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Reverse Tummy Tuck - Maryland

I went to a highly qualified surgeon (who did a...

I went to a highly qualified surgeon (who did a beautiful job with my breast augmentation) for loose skin on my abdomen. He told me since most of my loose skin was in the upper area that a reverse tummy tuck would be to my benefit. I am 5"1 and 95 lbs. He gained my confidence and told me the the scars would not drop if so very minimally, but they would still be hidden within the breast crease. Within three months of the surgery my scars dropped almost an inch below my breasts. I can no longer wear a bathing suit, sport bra or even a regular bra to cover the embrassing scars. All my hard work after having two children went down the drain. Cannot show off my body again. This is emotionally very devastating. I highly recommend even with the highest skilled surgeon to stay away from this procedure just go for the full tummy tuck aleast you can cover that scar. Gravity will eventually give in and pull the skin downward, no matter how many anchors or excessive sutering they tell you that they will do to hold the scar in place do not buy into it.

oh my god could you please tell me who this surgeon is just send me a private message. i don't want this doc.
Where did you go? I live in MD and I'm trying to decide on a surgeon. Just want to make sure he is not one of the surgeons I'm thinking about.

Thank  you for posting your review here on RealSelf.  Your information will be extremely valuable to others who are considering this procedure.

I am so sorry that this did not turn out for you and that you are struggling with the results.  I hope that some how you are able to find peace in all of this.  How disappointing...

We are here to support you in any way possible so just ask.  

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