Flatt now. TT TUCK LIPO and Rhino at Resident Clinic

I am 35 years old, 5’7, 187 pounds, and my...

I am 35 years old, 5’7, 187 pounds, and my pants are size 12 on a good day! I had a C section 7 years ago and gained 50 pounds over the years. The main reason why I decided to go for Tummy Tuck with Liposuction of the flanks is because I want to look like myself again. I wanted to regain confidence in the way I look, be able to wear the clothes I love, I wanted to get rid of the saggy skin on my abdominal area. I consulted 2 different surgeons before I met the Chief Surgeon @ the resident clinic. I felt he was honest with me and did not try to sell me the procedure. For some reason, I felt comfortable and decided to do the procedure @ the resident clinic. Plus, I will save $.! I paid for the administrative fee and must pay the rest a month prior to surgery. Right now, I am waiting for a date, the nurse coordinator said it will probably be in mid July 2012. We will see! But, I now have mix feelings about the procedures. I am excited that I finally decided to have the procedures done. I am scared that the doctor (s) will not perform an excellent job, that the pain will be too much to handle or that the scars will not heal. I am anxious because the wait is too long I want to do it now. Any comments and/or advice???

I have been thinking about doing the procedures...

I have been thinking about doing the procedures for at least 5 years and would not put my life at risk to save a few hundreds. It is not worth it!

The 1st surgeon I had a consultation with did not even make eye contact and that is basic and even though he has a good reputation that scared me. The 2nd treated me like if I wasn’t serious about the procedure I wanted or if I couldn’t afford it ( totally inappropriate) he looked at me in the eyes but the consultation lasted less than 10 minutes he barely looked at my abdominal area. Oh! I saw a 3rd surgeon who basically assumed she knew me and what I wanted before I could say anything and had that negative aura. I am done with the negativity! I know there are better people out there ,,,but got tired of looking too.

However, I chose to go to this resident clinic because I felt comfortable with the chief’s people skills (eye contact, hand shaking, listening skills, honesty and patience) not to mention that everywhere I look he has great reviews. I know he may not execute the procedures but, I feel that that is a good start.

So, I am thinking what are the true risks of going to a resident clinic?


I think that there are talented residents and the above can happen even with the most experienced surgeon as well. Risks are everywhere.

Am I being naive? What do you think?

I can't wait to have the procedure done.

I can't wait to have the procedure done.

4 more days and I will have a new image. Feeling...

4 more days and I will have a new image. Feeling excited and anxious.

I had the procedures done on the 21 as scheduled....

I had the procedures done on the 21 as scheduled. no major complications. I am at home drinking liquids and surprisingly eating a lot.
I still feel pain but the pain killers help.
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I dont want to rate yet. I dont feel this is over lol

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I had my period the day of the surgery. it still hurts.
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The big day is closer. I am having second thoughts (I assume that's normal)
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Finally confirmed September 21st 2012. Sad it is not going to be this summer but excite it is finally going to happen. Thank you for your support I hesitated at first. I guess that, that's normal. Now feel confident and can't wait to have the procedure done.
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You need to feel comfortable to help curb the anxiety that affect your health prior and slow recovery.....imho anyway. If you feel good..go for it. I interviewed several and picked mine based on a gut feeling...scheduled on May 10. Good luck....
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You need ti feel comfortable to help curb the anxiety that affect your health prior and slow recovery.....imho anyway. If you feel good..go for it. I interviewed several and oicked mine based on a gut feeling...scheduled o. May 10. Good luck....
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Hi Day: congratulations on your decision to do the TT. I too utilized a Resident/Fellow with oversight of a Surgeon with 8 years of experience. In fact, the Surgeon is sometimes a guest on Dr. OZ. She is fantastic. She went through the same program as the Fellow/Resident that's performed by TT. My fee included the anesthesia, TT, overnight stay in hospital and 1 year of follow-up with both the Fellow and oversight Surgeon. I had an opportunity to see actual work performed by the Fellow, prior to making the decision to choose him. Good luck. You will be fine.
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Hello day!! I just had mine done 2 weeks ago and I am feeling great. Its true everyones pain is different last different comes and goes in different ways. you can not just read about everyone elses and think thats what you will have. This is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I am so happy with the way i look and the way I feel. Every dr does TT different. Have you seen the work that the place that you are going to does. That was one of the big sellers for me to go where I went. I seen pics from ones he did and liked what I seen. So there is a lot to look into to make sure this is right for to do and the right place to go..
Good luck
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Welcome to RealSelf!

The anxiety you are feeling is totally normal and part of the process.  The first part of this is that you need to be completely confident in your surgeon.  If you are having any doubts at all please keep looking.  I realize money is a factor but don't settle just because you can save a few hundred dollars.  This is a major procedure so going cheap is not always good.  You are worth every dollar!

I can tell you that having a tummy tuck and lipo is one of the best decisions I ever made for myself.  This will give you a confidence boost that I can't even begin to explain.   The pain you experience is all temporary and will go away.  Each person is different in what they experience so try not to compare to anyone else.  

Just keep telling yourself you can do this and are worth it.   You have endless support here on RealSelf so stay engaged.  Shoot me an email if you have any questions at all.

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I have not had this done, so I cannot offer any advice, just a thumbs up and good luck! Keep us updated!

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