ps wanted to make sure it wasn't fluid build up so he did stick a needle in there but no fluid just swelling. Been keeping my cg extra tight and swelling hasn't been too bad. Happy with results already so I can only imagine how I will be once all this swelling is gone. Other then being tired I feel good just ready to get back in the groove of things. I love my ps he is the best as well as all his staff. He called me the same night to make sure I was doing good gave us his personal #'s in case I needed anything. He is the sweetest I would recommend him to anybody in th MD, DC, VA area. Have my next visit Thursday so will update then. Hope everyone is having a speedy recovery or good luck on upcoming surgery.
Yeah I go in next week for a checkup to make sure I don't have fluid build up. I just want the swelling to go away so I can see some results!
I am still swollen but not too bad...I had fluid build up that I had to get drained on Tuesday and go back tmw to see if I have anymore...the cause was probably doing too much so I have slowed down a lot but with 2 kids 11 and 5 it's hard and a husband who works a lot...I have been off my meds since 7 days PO I was taking Tylenol for pain..
Hello Airyanna00, I too went to Dr. Tattlebaum. I did a full TT with lipo to my back and flanks. As of today, i'm 2 weeks postop. I still have a ton of swelling and am weaning myself off of the meds. Are you still swollen and did you swell a lot? I'm swollen to wear my regular clothes won't fit so i'm hoping this goes down fast.

Well tmw I will be 6 weeks and I had to get a...

Well tmw I will be 6 weeks and I had to get a drain put back in today do to a seroma that just won't go away...I am loving my results just hating this seroma. Getting the drain was pretty painful didn't make it to work cause of it. I am hoping this works so this stupid thing goes away. I feel great otherwise I am just ready to get back to working out. Hope everyone is healing good and for those who have surgery coming up good luck
Hey there! My drain is out (17 days that sucker was in) I have been trying to lay low since he removed it. How are you?
Hey I just responded on your post...still have the drain went in today and it is still draining a lot :(...I think I had a bit of an infection cause I started running a fever and had a lot of pain (but no redness) but he started me on antibotics and I feel much better now!! Just depressed about this set back...I hope this works otherwise he has to go back in and rough it up so the skin sticks do not want to do it but it will be minor cause the seroma is right above my incision. Glad you made that decision of waiting and when you do get it out try to watch your activity level. I am loving every bit of my results just hate this seroma...it does cause me to swell more around my incision. Glad to hear you are doing better I just wish I could say the same I will be 2 months next week and thought by now I could be back to my normal routine. But take care and talk to you soon!!
Hey Airyanna! Just checking on you to see how you are doing now that you have the drain back. Are you putting out much? Do you feel like it set your energy level back having the drain again? My appt for drain removal is Tuesday but I am still putting out way too much so will reschedule that to this Thursday and play it by ear. I am now 2 weeks post op but I am just one of the unlucky ones who have to have my drain longer. If I get it taken out on Thursday that will be 17 days post op. I hope you are doing well. Dr. T said you look fantastic!
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