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Pre paring to help create that new me.

I have been looking to get cosmetic Surgery for a...

I have been looking to get cosmetic Surgery for a few years. I have lost over 50 lb's in the past year and toned up a lot. I still can't get my tummy flat. I have dine the research, watched videos, and finally think i might be ready. I am going with smart lipo as it is less evasive and i don't need a tummy tuck. I am nervous and have contacted a few places for consultation but so far only American Lipo Centers was the only place to call me back and schedule something. I have seen quite a few reviews of folks who has used them as well.

I am nervous and scared, but i do have a few friends who will support me. I work out twice a week with a trainer and eat decent, but yet nothing works. I just had a full physical, and hopefully nothing pops up that stops me from getting the body i want.

appts coming

So I have appt this Sat and Tuesday. One wants me to put a deposit to hold my spot. How did folks finance their surgies?

appts coming up.

ok, on a computer now. I am going to schedule the appt for sat, and see what they say, as long as i get the $50 back. i should get at least two consults and pricing, but 3200 for three areas, plus meds and the binder thing is good right? I have been approved for $1000 with care credit but i have to find out if i can do payment plans as well. I would love to do it and have enough time to to heal before i go on my cruise in March!

I will post pics as i get closer to a date or something..


just scheduled my appt. Jan 23rd i go in and come out like a new person. Nervous but ready to get rid of this lower tummy. once it is gone, i can work better and see my results better. worked out last night and workouts that were harder were easy for my ab section.
Still haven't told my family i am actually doing it, so it will be a surprise when we go on the cruise in March.

one week away

I have ordered the pills and cream everyone suggested, one set of meds picked up (the controlled substance ones had to be called in for my state, not a stamped prescription) and picked up my bed guard. Still need to get the pads to wear the first few days at home, and some old sheets and clothes to wear the day off the surgery.

It's getting real, and close. Next week and my body and life will change. Nervous, but excited. Good thing is I will be working from home for a few days.

I am hoping that the selling goes down before March and my cruise! Really want to wear two piece...

24 hrs

24 hours to go. Nervous but just ready to get it over with. I will take before pics before I go and post pre op. It will probably be a few days before I can take post op pics. I am very curious to see my new shape and waist line. I definitely want the lower pouch to go flat and curved sides.

We will see!

few min till surgery

Pre pic before procedure..hoping for some serious changes

its over

Wasn't as bad as bad add I thought. Took about 2 hrs and heading home. Meds kicking in and half sleep on this ride home..food and rest his is next up

all done

It wasn't that bad. Had a few ouch moments, but nothing I couldn't handle. They were nice, talked to me, held my hands when I needed it. Though it took 2 hours, it didn't seem that long.

Right now my back leaks the most, on second pair of clothes. You will need someone to help but the pads on your back. The meds help with the pain, and have plenty of fluid near by!! O was hungry, but ended up feeling sick after awhile so switched to my isagenix Whey Thins and a mini Magnum bar. I l looked smaller, still see the pouch but have to wait till fluid leaves. now which way you u lay, that is where the leading will be the most. I will update soon.

all done

Photo didn't update before

still trying

Can't get the photo to upload..

4th time trying to post

This is me right after surgery in the bathroom. Hopefully it posts

hoping it post

Fifth try

day two...not as sore

now been two days I've had the surgery sleeping is an issue as the girdle is supposed to be so tight and I'm still sore. Evertyyme I toss and turn it hurts. The meds only keeping me down for about 2-3 hours to get any sleep. the incisions in my back only hurts when I lay down and go to sleep for some reason. its just the four incisions on the front that hurt the most during the day. so far I can see small changes but its hard to really tell with everything so wrapped up. I have on what can best be compared to spanx size small with a white girl on top.
I do not have to wear the white girl on top of less I'm sleeping but I like the person to support that it gives me so I will probably wear a lot longer than the doctor say I have read many other patients that the longer you with the girl and the Spanx the better it is a posture and the healing.
I do have the unico the jail to rub on my body that I will rub on when I take a shower as it is too difficult to pull these things down 3 to 4 times a day. I also suggest to get the type of Spanx wrap up that has the opening down at the bottom so you can easily go to the bathroom without having to hook up or un hook anything.


It's hard to get these pics tipsy mobily


My drainage as stopped. Very glad. But I was expecting a waterfall reading others stuff! Going out today, the first shirt I tried on that was tight before, fits better, little pouch. Still scared to go with out girdle so planning to wear it. Great for posture. Folks I found around don't know I had the procedure as I kept it a secret from many...


Learned sitting for too long hurts. Have to get up every few hours and strecth. The arnica gel is nice but too much trouble to put on 3-4 times a day with this Spanx thing, so going to do it after showers, and taking the pills every 4 hours. They melted in my mouth and didn't taste bad at all!!

tools to the rescue

Hopefully these post, but the arnica pills and gel help with the soreness. The pills dissolve in my mouth. Still doesn't help with my sleeping at night with the girdle. Makes my back hurt. I have spasms so the pressure not helping. But I can take the garment off easier do I can get the gel on my body more...


Trying to get the photos to post via mobile.

first follow-up

first follow-up went very well. Dr said that there is a big difference. They will take pictures to do before and after app when I come for my second follow up in about a month. going to go home and take my own pictures and post and see if I see anything. I know there is a big difference because I can't see straight down to my ankles which I couldn't do before. Dr did say that I'm healing very well and I'm taking to everything pretty well.


ok so i just had my 1st "i am actually smaller" moment. i put on a pair of work pants and they came all the way up above my navel. it shows that my bottom fat is gone!! it pulled up a whole lot. you know when yo start losing weight and the close that you used to fit tight and low now rise up? thats what i experienced!!

second week

Hopefully the pic loads since folks want to see a pic. I hope people do realize that you will be swollen and feel bigger than you first started, depending on your starting weight. I have lost 8 lbs since the procedure and working my way back to the gym. I still have to wear my garment 24/7 so pics will be with it.

dry skin and phase 2

So I noticed that my skin had been very dry and flaky under the compression suit. I get dry skin due to the dry air, but not flakes. The suit is covered. So I started rubbing oil on top of the suit after I put it on. So it could absorb into my skin. Putting on more lotion/oil before pulling up the garment wasn't working much, plus I am rubbing in the arnica gel too. We will c how this works.

I also ordered a phase 2 garment as this one is loose and I can pull it easy to high and doesn't feel tight like before. I prefer two different kinds. Once they get here I'll post pics with product info so folks can do their own research.

I also don't start the binder every night as it causes my lower back to spasms. but I can pull it tighter. I can see the difference. I have a better shape now..


I wear under wear with the Hammett since its the type that's open down there. Personal preference. Hopefully you can see the difference from the first pics.

New clothes

Just ordered new swim suits from Venus..I have my cruise In less than a month. I tried on my current suit and the bottoms just fit better. I have a 12 bottom, and that was too big. It fit, put didn't fit, ladies you know what I mean. So for the two piece I got 10 bottoms, and ,D tops and size 12 for one piece. Want to accommodate for busy and I still have a smoke selling and don't want it to tight.

non garment pictures

Still swollen. Some pain add the fluid moves. Waiting on stage 2 garment that is tighter and will compress more.

second try

Ok, trying to post these pics.


When your skin stays to itch, get some anti itch cream. I used it with my arnica cream and itching gone. I also have my phase 2 cg now. Much tighter and I can feel the compression more. I suggest you get it by week 3. Due to weather out took longer to get. I think if I had it earlier, I would have less hard.spots and would be tighter. I will try to update the pics again. Oh, the pants I just bought are already loose. Not enough for a smaller size. Especially due to the cut off the pants, they too tight around thighs. Have to invest in some cute belts.


posting from a computer.. let's see if they work

Hard Spots

Today at my 2nd follow up, they gave me a xxs CG as the small was too big and the xs i bought wasn't that tight either. She also told me that i can use a rolling pin on my hard spots to help get the blood flowing again. or i can go to the massage place. so every night i will be rolling my skin! roll straight down. the more i get the blood flow going the tighter the skin will be. the 2xs is real tight and will wear it at night and wear the xs during the day. i will get my before andafter shots from the doctor in 2 weeks, but i will be on y cruise by then!!

time to cruise

i will be on my cruise next week and can't wait. i will have plenty of pics to upload in my swim suit and and such. right now i am bloated thanks to mother nature, but i rather now than on the cruise! I can still see it getting smaller. one thing though look up!! don't look down to see if you have changes, it won't look right. you are slouching for one and unless your body is now perfect it going to look wrong anyway.
Dr. Gilad Segev

The procedure is actually in Alexandria, Va but they have consultation offices in M.D..

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I love DR Segev!! He is great
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the price was amazing does the dr have a site? or did insurance cover some did it include lipo? than you
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American lipo. Few locations out there...no insurance used..
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The tighter harms.t really seems to go. My doctor told me after two weeks I could start wearing the CG only 12 hours a day. I believe that was a mistake for me because I then developed lumps and hard areas. I think the CG is the key. I am now in It 24/7 even at six weeks out.
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Auto correct. Tighter garment seems to be the key. Should have been first sentence.
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I agree.I have hard spots and loans as well.I am waiting on my tire garment to get here hopefully today the snow has really made it difficult getting it on time. my doctor has me wearing a full time for 4 weeks but after the second week it was really lose it doesn't really feel like it's doing anything at all. I will probably continue to wear it 24 hours even through my 6 week and probably there after except when I'm on my cruise I will only wear at night.
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I talked with sono belli today. They offered to make appointment for me by I said that was hopefully that things would reverse now that I am exercising, doing the lymphatic message, self message and Epsom salt compresses. They encouraged me to continue wearing my garment 24/7 for at least until the second month. If it does not start reversing I will go ahead and make an appointment. I hope your lumps and hardness starts improving for you also. Please keep us informed.
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I haven't done any massages, though when I did apply heat it helped with the pain and hardness. My fear is that as the hardness breaks up, the skin isn't getting tight. After one night in the new garment, I can see a difference in my loose areas! I and working out, though I can't do abs till next week. What dies the salt compress do? What is the appt with sono belli for? I have my 2nd follow up next week.
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Sono Bello is where I had my lipo done. I had it done in Phoenix and my sister was my helper but I live in Colorado and they have just opened a clinic in Denver. I have made my three month in Denver. I think the swimming I have been doing has helped and I will continue with it. I do hope your hardness breaks up faster than mine. I may buy a heating pad to see if that helps. Is that what you have been wearing? Will u b posting pictures of your beautiful new self? I have three second stage CG and am still wearing them 24/7. I even have a waist clincher (sqreem) but have not been wearing that consistently, it goes from below breast to pubic area and give excellent compression but have been a little afraid to wear it since I had the flu last week. Good luck on you two week appointment. Keep us posted
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i urrently have a x2 second phase i wear at night. i was able to wear it for over 24 hours, but i had to switch to the small as it is a high back and annoying and looks like i have on shoulder pad since i put towels in the arm areas. i have seen changes for sure and a lot more since i switched to the smaller one. i am about to go on my cruise and wear clothes with out the garments. i tried to sleep without one last night and felt so weird so i put one on! i have to be able to upload the pics to a computer to post easier as they don't work well with the cell phone upload.
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How is the oil on top of the CG going?
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I still flake, which is natural, but skin not dry. I only use a little, like nickel worth, and run into areas that I seen the most dryness. After two days, when I take it off, skin isn't dry and cracked and less flake. I am using coco butter oil as well.
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And the oil doesn't get on your clothes or anything?
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No. I do it mostly at night add that's when I take my showers. The cg absorbs it and then into my skin. Right now I do it once a day or at least every other day
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That is really interesting and a great tip! 
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Congratulations on your results. Keep the updates coming.
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Wohoo, glad you are seeing some results.  Can't wait to see some new pictures!
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Yea, I have to take some...still in compression garment 24/7. Have about two more weeks!
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Gotta love those CGs :)
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Yes. .I think I need a smaller one now. It getting loose
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Sounds like everything is going well and you are looking good.
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Yes, for only a week after surgery doing good. Just left gym and avoided direct abs stuff. I have found that heat compresses help with stiffness and soreness before going to bed. I still take my arnica pills and gel daily. Now it is about stretching and not slouching!
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Hi can please add more pics?
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i would if the system would allow it. I keep getting errors when i try. i haven't taken a lot of pics either.
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