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Meso Under Arms and on Bra Bulges

I had three threatments of meso under my arms and...

I had three threatments of meso under my arms and the bulges above my bra right behind my underarms. I am 66 and have saggy skin from age and sun damage.

I am thrilled with the results after just two treatments - the upper arms are almost done already and I can wear sleevless once again!!!! the only discomfort was the right after the injections and it was the thousand little bee stings and it lasted about 6 hours - after that - nothing - until maybe two weeks later when some of the injection sites hurt just a little but nothing to complain about - LOVE IT!!!!!!


Hi I've done meso injection on my upper arms last sat....the result was great. And dr ask me to take duromine 30mg /one day once and i can see extreme weight lost result. 3kg lost in just 6day and as for my arms it reduces more than one thumb size. Tomorrow would be day 7 and i'm going back to dr teh to get my 2nd injection. I dont feel burning and swelling like others did but bruises...Yes...!! Only 4 dots and it's fading now. Thumbs up
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It was Dr. Rafik Nasr in Lusby MD - it ended up that I lost alot of weight and then lost all the meso in my arms as well with weight - when I put a little weight back on, the meso was gone - keep that in mind if you plan to lose any weight after the treatment - I'd lose the weight before!
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I'm thinking about having the procedure done, what Doctor did you go to in MD?
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Dr. Nasr

He is amazing with everything he does!! He is a medical doctor who also does acupuncture and practices other wholistic medicine - he is an artist with restylin and other fillers as well as lasers - this man really knows his stuff - he does everything but cut!!

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