I am 29 and married with no children! I cannot...

I am 29 and married with no children! I cannot have them without going through invetro. I had some complications and have scar tissue, and though I have not given birth to any crum snatchers;) my abdominal wall is horrible! My husband and I agreed in 2 or 3 we would start the process.

My stomach has always been a touchy spot for me and has affected my self esteem. As many have said, no matter what I do... It's still there. cannot fit into any true sizes because I suffer from "Dunlap syndrome" lol... My stomach "dunlapped" over! I am sick of wearing spanx and I am ready to be free! This is something I have wanted to do since my early 20's. Now it's time!! I am nervous and excited for my upcoming journey!

Everyone on realself is so open about their experiences and I plan to do the same! Of course I have had some people question why but for the most part I have a pretty good support system!

I am confident and have faith everything will go well and I will keep every one updated. I had a breast reduction in 2002 so I am pretty familiar with the healing process and Manage pain pretty well.

I cannot believe 2/28 has come so fast! I am 5...

I cannot believe 2/28 has come so fast! I am 5 days out! I think I might have a nervous breakdown on Subday Night!!

I am having an extended mini TT- lipo of my abs-...

I am having an extended mini TT- lipo of my abs- waist- flanks- dorsal roll and inner thighs.

Wow- tomorrow is my big day! Sheer excitement and...

Wow- tomorrow is my big day! Sheer excitement and nervousness! Anxiety is showing it's ugly head!! Lol going out today to get last minute stuff. Cases if water- vitamin water- fruits and veggies. What else do I need?? I have all my prescriptions filled and I think I have to take this cephalexin today.

I made it! Thank God. OMGosh I feel Luke I have...

I made it! Thank God. OMGosh I feel Luke I have been hit by a truck. I get released from the hospital in the morning. Back to resting I go.

Day three- this is getting easier by the day. I...

Day three- this is getting easier by the day. I was able to sleep in the bed last nightsnd still very sore. I managed to take a
shower today and get into by new garment, SOOOOOOOO refreshing!! My back and thighs are really sore and of cours i have bruising and swelling. pics coming now!

Omg I just want to sleep I wake up with hot...

Omg I just want to sleep I wake up with hot flashes damn near soaking wet!! I could scream!
I have no fevers, I just wake up like this & have to leave the ceiling fan on! The back half of head is soaking wet
It's like I have insomnia or something? Anyone else?

Week 3: Well saturday I noticed a thickish fluid...

week 3:
Well saturday I noticed a thickish fluid in my drainage tubes so I contacted my PS and texted him pics. He immediately responded and then phoned in an antibiotic. Turns out one of my drainage tubes is draining pus:(. I am www.blown.com as that is a sign of infection.

So I saw my PS today and he cyphered out pus from three areas ( with three huge syringe needles) and sent the cultures off for evaluation. OUCH!!!! He also switched my antibiotic to two others, with hopes of resuming regular drainage color and stoping the infection. I go back to the office on friday for another follow up.

Here is the depressing kicker.........

Now I refuse to CLAIM it and I am doing my best to remain positive.

This is my update for now....

This entire process has been eye opening for me. I...

This entire process has been eye opening for me. I now understand more what I already knew- I have an awesome support system- that I wouldn't change for the world.

The results of the cultures resulted in my contracting a staph infection around the entire back of my waist line where my first drainage tube was. I was prepped for emergency surgery to remove the infection on Friday evening 3/25. And had a 4 day hospital stay. I now have three open wounds across my lower back which have to be changed 2 times a day for now. PAINFUL!!! My PS has set up to have a home health nurse come out today or tomorrow to hook me up to some kind of little medical vac pump (that I will have to carry around with me) to close the wounds up faster (about 3 weeks).

This had been an emotional bumpy road for me. Would I do it again- probably not!

I took a chance had an elective surgery and now I am putting my body through much more!

Photo Update

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Dr. M is a great PS and his staff, especially his nurse Trish are awesome! Dr. M is very informative and focuses on every individual and their needs. He makes the best recommendations and makes sure he answers any questions you could possibly have. He focuses on body contouring and makes sure he dies just that. Yes, he is a little pricey but this is an investment in yourself and and taking the cheapest route is not always best. I would recommend Dr. M to anyone in the Maryland Area, One look at his pics will have you intrigued!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hey ladies I posted a question . I would love to hear from you.

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Hey a new me! I just wated to check in and see how you were doing?? Picturtes look GREAT!!!!
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Hey soccermom11,
Thanks for checking on me! Very thoughtful:). I am doing good, the wound vac has been hooked up for a week now and is drastically improving and closing up. So it's a process but I am hanging in there! Pics- thanks.
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You look Great!!! Cant wait to see more new pics.... I have a question for you.. What type of compression garment did you use?
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Hey Nubody,
Thank you;).
My ps provided two compression garments for me- they were both like crotchless body suits but I fo not know the name of the brand;( I threw away the packaging. I'll see if it's on the inside of the suit and let you know. I was only able to wear it for three weeks because then I had to go back in for the infection removal surgery. So since then I have Just had the standard white stomach velcro binder.
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Garments- http://www.contourmd.com/
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you look awesome! you should be proud
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aww. thanks hunni! It have been through hell and back but through it all I am pleased with my results. I had a major set back but I am back on the road to recovery.
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Wow I'm so sorry to hear! I can't image what you or your family. Have been through. I will keep you in my prayers! Get well real soon! soft Hugs to you.
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Thank you Soccermom11,
This has been an alarming process for us all. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers!
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I'm so sorry to hear about the infection. Shocked too. How scary for you and your family. Thank goodness it was caught in time and that you are now on the mend. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Take care of yourself.
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Hey Debbie,
Yes! it was scary and I thank God it was caught in time! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers! You take care also!
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Hey girl! Havent seen you on maybe Ive missed some posts, but wanted to see how you were doing? Hope all is well!
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Hey soccermom,
I came down with an infection- staph. Had to have emergency surg Friday and I Just got out of the hospital last night. It's been an interesting road for me! Hard to get a grasp on. But I am grateful for life and blessed we were able to catch it in time! I have three wounds across my waist, that have to be changed and packed until the wounds close up.
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Come vist my page. Just posted pre picts today. Getting so nervous. I did buy a large pair of sweats.....likely my new best friend for a time. Now I have to figure out a couple days of meals for the family. I guess I better do something with all this nervous energy!
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Sounds like all went well. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Let us know as you progress. Getting my mini tomorrow. I can relate to your pre-game jitters!
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Hey Debbie,
Thanks. I have had a little set back with a little infection and i started an antibiotic three days ago but for the most part things are going pretty well. I cant Wait for the swelling to go down so I can wear something other than sweats!!!
Good Luck with your mini! let me know how everything turns out! are you just having a mini?? anything else??
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Sorry to hear about your infection. How did you know?

I felt like my pain was nearly nonexistent after the first couple days but now have a mild stabbing pain below belly button. It's likely a pull in the muscle tightening region. Kind of funny but today I wasn't sure if my pain was a skin surface thing from friction of this dreadful compression garment or deeper in the muscle. So..I told my husband to tell a joke. At the ridiculousness of the question, we both burst out laughing and that stabbing pain was killer. Not sure if I should worry. No fever. No more blood in drain although it appeared redder yesterday. Ugh. Will call Doc on Mon. but I wonder if others have this kind of pain in one spot....
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Sorry about that - didn't realize we were on someone else's page. Duh - Ok I'm here.
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LOL. No he is not the cheapest but as you said you get what you pay for! I met with Dr. Terri Hill ( who did my breast reduction) so as a returning customer i thought i would get a good price- NO WAY! She was still like 6k over DR. M. I also looked into going through the residency program at john hopkin''s but it takes so long to get an appointment with them I had already has my surg by then! lol The resident studies under the lead PS at HOPKINS for like 1/2 the price my best friends cousin went that route and she looks awesome but again, I never got to get in. And then there was Dr. Kane in Pikesville nut by then I has already settled on who made me most comfortable!!!
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How are you feeling?
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I am feeling okay! Gets better by the day! I had a setback yesterday- major constipatition. I feel much better now. I am still walking with a slight bend because of the lipo ard my waist back and thighs which also makes it hard to get up. I just take deep breaths and take it slow!
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well you look great! and ps i wish i had your booty! lol
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booty-> lmao Girl I dont know where she came from! but we will see how much of her stays when the swelling all goes away! When I looked I said i said dang- where did that dunk come from! lol i had my inner thighs done also and he went in through my butt cheeks so maybe that explains it! lol Part of me hopes some of it stays though! lol
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You're looking good. Thanks for posting your pics. It's great to follow your progress!

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