8 months post op- TT, BA, lipo of flanks and saddle bags. 12/21 revision of flanks

I am a mother of three and have been considering a...

I am a mother of three and have been considering a tummy tuck since my first child was born 13 years ago. I never wanted big breast or wanted implants but now that I am going under for my tummy tuck I thought it would be a good time to make my body more proportioned. I have wide hips and have always had a hard time finding pants that fit my waist and dresses that fit well on the top and the bottom. am currently 135 lbs and a size 4. I would like to be 130 but my body seems resistant to that number. I am okay with 135 but I am worried that I am going to gain weight while I recover. On an good week I work out about 8 times and on a bad week about 3. I do alot of different things to keep it fun and keep my body working. I do kickboxing, spin, zumba, bodypump, videos and I run. I have been reading reviews on this sight for about a year now and figured I better join since my surgery is only a month away.

I forgot to write that I am 5'5 and I am having...

I forgot to write that I am 5'5 and I am having silicone implants and a full tummy tuck. I am not sure about the size of my implants yet but I want to end up a full c. As I gain muscle mass I seem to be losing my breast. I wear a 32 b but I am pretty sure I am now an A. I am also one of those people that look fine in clothes so everyone always thinks that I am crazy for doing this but I want to take my clothes off and be happy with what I see. I am probably in the best physical shape of my life but my body does not reflect that. Why can't I be both healthy and hot.

Good for you for fitting all that exercise in. I think keeping it fun is the key! Looking forward to following your journey.

My days and nights are pretty crazy so I usually work out before my kids wake up then I take a few classes.

Well welcome.. it is great to have support going into this...  You'll be fine post op if you just eat clean. you may gain a few pounds but it wont stick around!!

I had a good day today. I ran three miles at 6am...

I had a good day today. I ran three miles at 6am and did a short ab video. I am going in to see my PS soon to finalize implant size. Can anyone give suggestion of the amount of cc to go from an a to a c. I do not want to look huge or fake.

the hardest part to meas the lack of endurance.. but dont push it..Your body needs time AND energy to heal well.....so just keep that in mind ok
I am a teacher so I have the whole summer off to take it easy . My ps said I can start doing cardio at the one month mark.

So my husband who is very supportive doesn't...

So my husband who is very supportive doesn't really want to talk about my upcoming surgery. I am worried that he will be my primary care taker and he will not know how to help me. My mom things I am overreacting but I am really worried. Am I being crazy.
I feel the same way about my husband completely supportive but not interested in knowing the research I have done for after care. Makes me nervous.
My husband seems to think he will be able to just jump in and take care of me. He can not stand blood and he will have to deal with drains and my cycle. FUN TIMES :)
I know. Mine won't even look at the pic that I have found right after surgery - so he knows what it will look like?!?!

I am 20 days away from my surgery and I am...

I am 20 days away from my surgery and I am starting to stress about everything. I have to get my kids ready to stay with their nana. I have to finish up all the end of the year paperwork and cleaning at work. My house needs to be prepared. I still want to lose 5lbs but when will i find time to excercise more. I had a really bad migraine last week and I am sure it has to do with the stress. There seem to not be enough hours in the days. I am going in to see my PS for my pre-op so hopefully that will help to calm some of the nerves. I know it will all be great in the end but can't I just get the plastic surgery fairy who does everything and I wake up one morning looking beautiful.
You sound like you are in great shape. You will be stunning when it's all done.
Thank you. I have worked hard to get my body to where it is now. I feel like I am in a pretty good place but it still does not remove all the stress of having major surgery especially elective surgery. I have wanted this for so long but now I guess the reality of it really happening is setting in. I am meeting with my P.S on Friday so hopefully that helps to put my mind at ease.
I am going in on Friday at 4:30. I am going a bit crazy so I decided to go in a talk to him again and make my final payment.

It is all beginning to feel real. I went in to see...

It is all beginning to feel real. I went in to see my P.S today and we decided on 375 medium profile silicon implants. He said that will give me a C cup. I will end up with about an inch of stretch marks but they will be way down in my pubic area. He said if he tried to get rid of all of them he would not be able to close me up. I'll take a few, that's a reminder that I have three lovely babies.He will provide the cg and a bra so I don't have to buy anything for a couple of weeks.He said that I should not order a stage two garment until after my surgery as it will not fit properly. After 2-3 weeks I will be able to wear any bra but no underwires for at least 3 months. I will only have one drain which will be in for 10-14 days. I am thinking that is a long time but this may help to reduce the swelling. He does not do showers while the drains are in unless they are in for more than 10 days. I am going to have to figure something out as that is a long time to not shower especially since I think my period will show up on the day of my surgery. I forgot to mention that I will be having lipo of my flanks so I will have 2 small incisions on my back. I asked about Arnica and he said that only about 50% of people benefit from it. He recommended bromelain but said that if I ate pineapple daily I would get the same effect. He also said that the pineapple also gives you fiber and vitamin c. He said that the silicone sheeting are very difficult to use but will make a signifcant difference on your scar if used daily for 3-4 months.
It was a really good visit, he was funny and went through the checklist one item at a time. He wrote next to the heating pad; no, no, no, no. He said he had two patients that fell asleep with them and got badly burned. I am feeling much better now so hopefully the next 17 days will be calm. I am going to beg my husband to take pictures. Thank you to all the ladies who wrote their stories, posted their pictures, and answered my questions, it has really helped me to get to this place.
I have been so stressed out about losing the last 5lbs but I felt silly when my P.S told me to gain a pound or two before my surgery. He said that your body can not be in weight loss mode and recovery mode at the same time. I think you should go for your steady weight and if you are able to maintain that then go for your ideal. I think having a tummy tuick is like having clothes tailored to your body and why buy a new set of clothes just to gain weight and not be able to where them. Good luck with your weight loss.
I have been so stressed out about losing the last 5lbs but I felt silly when my P.S told me to gain a pound or two before my surgery. He said that your body can not be in weight loss mode and recovery mode at the same time. I think you should go for your steady weight and if you are able to maintain that then go for your ideal. I think having a tummy tuick is like having clothes tailored to your body and why buy a new set of clothes just to gain weight and not be able to where them. Good luck with your weight loss.
great job on the running! I'm also trying to run about 3 miles a day but am about 20lbs away from my steady weight and 40lbs from my ideal weight! Wishing you the best of luck on your journey!

As I was running my 4 miles this morning, I...

As I was running my 4 miles this morning, I thought about how worried we all were about not being able to work out while we were recovering. I totally get that a month or two or not working out may change our muscle tone but I know it will not take away all the hard work we have put in over the last few months or year. We have gained so much strength, improved our cardiovascular systems, and showed our children examples of living a healthy life style. I am 36 years old and before a year ago I never more than a mile, I could not do half of the exercises that I am able to do now. Now I want to workout and feel bad when I can't. I guess the point is, celebrate what we have achieved and how much we have changed and know that after recovery we will be working out in better fitting clothes, with flatter stomaches and perkier books. Love you all.
You said it well, Ja1975! I like to think of my circulation flowing so effortlessly through my now healthy veins and arteries, how there is only a healthy amount of only healthy cholesterol floating helpfully around in my veins, and how my heart is probably the strongest one on the block with my resting heart rate of only 54. Love it! I had my pre-op today, and God Bless my doctor! He said, "It's good to have this type of procedure when you are at your normal weight, as you are, because if you lose weight after it's over, your breasts will end up smaller than you'd intended..." Of course, the only part I heard was, "You are at your normal weight." Ha! Ha! Then he said, "With someone who is healthy and young like you, there are rarely any complications..." Again, God bless that man!

I posted three pictures, they are pretty...

I posted three pictures, they are pretty disgusting especially the one with the hanging skin. Hopefully in 12 days that will be all gone.
This MM is going to look smokin on you!!!
We have worked so hard and we should be proud. I hope that our workouts will aide in our recovery.

I am a teacher and just re-read my June 4th post....

I am a teacher and just re-read my June 4th post. I hope we will all have perkier boobs not books. Can you see what I have been thinking about. LOL
Thank you for the support ladies. We do need to give our bodies time to recover. Let's keep reminding each other of that. Here's to looking amd feeling fabulous!
"we need a break to fix the parts exercise couldn't" awesome!! I will need to remind myself of this. I'm a fitness specialist and it's going to kill me after surgery to not be able to work out, especially run. You are going to look fab girl!!
I agree mlee623 with your hubby!!
You'll bounce right back after this when you start working out again! I think sometimes giving your body a bit of a break can be a good thing. My husband was a personal trainer in grad school and he used to take a week off twice a year, in part because our bodies are so adaptive and will get used to the same workouts and you won't see the same results. I know this will be more than a week for us, but our bodies will be getting stronger in other ways! Plus, I'm excited to see what running and lifting feel like when I actually have core support. Wonder if you'll notice you're faster once you're back at it for a while?!?

Pics are hard to post, aren't they. I put mine up before I had committed to getting the MM and seeing them on my profile was one of things that made me pick up the phone to schedule surgery!

Hello ladies, I hope everyone is healing well and...

Hello ladies, I hope everyone is healing well and those who are waiting, I hope you are feeling calm and relaxed. I have been so busy getting everything ready for the end of the school year that I have not done much to prepare for my surgery. Tomorrow is the last day of work until the end of August so hopefully I can get everything together over the weekend. I consult for families of kids with autism and have been trying to see all my clients since I don't plan on working in July. Let's just say my mind has been very busy so I have not been stressing over my surgery. My husband came to me and reassured me that he will be there and I should not stress about the house or the kids as he will take care of them.That really helped to settle my nerves but I still want to get some cleaning done so I can recover in a clean, calm house. My kids are going to my mother in law for a week so my house will be quiet. I know my kids will have a great time but that is a long time to not see them. Only six days left until I am on the flat side, I can't believe it is happening so fast.

3 days and counting. I have gathered almost all...

3 days and counting. I have gathered almost all my supplies and I am trying to relax which is hard to do. I am torn between eating healthy and getting in all my comfort food. I also have not exercised much this week because I have just been so busy getting everything together. It is very difficult to get everything ready when you are thinking that you may not be able to help out for a while. I have been trying to do too much and if I don't stop and relax I am going to fall apart. I have to be okay with the fact that I can't get everything done and it will still be there when I recover. I also have to trust that my support system will be able to handle taking care of my house and my kids. My kids will be spending a week with their Nana and I am worried that my three year old will not be able to stay that long. He has never been away from me for more than a night. But again, I need to trust that my family can handle it. I need to relax.
For some reason, mine seems to be scheduled to take a bit longer than the others I've read of on here. I keep thinking it must have to do with the lipo sculpting of the abdomen, because no matter how athletic I am, (I also swim 100 laps a day, combo of all 4 strokes--I swam for my college) I will always carry quite a substantial spare tire. I am to arrive at 6:30. The doctor has a second floor to his office which is the surgical facility. My procedure is scheduled for 7:30, and at he pre-op, he told my husband to be ready to check-in at 1:30, but they will keep me two hours after that. So it could be 3:30 before he can bring me home. The office called today. They never received my mammogram. Nothing like last-minute kinks to work out the Friday before a Monday surgery!
Kapilani, good luck on your run tomorrow. I think I will go for a run if I am not feeling exhausted. I usually run alone so no one to motivate me when I don't feel up to it. I have never ran six miles but think I can do it since I have done five without feeling really tired. I have stopped cleaning, it is not like my house will stay vclean with three kids so I am just trying to go out and have a little fun. My surgery is scheduled for 9am on Monday,I have to be there at 8am. I only live about 15 minutes away so I don't have to be up super early. I know I will probably be up at the crack of dawn. How long will your surgery be?
You and me both, Ja. I feel inadequate when reading the other ladies' efforts to clean, clean, clean their houses. I look at mine and feel overwhelmed. At least I took out all the cans and bottles to the recycling center yesterday and am continuing to make it to the swim workouts at the club, although today was the last day. Tomorrow I am running a 10K (I am in shape to do it--have been working up to it for months) and then it's rest, rest, rest until 6:30 Monday!

I am not feeling so great today. I don't know if...

I am not feeling so great today. I don't know if it is nerves or my impending menstral cycle. Yes, my cycle is scheduled to start on the day of surgery. I thought about taking the pill so I wouldn't have one but did't want to deal with the weight gain or the hormones. I am getting braids in my hair today so that I do not have to deal with it. Did anyone start taking the stool softener before their surgery or did everyone wait unti after?
Wow that sounds better than 8 hrs lol good luck
Hang in there these last few hours! I think you're in the most difficult part right now! You can do it, and before you know it you'll be coasting along in recovery. Will be sending healing thoughts your way! Good luck!
I read on some people's blogs that they did take their stool softener before surgery. I think I will do that. Have fun Getty braids!

A few more hours and I will be going in to change...

A few more hours and I will be going in to change parts of me that I could not do on my own. About a year and a half ago I started working out with a trainer. She was completely against me having the surgery and asked me to give her a year and I did. In that year I became stronger, more muscular and just overall healthier but the skin on my stomach just got looser and as I gained muscle in my chest I lost all the fat in my breast Anyway,I hope that when I wake up from my surgery tomorrow, I will be happy with the body that I have and after I recovery excercise and eating healthy will be a consistent part of my life. Please say a prayer for me and all the ladies going in tomorrow that God may guide our surgeons and send us home a bit more beautiful on the outside. We are already fabulous on the inside.. LOL.
JA, one more person out here sending you strength and good healing thoughts across the miles! I am so excited to start chatting with you about your recovery.
Well said, Ja! And so thoughtful! Thanks, surgery buddy!
Goooooooooood luck tomorrow!!!! I will be thinking of you! What time is your surgery?

Today is the day. I am leaving for the surgery...

Today is the day. I am leaving for the surgery center in a few minutes. Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes and prayers. I can't wait to hear about how fabulous everyone looks after today's surgery. I will update as soon as possible. Thanks again for all the love and support.
Hope everything went well!!! Thinking of you
Good luck! I will be thinking about you!
prayed for you JA! You're going to look fantastic!!!!

I arrived at the P.S office at 8am and had to fill...

I arrived at the P.S office at 8am and had to fill out paper work .At about 8:30 the nurse came to get me. I changed into surgery wear and the nurse sat with me and went over the procedure and started the iv. Next the anesthesiologist came and asked a bunch of questions, she also explained what was going to happen. At 9:30 the doctor came, he took pictures then did his markup. I walked into the surgery room got on the bed and that is all I remember. My drive home was not bad, I was able to make it up the stairs to my bedroom without too much pain. Last night around 2am I was very uncomfortable but it is a little better now, I am trying to walk down the hall way to keep moving. Getting up from a sitting position is very painful. My breast seem small but I will just have to live with it. I have not seen my tummy yet so hopefully it is beautiful.
Happy healing everyone.
Wow! You go girl! you went up yhe stairs, I am avoiding the stairs likr the plauge. I've got the equivalent of hospital quarters downstairs. am loving ife as long as Im doped up ans in my swim tram zeeo gravity chaie.
Glad it went well! Happy healing and keep us updated!

DAY 2 POSTOP I am dozing in and out of sleep for...

I am dozing in and out of sleep for the most part of my day. I was able to slowly get up and go to the bathroom twice. Yesterday I needed lost of help to move and It was very painful. I find that the muscle relaxer worked better for me than the painkillers. My breast are already feeling better and not so swollen under my underarm. I am able to eat and keep everything down. I think the ant-nausea patch helped with that. Happy healing to everyone low stress level to those who are stiil waiting.
I can't wait to see your results! Glad to hear that the transderm patch worked for you. I am getting that because in prior surgeries I would puke for DAYS afterwards. Hoping it prevents nausea for me as well. You had to walk up stairs OMG. It's good that your feeling better. Here is to happy healing for you!
Glad you ate doing well! Happy healing
mlee623, the dy of the surgery wasn't bad. I guess I had left over medicin efrim the IV and the game balium before I left. Later that night the pain really kicked in and yesterday is was very painfull to get up. My husbsnd and mom insisted that I get up and move a little, it hurt so much I cried like a big baby. This morning is better, I went to the bathrrom twice by myself. Can't seem to stay awake though.

I need to see my belly! I don't think I can wait...

I need to see my belly! I don't think I can wait for my pre-op. My breast looks like a full b or a small c. I wanted a full c but will not go back in to change them. It is funny beause the P.S told me most women wished they went larger but I didn't listen. I seem to do alot better in the morning. I used a walker to get to the bathroom then sat on my bath chair and brushed my teeth and washed my face. Last night around 2am I woke up in severve pain and felt like I needed to hurl, I dry heaved one and though I wa going to die. It was the most painful thing ever. I sat on the toilet with no results. Finally I took a valium and ad some gingerale and I was able togo back to sleep. My poor huband is probably exhausted,everytime I stir he wakes up , in addition to all the alarms he has set for my meds.
Happy Healing everyone and continued prayers for sucessful surgeries and recovery.
Sorry you dry heaved last night. That's gotta stink! Hope you have a great day today!
littlefizzer, I did not have a choice on the stairs, it was either make it up and have some peace and quiet or deal with the dog and everyone else that comes by,
This recovery thing is so up and down, one minute it's not so bad then the next everthing hurts, it is frustrating for me being all bandaged up and not being able to see my belly, i know I still have stretch marks on my lower abdomen. Wish they were all gone but oh well!

Post-OP DAY 4 Where did the last four days go. I...

Post-OP DAY 4
Where did the last four days go. I have been in and out of sleep most of the time. This morning I was up at 5:30, I was able to walk to the bathroom and brush my teeth and clean myself up without help. I later took a very slow walk around the neighbor hood with a friend.I am definately feeling much better and can't wait to go in on Monday to see my belly.My P.S did a little lipo on my saddle bag so we will see if it made any difference. I have had a hard time sitting on the toilet seat riser, it is so hard on m butt where I had lipo suction. i am not a very patient person and not being able to see everthing is driving me crazy. I will try to post pictures soon. Happy Healing and relaxing thoughts for those still waiting.
The top of my stomach is really swollen and so is my vajayjay. I have not weighed myself , I think I will wait until my first post -op. I kept telling my P.S that I did not want big breast but I really wish they were a tad bit bigger. Maybe once all the bandages from my belly is removed and the swelling goes down I will feel like they match the rest of my body. I hope I don't turn into one of those women who is never satisfied with their body.
happy healing girl...keep it up ive really been outside as yet only walking aroung thge house n to the dr clinic...stiff n swollen mostly swollen ..to pee i use a funnel hahah just squat over.tomorrow finnaly i can take a full shower
I stood up to tinkle the first 3 days after surgery. Getting up and down from the bed was hard enough, I could not imagine trying to get up from the toilet. I read that from a lady on here and found that to be a super idea. Glad to hear that you are progressing nicely(walking the neighborhood at 4dpo) Here's to a continued uneventful recovery!! Healthy and happy healing!

So I woke up at midnight with my stomach making...

So I woke up at midnight with my stomach making crazy sounds and cramping like crazy. I made my way to the bathroom and after a few minutes I had a BM, thank goodness because I was starting to feel bloated. I will continue to take some miralax in my juice once a day and hopefully I will not have to wait five more days. Well enough about my bowels. I am feeling okay this morning and my drain burns alittle at the incision site but really has not bothered me much. Even my cycle decided to be nicer to me this month. I am hoping to get dressed and sit outside to get some fresh air. I only have one drain and it is still draining about 25cc each day. I hope it comes out soon but I am in no rush because I do not want to have fluid build up.I see my P.S on Monday at 10am and hopefully then he can tell me how much fat and skin he removed. I was way too lopey on the day of surgery to ask any questions. I am not as bruised from the lipo like I thought I would be .It must be my dark skin or the fact that I have been eating pineapple everyday. My doctor said that it had the same effect as the bromelain.I hope everyone is doing well, I will try to post pictures as soon as I loose some of the bandages.Happy Healing
Glad you had a BM! Sounds like you are doing well. Thanks for the tip on the pineapple- I just added it to my list!

I need a constant reminder that I just had major...

I need a constant reminder that I just had major surgery. I am bored out of my wits and I am having a hard time sitting here and doing nothing. For the first few days when I was consistently taken meds I was often asleep so it wasn't too bad now I only take meds as needed usually a valium before bedtime. I have taken a very slow walk around the block twice yesterday, so slow that my dog kept laying down. He was probably saying "what's wrong with her, she's moving like a granny". The second time around I left the walker, lots of neighbors were out and I didn't want the questions. Today I took everything off for the first time and had my hubby give me a good sponge bath. That was more tiring than the walk. I took a percocet when we were done. I felt really weird having no clothes on, I kept holding my stomach to support it. My P.S did a good job attaching the drain because I have not had any pain or drainage from it. My belly looks okay but my thighs and flanks are really swollen. I thought lipo was suppose to remove fat not make you look bigger. Hopefully that is all swelling and will go away soon. I am up two and a half pounds from the day of surgery but hopefully that is swelling and my cycle. I have been eating whatever my husband has given me and I definately need to eat more fruits and vegetables.I have been doing good with my water so hopefully I can keep that up. I had my hubb take some pictures so hopefully he will post them when he is finished washing my garments. My kids come home today from their nana's house,that should bring some new level of excitement to my life. Please remind me that Rome was not built in on eday and that I need to give myself time to heal. Have a great day ladies and happy healing!!!
Your butt looks great! I am jealous!
wow looking good happy healing
Hey Ja, all I can say is WOW! Your waist looks so tiny from the pics and I think you look great! I hear you with the swelling though. It's hard not to get bummed about it, but honestly I think you look wonderful. My experiment with my diet this last weekend proved to me that swell hell is really as bad as I've imagined and can have a HUGE impact! I am really impressed you made it twice around the block this early too! It is quite an accomplishement! I am a bit more than 2 weeks PO and some days are good and others are tough in terms of activity level and swelling I keep remembering how tired I was in early pregnancy and how I gave myself permission to have good and bad days then beause of how hard my body was working. I have to tell myself this is the same thing, lots of hard work healing and it will all get so much better. Enjoy your kids!

I go in to see my P.S at 10 am. I have been...

I go in to see my P.S at 10 am. I have been disappointed with the follow up. The called me once to see if I was able to get my cathether out and to make my one week follow up but nothing else. Thank God I have had no complications. Will post after my appointment.
I really dislike my butt, it is wide and not very round. That will be my target when I heal. Lots and lots of running. Hopefulyl the lipo that I had will he;p some.

So I just spent 15 minutes updating and then I...

So I just spent 15 minutes updating and then I lost it . Anway it was mostyl me whining about being bored and wishing I could go out and enjoy my summer break. My kids and I are always on the move in the summer, it is our time together since the school year is usually so busy but now I am stuck on this darn couch. I had my one week post op and all went well. My P.S thinks everything is healing well. He gave me a band for my breast to help move my implants down, he also gave me massages to do each day. I still have m drain even though there is not much fluid he wanted me to keep them in another week. They did a good stiching the drain down so it has not bothered me much so I guess I am okay for another week. I went on two short walks today with my dog. I don't think she likes me walking her as I move too slow. She is used to us running together and being silly. Now that I am no longer taking an pain meds I am more awake and my days seem so much longer. Maybe I need to stop being lazy and get on my paper work for the autism waiver. I hate paperwork but could make a few hundred bucks if I turn them in. I nedd my friends, I need to be out and about...:(
You had to take your own catheter out wtheck?
They showed my husband how to do it before we left the surgery center. It was very simple, he had to use a syringe to deflate a balloon that was holding it in place and out it came. I didn't feel a thing.
How was your post op?

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well...

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well whether recovering or waiting for your procedure. I have been blessed with no signs of swell hell even when I went with out my binder and cg for about 4 hours. I try to walk for a few minutes each day but have not returned to any kind of normal housework or chores. On my one week post op I was warned by the nurse to take it easy even when I am feeling better or she could gaurantee a needle in my stomach when I return. No thank you, so I am taking it easy. I still have my drain in, only had one but I will have it in until post op day day 15. I really don't mind because I want to ensure that all the fluid is gone from my stomach before it is removed. It really seem that many people see alot more swelling when their drain is removed. I have just been wearing some old capri's tha tI own that are draw string and a few sizes too big and placing my drain in the pockets. I drain less than 25cc each day but even at day 11 still draining.
I have also had no issues with constipation even though I was never really regular. I found that exercise and probiotics really helped me on my quest for regularity so I was really worried about constipation after surgery. I had my first bm on day 4 and my second on day 7. My P.S was not happy with that and told me to continue to take a stool softener until I was going at least once a day. I took miralax one more time and at some prunes but my body seem to have completeyl regulated itself and I go everyday and sometimes twice without taking anything. I find if I eat a full meal then I need to go very soon after. I have huge bathroom issues and can go nowhere but my house so I am sure being home and being able to sit and relax has helped some. Wow, we must all be very good friends, because that is alot of talk about my bowels LOL.
I am trying to eat pretty healthy especially with my low level of activity. I am drinking lots of water, eating pineapple daily and lotsof vegetables. My P.S suggested the pineapple instead of bromelan and arnica. I have had very little bruising, It would be difficult to see on my dark sink but the way my leg and butt hurt from the lipo, I knew there had to be some. I bought pineapple at the grocery store already cored and peeled for convienience. It provides vitamin c, fiber and it more delicious than taking a pill.
I am a long way from being the busy crazy lady I was but I see small changes everyday and even with swelling no one knows right away that I had breast implants. I think my P.S really listened to what I wanted, breast that complemented my hips but will still allow me to be atlectic without wearing three bras. Yesterday when I went without my binder, cg and bra I was feeling so small and even though hunch over pretty hot.
Sorry for the long trilogy. For those of you recovering, happy healing and for those waiting keep exercising, not just for weight loss but for your overall health. I truly believed it prepared my entire body for this recovery. lots of love to everyone!!!
ja19975 - what a pleasure it was to read your review. My TT isnt until august. I had a BA last year and didnt go large either - just enough for me. Your recovery sounds as if it was smooth. I hope to recovery in the same manner. Please keep us posted on your continued recovery. Anything else you think we may need to know - please share. Thanks
I am glad you found the info helpful, reading everyone"s post has helped me tons. I will put up new pics as soon as I get my drains out. August will be here before you know it, Although I am a teacher and I have to go back in August so I want the summer to move slow. LOL
Sounds like everything is going well! I am so happy for you!

We had a reaily bad storm in the Maryland, DC area...

We had a reaily bad storm in the Maryland, DC area last night and I was without power, internet, cell service and home phone until after 3 todya. Cell and internet is still spotty but I am grateful because the power company left a message saying that it could take up to a week for some costumers to get service back. Anyway, after sweating all night and most of the day, we decided to take the kids out, use the AC in the car and find a restaurant with power. We drove for a while with very little luck and ended up heading back towards home where we grabbed some fast food at the only shopping center that had power. I took one bite of Popeyes chicken and could not believe how salty it was, so I stopped right there and drank water while my kids finished their food. My husband is so good he refused to eat fast food and did not even order anything. The highlight of my trip was the stares I got from people as I slowly walked to and from the restaurant. As hard as I try I can only stand straight for about 10 secs. I also think it doesn't help that I shove my drain bottle into my pocket with the some of the drain hanging out. I have been wearing oversize capris with pockets and t-shirts for the last two weeks, i guess it must not be my most flattering look. Having my family wait on me hand and food really helped with the disabled look.
i wanted to go to church tomorrow but with my drain still in, I have limited choices on clothes and I do not want to have conversations about my surgery. I onl y told a couple of people at my church because I could not teach my sunday school classes or help with vacation bible school but I did not give much info. I basically said that i was having surgery to fix my stomach muscles. I think most people think hernia surgery but I did not clarify.
The good news of the day is, I am down to my pre-surgery weight and even with binder and cg on I fit into my size 4 skinny jeans. I did not button them up because I didn't want to squish my drain.
I am going to add a pre-surgery picture of my back which I forgot, I think it shows how swollen I am after lipo of my love handles .I will add more post-op pic as soon as I get my drain out.
Happy healing, healthy eating and fun exercising.
Ja, do you know why your drains are remaining in for so long? I didn't want to rush my doc to remove mine because then I was afraid that my swelling wouldn''t go down as fast. But he took the last of the 3 out on Thursday. Don't worry about being hunched. I am also whenever I get up from sittting or from lying down, and I'm not really walking normally. At the swim meet today, four people approached me and asked if I was sick or something.--Yeah, thanks!
Kapllani, my doctor did tell me before surgery that I would have only one drain but that it would be in for 7-14 days. When I saw him at the 7 day mark he said it was still too early and my next appointment isn't until Tuesday. I would have liked it out earlier but was not going to make a fuss since it is still draining about 20 cc a day. Do they ever stop draining? I don't know.
People don't just don't know when to keep their mouth's shut. Last school year a parent ask me if I was expecting. I replied "yes, lots of fat"

Yesterday my family and I went to our neighbors...

Yesterday my family and I went to our neighbors house to watch the European soccer championship. My kids and husband love soccer, the all play and m husband coaches two team. I was along for the ride and to see how many Beckham like players are on the field. Don't get me wrong, I love to watch my kids play and I even play with them but watching soccer on tv isn't reall my thing. Everyone had a good time, my kids were entertained, my neighbor is a great host and Spain kicked Italy"s butt so my husbnd was in hog heaven. I on the other hand just could not really get comfortable. I sat on a high chair, moved to the couch, sood up but m drain site kept being irritated. Afetr hours of this and even removing my cg I decided to call my doctor. He wanted to know if I had a fever but my temp was normal. We talked about drain output andthe fact that it had been 13 days and he said that it was just time to take it out. He suggested neosporin with pain relief around the drain sight and that I come in today to take it out. I had neosporin but without the pain medicine so I put a bunch on, placed some gauze over it, tape it down, covered with my cg making sur drain was hanging down and took a percocet. i was able to sleep and drain sight still feel better even though becoming a little irritatated when I move around.
I am 14 days post -op today and that is usualyl the max amount of time that my PS keeps his drains in but we did not schedule an appoinment today because of his busy schedule on Monday. Myy PS does most of his surgeries in that office on Monday but is willing to see me between surgery to take the drain out. When I asked if I would still need to keep tomorrow's appointment he said no. Here is my dilema; I want my drain out but I do not want my appoinment to be a quickie. I want to be able to have him look at my whole body and sit and talk to him. Do I put on my big girl face and deal with the drain for one more day or do I go in and get it out and if not happy with the time schedule another appoinment. I am leaning towards dealing with the drain for one more day but will still call the offiice to see how much time I would have for an appointment.

I drove today for the first time since my surgery...

I drove today for the first time since my surgery and I did fine. My breast was a bit sore and I had to shuffle a little to get into my minivan but went well. I went to the gas station and got a couple of things from the grocery store. My huband and I then went to the market with my boys. I did not lift any of the bags but I was able to push my cart and shop without any pain. My mother has been amazing. Not only was she at my house all of week 1 nursing me but she came over today with my brother and they cleaned my house. My brother has Down Syndrome and even he is older he is still like my baby brother. My house smells and feels clean.
Now that I had a somewhat productive day I am reminded that I need to take it slow. My husband returns to work on Monday so I will be on my own during the day. i like to be in control and get things done on my schedule but recovering will be slow and lots of patience will be required.
Did they take your drain out?
Glad you're up around! You sound like things are going well. Hope everything continues to improve with time!

So I didn't go in to get my drain out yesterday...

So I didn't go in to get my drain out yesterday because he was so busy with surgery and I didn't really want to wait and have a quick appointment. Guess what? I waited for an hour today and all he did was take out my drain. It was weird and snakey coming out but it did not hurt at all. I think all the neosporin that I put on it since Sunday night helped to take all the crust and scab off. He took his time removing the stitches and milking the drain. I asked him to let me know when and he said "do you really want to know" I said " not really". I looked away while he pulled it out. Now I have a beautiful hole in my side which I now cover with neosporin and gauze.
I can also take a shower now but I am really a little scared until the drain hole closes. I asked about the stitches under my breast and was told that all stiches are dissovoling, so just let them be. The bad news is I have not been doing my breast massage properly, I need to squeeze until the implant move up close to my shoulder not just move my breast. PS said I should not wear a bra while I am at home and that it will take 1-2 months before the implants fully drop. The tape on my incision line should remain there until they fall off on their own. After they come off he wants me to do silicone scar treatment everyday for three months.
Oh, how could I forget NO CG. The one they put on me after surgery was a large and did not really provide much compression. PS said that I could start wearing spanks, bike shorts etc. Anything that provides compression to help with the swelling. Talk about sweliing, my flanks and lower abdomin is still so swollen I look like I have my own inner tube, wonder if I will float at the pool?
My flanks are so much bigger now than they were before my surgery, my P.S thinks it is funny and keeps saying that it does look like he put in fat instead of taking it out. So funny, NOT! He assures me that it will get better. I trust him but hopes it will happen sooner than later.
Happy Healing, Healthy Eating and Fun Exercising. Lots of love everyone.
Hi, I am waiting for my drains to be removed too. Hopefully, one will come out tomorrow. Have a great day!
It is so much easier to find something to wear when the drains are gone. Hopefully you will be drain free soon.
No, drain still in. I called the office and said I would just come in for my appointment today but they were very nice and assured me that they would mske time if I wanted to get it out right away.

I am not gonna cry, I am not gonna cry, has been...

I am not gonna cry, I am not gonna cry, has been my montra today. I hate the fact that it is my summer break and I have been coupe up in my house. I hate that today is my little one's fourth birthday and all I could muster was store bought cake. I hate the fact that I am feeling fat. After all this money, I am feeling fat. I am swollen above and below my belly button, on my hips and legs and my flanks look like I am wearing a spare tire. I am so not this perfson but I am having a hard time trying to put my happy face on. My husband has been amazing throughout this process but I am sure he does not want to hear me complain about how unhappy I am with my body, I have already done that for the last twelve years. I know this is just a stage and the swelling will go down but I am still thinking, why can't it be today. I am now noticing stretchmarks and other inperfection that I had never really paid attention to before because I was so focused on my stomach and all the hanging skin. Again I am trying to be positive but I had not taken into consideration the emotional toll that this procedure would have on me. When asked about how long the recovery would be I would always say 3-6 months but why am I expecting so much from my body in under three weeks. As I write this, I am having a hard time holding back the tears........
It's ok we all get the tears and why me's trust me I know from experience. I get them once a month. I still get them. My areolas are uneven , my stomach hurts, my Brest sometimes hurts, and then I wonder why I did this. However. Then when I see the before pictures I remember why. I know I am still healing which trust me is a long time, I know there will have to be touch ups. We are all here for you to vent and talk to. You look great!!!!
Thanks Kathryn, I know it will get better and my recovery has been smooth but I guess I have to pray for patience.
Hey Surgery bud, You're probably in the rut I was in a couple of days ago. You had to be so patient, in my opinion, with how long you waited for that drain to come out I don't know how you did it. You've been cooped up and kept from enjoying life. The depression has got to be at least a little attached to that, and not just a product of this surgery. In the meantime, remind yourself that if it's swelling, it's NOT fat, so you should not allow yourself to feel fat. You are going to be so thrilled with the finished product when the swelling goes down. Go love up on your girl and give it some time. (((Hugs)))

3 weeks P.O My husband went to work yesterday so...

3 weeks P.O
My husband went to work yesterday so I was home alone with three kids for the first time in three weeks. It went better than I thought. I took them out to ride their bikes then we went to the library and stopped at Target. I came home and prepared lunch then took a nap. Later in the evening I took my daughter to her soccer practice and hung out at the park with the boys for an hour. I had some cramping in my lower abdomen during the day but I was not as exhausted as I thought I would be and did not swell much. I ate some french fries before bed and I am sure the salt was not helpful.
I am noticing a decrease in the swelling in my lower abdomen and flanks and I am now 132 lbs. Before surgery I was between 133 and 135. It is getting harder to wear my binder 24/7 as it is riding up and bunching in the middle. I did not buy a stage two binder since I had a bunch of girdles etc. in my underwear drawer. The one that is closest to my stage one garment is a Dr. Rey's shapewear that I bought awhile back at Sears. I am going to talk to me P.S about the length of my cg and if I still need support onmy legs. Many of the shorts I own are shorter than the cg so that limits what I can wear.
I am still working on my patience but I am hoping that now that I have to entertain the kids I would have as much time to dwell on my recovery. I am suppose to go to Six Flags on Saturday with my family, I do not plan to go on any rides but my husband will need help with the my little ones. I am worried that with such a big park, it may be too much at this point. Who knows?
I hope everyone is healing well and excited about their upcoming makeover.

Just wanted to let you ladies know that I received...

Just wanted to let you ladies know that I received my Scar Away Silicone sheets and they were very small 1.5 x3. I did not really look how small they were before I ordered so I am going to probably need 5 or 6 to cover my entire scar. They do have a longer one that is 7 x1.5. I did some research and found some silicone sheets that are made for tummy tuck scars. The reviews stated that they were longer than most scars and needed to be cut down. I think the price will work out to be about the same whether you use large ones or small ones but I think it will definately be easier to deal with one sheet than six. Anyway here are the websites, Makemeheal.com -they had the Oleeva Tummy Tuck Scar Reduction Sheet for $97.67. The other site was recovery Elements- they had Scar FX Silicone Sheeting. I did not write down the price but they also had lots of compression garments and binders.
I am not sure which one I will get get but just wanted to share. I will also keep the scar away and use on my breast.
thanks for the info, will look into it...
You have been strong and brave. Remember, you've waited 13 years for this. A few additional weeks of waiting will be worth it. I haven't had my surgery yet, so I can't really fully comprehend what you are going through yet, but know that you are so supported from this community.
Thank you so much No More Drama, this is definately a test of patience. Having people who understand and support you helps a ton.

3 weeks and two days I had a post-op today and...

3 weeks and two days
I had a post-op today and the P.S said everything is moving along. He removed a few stiches from my belly button and checked that I was massaging my breast correctly. My breast still have not dropped, even though they are lower to me and he wants me to use the band as much as possible to help them along.I do not have to wear my binder anymore but I have to do a compression garment till my next appointment which is in a month. I brought three pairs of shapewear that I have to check that they are giving me the right amount of compression. He had me try them on a picked one that he felt did the job the best but told me that I may need to get a smaller size as it was not as snug in the waist as he would like. The problem as always is that it is always difficult to find things that fit my hips comfortably and is snug in the waist. I looked on makemeheal.com and they had some good ones but they are kinda pricey so I am going to check out Sears first. While I was on the site I bought the Scar FX silicone sheet for tummy tucks. It was onsale and they gave me an extra 5% off. I also started using the scargaurd strips on my breast. I figured I already bought them so I may as well use them. I still have swelling in my upper and lower abs and on my flanks but my back looks a lot better. I am pacing myself and sitting down and putting up my feet after an excursion with the kids but I have been cooking and straightening up and so far so good. I have been impatient but I am very thankful that my recovery has been pretty much uneventful and I am slowly but surely getting back to normal. Happy Healing and peaceful waiting.

I went to Six Flags today for eight hours. Yes, I...

I went to Six Flags today for eight hours. Yes, I know that was crazy but my husband's job had their annual family picnic and I knew it would be difficult for him to keep up with three kids so I went along. I did not go on any rides except the train and I drank over 100 ounces of water. I was fine until about the last hour when I started to feel alot of pressure and cramping in my stomach. My family went ahead alot throughout the day and I caught up at the ride since I was not able to walk as fast as they did. I stood up for a good part of the day since I find that I feel better standing than sitting. After sitting for awhile I have a hard time standing up straight. It is almost like I have a cramp and my stomach is stuck, it gets better after a few minutes but I avoid sitting especially if it will only be for a few minutes. After the park, we stopped for a quick dinner and I was hurting especially when I cracked up at my husband's face when he ate a big bite of wasabi. I came right home took a percocet, cleaned up and got in my binder and jammies. I weighed myself and was up four pounds since this morning. This is more than I have done in over three weeks, I sure hope I did not over do it and have to stay in bed all day tomorrow since it is my daughters 13th birthday.
Happy Healing ladies.

7-18-12 I am adding some pics my hubby took a few...

I am adding some pics my hubby took a few days ago. I don't see any major changes but wanted to update any way. My P.S said that he took out 4lbs of fat and 1.6 pounds of skin but I am exactly the same weight as before surgery so I am hoping for some weight loss, I don't need much but was hoping for a couple of pounds.
I went to the pool yesterday, got in the water but did not swim, I attempted the breast stroke but felt the pain before I even got under the water so I just walked across the pool, my body is so not ready. I wore a bathing suit that I already owned that is a bikini but has a shear top that covers your stomach. I don't think I am ready for a two-piece yet, maybe next summer. Sneezing is getting a little better. I put pressure on my stomach when I am about to sneeze and I only have a burning sensation for a few seconds after. I am wearing shapewear(my version of stage two garment) most of the time unless it doesn't fit under my outfit then I skip it until I get home. My breasts are soft but still haven't fully dropped. I hope it happens soon so that I can go buy a bra. I am so tired of wearing a sport bra. P.S said not to spend the money until they drop because the position will affect the size. I am able to do a little more each day and will beginning walking tomorrow, my goal is a mile and a half. Hopefully in the next month I can build up to 4 mile then I will attempt to run. I hope everyone is healing well. Lots of love everyone.
P.S I so need a vacation, so I am suggesting mommy makeover get togethers since we all live all over the place. Could be lots of fun!!

Like The pic you posted of the lipo and the stuff the PS cut off!
I think you look great. By the way so sorry I didn't answer ur message earlier. I really appreciate you sending it.
You look great :-) Congratulations!

I7-27-12 I am almost six weeks post-op and I am...

I am almost six weeks post-op and I am feeling about 90% back to normal. I am walking for exercise, I use to run 4-5 miles so my goal is to walk my usual route then slowly start to run again. I walked three miles yesterday so hopefully I will be able to do the whole thing soon. I sleep in my bed sometimes but realize that I really like sleeping on the couch (chaise lounge) that I have in my bedroom. It gives me alot more freedom to change positions when I get stiff (my stomach still tightens after being in one position for a long time)
Overall I am pretty happy with the results, I really like the way that I look in clothes and have gone shopping for a few dresses for church/work. I still have swelling on my flanks and my lower abdomen, My upper abdomen swells sometimes but not bad. My incision looks great at this point and I am pretty impressed with the job he did. I am not sure if I will need a revision on my left side. I feel like it could have been pulled a little tighter/ more skin could have been removed but I know since I still have swelling I just have to wait and see if it changes. I know the fact that I had so much stretch marks will affect my finally results since the skin is not completly smooth. The biggest complaint I have at this point is that I do not like my belly button. The inside of the ambilicus that was pulled through the skin still has not relaxed so I am stuck between an inny and a weird outty. My P.S keeps saying that this will resolve itself but I have looked at tons of pictures and no one seem to have this problem at this time. I don't want to be whiny but I found myself covering up my belly button when my friend and I went shopping. I did not do all of this to still not be happy in my own skin. I emailed him yesterday with a picture but I am stii awaiting a reply. I am pretty happy with everything else, my left breast still needs to drop at bit more but it is coming along. I must say that I have been blessed with a pretty good recovery and that I am thankful for. I am working on being patient and giving my body the time it needs to recover on the other hand I just want to be "perfect" right now, LOL. I hope everyone is doing well, lots of love to all my mommy makeover friends.
hi ja1975 your so true, how have you been doing? THINGS still the same with no changes, still some swelling here and there...
do they send you home with the cathether i didnt know that i wish my time will hurry up
I didn't know I was getting one either. I only had it in for 24 hours but it sure helped not having to make a thousand trip to the bathroom on day 1.

It has been six weeks since my makeover and it has...

It has been six weeks since my makeover and it has been pretty much drama free. I am about 85% back to normal and have been doing my daily household chores and taking care of the kids. I have been walking about three miles acouple of times each week but I have been pretty lazy and unmotivated to walk everyday. I realize that I do not like walking alone as it takes at least 45 minutes to walk 3 miles. When I run I am so focused on time, speed, inclines that it does not seem long at all. I also like the challenge of a hardcore workout and I am definately not there yet. I still get stiff and feeling stretching in my abdomen after laying or sitting in the same position for an extended period of time.
My breast are dropping nicely, the left one is still a bit higher but not bad. I am so not used to having boobs, it is weird to try on summer dresses that I use to wear and have them look inappropriate because of my now bigger chest. My P.S gets an A+ for my tummy incision. The scar is already so thin and the middle of my stomach does not even look like there is an incision without close observation. My sides are still swollen and my stretch marks are not as flat but I am hoping that when the swelling goes down it will look a lot better. I still have some back fat so again I am hoping that it is swelling. I am not happy with my belly button, it healed nicely but I do not like that it is not a complete inny. P.S said that we could cut some of the skin away so that the middle would be flatter. I am not sure how long he wants me to wait but we will see what it looks like when I see him in two weeks. It is hard to be patient but I am also more accepting of how much my body has changed for the better and I need to remember that pre-surgery I was looking for change not perfection.
This whole process for me has been more emotionally draining. When I was doing my preparations I don't think I even considered this. How will I handle been completely dependent on others even for a short time. I thought I would get a new body and everything would be fine but it takes some getting used to. I love to be out and about and always on the go but I have had to stay put alot and say no to activities or leave early because I am exhausted. I also had no vacation this year because I spent all our vacation funds, even though I wanted this, I still need a vacation to relax and renew before jumping into the school year. I am totally happy that I made the decision to have this makeover and have been so blessed with a good recovery and that I am so grateful for.
To all the ladies waiting prepare but don't overthink the process, you will be thinking about it for months to come. For those of you in recovery, enjoy your new body and appreciate the physical changes but remember that who you are on the inside still matters. Surgery can help us feel better about ourself but outer beauty is only one small piece in the puzzle of who we are. I will have my husband take some new pictures, some in clothes(what a novel concept) and post soon. Lots of Love to everyone.

8 weeks post op! Where did the time go? My flanks...

8 weeks post op! Where did the time go? My flanks are still swollen and I have not seen any changes since surgery, I meet with my P.S on Wednesday and will see what he has to say. I don't know what I was thinking but I expected to have no fat in my flanks especially since they were not big in the first place. I had lipo done because I thought it would create a better contour. I went in and came out of surgery at 133lbs and pretty much maintained that until about a week ago(I don't know what happened to the 5.6 pounds he removed). I am not sure if it is the salt and the alcohol that I have indulged in lately or I am swelling from the increase in my exercise. I see some swelling on my legs and my stomach gets a bloated feeling and gets really tight. I have been bad about wearing spanks or any time of compression garment since it is so hot and doesn't always fit under my clothes. The kids and I have also been spending a lot of time at the pool. No two piece yet, maybe I will feel more comfortable next year. I have been walking 4 miles each day for about two weeks and I started running last Friday. I am able to 3 miles in about 30 minutes without any discomfort. I hope I get the go ahead to do my full exercise routine, I am excited at the prospect of defined abs.
Even though I am thinking that I may need a revision to fix my flanks and my sort of outie belly button, I am still pretty happy with my results. It is great to not have any hanging skin on my belly and my boobs look pretty good and a good proportion for my body. My husband seems pretty happy with the results and points out how different I look now. I will probably have to wait awhile to get a revision since it will be difficult to take time off at the beginning of the school year. I will see what the P.S says and what kind of recovery we are looking at. I do hope that I do not get the standard "it is swelling and it will go away".I do think that I have been patient and I am willing to wait a while longer to see if it is indeed swelling but I need to know what the plan of action will be if it doesn't change in the next couple of months.
Maybe my flanks were larger than I thought and I just didn't notice it because I was so focused on my yucky stomach. Now my poor flanks can no no love. I know it will all turn out well in the end. I am so thankful that I am healthly with a pretty uneventful recovery. For those waiting, may your day come quickly and for those recovering, I hope that the body that you have matches the body that you hope for. Lots of love to everyone. I will post pictures soon, still waiting on my hubby to take them.
u look great i didnt see your age on here i go oct 1 for tt/mr/lipo iam so happy u are on the flat side i cant wait
Wow! You look fabulous. Can't really see the swelling you are talking about on your flanks. Hope it goes down for ya! Needed to see a post like this one. Seems like lots have complications on here. Hope you get the results you want in the long run! Looks great!
Hi ja you are looking great !! Please let us know what your doctor says about the flanks. I also notice my doctor could have taken a little more there. Like you not sure if is swollen or what but I been trying to be patient also. I'm almost 6 weeks po. When I talked to her at my second week po appointment she said must likely it was swollen but if after 6 months I'm still not happy she would revise it, she explained sometimes the scar needs to be extended to tighten that area a little bit and it would be a simple procedure that can be done at the office.

Hello ladies, the last month has been super busy...

Hello ladies, the last month has been super busy for me. I am back to work, kids are in school and soccer season is in full swing for all members of my family. I am doing well, I think I am almost completely back to normal with the exception of some tightening and stretching around my belly button. I am not in any pain but I feel it when I wake up in the morning and stretch and when I do abdominal excercises. I am still happy with my results even though I think I am going to have my scar extended and have lipo done on my flanks in December. I think they stand out now that my stomach is so flat. At my last appointment my doctor said he still thought it was swelling but will go in and fix it at six months if I am not happy with it. I did not wear a two piece over the summer because of my fat flanks. If I had to, I could live with my results because it is so much better that it was before. I tuck in my shirt, in just about all my outfits and that is something I would not even think about before. I am alot more comfortable in clothes and I never even think about wearing support garment. People at work are not sure if I did anything. They ask me if I am working out because I look so much skinnier. I unfortunately have not lost any weight and I am stuck between 133 and 135. I still hope to lose five pounds but Fall is a rough time for me. I usually slack off on my workouts and eat like a pig because I am so stressed and need alot of icecream and chocolate to keep me sane. I am working out some moslty doing Jillian Michael's video's. I have not been running much for the last two weeks but hope to get some in during the weekends.
My breasts look great and are just the right size for my body. I still have to massage them three times a day but have not really been doing it more that twice each day. It has really been hard to remember to do it. I had an appointment for Wednesday but reschedule for the 19th. I hope that my breast will have completely dropped and I can stop massaging them. I am uplading some new pictures from about a week ago so you guys can see where I am right now.
I hope everyone is doing well, happy healing!
Your results are amazing! Your breast look so natural and i had to pook close to see your TT scar. That is exactly what I would like too (I also have an athletic build and workout a lot). Thanks for sharing your experience in detail. I learned a lot.
Thank you for your kind words. My P.S and I spent alot of time discussing size. I wanted the fullness of my breast back but did not want them to be huge. I was so inspired by the ladies who had surgery before me and shared their story that I feel guilty when I don't update. I will try to update at least once a month for at least a year. It is difficult to see long term results as most people stop posting after a few months in recovery.
Wow Gurl, you look good!

So it is officially 3 months, well thirteen weeks...

So it is officially 3 months, well thirteen weeks and two days since June 18th. I had a follow up today and it is definite, I am going to have a little more skin taken off on both sides. It will be in December but I will have to call the office to schedule an exact date. I am trying to do it so I can recover during Christmas break. It will be done in his office with local anesthesia. P.S said he is not sure if I will need lipo, since I am back to working out. He said he still thinks I have alot of swelling on my flanks and more than likely it will go down but I am not convinced so I am going to go ahead and schedule the revision. He also said that the scar around my belly button is thick and darker than he wants it to be so he wants me to use hydrocortisone cream daily for a couple of months. If that does not help to fade it then he will prescibe a bleaching cream. He also said that a revision can be done on my belly button but it will set my recovery back alot. I really don't want to do that so let's see how the cream works.
Last night I went to my first workout class since my surgey. It was floor Pilates deep muscle workout, it was mostly abs, glutes and legs. Oh my..my stomach muscles were on vacation because when they woke up they were like "what the hell". I made it through the class and did much better during the last half but I am sure if I was working out by myself I would have quit in the first ten minutes. I did not damage anything and surprisingly I am not in pain today. I guess I need to push myself and get back into a good work out routine.
Happy healing and peaceful waiting. Lots of love to all.
I think my doctor wants me to push myself too. He twice has told me that activity is unlimited, but I've seen other people on her where their doctor has told them not to push it with the ab work until 6 months. I guess each doctor's method is different and that dictates when you can go back to ab work. I told my doctor that I can't dive, do a flip turn, or do the butterfly, push ups, crunches, or sit-ups. He told me to keep trying with all of those.

So it has been four months, I feel 100 percent...

So it has been four months, I feel 100 percent recovered and totally back to normal. I have been taking pilates and doing ab work and I feel great. It was a bit difficult in the beginning to do sit-ups. I felt as if I was stretching my abdominal muscles and my skin each time I did ab work but after I was done with the workout I was never in pain. My stomach is completely flat and I am still happy with my breast. My flanks are still abit out of proportion with my stomach but I will get that fixed in December. I am not sure if I will have more lipo. I am hoping to lose some of the bulk when I work out but I am definitely having more skin removed on both sides. I have been eating pretty poorly and have gained two pounds so I need to find some new butt kicking workout and get back to eating well. If any of you ladies have any suggestios on how to lose a few pounds without losing muscle please let me know. I am currently between 135 and 137 with 22% body fat. I would like to be 130 but that has been very difficult. Even when I worked out 7-9 times a week and ate really healthy I could only get to 133. So if there are any fitness buffs out there HELP!. Good luck to all the ladies who have surgery soon and happy recovery to those who have already gone.
I will try to post a few new pictures soon.
Omg! So glad to hear your story cause I am going crazy! I am miserable but keep telling myself it will get better every day! I am 45 and had 2 csections and a hysterectomy which gave me extra skin and diastasis in ony absomen. I had Lipo done last march but I wasn't totally happy. Still had a little overhang and extra skin. Therefore had a meeting with my ps and he found a umbilical hernia!!!!! So I'm like what the hell lets fix the hernia and do a full tt. He did a tiny more Lipo while doing the tt. Anyway all went well 2 ps's ,I had 2 one did the hernia and Lipo and the other did the tt, said they wish all their patients surgery went as well and that they wish they all looked as good as me a week at only a week post op. Yeah yeah well I feel so right and bloated and within an hour of getting up I start swelling that by the end of the day I am freaking out!!! I too am tiny. I am only 5 ft tall and 98 lbs. I have never been overweight and everyone thought I was crazy to do this! But like you the extra skin and little pooch really have bothered me ever since I had my daughter 18 years ago. So I do it! I am only 3 1/2 weeks post op but I am flipping out with how swollen my entire belly is! I am starting to think te damn tt didn't work!!! By the end of the day I am waaaaaay bigger in the middle than I was before the tt!!! Hope like you I will be happy in a few months after the swelling subsides. Best of luck to you!! Oh and my lower back is killing me!! That's my biggest problem involving pain! I have all this lower back pain I assume from walking hunched over for 2 weeks and still a tiny tiny bit towards the end of the day. I pray this back pain goes away soon. Oh and like u I don't do sick well at all. I hate tv and am the type to always be on the move! I too have had a trainer for the past 11/2 years and run about 5 miles 4 days a week. Before surgery had the beginnings of a 4 pack from all the hard work. Love working out! I can barely stand and walk around for only 10 to 20 minutes and then I need to sit down cause my back is literally killing me!!!! Can't believe less than a month ago I was running 20 to 25 miles a week!! Hard to believe I will again anytime soon! Ugh!!! Depressing! But I know I will! That's why I wanted to say thanks for your story! Gives me hope!!! Again best of luck recovering and with your new impending new surgery!!! Hope it ends up exactly how u see it!!!:-)
You look AMAZING!!! So glad you feel 100%! I am not fitness buff at all but have you ever tried P90X? It's one of the toughest work outs I have every done! I lost 40lbs in 4 months doing it. Thought that may help. Again you look great!!!
You look great!! You will definitely lose weight doing the 6 week body makeover. Look it up on line. Strict diet. Big results. I started this diet last year and refer back to it intermittently. I also do the insanity workout 3-4 times a week.(I used that workout 6x a week last year to get the bulk of my weight off. (Never did max, the first month workouts were enough for me)

On 12/21 I went in to have some fat and skin...

On 12/21 I went in to have some fat and skin removed from my flanks which were not proportion with my abs. I thought I was going to have syringe lipo and a bit of skin removed but when I went in my P.S said my flanks were all fat and cutting it out would give me better results than the lipo. I got several injections to numb the area and then my scar was opened and extended to remove the excess fat from my flanks. It was a bit scary since I was awake for the whole thing. My flanks are still swollen so I am not able to see the full results yet. I went it for a pre-op on Wednesday and the P.S thought there might be some fluid on one side which may have to be removed. I have reached my needle limit so hopefully it is just swelling. I am still pretty happy with my results, my P.S is not thrilled with the fact that the skin around my belly button is thick and dark. I have tried putting hydrocortisone on it and that helped a little. On the 21st my P.S injected something that I can't remember in the skin around my belly to help get rid of some of the thickness. I am not stressed about my belly button and I am okay with just using some bleaching cream to help with the color. I think my body looks so much better and I am done with getting any more surgeries or revisions so I will have to learn to live with the body that I have. Happy Healing to all
Your scar looks great tou give me hope!! Did u have some areas on your scar that need to flatten after your tummy tuck or was it preety much flat. I yave some ares yhat look like little extra meat along 5he incision line that need to flatten. Im 16 Days PO and they look as if they are flattening down. Ive only been using Bio Oil. Im going to wait 4 weeks PO to do the silicone strips. I tried them the other day n it made my incision tender. Please let me know. You look GRRRREAT!!!
Hey Ja! You look great! Wait so they cut you while u were awake????? How are you doing otherwise??
Thanks Blonde. They didn't want to put me under for a short procedure, it took about an hour. So he gave me shots to completely numb the area. The shots were the worst part. I laid on a reclined chair while he cut out the fat. I cut feel the pressure and the tugging but no pain. I actually went to lunch with my mom after the procedure. The pain came later that night when all the numbing injection wore off. I had to take it easy for a few days but it wasn't bad.

It has been eight months since my first procedure...

It has been eight months since my first procedure and two months since I had a revision of my flanks. I was really prepared for the first procedure but did not take my revision as seriously as I should have. I was unhappy with my flanks from the beginning and knew I was going to have a revision done. My doctor said it was fluid and agreed that if we got to the six months mark and I was not happy he would fix it. How he would fix it was not decided. I thought we would do some lipo and remove a little more skin but on the day of he said it was better to cut out the fat and skin. As I explain in my previous post I was awake and the area was numbed with many shots of lidocain. After my surgery I was home on Christmas break and did not give myself enough down time to recover so at times the new incision was pretty painful. I returned to my doctor after two weeks to have a couple of stiches that was driving me crazy removed. I have been working out for the last month and it has been ok but the incisions on my sides still get sore. I have been using bio oil daily but I am going to buy the scar fx tummy tuck strips. It really help me the first time so I am going to try it again. I am still very grateful that I was able to have this procedure. My breasts look great and has definately helped to give me the hour glass figure I wanted. I am up 7 lbs since my surgery but I am waiting for the Spring to stress about it. I hope this update helps those of you who are just starting the journey to see a glimpse of what could happen with time. I will try to update my pictures soon.
Ja1975, please post an updated photo of your flanks. Thinking of you. Hope you're doing well.
Hi jaja how are you.
So happy to see your update!! You look great!!!
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