Tummy Tuck Part 1: So happy! 8 weeks post op - Maryland

32 year old mom of 3 here- 4 yrs, 2 yrs and 6...

32 year old mom of 3 here- 4 yrs, 2 yrs and 6 months. I gained about 50 lbs with each pregnancy. I am 5'3" and weigh 145. I still have 15 lbs to lose to reach my pre-preganancy weight. My plan is lose the weight and then get a full tummy tuck with lipo of the flanks. I have had two consultations, total costs were $10,500 from one doctor and $13,500 from the other. I wasn't overly pleased with either doctor's before and after pictures, compared to some really nice ones I have seen online. So I'm going to continue searching for a plastic surgeon. Any recommendations? I live in the MD/DC/VA area. I would prefer Maryland. Hoping to do this procedure within the next 6-12 months.

Dr. Person in Greenbelt and Dr. Forman in North Bethesda.
Skinnywaistpls who did you go to for your two consults?

Welcome to RealSelf.   Keep doing your research until you find the right doctor!  This is the most important part of the process.  You are going to know it when you find the one just for you!!

You are doing a great job with the weight loss!  Keep up the good work but you are really there!  Now focus on being healthy and building a strong core.  This will help you greatly in your recovery.  

This is a link to the RealSelf Maryland Doctors.  You will find this helpful for your research.  

Keep us all up to date on how everything is going.


I'm excited and looking forward to having one more...

I'm excited and looking forward to having one more TT consult next week and then I will make my choice. I am trying to decide when the best time will be for me do this surgery. I am thinking about maybe the week after Thanksgiving. We have a big family Thanksgiving plans and Christmas too. I would love to do it sooner but I still want to lose some more weight (10 lbs) so I can have the best result for me. Ahh!! I'll see what the PS says next week, but I can just get some lipo. But I hear that lipo is more painful than the TT. Also, I have little kids and I stay home with them so I will need my husband to take a week off work. He said around the holidays is easier for him. I need to figure that out! My best girl friend is married with no kids and she has offered for me to stay at her house for a week to recover. I'm so blessed to have that option and I think I will definitely do that. My kids are so young I don't want them to worry about me looking all hunched over and hurting. I'll post some pictures as soon as I can.
I know! :) Congrats love....is it starting to feel real?
Yes, he was great. ;-)

I'm doing it! I'm getting an extended tummy tuck...

I'm doing it! I'm getting an extended tummy tuck with some liposuction on Nov. 1st.  I'm super excited and a little nervous although I'm sure I will get way more nervous as the surgery date approaches.  I'm going to stay at my parent's house post op for a few nights. I feel very fortunate to have this option. My mom is a retired RN and she will be able to help care for me. I'm thrilled to escape my loud and busy house (three young children and a dog) and get some quiet rest.

My husband will stay home from his work to take care of the kids. I know he will be fine. He is a wonderful husband and very involved daddy to our children. I will be able to video chat with the kids but I'm hoping to get through this without telling them about my TT. I think it will freak them out if they knew and I don't want them worrying about it or mentioning it to anyone at school. I'm not going to be embarrassed to admit to anyone after the surgery that I had a TT, I think!? Or maybe I'll just keep this a secret. I guess I'm not really sure about that yet. I know I'm going into this TT with the attitude of it's my body, my money, my decision. Still, I don't want to deal with any potentially unsupportive people interfering with my mind.

I have wanted to have a TT ever since I had my first baby (4 years ago) and after losing all of the weight with my first, I was left with a saggy jelly belly and a ridiculous amount of stretch marks. Now, I have three children and I'm done.  My third is 7 months now and will be almost 9 months when I have my surgery. My PS said no lifting the baby for two weeks. Ahh!  I'm sure that will be really hard but I'm hoping that time will fly by with me going in and out of sleep from taking pain medication.

I do feel a little selfish about doing this TT right now, as opposed to waiting 5-10 years or so when my kids are older. But at the same time, I'm 32 years old and I want my body back while I'm still pretty young. I have gained and lost weight (about 50lbs) with each of my 3 pregnancies and now my tummy is just a flabby mess. It's very upsetting to me. I have some guilt about gaining too much weight during my pregnancies as well. Although I worked hard to lose the weight yet my tummy is still a disaster. I wear lots of stretch pants and I have to tuck my loose belly flap into them. Ugh!! I can't wait to say goodbye to my muffin top. I can't wait to run without my belly jumping up and down. I can't even begin to imagine that I will be able to wear a bikini again. That will just be icing on the cake. Mmm, I love cake. Haha, that's why I gained too much weight during my pregnancies and now I need a TT. Okay, no more cake talk! Seriously though, I haven't shown my stomach to anyone since before I had my first child, except to doctors. I really can't wait to look down and see a flat abdomen, let alone be able to shave my vajaja without having to lift up my flabby tummy. Ahh!

I have so many stretch marks that I'm nearly certain I will still have some remaining after my TT. That's okay with me. I actually think having some stretch marks remaining will make it look less obvious to others than I had a TT. Or maybe that's just what I'm telling myself? Not that I really care what others think, I'm doing this TT for me 100%. My biggest fear is the scar. I want it low and straight. And, preferable low enough to hide in low rise jeans! I have a nice butt and I use to look sexy in jeans.

I'm a stay home mom. I put my kids first everyday. I spend my days cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, doing laundry, running errands. I love to bake and play with my kids too! I think life is all about creating experiences and making memories. To which, I have a pretty great life. My husband is wonderful and very supportive of my decision to get a TT.  I've also told my parents, my sister and two girl friends that I'm getting a TT. They will be my support system, helping to take care of me and my children while I'm recovering. I have mentioned thoughts of getting a TT to a few more friends in past conversations but I haven't said anything recently and I'm not sure if I will ever tell some of them after I really do it. I am doing this for me and I don't want lots of friends and family members asking to see my tummy. I know I'm never going to be a super model.

Thank you to everyone reading this. Although we are all strangers here, I feel comforted by sharing and reading stories from others who have already had a TT. I know this journey will have highs and lows, emotionally and physically. Thank you to RealSelf for providing this wonderful forum. I have enjoyed reading other's reviews and looking at before and after pictures as I did my research and consultations.  And I know this will be a good place to find support and ask questions during my recovery. 
Awesome.. I am supposed to go in on the 2nd of November.. Congrats on your decision and you already know people will try to say don't, but if it's what will make you happy and feel better go for it! I only have one child and I am SO done after my body never snapped back in any way. No way i'm having any more lol... I look forward to seeing how you're feeling about it all if you'll be documenting it. :o)
You look like a perfect candidate for this surgery. You are going to be so happy when its all over! Thanks for the sweet note.
Thank you hillcountrysweety!

45 days to go now until my TT! I'm getting so...

45 days to go now until my TT! I'm getting so excited. I can't believe I am really doing this. It feels like a dream. I've been eating healthy and exercising. I'm hoping to be a little more toned up before the surgery. I'm going this week to do my pre-op lab work. Hope that all goes well. Happy healing to those of you already on the flat side!
Thank you Nicki69TT same to you! I can't wait to get rid of this extra tummy skin weighing me down- literally and emotionally. I saw your before pics and you definitely have a sexy body hiding in there. Good luck to you too!!

Getting so excited!! I wish it was tomorrow!

Getting so excited!! I wish it was tomorrow!
Hey there...I am getting excited too! My surgery is also scheduled for November 1st!!
Thank you. How are you feeling? How is your swelling?
I feen fantastic but I am swollen like a beast! But this is still the best thing I have ever done for myself and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

25 days to go until my tummy tuck! I am so...

25 days to go until my tummy tuck! I am so excited! I'm trying to lose 5 more pounds before my TT. I have been eating so healthy and started running everyday. I can't wait!!!
Hey love! I inboxed you!
Thanks! I just wrote you back. Not sure why I didn't get an email notification either. Maybe this website is undergoing some work.
Btw, I also have a lot of stretch marks, I'll report how they look! I think you will look fantastic!

3 weeks to go now until my TT! Balance paid. Got...

3 weeks to go now until my TT! Balance paid. Got my scripts. So excited!!!
yeah dr T is the best!!

Okay ladies, I'm starting to get my recovery...

Okay ladies, I'm starting to get my recovery supplies.
Shower chair
Cough drops, chapstick, hand lotion, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash, tissues, q-tips, Neosporin, dermaplast spray.
Pain medicine, anti-biotics, colace
Maxi pads for incision drainage
Mederma scar cream, cocoa butter/vitamin E scar cream
Extra pillows and blankets
Heating pad, Ice packs
White noise machine, night shade, ear plugs, small fan
Clothes- dark colored and comfortable- stretch pants, tank tops, zip up hoodie sweatshirt, cotton brief underwear, front closure bras, socks, slippers.
Compression garment for use after drain comes out and I'm finished with my binder.
Cell phone and charger
Large water bottle with straw

Is a toilet seat riser really needed... I'm only 5' 2". I read mixed reviews on Amazon regarding shorter people finding them to be more of a bother.
Any shorties out there have an answer for me? Or any tall girls out there find the toilet riser was just the right height?
My pre-op appointment is next Wednesday so we shall see if I feel different.
Skinnywaistpls...Thanks for sharing the list of supplies. I haven't started picking up things yet so it will be helpful when I finally do. It still feels unreal that I am going to actually have the surgery. I don't know what's wrong with me! I guess it will all sink in once I have my pre-op appointment. I'm 5'0 tall so I need know about the toliet seat riser as well.
I did use the toilet seat riser - it was nice to have - but, after only a week I took it off. So, I think you'd be fine without it. I got mine from amazon for only $15 so it wasn't expensive at least.

Just under 3 weeks to go! I'm getting so excited...

Just under 3 weeks to go! I'm getting so excited about my upcoming tummy tuck! This weekend and next week I'm going to cook and freeze some meals for easy heat and serve options. I have also been cleaning my house non-stop. I feel like I'm in the nesting period at the end of pregnancy! Hahaha
Hey sweetie! I am 5'9 so the raised toilet seat was a must for me, but after using one and thinking about your height I would say don't get it. You will be struggling to get on top of it vs just sitting on it like my amazon self did!
Thanks cherrybabi! Okay I'm going to skip getting a toilet riser.

15 days until my TT! Still doesn't seem quite real...

15 days until my TT! Still doesn't seem quite real yet. I'm very excited and having trouble concentrating on much else. I love this site!

Concentration is over rated...LOL    Almost there!

Thanks Kimmers25!!! ;-)
My TT October 31, Halloween!!!!!!!!!

TWO WEEKS until I have a flat tummy!!!

TWO WEEKS until I have a flat tummy!!!

I uploaded a couple of my "wish pictures" today. I...

I uploaded a couple of my "wish pictures" today. I showed them to my PS at my pre-op visit last week. He smiled and said he will get me as close as he can. ;-) I said, that sounds great! LOL. He is so talented and professional. I can't wait!!!
getting excited??
Yes, super excited! I'm having trouble sleeping b/c I'm thinking about it 24/7 now.
Baby wipes were great until I could shower and I did okay at 5' 4" without a toilet riser. The shower chair is sooo nice. At first a shower is going to be exhausting so it's great to have. I borrowed my grandmas walker that she had for a surgery and it was awesome to lean on for a few days and to cart things around on in a bag. But I only used it for about 3 days, so definitely don't buy, borrow if you can/want. I can relate to gaining 50 lbs with pregnancy and then the belly and abs just don't recoil. You deserve it, we moms put everyone else first and feel guilty doing something big for ourselves. I had all of those thoughts too. Best to you on your upcoming surgery!

10 days to go until my TT!!! Just saying ;-)

10 days to go until my TT!!! Just saying ;-)

A few new before pics added. 5'3" 137 lbs. I may...

A few new before pics added. 5'3" 137 lbs. I may lose another 1-2 lbs before surgery but it is what it is pics wise. You can't get rid of lose skin without surgery. Can't wait!!!
go for it girl. you are going to be very happy with a tummy tuck
Thanks Amandas!!!
:-) my tt is Oct. 24

Getter closer by the minute! Haha. I am not...

Getter closer by the minute! Haha. I am not nervous. I have never been more ready for something! Totally wishing my TT was tomorrow!!!

ONE WEEK until I have my TT and I can kiss my...

ONE WEEK until I have my TT and I can kiss my flabby tummy goodbye! So excited, yes!!!

I AM SO READY!!! Having major trouble focusing on...

I AM SO READY!!! Having major trouble focusing on anything else. I'm eating so healthy and exercising everyday AND totally counting the days now. Ahhhh!! :-)
Less than a week left sweetie! Are you all set and ready to go?

4 more days to go until my TT! Today and...

4 more days to go until my TT! Today and yesterday, I've actually taken a little break from obsessing about my upcoming surgery b/c the news is not certain but they are predicting hurricane Sandy to bring major stormy weather to the east coast affecting Maryland to New York. I hope they are wrong! Anyway, my house is clean and now we're stocked up on batteries, bottled water and non-perishable foods. And now, I can resume being very excited about my TT!!! Haha. Tonight, I'm going out for dinner with my husband. This will be our last date with me having a flabby tummy. Wahoo!
Hey love just checking on you! Have you heard anything concerning your surgery and Sandy? If not no news is good news! (fingers crossed)
Thanks for thinking of me cherrybabi! I'm trying to have patience and be flexible, in the event my surgery is rescheduled. Hurricane Sandy can kiss my ass though for real. I am going a little crazy waiting to see what kind of stormy weather we get.
I agree! She is one ugly, fat b@#$% though! If anything keeps you from surgery it will be flooded road ways, downed trees and all that jazz. Even if you are still given the green light please be safe my friend and don't try if it doesn't look safe. (fingers still crossed though)

3 days to go, I hope!!! Schools, federal...

3 days to go, I hope!!! Schools, federal government, metro and many private businesses are closed today and tomorrow b/c of major wind and heavy rain affecting DC area. I'm suppose to be contacted today from the surgery center with my time for Thursday. It's very emotional to get this close and then think it could get moved. Trying to stay positive, have patience and be flexible! Waaa.

I called the surgery center this morning an nobody...

I called the surgery center this morning an nobody answered. I left a message but I didn't get a call back. So I guess they were closed today and nobody was handling their messages. I will call them again tomorrow and if I don't reach someone, I will also call my PS to see if I can get any info. I'm assuming it's just a wait and see situation right now until the hurricane is over. I'm feeling pretty anxious about the idea that my surgery date may be pushed for weather. The waiting is quite stressful and I comforted myself with some Halloween treats that I made for my kid's school party b/c it was cancelled. Ugh!! I feel selfish for being so concerned with my TT when there is a hurricane going on but I can't help it. This pretty much sucks. I was hoping to be busy this week with Halloween festivities. The storm isn't suppose to be over until Wednesday morning so it's possible I may not get any answers tomorrow either. :-/ Trying to keep my head up and be happy my tummy tuck will still happen soon, even if it gets rescheduled... but clearly it's not easy for me. Jealous of everyone not stuck at home b/c of hurricane!
Good luck with the TT and the storm. :)
Gee honey you are in more pain than us TT ers :( It will happen for you honey just hang in there :) And i am thinking of you all going through this Hurricane hope not a lot of damage is done. Keep smiling skinny waist xxxxx
Thanks charzie!

2 days until my TT!!! I'm feeling more optimistic...

2 days until my TT!!! I'm feeling more optimistic today then I did yesterday. We had high wind and heavy rain but never lost power and hurricane Sandy seems to be moving on today with good weather coming in the rest of the week. Yay!! Feeling truly blessed that we are safe and didn't have any property damage. Hoping to hear some info today from the surgery center or my PS confirming my surgery date. And I don't have a time yet.

Just called the surgery center again today and...

Just called the surgery center again today and nobody answered. I called my PS office and my call was forwarded to an after hours line b/c the office is closed today. I guess I will not hear anything until tomorrow.
good luck skinnywaist! I'm sure.all is still a go!
All seems to fine around Maryland so I am betting you will hear something tomorrow! 1 day and counting!
Thank you! I sure hope so!!!

Finally got a call back!!!!! I'm getting my TT...

Finally got a call back!!!!! I'm getting my TT tomorrow at 8am. OMG, it doesn't even feel real right now. I'm very excited though! Busy with Halloween stuff today, the day is going to fly by. No food or drink after midnight. Better get my candy binge on before then. Kidding!!! Haha
Hope u are feeling ok just rest that's all u can do
Hey love! I was thinking about you! I hope you are resting well. :)

Day 3 post op- doing okay... Had a complication...

Day 3 post op- doing okay... Had a complication from my TT surgery. While still waking up from anesthesia in the surgery center, Dr. T found I developed a hematoma on my left side. Dr. T said I had to go back under general, open up my incision, cauterize the bleeding and close me up again. It was scary and I was quite dizzy afterward from losing too much blood. I was so dizzy in fact, I could not stand up and literally fainted when I tried. They called an ambulance and I was taken to the ER. I was given IV fluids but it was not enough. I received two units of blood transfusion. I stayed two nights in the ICU under 24 hours care. I came home yesterday, still pretty weak and without much appetite. Today I'm feeling a little better and stronger. I'm hoping the worst is behind me now. I'm able to eat and walk around on my own. I do still need some help getting up out of bed. I have not really seen my stomach but my husband said it looks great. Dr. T said it was a very rare complication that happened to me and he feels so sorry. Dr. T followed the ambulance in his car to the hospital and stayed by my side in the ER until I got a room in ICU. Then he came to visit me each day and he has called me at home each day too. I do not know if the hematoma was caused by Dr. T missing a step during the initial procedure or if it occurred on its own as a rare complication. Either way, I still have respect and appreciation for Dr. T.
Things are moving in a good direction now,
I'm just a little behind on my recovery b/c of the hematoma and having to go under general anesthesia twice in one day. I will take pictures and do another update when I have more strength. Thank you all for your well wishes.

First post op pic added.

First post op pic added.
I didn't see that you had added a pic earlier! Your scar is making my scar jealous! You look fantastic.....skinnywaist indeed!
WOW, can't believe what you went through, but I'm so glad they caught it before you were released. I'm also glad Dr. T took time to stay with you and did above then normal follow ups. I'm so glad everything turned out GOOD. Congrats to the new you and happy healing!!!
Looking amazing!!! pizza dough and muffin top are gone!!!! waiting for more pictures, i am sure you will look slim , great and more self confident!!

Hi ladies, I am getting stronger each day and...

Hi ladies, I am getting stronger each day and healing well. Loving my results! Dr. T has been excellent with follow up. I will post more pictures later this week. Lucky me, I have two drains. Haha. I go for post op visit on Thursday, so hopefully at least one of my drains will get to come out. So far, my swelling has not been too bad. Still no BM yet. My appetite increased today so hoping for a BM tomorrow. Oh the joys of recovery! Love to everyone. Seriously this site is awesome.
wow, so glad.you are ok! Dr. T is fantastic. I sent a simple question to his nurse, nothing at all important. He called me back personally, on a Sunday and stayed on the phone with me until all of my questions were answered (i came up with more)... anyway, you look fantastic already!
Thank you. Yes Dr. T is wonderful. He took good care of me and his follow up has been excellent.
Oh my word! I'm so glad you are doing better after the complication. It sounds like you were in good hands. I hope your recovery is going well!!!!

Had my first follow up appt today. I got one drain...

Had my first follow up appt today. I got one drain out (I had two), so now just one, which hopefully will get come out next week. My incision is healing well. Got to see my belly button for the first time today. It looks good, I guess, it's still healing of course and so it kinda looks a little gross. But Dr. T said it looks good. I'm feeling really great today. I am walking around slowly but standing up pretty straight. I haven't taken any pain meds all day. I may take one at bedtime just to have a great night sleep. Overall I'm feeling happy and I am enjoying all of the rest. My husband has been amazing taking care of our children. My parents have been wonderful caring for me and bringing me meals and snacks. My appetite increased today and I have been doing well eating healthy foods. Yay!! My sister stopped by to visit me and brought some candy but I turned it down. That is hard for me! But I know swelling is coming soon enough so I surely don't need to be eating candy. Also, today I had my first BM. That was awesome! I think stopping the pain meds really helped with making that happen. Haha
Okay, that's all for now. I will add some new pics soon. Lots of love and hugs to everyone!!!
Your scare is the freakin bomb! I hope my scare ends up just like that infact I'm bringing that photo with me...hehe hope you don't mind cuz I need him to see exactly what I want! Glad your doing better, I can imagine how scary that must've been and you stayed real positive so kuddos to you!
Thank you! I am so happy with my scar too!! Seeing my flat tummy and my low scar has made everything so worth it.
So, so, so glad to hear it! Can't wait for more post up pics. Your pre-op tummy is pretty much exactly like mine right now. So, basically, you're totally blazing a path for me in terms of what to expect. Heal well!

Post op day 6. Doing well. Nerves are starting to...

Post op day 6. Doing well. Nerves are starting to wake up a little. Took one pain pill today for my soreness. Feeling a little swollen but not too bad. My husband had to work a few hours today so I watched the kids. Ahhhh, that was crazy exhausting and thankfully I won't have to do that again for another several more days. I washed my hair tonight for the first time since my surgery. I leaned over the kitchen sink and got my shirt pretty wet but hey my hair is clean and smells great! :-) I'm still eating healthy and drinking plenty of water. Added a new pic today. Loving my scar!!!

Lookin' good!
Thank you!
I can't imagine it possible to look any better 6 days post op:)

PO day 8. Today was a pretty long day. First, let...

PO day 8. Today was a pretty long day. First, let me just say that constipation from the pain meds has definitely been the worst part of the recovery for me. That said, yesterday I developed a hemorrhoid. So painful and embarrassing!! And it got more painful as the day went on. As well, I hadn't had a BM since the one on day 4. Waaa! I called my PS for advice and he suggested I do an in-home enema. He said laxatives are bad because they cause cramping and gas which makes you feel worse. Okay, ummm the idea of an enema was so terrifying to me. Yet, feeling I may have no other choice I watched several videos on YouTube this morning to learn more about them. My mom being an RN told me it isn't that scary and I will feel much better. So she went to the drugstore and bought me a small saline solution enema. And, I did it. In fact, it was pretty horrific. Haha. So hopefully I don't need to do it again. But, I survived and I did feel better. Then, this afternoon I saw a colon rectal surgeon and was hoping to get my painful hemorrhoid removed. That didn't happen. Turns out I have an internal hemorrhoid that has just popped out. :-/ So he pushed it back inside my rectum. That hurt so bad! Then he wrote me a script for hemorrhoid suppositories to help shrink it and recommended I increase my colace dose from 1 to 3 a day, and take 2-3 sitz baths a day for the next week. Okay, I will do my best. Good news, my tummy tuck pain is basically non-existent. Or maybe just in comparison to the hemorrhoid pain I don't even notice it. Well, I'll be damned if I take another Percocet. I would rather deal with intense pain than be constipated. Tomorrow will be a better day. Yes, it will! I just ate some Activia yogurt and took a colace. :-) And hey, my stomach looks great. Still worth it! LOL :-) Hope everyone is doing well.
MOM worked immediately for me! very little pain!
Magnesium citrate is a natural supplement I was told to take earlier this year for constipation and it really a helps, I've also taken vegetable tablets the equate kind from Walmart that work well! Good luck with that I know constipation and bloating can be awful even without surgery
MoM works for me. I take 2 tablespoons twice a day and drink water or tea after. It hasn't been harsh or too much cramping. However once you take a Percocet again you're backed up again. Lol

PO day 9. While getting up to pee last night I...

PO day 9. While getting up to pee last night I tugged on my drain a bit by mistake. Good Lord, that hurts!!! I usually tuck an inch or two of slack under my binder to prevent movement or tugging of any kind from occurring at the drain site whatsoever. I guess my binder shifted up when I was asleep. Argh. I really can't wait to get my drain out! Drains are super annoying. That said, I had a pretty good stretch of sleep last night for the first time since my TT. So that was very nice. And now that I've been off pain meds for a few days my head is totally clear and I'm starting to feel like I can process thoughts normally again. Down side to that, life is funny to me and I generally laugh a lot. But, laughing still hurts so I've been trying to avoid it. Can't wait to laugh again! How long does it take to laugh without hurting?
You look great! We had the same stats going into surgery. I am 5'3 and I was 138ish. I am down to 131 now... still swollen tho. Getting off the pain meds makes all the difference in the world. I hope you continue to recover well. Seems like so many ppl here have used Dr. T and have been so thrilled with him.
Thank you. I hadn't stepped on the scale yet but you just inspired me. 132 with clothes, one drain and my binder, haha. Pretty cool!!!

Broke the rules and took a real shower today. Felt...

Broke the rules and took a real shower today. Felt soooo great!!! Ahh, the warm water on my back. Yes!!! Now, my PS says no shower until drains are out. Well, I wore my binder in the shower and packed several washcloths inside and around the top to try to prevent water from reaching my drain site. I also had planned to take a 2-3 min shower. Well, I just couldn't get out in under about 10 min. Best I could do! That shower felt like the best thing in the world. ;-) And you know my drain site got wet. Opps! I patted it dry and applied some Neosporin. Hopefully, I won't get an infection. Then, washed and dried my binder before putting it back on. Then, I crawled in bed and watched TV feeling so relaxed!!! ;-) Later today, I returned home. My husband had brought my kids over a few times to visit so it wasn't too bad. Oh man, it's nice to be home and interacting with them again. They are too young to notice that I'm walking around hunched over. My swelling feels pretty stable. Not better, not worse. I think that is normal. Okay, it's nap time right now. Love to everyone!

Added 2 new pics.

Added 2 new pics.

Okay, so I'm starting to feel a little down...

Okay, so I'm starting to feel a little down tonight. I showed my hubby my scar and new tummy for the first time since one quick peek the nurse gave him right after my surgery and he said, when will your final result occur? WTF. Can I get a wow sweetie you look pretty good, then ask me about when my swelling will go away, belly button won't look bloody crusty, and scar will be all healed!? I guess I had high expectations of his reaction. And my bubble got bursted. He's an awesome husband and has been holding it down really well, caring for our kids while I've been recovering at my parent's house. So I'm sure he's just exhausted and certainly didn't mean to hurt my feelings. But now, here I am analyzing my tummy and lack small waist to hip ratio that I use to have- although flabby yes. And just wondering if lipo of my flanks was a mistake. I have read that self doubt, feelings of regret, etc. are really common after having plastic surgery. I guess I am generally such an optimistic person that I would skip that mild depression phase. I'm trying to tell myself that I'm only 10 days PO. RELAX!!! And just focus on healing right now. What's done is done, so whether it looks great in 6 months or not, you're just going to have to accept it. Anybody going through some of this feeling down? I kinda want to comfort myself by eating a whole pizza. Noo!
You are looking fabulous! Try not to let anyone get you down. We all know this is a long healing process and you will be get there. There are no perfect results but all you need to do is be satisfied with your results. There is a hell of an difference from your before and after pictures so when you start getting down and doubting yourself just take a look at them. Feel Better!
by the way, i think you look fantastic!!!

My first day back on the job- stay home mom of 3...

My first day back on the job- stay home mom of 3 children under 4 years. Hubby went back to work today. It was about as exhausting as you can imagine. Haha. I survived and actually feel relatively good- still lower back is killing me but my body overall feels less stiff. I limited carrying my 9 month old around as much as possible. And I avoided picking up my 2 year old at all today. And fortunately my 4 year old doesn't ask me to be held. But she does sometimes still my husband. LOL. Anyway, overall not a bad day. Sure I would have preferred to have some more down time but I did get a few 30 min breaks here and there throughout the day when the kids were playing nicely. :-) I'm scheduled for a post op visit tomorrow and my PS said I will probably get my second drain out. I sure hope!!! Happy healing everyone!
I am 7 days post op and feeling the same frustrations! My hips appear much larger than before. My tummy is so swollen and my post-op jeans do not fit. I know I need to be patient but I feel like I was not prepared for this! It does help to know others are feeling the same type of rollercoaster emotions. Lets hang in there!
I really do think you look amazing!
You look really great! you got wonderful results! Congrats!

My drain site hurts sooo bad. Feels like pinching,...

My drain site hurts sooo bad. Feels like pinching, stinging and ACHY. I have been tossing and turning (gentle of course) and adjusted my binder several time, in and out of sleep all night trying to get comfortable. Please God let my drain come out today as my PS suggested or I may very well take my own manicure scissors to cut that stitch and remove the drain muself. I can't take another day of this drain!!! That is all for now. Love to everyone.

12 days PO. I had a post op visit today. I am...

12 days PO. I had a post op visit today. I am proud to announce that I am drain free!!! Praise the Lord! Love to everyone! I can't wait to take a real person shower tonight. I can't wait to start sleeping without my drain tugging and pinching on my side. Dr. T is the best- he carefully yet quickly removed my drain- did not hurt one bit. Dr. T is very happy with my results and said I'm healing great. Yay!!!
Oh sweetie! You must be EXHAUSTED after taking care of your kiddos! I am 11 days post op and mom to a 1 & 5 year old! Hang in there!
Thank you. Yes, they are pretty non-stop, except for nap time, thank goodness for naps!!! Haha. Good luck with your healing too!
Looking good lady! Hang in there, we are with you!

Day 13 PO. Had a phantom drain moment last night...

Day 13 PO. Had a phantom drain moment last night while getting up to pee, I carefully reached for my drain to make sure it wouldn't get tugged on and I couldn't find it... Within 2 seconds I remembered, duh I am drain free now!!! Thank God. Ahhh yes! LOL. Overall, I slept pretty great last night. Yay! Been having some mild pains and zings othey kinda feel like sparks. Not painful at all, just get my attention at random. I think this is a good sign of healing. :-) Hope everyone is doing well.

Definitely felt two stitches pop inside this...

Definitely felt two stitches pop inside this afternoon. Feeling so pissed off. My 4 and 2 year old were fighting and I had to separate them. I've already been risking things by lifting and carrying my 9 month old. But my 2 year old weighs way more. Ugh!!! I'm so irritated right now. I did not spend all this money, go through all of this pain to sabatoge my results. Yet, I can't avoid picking up my 9 month old. I've limiting it as much as possible. Anyway, feeling really vulnerable right now and scared to move for fear of popping anymore stitches. My husband just got home from work and took over with the kids. God bless!!! I'm just going to lay in bed and try not to move. Argh!!!
Sorry to hear that you had a rough day. Hope that tomorrow will be a better day. Hang in there (and be careful).
Thank you! Well fortunately I am shipping the 4 and 2 year old off to my parent's house for tomorrow and Friday. Then, my husband will be home this weekend and all of next week for the Thanksgiving holiday. I'm hoping that by the end of that stretch of time I will be cleared by my PS for doing and lifting more. I will be 3 weeks PO then. Maybe not? I guess despite reading so much prior to having my TT, I may have underestimated the recovery period.
I totally understand what you're saying about taking care of the kids. I have a 8, 6, and 1 year old. Its the 1 year old that requires so much work. If you've seen my profile, you'll know that bad things DID happen because of taking care of the kids. Try to find as much help as possible so you don't end up with necrosis. Take care!

Two weeks today. What a ride it has been! My...

Two weeks today. What a ride it has been! My recovery is moving in the right direction. I'm feeling stiff, my back still hurts, I'm walking 90% upright in the morning and by late afternoon/evening I'm more hunched over. It still hurts to laugh, cough, sneeze, but does seem to be improving each day. I'm having some chills in the day and night sweats. I think my body's circulation is still just all out of whack. Overall, I'm still very happy with the low incision and the healing- my PS has the impression that I will have a very thin scar. That would be great! Okay 2 new pics added. It was a slow and stiff move getting my jeans on today and I took them off right away after taking a pic. Don't want to give the impression I'm wearing jeans yet. Just showing my lack of muffin top. I wish I would have take a pic in these jeans pre-op. LOL It would have been a really impressive before and after. Oh well, just know I do vividly remember how I use to look in these jeans and the difference is so good. Dr. Tattelbaum is rock star PS!!!! Love to everyone and happy healing.
Yah I about died when I saw you in jeans! Looks awesome!!! Probably not easy get them over the scar at this point! I can't wait to get on cute things and not be sucking it in anymore! !!!!!
Thank you!! Good luck to you!
you look mahvelous!! i love you bb and your scar is already getting lighter! Dr. t is the bomb! he was talking to me during my last visit about the first time he did an operation, in 1983. woah, no wonder why he's so good!!!

Feeling a bit less stiff and walking faster- still...

Feeling a bit less stiff and walking faster- still slow and hunched compared to normal but in general making progress each day. :-) I had a fun time with some neighbor friends tonight- even had a glass of wine. My PS has cleared me to wear spanx instead of my binder. I fixed my hair and make up, took off my binder and put a pair of spanx hoping to wear something nice but the spanx hurt to put on and then I felt really scared to move around as much as when I wear my binder. So I took off the spanx and put on my binder and then I wore sweat pants and a sweatshirt to hide my binder. Fortunately, this was a causal game night at my neighbor's house. I was very comfortable- felt supported in my binder and had a very fun time. My tummy is looking better today, less crusty stuff along the incision and belly button. Yay! And today was the first time I was able to lay on my side in bed. Ahhhh, felt really great to take some pressure off of my back!!! Happy healing everyone!

16 days PO. Incision is healing well and belly...

16 days PO. Incision is healing well and belly button is looking great. I am just ready to stand up straight. I think it will happen between week 3-4. Hanging in there and excited for it! My back still hurts from hunching. I am feeling blessed to be at this point. The first week was definitely REALLY hard. How soon we forget and always want more! :-) Love to everyone!
You look great. I am about the same starting size/weight, although I am older than you. I hope to see results similiar to yours in a few weeks. I am still hunched over and no muffin top, but look like I have a baby bump, my PS assures me this is just some swelling. I am amazed with how those of you with young children do this, mine are 14 and 16, so much easier.
Thank you! Yes, there are pros and cons to having a tummy tuck when you have young children. My thoughts were just do it now b/c I'm young and hoped my body would respond well- heal faster and although I do need help with caring for my kids, they are pretty oblivious to me walking around hunched over, so it's been easy to keep my surgery a secret. I didn't see any pics on your profile. But I wish you all the best in your recovery!!
Skinny. You look great. I'm glad to see that you can put the TT, and your experience into perspective and feel "blessed", after all you went thru with the hemorhage and blood transfusion!!! So funny that I also used the word (Blessed) in the title of my update today, because I do feel blessed also. Even if I have no more improvement from this day forward, I consider myself blessed.

Feeling tired and sluggish today- just lack of...

Feeling tired and sluggish today- just lack of energy. Maybe emotional? Been eating healthy- good balance of carbs, protein, fruit and veggies. Drinking plenty of water. Still feeling stiff and tender in the lipo areas. TT incision really looks great. Just hoping for more energy tomorrow! I have my next post op check in two days so I will discuss with my PS if my energy level has not improved. And, still walking hunched over. Can't wait to walk upright again!!!! Love and happy healing to everyone!
Looking great, can't wait to see new pics. Your incision. Looks perfect & I don't see much swellings. I'm all wobbly still. But, eventually it will even out.
your energy will be low for the first 3 weeks i think. at least mine was! your body is healing! it gets better though! :)
Thank you. It is so hard not feeling normal. I know this recovery is part of the deal but some days are harder than others. Trying to keep my head up.

18 days PO. 2 new pics added today. Feeling happy...

18 days PO. 2 new pics added today. Feeling happy about my incision and overall healing well. Going to have to see how well my scar fades. You can see in my preferred style of bikini- low rise bikini, the scar does show on the my sides. I think my shape looks pretty good so I may just say who cares, as long as my scar stays thin and turns white by summer time. I haven't worn a bikini in 5 years (since my first child). It's pretty exiting to see it doesn't look half bad. ;-) My PS told me a higher bikini may be in my future so I understand this was a possibility. I'm going to try to take good care of my scar whenever I'm cleared to start my scar therapy. Then again, I have 3 little kids and I'm lucky somedays just to take a shower. Haha. Okay, love and happy healing to everyone!

Can't win with my husband. :-( I just showed my...

Can't win with my husband. :-( I just showed my new bikini pic on my phone and shook his head and said why didn't you wear that low rise bikini to get marked in? I said I don't know I guess b/c it looked soooo awful I thought there wasn't a chance I could ever wear it again. He said, well now you can see the scar and everyone will know, so you're right you can't wear it. I started crying and said it wasn't easy picking something to get marked in. I did wear a low rise thong and I think my scar isn't that bad- still really low in the front. Waaaa. Now I'm super emotional. Totally regretting not wearing a low rise brief instead of a thong b/c there is no room for movement on the sides and maybe I pulled the sides up to high for marking. God damnit! I was feeling pretty good and now my husband is upset making me feel like we wasted the money b/c I picked the wrong underwear to get marked in. OMG, feeling sad and not sure what the hell to do about it. What's done is done. I'm not sure my PS could have made the scar lower on the sides b/c it also appears my natural flap line was curved up anyway now we'll just never know. I hope my husband starts smiling and saying I look good soon or I'm going to go insane.
you look amazing, ignore your husband! I'm sure you didn't do this for him anyway, i know i didn't do this for anyone but me and I'm happy so far! sure i see something i wish I'd changed or wish i had asked him to do, but all in all I'm happy! check out helenes scar pics, can barely see it!!
Thank you. I know, her scar is what I'm hoping for- it's so amazing. You look great too!!!
Well, my husband never asked me to get a TT, so it was definitely my choice. He did pay for it and I do want him to find me attractive. He will come around once the scar starts fading and I start wearing clothes without my bulky binder. I tried Spanx but it was not comfortable yet. My lipo areas still are so tender. Not painful but when I lean against something it does hurt, feels like a bruise. So I'm wearing my binder until my lipo areas don't feel tender. I don't know when that will be. That is a question I will ask Dr. T at my follow up appt tomorrow.

Woke up today feeling happy and stronger. Still...

Woke up today feeling happy and stronger. Still hunched slightly, but less stiff. My husband has told me he does love the shape of my body and although he feels disappointed that maybe the scar could have been hidden, if I had worn that bikini bottom to get marked in. He said that he is sorry for stressing me out. What's done is done and he is really pleased with my results. There is no way to know for certain if my scar would have been completely hidden anyway. Over the next year, it will change a lot and fade. I'm still just 19 days PO. Last night I looked at my bikini pic for awhile. I look pretty great and I'm excited. No matter what, a scar is WAY better than the flabby mess that was there before. God bless my new body. I still can't even believe that picture is me. I do look hot! :-)
I will remember to check with you in 6 months to see if the scar lowers. Maybe you should send out a question, asking the ladies who had their TT 6 months or longer, if there was a change with the location of their scar over time (did it lower or go higher). Take care.
I gotta say I LOVE how all the women on this site help out other women we've never met! Everyone really cares about making each other feel better during those natural down moments while going through the healing process!!!! It's reall heart warming to see all these comments for you;)
Agreed, I know. The positive energy given and received on this site is so awesome and greatly appreciated. Feeling support from others going through the same thing, so personal, yet maintaining everyone's privacy is wonderful.

Note to myself- you look great and healthy. 20...

Note to myself- you look great and healthy. 20 days ago you had zero chance of wearing a bikini. You were seriously embarrassed to wear snug fitting clothing. You were sad about the flabby tummy and had guilt over too much weight gain during pregnancies. But, you took control and lost the weight and then paid a PS a lot of money to remove excess skin, tighten abdominal muscles and lipo flanks. The scar is what it is! You knew that was part of the deal. In my opinion, your scar is one of the best I have seen. True, it will show in low rise bikini cut bottom. It's all about keeping perspective. Stop feeling sad and go live your life. Every day is a gift. Swelling sucks and so does tender to the touch pain from lipo. Will it get better? Yes! Will it all be healed tomorrow? No. Have a wonderful day and to be grateful everything that is good. Loving family, good friends and healthy children. God bless you and everyone reading this too.
I think your husband may be in shock. He may also be looking at how hot you are, and being disappointed that you might not want to wear certain things he would want to see you in. But once the scar is healed, a couple of years from now, I don't think you'll worry that much about showing it. Also, you can't win with the marking. Think about it: if you get marked high, the scar will be covered by a corset or teddy, but not bikini bottoms or low rise jeans. If you get marked low, the scar will show in the opposite cases and with sexy bathing suits that are high cut. Bottom line is you love your new shape, and you will be able to find so many gorgeous clothing options to flatter you now, it won't be difficult to find ones that hide your scar, if you still feel that you must. No second-guessing now!
Awwww SkinnyWaist, I'm in tears reading your post from today, so flippin true! I've felt crap about my TT since week 3 and still struggling but by god have you just given me the wake up call I need! I'm going to copy and paste your post to my email and read it everyday! My tears are good happy ones too :) Take care, Al. X

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm 3 weeks PO today,...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm 3 weeks PO today, wahoo!!! I wore a Bali torset yesterday for the first time since my TT, instead of my binder. It was okay. I tried to sleep in it but I was struggling. Around midnight I took it off and put my binder back on. Ahhh, yes much better! My PS is encouraging me to wear something more streamline than my binder. Well, I think I need to just ease into that. I'm going to my in-law's house soon and I will be bringing my binder and my torset. I'll wear what I feel like feels best. Going to try not to eat too much and plan to sit on the couch as much as possible. :-) Well wishes to all you ladies healing and riding the emotional post-op roller coaster. Haha. Keep your heads up and have a nice day. XOXO
You look absolutely wonderful!!! do not be ashamed of your results at all!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Looking great 'skinny waist'! Glad I found your story!

Back home now from Thanksgiving holiday. I am...

Back home now from Thanksgiving holiday. I am doing pretty well. Not much to report. I think I look the same as I did in my last picture. I will try to add a new picture tomorrow. I am too tired from traveling right now. I just wanted to update- I'm feeling less stiff, but still walking a bit hunched over. Sometimes I think I am standing upright but if I walk past a mirror and see my profile I realize uh no, I am looking a bit hunched. I am feeling pretty good, getting up and down from the ground with my young children just fine. I definitely increased my level of holding my baby over the past two days. I am trying to still take it easy but I did take a walk yesterday with my family and it was nice to do that and feel normal. It is hurting much less to laugh, sneeze, cough. Yay! My swelling is normal and seems stable. Nothing to worry about there. I had one "trouble spot" along my incision (lowest central point) that my PS told me to watch and use Neosporin on, but it seems to be healing fine and the scab is shrinking a lot. I hope so!! I'm looking forward to my 4 week check up this week. I haven't been given the go ahead by my PS to begin any scar therapy yet. Going to bed soon. Night ladies. Love to all of you.
You look amazing! May I ask how many cc's you PS removed via lipo to the the flanks?
Hey girl! You look awesome. I have met with Dr. T on several occasions. I didn't end up choosing him since he wasn't as familiar with the dual procedure I had but he's an awesome doctor with a wonderful bedside manner. You are in great hands. Happy continued healing!
Thank you so much! Yes, Dr. T does have wonderful bedside manner. I look forward to following your review post revision. Best wishes to you on that!!!

My scar is officially higher on my left side. It...

My scar is officially higher on my left side. It is beautiful and low in the center and goes straight to my right side about 1 inch below my hip bone. Which I love so much!!! On my left side however, it starts curving up at the mid point and goes directly up to and along my hip bone. It's not that obviously when I'm standing naked. But it makes all of the difference in my clothing, underwear and swimsuits. I am feeling sad this morning b/c I'm tired of wearing sweatpants. I can fit into my jeans but b/c of the higher scar line on my left side, everything is rubbing against my hip bone (and incision) and it hurts way too much to tolerate. I'm praying that this improves. I know scars can be tender for a long time. The holiday season is here and I was hoping not to be wearing sweatpants to everything. :-( I'm trying not to be too sad. I do look nice in sweatpants and I have a flat tummy. Haha.
Showering is getting easier and less exhausting. I shaved my legs and vajaja last night. I don't notice any visible swelling to my mons pubis area, but it does feel quite hard below the incision area. Normal but still pretty creepy!! I was super careful while shaving b/c the skin was so stiff. I hope that softens up soon.
I was going to post a new picture today but I am too sad. I am 130 lbs now. That is about 8 pounds down from my surgery 3 1/2 weeks ago. I am thrilled about that. Just wish I could lower my scar a bit on my left side to match my right side. Like I said, it's not a huge difference but it's on a critical area- my hip bone and it's hurting so much I can't wear anything but sweatpants. And, I tried on all 3 of my bikinis and my scar is hidden on the right but shows on the left. Waaaa! You can see my bikini pic already added- they all look similar. I do not like high cut bikinis. I am short. I think the high cut bikinis look ridiculous on me. My torso area from my breasts to waist is short enough. I need the low rise to balance me out.
Anyway, I am looking forward to starting some scar therapy whenever my PS says it's okay. I need to do my best to make that scar disappear. I hope everyone has a great day. Happy healing ladies!

Wow, I'm glad this day is almost over. So...

Wow, I'm glad this day is almost over. So emotional for me!! Ugh. I spent the day crying off and on. I can't even look at my body right now in a mirror. My right side- I LOVE! I have a low straight incision and I have a nice curve. My left side is awful. It's stick straight and my scar is raising up by the hour. WTF!? I'm just feeling all over the board. Some of me feels like I was a flabby mess before and now I'm a skinny mess. Well, better to be a skinny mess, I guess. Some of me feels like, be grateful you look a little better than before. It will never be perfect. Life is unfair. You are so lucky to have had a TT and gotten pretty decent results. In clothes, nobody is going to notice. Some of me feels like shut the hell up and stop worrying about it, you are still only 3 1/2 weeks post op, this may not be your final result. I'm just so upset. I hate feeling out of control. I hope this sadness phase ends soon. I had a few happy moments today but in general, I'm just feeling pretty low. I don't want to upload any pictures right now b/c I'm just not in a good place but also I'm annoyed that RealSelf took away our delete option. Not that I was planning to delete my pictures but I'm kinda paranoid, like what if I accidentally upload a picture of my kids. All right, enough complaining for one day. Thank you for reading this and allowing me to vent. Happy healing to everyone!!!
Hey girley! I got something that will make you feel better. Take a look at my pictures and my scar! No seriously though, I totally understand how you feel about your scar being high. Mine is off the hook but I do see what you mean on yours even though its nowhere near mine. You just want things perfect and its hard when the other side is just that. I went through alot of emotional grief (crying, depression and stress) about my situation but it got better with time cause you just can't focus on the imperfection all the time cause life does go on. Noone can really tell you how to feel. Its a personal thing. Hopefully though when you start your scar treatment, it will make a big difference. You do have a nice thin incision though so it should heal very well over time and if you really don't like it, talk to Dr. T. He's a great doctor and I am sure he would not be opposed to a revision if it was really bothering you. Happy healing sweetie!
Thank you. I know, he probably would be able to do a revision, if I truly want one. I just ordered some silicone scar sheets online. I'm hoping within the next week or two I'll be given the green light to begin scar treatment. I read online most PS's won't consider doing a revision until 9-12 months post-op. Have you done any scar treatment? Is your PS basically going to open up your incision and redo your TT? I don't really know how that works. I understand how emotional you must have been and maybe still be at times. This is crazy. Happy healing to you too!
I know your struggling but honestly even considering needing a revision right now is soooo premature hence most ps policy's because your scar is brand new and your still gonna be swollen for quite awhile! You really do look great and your scar probably won't even be visible in a year so it won't matter if its crooked! I hope no matter what my scar looks like that I remember that a flat tight stomach will feel so much better then this loose flabby stomach I see and feel every day. I would much rather a scar that really only my husband will ever see then what I have now.

I'll be 4 weeks PO tomorrow. I'm doing better....

I'll be 4 weeks PO tomorrow. I'm doing better. Feeling really happy with my PS. He is totally comforting!!! My check up went really great. His bedside manner is amazing! He is considerate and really cares about his patients.

First, I have been cleared to begin scar treatment. Yay! Now, my PS believes that it's his job to hide the incision within bikini lines as much as possible b/c he says we really can't fully control what kind of scar our body will make. He doesn't promote any specific scar cream or scar sheets. He says to massage the scar with a vitamin E and cocoa butter lotion and whatever other scar products that I want to spend my money on, but ultimately he feels that scar gels and silicone sheets merely speed up the healing process, not exactly change results that would be achieved in due time. Well, that sounds good to me. I'm going to use a combination of scar lotions and scar sheets, but if get too busy or lazy and slack off, the pressure is off me, I know I won't be changing my results, just slowing down the progress. I also read online that a healthy diet- plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and protein is pretty important for the body's healing. So I'm going to do my best to continue eating healthy- even in this holiday season. ;-)

Secondly, I'm almost standing up straight. My back feels a lot better. I'm still hunching a little but I definitely feel like I can see the light at the end of this hunching tunnel. Thank goodness!

Third, we discussed my left side. My PS agrees my incision is visibly higher than my right side and my body has much less curve on the left than my right side. He said it's too early to worry about it yet, but he will gladly do a revision for me at one year, if I'm not happy then. Hearing that gave me a huge sigh of relief. It feels wonderful to know my PS is there for me and I have options, in case I need them. He thinks though that my left side is mostly just behind on healing compared to my right side b/c that was the side where I had a hematoma and it got more beaten up. So there is still a good chance it will even out more on its own. Either way, I feel much better then I felt a few days ago. Yay! ;-)

Now, I just need to ride the swell hell wave until that is over- hopefully around 3-4 months. All right ladies. Happy healing to me and all of you too!!! XOXO
Glad to hear your doing well!!!
Thank you! Yes, me too. I feel really good today.
So glad to hear that Dr. T eased some of your worries and concerns!!! You're going to look great :) I'm so glad I found this website, which lead me to him. I am starting to get really anxious (I'm 2 weeks away today) but knowing I'll be in great hands is really reassuring. Happy healing! :) xo

A few days into my scar treatment now. Right now...

A few days into my scar treatment now. Right now I'm using Mederma scar geI, massaging it along my incision and around my belly button 3-4 times a day. I feel like it's helping and softening up some. I will try to upload some news pictures tomorrow. I am in a good place and my swelling seems mild and pretty stable. Also, I stood upright all day today. Wahoo!! I think my hunching days are over. :-) Love to everyone healing and everyone waiting for their TT.
Can't wait to see new pics! So glad things are looking up for you!

Added a new pic. My flanks are a little uneven....

Added a new pic. My flanks are a little uneven. I'm 4 weeks post op. Still swollen and healing. Standing up straight, yay! Way less stiff, almost doing everything at normal speed now, yay! Overall, I'm very excited about my results. My incision is low enough to be hidden in lots of sexy underwear. My PS is brilliant.
you are so tinyyyyy!!!! you look AMAZING! :)
so glad you feel better! you look so beautiful! what scar? don't see it! :) your bb looks so natural! hugs!
Better and better. Your results are gorgeous! You are gonna have so much fun shopping! :D

Top 10 Pros and Cons from my tummy tuck with...

Top 10 Pros and Cons from my tummy tuck with flanks lipo experience from my perspective at 1 month post op.
1. I am alive and my incision is healing well.
2. My tummy looks amazing!!!
3. I had no nausea or vomiting from the anesthesia.
4. I had no bruising from the lipo.
5. I had no infections from the surgery.
6. I had no seromas (fluid under the skin)
7. I have had very little itching or burning sensations.
8. I love my binder.
9. My husband has been amazing helping so much taking care of our children while I have been recovering. And just today, he told me he is excited to have his "eye candy" back- ME. Woot woot!
10. My PS is the most caring doctor I have ever had. I have felt supported by him every step of the way. He has made the recovery process as good as possible for me.
1. Okay- this was very rare but I did have to go back under general anesthesia while just coming out of it b/c I developed a small hematoma on my left side.
2. Due to the hematoma, I lost too much blood and was so dizzy. I was taken by ambulance to the ER and given some blood and stayed two nights in ICU for observation. This was honestly not as scary as it sounds, but yes it happened. And, thankfully my insurance paid for this little excursion and I am doing just fine.
3. The pain meds made me super constipated during the first week and I developed a hemorrhoid. :-( My PS does not recommend laxatives b/c they cause gas and cramping. He suggested I do an in-home enema to get things moving. Which I did. :-/ This was quite awful but of course I felt much better afterward. And the hemorrhoid went away in a few days with suppositories and warm baths.
4. Drains, ugh. I had two drains. I got one removed at 6 days post op and the other removed at 12 days post op. I am glad I had them, but they were annoying!!!
5. I wasn't able to stand up straight until 4 weeks post op. I thought I would never be able to. This was a huge turning point in my recovery. My back was hurting me so much when I was hunched over.
6. Swelling sucks. No way around it, just have to be patient. It normally gets worse before it gets better. So hard to accept this but it is what it is.
7. You have to take it easy for several weeks which can be a challenge if normally live a pretty active life. This has been hard for me b/c I have young children who need to be carried sometimes or often. ;-) I'm doing the best I can.
8. My incision rises and falls a bit throughout the day. My flanks also change a little daily. This can make you crazy. Try not to worry about it. Final result takes 6 months.
9. My thighs are getting so flabby from laying around all the time. I can't wait to hit the gym again!
10. Plastic surgery can be addictive. I have considered breast implants, upper arm lipo, inner thigh lipo, neck lipo, and eyelid lift. LOL! fortunately, my husband is keeping me grounded. For one, he says the funds are tapped out. For two, he says I really don't need any of that. I know he is right. ;-)

In summary, would I do this all again? YES, in a heartbeat. My results are just so great that it was all totally worth it. Now, I can live the rest of my life as a healthier person. So long, bye-bye flabby tummy. Hope you are enjoying your new resting place in a medical waste bin because I am much better off without you. Happy healing ladies! XOXO
Thanks for such a great post it's a good one for those considering treatment I will probably do on later on also!!! Love the pro con thing!
Thank you. I love pros and cons lists and make most of my important decisions with them. Haha
Love love love your posts, very good and inspirational :) And I'm so the same as you now..... I have a list of work I want doing now! X

Because my experience was totally worth it. I just...

Because my experience was totally worth it. I just wanted to add 10 more positive things to my Pros list b/c I thought of more...

11. I did not have any blood clots.
12. My children are so young that keeping this a secret was very easy.
13. I slept in my bed with extra pillows just fine- no recliner rental.
14. My shower chair was nice for the first two weeks and now is making an awesome seat for shaving my legs. LOL
15. I am glad I didn't buy a toilet riser. I didn't need one at all. Short ladies out there, you will do just fine without one.
16. Taking this time out for myself has been an overall boost for me. Doing something for me, feels great. And, during the recovery- laying around a lot and watching TV has been good. I feel like I have recharged my batteries. My stay home mom job is bittersweet, not a picnic. My children are healthy and adorable, so I'm not trying to complain but it is constant work and some days are just plain hard.
17. My husband has gained a closer relationship with our children and has a deeper appreciation for everything I do when I'm staying home. ;-)
18. I feel more confident with how I look and I think I am becoming a better person- nicer to my children and more in love with my husband.
19. My husband is more physically attracted to me and therefore our intimacy has improved. =)
20. RealSelf has been a wonderful source of support and strength. It is amazingly comforting to read stories of others ahead of you in this journey. Having perspective is key. This is a physically and emotionally consuming journey and you are not alone. ;-)
Chins up! Happy healing!

My current measurements are 34-27-36. Hot damn!!...

My current measurements are 34-27-36. Hot damn!! Also, I think I have about one inch of swelling in my waist so this may change to 26 in a few months. But even if not, that is fine. I feel so sexy, OMG. My waist was between 24-25 inches when I was in high school. I never thought I would get here again. I didn't take my measurements pre-op but I would guess they were something like 34-32-42 my body had so much flab!!! Last night, I had dinner out with my husband. Let's just say, the night started off right when he whistled at me from the living room as I walked down the stairs in our house. So fun, wink wink!! ;-)
Lookin' good! Loved your list of positives. Thanks for sharing! :)
You look AMAZING! You got that skinnywaist after all! LOL!
Hi!! Thank you cherrybabi! I miss seeing your regular updates. I know over time I will need to taper off RealSelf. My husband is like- why are you still on there reading stories, etc. b/c my surgery is over. I told him I will ease up and just post pics monthly or every few. Very few people give pics at one year out. But I LOVE when they do. Hope you are doing well. XOXO

Almost 5 weeks now, still doing great and healing...

Almost 5 weeks now, still doing great and healing well. Today was super warm outside and I took my children for a nice 45 min walk around our neighborhood before dinner to see Christmas lights. It felt so GREAT to get out on such a beautiful evening and walk to get some exercise. Ahh, but then when I used the bathroom after we returned home, I noticed a swollen bulge on my lower abdomen that was not there before my walk. Ah yes, this must be real swelling! I will re-consider taking a walk tomorrow. I also started my holiday baking today. Mmmm!! I may have sampled one or five too many cookies. Ha! Taking it easy tonight, drinking lots of water, watching TV and folding laundry. Tomorrow I will eat healthier. I have been holding steady at 130. Sure, I want to lose 5 more but I am happy at 130 so I just need to maintain. Happy holidays everyone!!! And happy healing too!
Did you wear a garment when you went for your walk? Not that I think it'll keep you from swelling or anything. It certainly doesn't keep me from swelling! All I have to do is sit around and I swell like crazy. But it doesn't _hurt_ when I'm wearing the CG, whereas without the CG, it can hurt quite a lot. Glad to hear you're doing well otherwise! :D
Thanks! Yes, I wore a compression garment. I have not gone without one yet, except for bathing. But my PS said to be sure to wear one for exercise. I am lucky, my swelling has been generally on the mild side so far. Still early in this journey but no painful swelling, even this evening. Whew!
Thank you!!

Doing really well. This past week has been great....

Doing really well. This past week has been great. Very little discomfort remaining. My ab muscles are still tight but I have been standing up straight all week and in the morning I having recently been doing a little stretch and oh it feels good to my back. ;-) My 4 year old knows some yoga and this afternoon she was asking me to do some poses with her. I made up excuses for why I couldn't today. Eeek! I think it's going to be months before I can do yoga again. Anybody know? Overall, I'm feeling wonderful, still sexy haha and I am totally impressed with the silicone sheets. I am noticing my incision is turning into just a thin red line and I think in time it will fade to white. So cool!! Totally worth it!!!!!!

Okay, admittedly this is silly and not a perfect...

Okay, admittedly this is silly and not a perfect match, but pretty cute! Here is a little song I made up. The tune is the same as Hail To The Redskins...

Hail to Dr. Tattelbaum!
Hail Flat Tummy!
Moms- want to get your sexy back?
Call Dr. T!
Had a baby, lost your figure and want it back now?
Lipo, cut and stitch it-- we want to look good!
Heal on, heal on 'Til you are healed.
Moms of Wash-ing-ton. Rah!, Rah!, Rah!
Hail to Dr. Tattelbaum!
Hail Flat Tummy!
Say hello to a sexy new you!
And thank you to Dr. T!

The following is a collection of details I have...

The following is a collection of details I have read online, wisdom from my PS and some of my own words. It's intended to serve as information for ladies preparing for your tummy tuck or those in early post op healing and riding the emotional roller coaster after a tummy tuck-

Feelings of sadness after plastic surgery are normal. You have been mentally preparing for your surgery for weeks, months, or maybe even years. The excitement and anticipation was nerve wrecking but mostly great, waiting for the day to come that you will rid yourself of your flabby tummy.
As you wake up from surgery and go home, you are instantly removed from your normal routine. The lack of normal socialization with friends and family is isolating. Your body may feel like you were rocked by a truck. It hurts to laugh, cough and sneeze. You can't stand up straight. You can't take a shower. You have drains that are awkward to walk around with. The pain meds make you constipated. Lack of physical exercise can cause you to not sleep as well. Lack of physical intimacy from your partner can make you not feel human. You are not suppose to lift anything heavier than 10 lbs for 2-3 weeks- this means no picking up your children which can be heartbreaking if they ask you to. In general, the recovery is likely more difficult then you expected it to be.
It is important to know this will not last forever. You will feel normal again.
If you are feeling sad or depressed after your tummy tuck, be patient and try to think positively. Positive thinking promotes better healing and better relaxation. Waiting out the healing period is important before passing too much judgement on how you look. Your results will change each week for a few months. Follow your PS's instructions to increase your chances of having a great result.
Expect that you will be sore, tired, irritable, unsure, sad, bloated, bored, anxious, restless and unable to sleep at times. Your body may be asymmetrical, swollen, bruised, tender to the touch, firm or hard, experiencing irritation from tape or ejected stitches, have a tingling sensation and be numb.
Subtle changes or flaws that you see in the mirror may not be visible to others because we are our own worst critic. Once healed, changes can be seen best with the help of your before-and-after photos. This really helped me gain perspective!
But if you still do not like the end result, after you are fully healed, you can discuss a revision with your PS. Sometimes along the way, you will need to vent your feelings and it can be very therapeutic to do so. You should talk to your trusted loved ones, your plastic surgeon and your support on RealSelf.
Healing just takes time. This journey is about a year long recovery, so buckle up.
Proper nutrition and lots of rest are essential for optimum healing. Be well and take care. XOXO
Skinny! What you've posted needs to put into print and put in ALL TT advices and Q&A's!!! You are so on the mark like you've gone through this a million times. Fantastic post and needs publishing!!! XXX
Thank you! I think it is a good idea to prepare for the emotional side of the recovery too b/c the physical recovery is what everyone discusses mostly and the emotional sadness seems to be more of a secret. I just want to put it out there that it is real and it is normal.
Great post!! I wonder of it would help not to look for a bit? Probably would be hard to do after all this but maybe the first week?!? Who knows

Added new pic. Feeling wonderful!

Added new pic. Feeling wonderful!
Thanks girl!

6 weeks post op and doing very well. I'm feeling...

6 weeks post op and doing very well. I'm feeling much less sore when I laugh, cough and sneeze. I am much less tired now. Although, I do try to lay down to rest when my children take a nap. ;-) I have been cleared by my PS to resume all normal activities, except no abs yet. I can go back to the gym though- so excited!! However, I froze my gym membership for November and December and since we are doing some holiday traveling soon, I will just wait for January. ;-) My PS said to wear my binder when I work out and watch for swelling. He said to see what I can get away with but back off activities that cause too much swelling. Overall, I am feeling pretty normal again and happy with my results. I think I'm doing great. Taking one day a time is key.

Here is some advice and experience I can share for moms with young children-
You will need help for at least 2 weeks. My children are 4 years old, 2 years old and 9 months old. Taking care of young children is physically demanding. I stayed at my parent's house for the first week and my husband brought the children and visited me a few times. I would definitely recommend doing it this way, if that's an option for you. Staying at my parent's house was nice and quiet. When my kids know I'm home they often only want "me" to do stuff for them. Of course I do appreciate this, but when you are recovering from a TT you will need total rest for the first several days. If you don't have any help, you need to hire a full-time nanny for a couple weeks and maybe stay at a friend's house for the first 3-4 days post op to avoid any chance of you deciding to clean the house, unload the dishwasher, lift up the kids, do laundry, etc.
You should not lift anything heavier than 10 lbs for 2-3 weeks. The risk in doing so, is potentially loosening your abdominal muscle repair and thus, weakening your final result. I think you should be around your kids as much as possible, as soon as you feel up to it. It will help boost your mood and it will certainly be comforting for your children to see you around again. For me this was about one week. When I returned home from my parent's house, I laid on the couch a lot while my children played with toys or I watched TV with them. My second week post op, I could do a lot more but needed someone around to help lift up my children for me. I participated as much as possible- making bottles and feeding my baby, someone else would hand me the baby and then would take the baby from me and put her into the crib. I would help to give my children a bath, but my husband would lift them in and out of the tub. I was okay to drive but had someone with me to assist with getting the children in and out of their car seats. It is heartbreaking when your 2 year old child wants you to pick her up and you can't. This happened to me all the time. I would immediately hug her and sit down on the floor right there in the kitchen or wherever we were and totally snuggle with her. I would tell her how much I love her. And I would start talking about something fun we could do- have new art supplies! Giving affection and redirecting to activities that we could do together worked well- read books, sing songs, have picnics- meals and snacks on a blanket in the living room. I didn't use the changing table for a month- just changed all of their diapers on the floor. Safer anyway for my baby who likes to roll over when I'm changing her. Haha.
After 2 weeks you can do most everything, but just not at full speed. You will still need to be careful with bending and twisting motions. That type of movement puts strain on your back and abdominal muscle repair and may cause a seroma. And also, you will be more tired than usual. My husband would take over for my when he would come home from work. Follow your body's signals. Rest as much as you can. After 4 weeks, I felt really good almost normal. And now at 6 weeks, I am feeling really great, totally normal. ;-) Remember proper healing is essential for your results!
Happy holidays and happy healing ladies!!!
Thanks for the info! My kids are 6,8 & 10 and I'm staying at my Moms for the first week even with them so I can only imagine how much tougher it'd be with really little ones! After my kids have two weeks off of school for Xmas break so we'll just be taking it easy!
That is wonderful! You will do great!!!
Thank you!

Today was my first time clothes shopping since my...

Today was my first time clothes shopping since my TT. Very strange seeing myself in fitting room mirrors looking good in size 4 jeans. I use to wear size 6 and had a muffin top. There are really no words to describe how exciting it feels. So flippin cool. Happy healing ladies. XOXO
I came here to post the exact same thing that TwoPlusOne did...........No pics? No fair! LOL!
So right! Just posted to twoplusone. New picture coming soon!! ;-)
Girl after my own heart!

This is a milestone worth recording. I love to...

This is a milestone worth recording. I love to laugh and today I noticed, hey I still feel tight but it's not hurting at all anymore when I laugh. Wahoo!! Bring on the funny jokes, tv and movies. My husband and kids are hilarious though and I have been laughing hard for the past two weeks with them and the pain was mild but now it's gone. I am swollen today, possibly the most swollen I have been so far. Argh! But it's all good. I know this is normal. Happy healing!!!
I am glad your laughing again! I am 5 weeks po yesterday and really sore today, worse than 2 weeks ago, hope I am laughing next week.
Thanks! Yes, I hope you are laughing without pain by next week too!!
You look so good girl!!! I can't wait until I'm 6 weeks post op. I really want to watch "Ted". Hubby started watching it the other night and I thought I'd die so I made him watch it downstairs. LOL. Looking hot in. Your new clothes!! Dr T really does amazing work :)

7 weeks post op here. You know what is more fun to...

7 weeks post op here. You know what is more fun to do after a TT? EVERYTHING!!! I am doing great and definitely having a good time shopping. Check out my new pics. ;-)
Big HUGS to all the ladies healing!

Your results look awesome!  Your before/after photos say it all, I am really impressed.  Happy Holidays to you!



Thank you Kate! I am so excited. It still sometimes feels like a dream to not have that hanging skin on my tummy.

Love the dress!!!   You look beautiful.


My reviews of the compression garments that I have...

My reviews of the compression garments that I have tried-
1. Spanx high wasted power panty. 5 stars. cost $30
This product is just great! Snug to pull on, if you have fuller legs and hips like me you need to take your time pulling it up. But once it's on it gives firm control and support to your tummy all the way up to your ribcage. Very thin material and nicely hidden under clothing. Also, the panty has a cotton liner so your vagina can breathe. Yay! No crotch opening so you have to take it down to use the bathroom. Not a big problem b/c I find snap or hooks at the crotch uncomfortable. This item is also great b/c the panty leaves no panty lines on your clothes. It's a nice design. It tucks your tummy in, not your bum. Highly recommend. I will probably buy another one.
2. Cupid waist cincher. 4 stars. cost $15
I like this item a lot! I feel sexy in my clothes when I wear this. It makes my tummy look super flat in clothes. It rides up a little bit when I sit and stand or twist and bend a lot. But it's easy to put on and adjust. It has boning sewn into it which sometimes pokes me in the ribs when I sit b/c I'm not that tall. That's the only negative. I wear this a lot and I just make sure it's pulled down low enough before I sit down so it doesn't cut into my ribs.
3. Yummie Tummie original tank. 3 stars. cost $55
I bought this when I was still losing weight from my first pregnancy. I bought a medium and I use to love this. Now, post TT it's way too big on me. I would like to buy a new one in a size small but it's so expensive. Not sure it's worth the money to me to buy another one, but if you have the money than you might want to check out Yummie Tummie products. They have some very nice stuff. This tank has flexible room in the boob area to accommodate any chest size. It really slims you through the waist and hips. It rides up a little if it's too small. I enjoyed this for layering with clothes.
4. Flexees fat free collection hi-waist boy short. 3 stars. cost $20
Pretty good comfortable even compression. But VERY tight to get on but once on there are fine. I have fuller legs and so the boy short is not that great for me b/c it creates a little bulge at the top of my legs. I thought I would give it a try. I would recommend more to ladies with thinner legs/thighs.
5. Bali power shape to torset bodysuit. 2 stars. cost $25
It is difficult to put on but I think most of the bodysuit styles are hard to put on. It has bra closure at the crotch which makes it possible to pee without having to take it down. That is nice. The two reasons I am not really crazy about this 1) the small fabric around the bra area is strange. It's not a bra so you must wear your own bra , which is fine but the fabric is just enough to be in the way on top of your bra and is visible under fitted shirts. Basically it gives an odd shape to your breasts. So they don't appear round b/c the bottoms are cut on a diagonal if that makes sense. Anyway, it's kinda annoying. 2) the bodysuit is so tight from my crotch to the shoulder straps that I can't stand up tall. Maybe I should have bought the next size up? I bought a medium. I am 5'3" weight 130. So I feel a bit hunching over when I'm wearing it. Not cool at all. It does not have boning so it's nice when you sit there is no poking in the ribs. That is very nice. Also, it does not ride up b/c it's a bodysuit style. So that is nice. All in all I would probably not buy this one again.
Happy healing ladies and Merry Christmas!!!
You look so good

7 and 8 weeks = Flat by morning, swollen by night....

7 and 8 weeks = Flat by morning, swollen by night. I am certainly feeling very puffy and chunky in the afternoons/evenings. I have read enough posts from veteran TT'ers to know this is normal. Not sure that I have gained weight b/c the scale is still holding steady at 130. Otherwise, I am feeling pretty good. Stronger and less stiff everyday. I took a long walk yesterday with my baby in a backpack carrier and I felt fine. I have been able to lay or sleep on my stomach the past few days. That is exciting! I've been eating okay, compared to past holidays. ;-) not great, compared to how clean I was eating a few weeks ago. But I'm getting back on track today. Christmas is over, all of my cake and cookies are gone. Looking forward to less swelling in 2013. Happy healing ladies!

To read part 2 of my Tummy Tuck journey, please click here
Another amazing job by Dr. t!!
Thank you! Yes, he is the best!
Wow, you look awesome! I really need a tummy tuck but I dont want to go through that pain or recovery. However after looking at your transformation, a TT may be in my near future. Glad you are doing so well!
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

I love Dr. Tattelbaum!!! He is talented and amazing! I am glad that I chose him to do my tummy tuck for three reasons. 1) My results are hands down fantastic! 2) The recovery can be challenging at times but he does a great job at managing expectations and preparing you for what's next. 3) His office is beautiful and his staff are all completely wonderful. Dr. T is charming and humble. I love that. There is a down to earth, easy to talk to feeling that he brings into the room which I find calming and so refreshing. He is a real person with a big heart. He really knows how to make you look and feel good. I highly recommend Dr. Tattelbaum. You won't find a better plastic surgeon. He is absolutely the best! I met with five plastic surgeons for consultations. Dr. Tattelbaum was my favorite because he answered all of my questions with realistic expectations for my body. He clearly explained how he would do my tummy tuck. He also personally called me post op to follow up. He really cares about his patients and has wonderful bedside manner. He is very experienced and will take excellent care of you!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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