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Hey everyone..... Divorced woman, son grown, gone...

Hey everyone..... Divorced woman, son grown, gone out of house and finally ready to focus on Me. Always had body issues. I was the tomboy nerdy girl next door. I went from the tiny lil girl that was shaped like a lil boy to an unhealthy overweight wife and mother. Started my journey of change by going to Culinary School, becoming an Accredited Certified Chef, Divorced and Lapband surgery a few years ago, love the results but need to fix a few things. Boobies were killing my back so had breast reduction surgery last year. Next step was getting that bootie I never really had. Researched Fat Transfer BBL procedure for a year. Came across RealSelf site in July and spent hours on hours looking at all the pictures. All the information is really helpful. So I'm ready to do the damn thing!!!!! I was looking for doctors in the DMV area, but there are few out of state Drs I'm looking at . Would love some info from ladies who had procedure out of state. Today is my wish pic day, so I will be up trying to locate my future bootie. Thanks ladies for any info you can share with me. Looking forward to getting Me finally.....SMOOCHES!!!!


Hello doll, welcome to rs! I also live in Maryland and wanted to have my procedure done locally also. However, after doing extensive research, I found that Dr's here are overpriced for the results that I've seen. I decided to broaden my horizon and travel abroad. The DR was out of the question for me because I'd seen too many negative reviews about complications and deaths there. I chose Dr Anthony Hasan at Vanity in Miami Florida. I am almost 4 months post op and love my results! You can view my blog got helpful info, and to see my transformation. Good luck doll! I'll be following your journey.
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Thank Ms. ThickathanaSnicker.....I read your blog and you look great. I was wondering about after the procedure, how long do I have to stay, prices. Your doctor is the second one on my list. Thanks
You're welcome doll. They normally want you to stay for 7 days. Prices vary depending on the Dr and the time of year. They offer specials periodically. You would need to call them to get a consultation and quote. I paid 4 grand for my procedure and rh. I was there for a total of 11 days. I wanted to have some cushion just in case I needed extra time.

Wish pics

I have been bootie crazy for the last week. Searching for the look I'm hoping to achieve after the procedure. Really need hips bootie and a nicely sculpted shape. So these are m wish pics.....SMOOCHES


Welcome to RS by way of the Bootyville lol What a great time in your life to give yourself such an amazing gift! My bbl was over a year ago with Dr. Matthew Schulman in Manhattan. He is a top bbl expert with his own signature technique producing stellar results--all Schulman Dolls can attest to Dr. Schulman being very down to earth and attentive to patient care both pre/post-operatively. His support staff is wonderful as well. Check out my page when you get a moment and leave me a post to let me know you popped in to say hi :) All the very best on your bbl journey. If you have any particular questions for me, feel free to ask away.
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Happy Sunday Ladies...

I have my first consultation on Wednesday with Dr. Benjamin. Ready to began my journey, I'm so excited. Now I have to schedule two more consults, after I will make my choice of doctor. I'm hoping to have a scheduled date for November. Wish me luck....SMOOCHES


Thank you Booty4Real. Are you from the New York area, if not how long did you stay after your procedure. What items did you purchase before your procedure. Will be checking you out today. Thanks again
Welcome ChefK. I stayed in Manhattan the night before and drove back home the day of surgery (a few hours--it was no biggie for me--stopped every hour to walk around--I laid on my stomach across two seats in the back of a minivan (we made it nice and comfortable with a long body pillow, pillow for my head, blanket). Here's the thing, there are some common items across the board (long/big mouth cup to allow you to pee while standing, a thermometer, a couple maxi dresses, etc...), but then there are items specific to the surgeon (for instance, Dr. Schulman doesn't use drains while Dr. Fisher at Vanity uses them......if drains are used, then chucks are needed......).
Thanks for the info Booty4Real, really appreciate it.....SMOOCHES


Today I had my consultation with Dr. Benjamin. He is really a nice guy. Received all the information I could handle. I took my fiancé with me and Dr. Benjamin answered his 101 question with ease. My quote for TT/BBL was 13,700 really steep but I'm not sure if I want to travel outside of DMV area to get better prices. Now it's time to think things over. Anyone with the same procedure done and willing to share their cost with me, please contact me. Really appreciate the information....SMOOCHES


Hey doll, I don't know if Dr Benjamin told you that if you have more than a fat transfer you wouldn't be able to get as much fat taken out because of the amount of time your under. A lot of Dr's won't do a combination of a bbl procedure and breast augmentation, lift or reduction, or tummy tuck because of that, and you can't lay on your booty or you'll lose a lot of volume in your butt. It's painful to lay on your tummy or breast if you had surgery. I know you may want to get it over with by doing both procedures done at the same time, but if you have you don't want both done at the same time.
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Thanks for the info Booty4Real. I was not told that. I was told that I shouldn't do just lipo with BBL. I would have saggy skin in my stomach area. As I stated in my first review I have LapBand. The tummy tuck will show the port I have, sticking out like a knob. That's why I wasn't interested in the tummy tuck. I'm really frustrated and confused on what I should do. Received a quote of 9000 for just BBL and 9000 for TT. Together 13000. Not happy right now!!!!!! :(
I understand. It is very frustrating, believe me I know. I consideredrDr Benjamin as well, but wasn't overly excited by his post op pics of previous patients. I just really wanted to stay local. I also was told that I should consider a tummy tuck, but didn't want one at all. I don't like feeling pressured to doing more than is necessary or want done. I wanted as much fat as possible to be taken out legally, and to have a fat ass too. If I decided to do a tummy tuck afterwards, I would have done it at a later time. In glad I chose to do that because I see that I don't need a tummy tuck now. Removing the fat was enough. I haven't even gotten into my ab workout yet. Some Dr's will try to have you do more because they want to make as much money as possible off of you. Also, he wanted twice as much as the bbl experts in Miami, and they have superior results. Take your time to do your research and making your selection doll. Keep in mind when making your decision that if you don't have enough fat taken out and transferred for you bbl, you will absolutely want a round 2 bbl. Do you really want to go through it all over again. Food for thought ....

Dr. Ortega

Received my email from Vivian at Dr Ortega's office. Sent in my photos last night and patiently waiting for my quote. Excited all over again. I also received an email from Dr. Fisher's office. Soon I will send my photos to his office also. Once I get the two quotes, I will make my decision. Have been reading as many reviews on Dr. Fisher, Dr. Ortega and their office staff. I work in the medical field full time and cooking baking in my spare time now. I really can't handle or like unprofessional, rude, unorganized front office staff. It's a reflection on the business. I hope these two Drs both have great staff. Fingers crossed........SMOOCHES

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Need list

Hello Dolls....
I need some help can someone please give me information on the items I need after having my procedure. I want to have everything I need in advance. Hoping to get a November date, if I have to come up with more cash then I would need a date in early next year; an early birthday present to myself. Thanks in advance for the help with the items i need.....SMOOCHES

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Yesterday and today I received quotes from Fisher and Ortega office. Both are really great and in my price range. There is only a $400 difference and the recovery house is different. Me and my honey are going to discuss it tonight and I will make my deposit tomorrow. A couple of weeks ago I was upset and ready to just give up on having the procedure. Glad I thought about it longer, did more research and not just look at docs just in DMV area. Now I'm looking at the Fisher pics and Ortega trying to decide on the right doctor for me. Can some one please share their supply list with me and websites to get items. I really appreciate the help.....Thanks for the help Ladies!!!!!!! SMOOCHES


Good luck on your journey! I am also in the DMV considering a BBL in the winter months. Haven't chosen a doc yet. I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Markmann in Baltimore on 9/15/2014. I heard he's kind of pricey but its worth a shot. I'll let you know how that goes. I haven't posted anything yet and this is my 1st comment LOL. I'll be following you, maybe we can team up.
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Sooonervous...I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Mark man and was told that he started 16000 up to 18000. So I cancelled my appt. I am actually going to hopefully schedule for march with Dr Ortega or Dr Fisher, haven't decided yet. I will post my decision on Friday. Wish you luck on your journey and I will be following you also.
I'm also considering Fisher and Salz. I want it done between Dec - Feb so I can be fully recovered and ready for summer 2015


Today I finally decided on Dr. Ortega. Deposit paid today and date set, I'm set for November. Vivivian my coordinator was very helpful, I hope she knows I'm gonna email her to heck with all my questions.....LOL. So excited and can't wait for November. Decided to take one wish pic with me, and allow Dr. Ortega to work his magic. I want nice full hips and a round juicy booty. Now I can start working on my supplies to take and have when I return. Again so excited!!!!!!

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Date Change

I decided to change my surgery date from November to December. Wanted to make sure I had enough leave for work, kind of upset. But I need to have a full paycheck while I'm out for the month. It's all good, more time to get my supplies. Also my honey decided we are flying there and driving home. He's the driver and I get to lay down the entire ride. So I will be out of sight until the middle of January, that's ok with me because I get to reveal the new me on my birthday. I can't wait for December....ready to go!!!!!


So your going to ride home , several hours laying on your tummy tuck or sitting on your new bbl? Did you tell your Dr. this. You might want to rethink that since it could affect your results .
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Boppy Pillow

Need some help Dolls, ordering supplies today. Had a problem with the boppy pillow, so confused on the right things to get. Don't want to get items and not use them because they are uncomfortable or the incorrect items. So any tips on this boppy pillow and where to order them will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Dolls


i will be laying on my tummy, because i will be getting my tummy tuck next year. So i will be relaxing and sleeping while my Honey is driving.
I'm also in the DMV and hate that I have to go all the way to Miami for the great results and good prices. I'm also concerned about the down time and not being able to sit for weeks. I'm not clear on that.
Yeah it's a lot to figure out. Some have said not to sit for 2-4 weeks after the sx. When were you planning on going?

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