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I am a 26 year old cheer coach. I have always...

I am a 26 year old cheer coach. I have always thought I was a pretty girl, but I don't like my nose much. Well meaning as he was my dad use to tease me about how wide it was when I was a kid, and I developed a complex. I have always felt like my nose "messed up" my face. So after two consultations I decided to go through with it. My first consultation was in 2010, but at the time I was a struggling college student that couldn't afford it. After a second consult on 23 Feb 2012 with the same wonderful doctor I made the leap and booked the surgery.

Surgery is just 7 days away and I'm getting hit...

Surgery is just 7 days away and I'm getting hit with a ton of anxiety. I know for sure I want to go through with it. I go from super excited to super scared every other minute.

My surgery is tomorrow! I can't sleep. I am very...

My surgery is tomorrow! I can't sleep. I am very excited but also scared. I will keep everyone posted.

Hey all. I am exactly 24 hours post op. Sorry I...

Hey all. I am exactly 24 hours post op. Sorry I didn't post sooner, but I was bleeding when I sat straight up. The surgery went well. My experience was great. Dr. Basner took very good care of me. He called this morning to say how well it went. I have a ton of support from my family and friends.

I'm not in any real pain, but I'm very uncomfortable. As to be expected I can't breath at all from my nose. I want to blow so bad, but I know I can't. Luckily Dr. B didn't use any packing because that's what I was most afraid of. I didn't sleep at all last night, but I'm a night owl so I just watched TV. I felt like I had dried blood in throat this morning but I have drank so much water that it's gone.

I'm trying not to even look at my nose but from what I can see the shape is super cute. Even my grandma said so and she's pretty honest. I have a little bruising around my right eye, and I think this may get worse. The swiss therapy mask are awesome and I will be ordering more.

I will post a pic and keep everyone updated.

Today is day four. Yesterday was the worse. My...

Today is day four. Yesterday was the worse. My face is very swollen. I have ditched the gel packs and Swiss Therapy mask and resorted to ice. The shape looks really cute but I'm really ready to have the cast off. I'm not in pain but I'm extremely uncomfortable. I can somewhat breathe out of my nose by I'm trying not to because when I breathe out of my nose I can feel the stuff inside moving around. I am just ready for this to be over. Tired of feeling bad, but I know it will be worth it.

Tomorrow is the day. I get my cast off. I can't...

Tomorrow is the day. I get my cast off. I can't wait to see my nose. I am very over having this cast on. It's hard to smile/laugh with the cast on. I'm a bit nervous about getting the stitches out, but at least I don't have packing to worry about. I will post pics tomorrow.

Okay folks sorry for the delay. My laptop was not...

Okay folks sorry for the delay. My laptop was not working for a few days. This picture was taken 2 days after the cast came off. Extremely swollen and a bit uneven, but I am happy with the shape. It changes every day and gets cuter and cuter. I will keep pics coming.

Okay so my new nose looks great. That is in person...

Okay so my new nose looks great. That is in person. I can't seem to get a good pic. It looks odd in every pic I take which is why I haven't posted anymore pics. Has anyone else had this problem?

Almost 2 years

I haven't posted since right after my surgery. It's been almost two years. I'm very happy with my nose. Let me know what u think.
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Have not seen my results yet but I'm sure they are great based on the shape I see

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Your nose looks really good!
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I think at the end of this you will look fabulous, there's nothing to worry know that African- Americans tend to have prolonged swelling/ bruising due to the thickness of our skin . But honestly with the little I've seen, you doctor is good at what he does.feeling good!
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Great results!
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It looks great!
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You look good.
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Love it!
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Thank you.
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I think you look awesome... When would you say , most of your swelling came down? I know with thicker skinned ppl it takes longer, but after what month did you feel your overall nose shrunk in size ?
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Your nose looks great!
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Thanks. I just posted recent pics!
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I must look your dr. up your nose looks amazing and for it to be a year and still look good all I can say is wow girl!
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does the $6000 include all surgical and anaesthetic fees
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Please update with pics I would love to see your results
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you look amazing
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Wow the changes are remarkable!!!! You are look amazing! Cute cute nose! I imagine it will continue to refine over the next months too... xoxox I hope you are loving it!
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You mentioned bruises...?? I have a hard time seeing them in your pictures. But I also have just a tad bit of bruising left after a month too....uggggghhh!
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You look lovely!

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hahaha I am so glad you are happy with your nose. Does it help having someone else take the pictures?
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Yes pics from other people are better but my nose is a bit asymetric and its really evident in photos. I think its just uneven swelling.
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Try taking a photo in natural light without a flash.
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Thanks for your nice comments Jlynn. The past couple days have been rough! looking forward to getting over the hard part.
I am not sure how to delete your first comment? Tried but don't know how...ask angiemcc. Sorry
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looks great!
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How are you doing?
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I am doing okay. I loved the shape when the cast first came off. Then the swelling hit and it looked funky, but it's getting better and better each day. Thanks for asking.
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