Almost 46. Decided to Do Something for Me and Do a Freshen Up. Eyelift Surgery, Cellulaze, Axillary Lipo and Lil on Thighs. - MD

I'm still watching to see how cellulaze turns out....

I'm still watching to see how cellulaze turns out. It may have helped. Idk yet. Lipo on one thigh seems fair, the other not so much. 1 month post op. Well see what needs touched up there. As for Axillary..Idk about that either. Just have to see how skin settles. Kind of a mess right now and keeping bandages wrapped around all the time def limits clothes. Good I have lots of zip up hoodies. The eyelift, as in a few Dr. Questions I have had has been so depressing and such regret. My eyes look much older, rougher, shape is way different, sunken in and one is totally different shape tham the other. I use to get compliments alk the time on my eyes. I just wanted the am bags gone so didn't have to use ice each am and upper lids lil freshened. Ugh. Huge mistake. I saw a, girl at the gym tonight I hadn't seen in years and I was so self conscious and wanted to pretend I didn't know her. She hugged me and I was just simply embarrassed, I'm sure she was thinking what did she do to her face. That's how I feel ..what did I trust somebody to do to my face. I'm off work a month now with no pay, and so depressed. I'm a Personal Trainer and do modeling for a living. Now I hate my eyes and my face just doesn't look like me with these eyes changing my looks. I don't want to see anybody. Don't want them thinking what the hell happened to her face. I really thought this surgeon was ok. Then when went to ask about eyes he cut me off so quick...told me I'd I didn't like in 6 mths he'd look at them. He'll to the NO he won't be looking at them again. I only have 2 eyes. He already messed them up enough. Surgery was in Baltimore MD area. So really I have no good review of three diff things. Cellulaze I'll let you know later. Hoping somethimg positive came out of thiz for over 11,000 dollars. Single mom here, kids going into college n my wgole life is about them, working and house. The lipo is all bubble bumpy still, have my doubts it will get mucg better...well see...Sure lil swelling still. I have worked out 30 yrs. I skipped 4 weeks except for walking on treadmill or elliptical with very lil resistance so things could heal. I feel like such a waste of money, time and now I need to save more to get revisions. Just sickening. I'm so upset with myself for trusting and thinking things would be ok. I called a legal firm. The lady that takes the info said you won't believe this but I'm sitting here with stitches in my upper eyelids. WOW! I said you mean you had an eyelift? She said yes, just upper. I said are your incisions symetrical? She said yes. I said hown do you feel about it so far, she was gushing saying she loved it already. I just broke down and started to cry and couldnt even talk. This makes me break down all the time, her saying she loved hers and me being worried from day one with the incision placement and the fact he never ever ever measured me one time before I was under day of surgery. I thought he would before I went in, I asked right then too, he said oh no, they use something in surgery. Had I not had that patch on making me feel really weird ( the nausea patch) and tired n so thirsty from it.. n sat there 2 5 hrs waiting, I would have perhaps said NO!!!!!! Should have been my red flag. Lady At Legal Firm Said She Was Measured Many Times Awake. Ugh another thing to make me want to throw up...which is what happens at the gym with all the mirrors...not fun looking in them. I feel like a, freak because it's not my face I'm looking at I can't really post full face pics..wish I could. You'd so agree. I sent pic to a friend and he said yes the new eyes are much older than before. So crushing just has to be a dream.


it takes a long time to see the final results,at least 6 months....
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I understand thst, but when your one eye is clearly smaller than the other, you have extra skin that can't just disappear on the outter left eye and deep hollow eyes that are getting more beady and hollow with each passing week..I feel the writing is on the wall. Can't imagine the round eye will mysteriously turn almond one morning. I also hear Ppl say they are happy in a few weeks. I hate my face now and feel like since my eyes don't match it my nose looks stupid now too. I have watched countless vids on this procedure and seen right after pics and months later and usually ppl look brighter and good and eye shape the same I feel ugly now

before pic

Though I should add a before, can't relate unless you see before. I just saw there is a surgeon in NY that specialises in giving ppl their body back that was changed from other surgeons. Already left a message there. I'll be researching him.


Oh and I heard from a nurse that was at a cosmetic conference a few weeks ago that you are not to ever fill tear troughs again after they have been filled once. High risk of infection. Very bad. A specislist thst writes texts books waa speaking about it. This area is very pron to infection. Not like the otger areas we fill and fill again. Do Def Need To Research this before letting them fill you again. Sad they take away soft tissue to keel making money on fillers and now the risk of infection in eyes is too great. Unreal. Need to learn more on fat grafting
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Oh No. Sorry you had to go through with this. I am three days AFTER surgery, and my doctor did not take any measurements either.
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Where was your Dr. And what do you think of the incision placement so far? Hopefully you will be fine. I had a weird buldge from hour one when I woke up and saw the incisions were far from similar.

Sure def getting better with time lmao. 1100 in fillers n deep dug out corners u don't fill.

Why do I see all these pics of ppl happy after this? Oh that's right mine were messed up..that's why. Suppose to open eyes and refresh. Jokes on me...I'm being puked right??! Sloppy. Not personalised at all. Just ripped to pices. Sloppy suturing as well. Damn wish he had picked the lady that didn't model to pay the bills and take care of family. In front of 1000s in a weekend or even day. Now that's jacked all to heck up. Legal time fo sho. Funny I called a legal firm the lady that answered the phone said you won't believe I'm sitting here with stitches in my eyes. I couldn't believe it. Didn't even have her stitches out yet. I said well how do your incisions look, she said good. I said are they symetrical. Yep she said. I said how do you feel about it so far, she said she loved it already. Didn't know how upset I was until when she said that I broke down n started to sob and had to make myself stop crying to finish the phone call. Happy for her yes, she said I'm sorry, I shouldn't have told you that...I said no I'm glad for you....and you just made my case/point. I should be happy too. I'm no idiot, I know what I'm seeing. Eyes won't all if a sudden get bigger when they were made smaller, skin won't disappear that was fact will get more with relaxing and less swelling. Drooping eyelid wasn't there at first lower lids won't alk the sudden go straighter across after been pulled up round. I understand healing to get complete result, but cmon.... two diff eyes are two diff eyes... I'm a hell of a fighte if I get I'll do what I gotta do, my face helped me afford this surgery in the first place. How I saved up for it. That's silly those of you who let these guys touch your face after they jack it up to begin with. Insane to me.


WOW, gem202, what amazing, stunning, gorgeous eyes you had!! I definitely see the drastic difference and why you are justifiably so upset! Please do NOT give up on getting the results you want and deserve. As you are looking for someone to do revisional work, a PS you may want to check out is Dr. Steinsapir in Beverly Hills - from realself, he seems to have a lot of expertise with revisions, and I see almost all positive comments from patients. As time goes on (I'm one month post surgery), I'm not really pleased with the outcome of one eye -- my uppers and lowers done, and I'm definitely going to seek his help. I just have to figure out how I'm going to come up with the expense of airfare for the consult, airfare for the revision, for the hotel and food, etc. Really not a happy camper! Wishing you the very best as you move forward -- stay blessed! :-)
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Thank you. Isn't it funny how much you hear you need time to heal, which I totally understand our eyes are very complex. Lots To Heal after This , but you can kinda tell right away what's up. I knew with the incisions I saw it wasn't going to end well. I looked at enough YouTube vids and before and after pics to know mine were not quite right. I'm already on it with Dr. Stensapir. Im seeing he knows what hes talking about, isnt half ased and doesbt accept half assed. I have had Drs. Comment that my surgery was acceptable lol. Are you kidding me, dear God where did they go to school? That's why they won't touch my body and why Dr Stensapir will continue to be very busy. I have been looking and looking for closer, but I won't settle for less expertise., I already did that once. Ugh. Was one of the dumbest things I ever did. I assumed if somebody is a face specialist they did good eye lid work. I'm seeing that over time it's looking worse as swelling goes down. I posted a few things last night that will show tomorrow I guess. My left eye is actually getting smaller. I took off my make up last night n sat down at my vanity for my night time skin care ritual and looked in the mirror and gasped. It's like the lower lid is shortening or something. So weird. You'll see pics of how big smiles look awful because it closes my eye and makes them squint shut now. I feel for you if you aren't happy either. It's ruined the last few weeks of my life. Im not functioning well at all. I try and it's so hard. Haven't worked in 5 weeks and I'm a gym rat that went 2 times last week and took all i had to do my workout. So he's taking away my income, my savungs, my fitness, my face, my happy, my focus and just normal things I need to get done. I don't usually sob cry...I'm a pretty tough chick. My Last bf said I was an alpha male lol. So when I'm calling and leaving messages for Dr's or taking to my mom and start to cry and not be able to finish speaking that's just wrong. This wasn't what I paid thousands for. I'm debating how I'm handling my next steps... I don't think we should have to pay to have our eyes eyes messed up then pay to have them fixed double and hotel, flight, and what about somebody to help us. We can't go search for healthy non sodium food 4 hrs post op. We can't take our luggage n carry it if we can't lift. Can't fly either for at least a week. That's one expensive mess up. Makes me so sick. I'm suppose to be working hard to save for future after divorce ..married 18 yrs. No retirement, single mom, with the most amazing two kids. Worth staying home, working part time..but now I'm to be working hard for me..and here I am. Watching all the work the last few years go down the drain..and all the gym work the last 30 yrs to take care of myself n hold up taken away because I can't even smile without looking like a plastic freak. My face is in front of 1000s a week sometimes a day.... for my job. Well who knows, maybe we'll end up in LA together. I'm 5 weeks out. I know we have to wait least 6. I'm going to try n get out there for a consult just to have some hope and be able to settle and know I can be me again. I Obv can't keep doing what I'm doing and not functioning. I'll lose my house. My daughter was going to get married next June mow she is looking into this August to save them renting 2 dif places, so guess I'll be getting botox which I wanted to stay away from so I don't smile big at her wedding :( It's not pretty. Looks freaky. Crying on the way home aftwe seeing your son in his tux for prom is sucky...the pics with him I looked like a demon with crazy eyes. Good luck. Keep in touch. I'm not giving up, I is too short to spend the rest of it sad. It's scary cause it can be made woree, but I can't have two diff eyes I feel like my nose doesn't look right now either cause of my eyes. Well be ok...I'm praying that!

5/4 Prom night breakdown after ugly pics

Posting couple updates. See more changes again. Noticing more why the one eye is different and looks smaller. The lower lid is higher and curved up while the right is a more round eye at bottom.
Ps. Few days ago I went n asked for 2 units of botox just to see if we could get my one brow that is always lower to raise. I was trying to stay away from getting all areas done because I want a consult with natural eyes when I visual a revision specialist. I know my face well. I told her after she said putting it in the pull down muscle will help raise it. Hmmmm well I said I can't and don't put botox in the second injection that most do on the eyebrow. I get a flat line eyebrow ...guess what she did ...she followed thst same muscle up n put it up about 2 inches higher than right on the brow. I was very clear about my flat line that happens ...thought she got a diff muscle because she was up higher. When I came home n saw it kicking in 2 days later I was ready to cry once more..I felt where the sore spit was from the injection n followed it right down to the very muscle I always Say do NOT inject here. In before pics u see that lower brow is fixable .... she Obv had no clue how to accomplish that. Now hoping my usual girl can get the other muscles around to help lift since we only did thst one and 2 units I hope we can counter it. This lady was at the American Laser skin care. The lady at the desk there can look a lil freaky with her botox. I so bad want to tell her..U know what..u don't have to look like that lol. Get somebody that doesn't do a standard botox and customizes it to your own face. So much for saving on botox and fillers. I'm going to go puke now from all this bs.


I'm so sorry you are going through all of this.  I hope you find support in the Community.
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skin around one eye is way worse than before surgery

I thought the idea of this surgery was to tighten up lose skin. My under eye skin especially on the left eye is pretty rough looking. I was never told to put ointment in them after surgery. I saw ppl mentionin it so I asked if I could. All that swelling and days if ice water is going to wreck skin. Ointment would have been nice. Consent water takes out moisture. Left eye def will get revision. A worse looking mess wsant in my plan. When I originally asked about this surgery it was because I felt I was spending too much time on eye creams and cover up. Made no differernce.. but made it more beaten up and the outside of the eye a total wreck. Which was not the case prior.


That pic is gorgeous. Not a beady eyed snake lady???
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What's a skin pinch? I guess that means no.... because I don't know what it means lol
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did your doc do a skin pinch?
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lines around eyes so much worse after eyelift .

I really thought one of the reasons for eye lifts was to freshen the eye and tighten the skin. My left eye I keep waiting for it to get better..but the wrinkles are there to stay that are so much worse after. No idea why... it's literally sickening. I use expensive eye creams and always wear sunscreen on my face. The skin is just ruined around that eye. Assuming not enough was taken away after fat was stripped out. Never would have done this had i know it would be worse after. I will have it fixed and done correctly .
.I paid for it to be done correctly in the first place. I don't even want to think 90 5 yrs from now if I dont. Yuck. Left is 3 times worse than right. I have many many close up pics In 2014 to show eyes prior and close ups in videos as well. Course the left eye is still higher than the left too and the corner is rounded n goes up a lit when I smile.

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More updates. 5 weeks post op. I'm sure my wrecked extra skin will vanish at like 20 weeks lol

.....and the smaller eye will grow n get the almond point on the outside at like...idk..24 weeks out. Bahaha yea I try to laugh about this sheit cause its all I can do. My bday is in a month and this wedding in August I have to laugh no more crying. Such a waste to have done this. So my rating of eye surgery is a 2. No puffy eyes in the am at least..but hey ice helped that for free....


Your Only Choice Is Legal action.
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i asked for my records and they were not only doctored they were not numbered and not accurate.i asked him several times what he had done and he refused to say and then told me he doesnt record anything,that he just goes with the flow more or less.i couldnt have asked for a worse outcome than if i had done it myself,actually ,staring at the before and after files in the black and white on my profile were the most devestating thing i think...luckily i recorded everything ,on my cell phone as far as the records go and the sessions with the doctor because he was so rude and uncaring i knew i was in trouble.i had to protect myself somehow.i think it would have been a better outcome because at least i would not take chances and experiment on myself because i know what looks good,and cutting off half of my eye and pulling it up to look strange is not could someone who is an occuplastic surgeon make such a grave mistake to do this.look at the black and white photos.those are the ones he took in his office....the after is months afterwards so the final so depressed
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my surgeon flat out told his staff not to schedule me after he took out the stitches and realized what he had done.i am totally eyes were my best asset and he totally ruined them.not just smaller,much smaller,but strange looking because he did an epicanthoplasty on me(at least that is what i was told and my features that used to blend so perfectly now look strange and way too large for my eyes. i open up the paper and there has been a full page add for Vantage Eye Center with his face on it saying how he is harvard trained and he specializes in asian eyelid in the @#$% would someone who specializes in asian eyelid surgery completely destroy the epicanthal fold and pull my lid up so high on the inside i now look bizarre.then he treats me like a fungus and tells me to get lost AFTER he tells me,hey THIS isnt my job,my son is my job,get lost....what can i do?
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6 weeks

Getting sick if the deformed looking incision that won't go in crease. Saw it in a pic that was three feet away today

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More Healing means more sunken. This is redic in 2014

I woke up the other day and all of a sudden my eyes look like I had the flu and sickly. All I can figure is more swelling and healing is settling them and now they are deeper yet. Got a good pic to show the hack Job on the skin around left eye. Can't usually get it with cam. My were NOT like that before. Went today yo pick out a wedding dress for my daughter and my mom's dress.... i wish I could turn the clock back and have this to have never been done. Even my axillary is worse than before. Had to pick a diff dress than I wanted because of it. The skin was loose and gross looking over the dress. This is why I did it now it's worse. He made 3 things I had done out of four worse. Please if you are having surgery in Maryland ask me first. I'll disclose name soon. Legal matters first. I won't take this with no action. I should have been told he was going to age my eyes, dig them in, cause gross skin around them, take out all the tissue thst youth has, make my axillary look like a wrinkle puppy and not finish and count our my right ass cheek ..n leave it more bumpy than before. Must have been one bad day. As patients we shouldn't be treated like what we are asking for doesn't matter and anybody with a brain would know a women doesn't her eyes hollowed out so he can put fillers in them every year for thousands more nor does she want wrinkles made day of surgery ...nor does she want her butt started and not finished then have to pay for all of this to be done over as best it can even be and miss more work thar has No vacation pay. I find it sickening. He knew I modeled too, so why take a chance if he could NOT deliver. How would he feel his income was ruined because of negligence and him barely touching my eyes before surgery. Yes once he picked up the right lid to see it. That's it. Day of surgery he took a marker and put quick lines on my upper lids that's it. Never told me anything except they can put filler in to fix tear trough...never ur eyes will be hollow after if we do this or that. Never went into detail about it. If he didn't have time then he should have said No. Now my time is messed up all the time from worry and upset and feeling sick. I went to my old gym yesterday. It's funny how going to an old place u saw ur face in the mirror for years then seeing it totally diff looking cuz ur eyes look really hits ya how diff it is. When I say old gym, I mean 1 year ago, not 10. I just want to wake up from this, but all u can do is fight and try and make the best of my daughter's wedding sadly there will only be one day of pictures, one day of video on her wedding day..and I will be so self conscious and not want any with her. I had my idea they would up their date to this summer so renting was cheaper for nursing school. Refreshed and nobody should know u did it?? Hmmm i feel ppl prob think I'm sick and something is wrong with me. He took away my smile and my happy eyes and I feel my nose doesn't even go on my face right now. Ppl like that should not be allowed to practice n ruin lives, it affects now what I cam help my daughter with for weddinv, because in 6 weeks I made 1600 dollars for work before taxes. After I paid 11,000 for surgery and 1100 more for fillers after. That's like being raped!!


So you had an upper & lower bleth? You said eye lift in your review. If all you had were allergies (which the bags were swelling, fluid retention, you should have just been treated for your allergies, not have fat removed from under your eyes. Generally most Dr's will give you what you ask for. They will take your money. There are some who will turn you away & say you don't need surgery but they are few & far between. Maybellino
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I takeep Claratin D everyday and had allergy shit's for 7yrs. Lol How's that for treatment. A good surgeon should say it's not what you need...i has lil lines across starting as well. Anyway I'm not here to justify why i did or do anything. I model that's how I make a living. I'm just looking for answers now. Looking back we can all say why why why..but not what's done is done but thanks anyway for the allergy advice. This one didn't give me what I ask for. From what I read and hear it's not to change your eyes. No worries I'll be fixing his mistakes for quite sometime. This isn't my first procedure or procedures but it's by far the most fucked up. I wasn't upset by any previous surgeries like this
Hey Gem: What did you want changed about your eyes? What was his plan for you? I know you said bags, where they on your upper or lower eyes. From your pics your upper lids looked great. Did he remove skin there? I assume he did on the lowers because you are saying you are a little hollow now. The reason I ask is that I think you said he did a epicanthoplasty. I didn't know what that was so I looked it up & it was a procedure that asians get to create a fold? Is that what you wanted? You are obviously not Asian. Before you do anything else you may want to go to MissJ's website. They have so many really knowledgable people who can direct you to someone who can help you. I know you spent a ton of money & have your daughter's wedding too. I really feel for you when something comes out so wrong. I also have had bad allergies all of my life & my eyes used to really swell too, especially when i cried. My allergies have really gotten a lot better, so maybe yours will too. I had an upper bleth about 6 months ago. No lower bleth. I am hollow under & I don't really care. If you want I can send you my pics. My Dr. is really great but he is in New Orleans. He may know someone where you live to refer you too. Maybellineo Maybelline

The Hollow Eye Lift

I find it unbelievable that surgeons still do this under eye lift which they know makes the eyes hollow when so many good surgeons pick the other choices now to do a goof satisfactory job. I never considered once about a hollow eye, because I didn't think of myself as having a hollow eye before. Just knew my tear troughs were getting a lil darker and more pronounced. Now how cam a surgeon who is taught and done this for years be so poor as to do this to patience still and not do a decent evaluation. I just can't get over it. I think I'll start going to their lil seminars or open houses and show what an eye lift looks like to future victims. Tape a pic of my old eyes on my shirt with a date on it. At the very least I could be outside at the door ;) That ought to fo it. Maybe show my Axillary skin now that will either have me spending 15,ooo on a breast lift to see if it tightens thst skin or getting skin removal with a big scar on my under arms. After I get it balanced out since he did more on one side than the other of course.

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Tattooed eyeliner

Make sure your surgeon understands when u tell him not to worry about your eyeliner that he knows it's ok that can be fixed's more important to not give wrinkles and bad incisions vs a tattoo that can be fixed. I live 5 min from the girl at the Cosmetic surgeons office that did my liner. He asked if that was a tattoo. I said yes. He said he'd save it...i said thst doesn't matter it can be fixed. Now I'll need a knife to heighten the incisions making wrinkles under eyes instead hmmm isn't the surgeon. And should know what results a low incision under eyes will do, oh wait....he also didn't understand what happens with a straight out incision across upper either, so guess not. Actino like no it all God doesn't always work I guess. Lowly patients getting surgery aren't allowed to question and certainly can't ask why aren't you measuring me sitting up awake even one time...hmmmm. too bad I had that patch on making my throat her n feel high for sickness after or I would have said forget the surgery on eyes n just do cellulaze. He made one swoop with market on axillary too so no idea how far he was going with that either. I see moat ppl get before pics right before surgery. I had none with my marks on....none since week didn't lift my arm for draw on each side to say how far back he was going with lipo ..hmm could that be why he just free styled it and has one side auctioned put and the other side this why my eyes seem a bit free style too...he just decided to wing it. Well happy year to me!!

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Almost 7 weeks post

So this is what it looks like when your eyes aren't out at the orbital rim...hmm I wondered why they looked smaller, mow in see my eye bones..guessin that's not normal because I never really look at ppl and see their eye socket bones. I can't wait to get my face back.


oh gem, so sorry that your having a bad time now after your bleph, from your before pics, it looked like you never needed one at all. you still look absolutely gorgeous! xxx
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Yea guess he should have told me that..indeed. I feel pretty stupid. I got so tired of ice everyday from allergy eyes n tear trough was getting empty looking sometimes...not realizing he'd strip it all away. I had no idea. Never for one minute thought a surgeon would hollow eyes n change shape. Just didn't know
And thank you. :) more filler helped. I'm actually going to see Dr. Steinsapir in LA in the next couple weeks to see what he can do to make my eyes bigger again and make them match. They aren't almond as they were before.

Eye lift revision progression

I'm consulting with a top ehe revision specislist in the next few weeks. That's if I get my medical papers from my surgery that I asled for a month ago. Still no papers. The office of in LA I'm going to seems very nice and carrying and knows it's not been a picnic dealing with this surgery day from cluster#a&* blvd. I had botox done to help not see the extra skin on the one eye. It calmond things a bit. Still have smaller eyes and one smaller than the other and different shape and hollow under for having filler twice already, other than that it's great. Lol


Hi..can you pm me your surgeon's name? I am in Maryland near Baltimore so I want to make sure not to use your surgeon if you are not happy. Thank you!
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What were you getting done? Sure.
Upper eyelids

I feel like done ever taking a pic with my face in again.

Wanna cry every time..sometimes can't help but. Went to a CVS today and printed out pics from profile pics on my FB prior to surgery to show surgeons in LA. The lady at the register and I got to talking n she saw the difference and said yes I can see why you would be upset. Blah. Tired of looking tired and sickly. I'm a very healthy, fit, active female and it just can't show in my face now that this surgeon stripped my eyes and changed them. Still trying to make the best of it but then as the day progreases they get hollow again and i think I could hold a pencil in the gully under them. Between the bone and eye. Wtf! I want to know what this man was thinking doing this?? If you are going to get your eyes done
.plz pay special attention to the under before and after and the shape. I see a lot of surgeons really respect the tissue under the eye and know that's youth...and keep the persons eye shape...which goes with their entire face and makes them unique. Plz ask too Is that filler you put under there after surgery or did you leave tissue. I don't think anybody wants to take 1000 a year and put under their eyes forever till death. That's what I'll be doing. In 10 years 10,000 saved would be nice... instead. Plus risk of biofilm bacteria infections...then what?? Then ur screwed big time!! If he needs to fill under after his ripping your tissue out clear down to the cheek bones.........u need to walk the f out of his office..or get the filler now n walk the f out. Way better off. Oh and BTW I asked for my medical records over a month ago never got them yet..hmm if he dud nothing wrong. Why not give them up. Guess somebody is lacking a lil confidence in the shitty, sloppy, half assed, negligent job they did. Exactly!!


Ok not even sure who to tell you would be ok around here. Seriously I will never let anybody around here touch my facell ever again. Do not go up NY either I hear horror stories in Manhattan. Research research research. I have spent weeks doing just that and no life now. I have a sales type job and I don't even work because i research. My face is also my job as the rest of me. Plus I was always known as a fitness gym rat.. now I have a dent in my upper hamstring. Stay away from Towson fo sho.
Or if you don't have very high standards for where your money goes..your savings...or what you look like ..guess it doesn't matter. Lol I'll message you. Soon I'll be putting his name here. I'm doing a disservice to women by not. But I'll gladly tell enough in pm so ir safe from this just gut the eyes n rip em up kinda guy. I can't call him.a surgeon now...that requires giving a shit in my book
Most of the horrendous problems profiled on RS have to do with lower eyes. Upper, depending on the issues you see in the mirror, should be within the technical skill set of most oculoplastic surgeons. So it really comes down to their sense of aesthetics and whether their before/afters end up with the look that is pleasing to particular attention to the shape of the upper lid~ the degree of lid margin created, the curve of the lid (some are too high in the middle and slope toward the end and this more than anything creates the dreaded hollow look), the less-than-corrected sagginess of the remaining skin. There are many great results on RS but a good one from your area in DC is a post op with RS id called KM DC. Her surgeon did this under local but HE is not in your area. grace

suction sound, dry and hurt at 2 mths

Wondered why my brow (center between eyes) has seemex heavier than before. When i lift that area up i get air under my lids and the suction sound. That seems to be getting worse pretty fast. I guess all the swelling is going down and the skin is tightening up. Too much skin was taken off in the corner of the eye, so its pulling on my brow there. Lifting it causes the lid to pull away from the eye making the sound and letting air under my lid causing dry out. Now im getting a tiref or mad look with it constantly pulling that area down. Thank god i didnt have my botox lady do anything to lift my brow much. My kids would have been constantly away from eyeball. Really bad today and hollow is worse every day now. Ususlly when we put our concealer under eye its flush and you glide across, my under eye area has a finger tip size gully where my eye bone starts and eyeball is. Not sure how any trained, educated professional could make all these mistakes. Add low heavy brow and very dry hurting eyes to the mix. Cant wait till next week to get some answers, advice, help with knowing what to do next to fix some of these issues. Be glad when this bad dream is over.

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No, id never trust the person that operated on me for questions after.

He obviously wasnt upfront and honest wth what any of this outcome would be. I wasnt told my eyes would be stripped and aged 10 yrs, i wasnt told they would be dry and make suction noises as the lids pulled away from the pupil and my mid forehead would be heavy and pulled on because hed take to much skin away center of eye and strip it..etc etc with the eyes, i could go on and on in that area..lets not forget seeing my bones around my eyes, the huge dark circles clear down to my cheek bone...because it was all stripped. Going in we talked about my dark circies, under eye puff...only in am.... and a lil extra skin in upper lids. He was always in a hurry n never measured anything ever.

I did try to ask question on post op apt #1 and #2. I was treated like i was stupid for asking.... and he wanted out of the room. He told my mom after surgert mt one eye would get pretty bruised, guess he ran into sonething he didnt know how to do right. Idk my eyes were barely a problem and i feel like jumping off a cliff that i left him touch them and ruin them.

I also wont go to a person ( i just cant call him surgeon) that didnt feel the need to tell me your gym ass will never look the same once i take banana roll away. He didnt tell me he was educated as every other surgeon/person seems to be to know in 2014 there are places u dont lipo without creating a problem that isa 100 times greater than the issue one doesnt like. Instead of just taking from the banana....this man took it all. He has a dent in that area i could put my fist in.hmmmm. Instead of saying ill hollow out your eyes the rest of your life and you wont need am ice for 20 min a day..ill make u feel like a freak 23 hrs a day. I say 23 because 1 hr when u wake up now they look like hell because he changed my eye shape..just not a freak and hollow with am face swell..but by days end. I look redic once afain. pulling from lids if i raise browse or move my face or rub lotion on.

He never sorry but i dont know how to not take care of that tiny lil pocket u dont like on the right thigh..but i can make it ten times bigger and worse looking by digging all the tissue out from under it and now its like a ledge of meat and a big handful of extra above the dent. Completely opposite of what i wanted done. Unreal i feel like he had a problem with me and intentionally did all this. Knowing too i model and wanted to do a fitness competition. He made me feel ugly and i dont want to see anybody i know. I try hard to avoid ppl i know if i see them coming my way...i keep my head down. Its so embarassing. My smile is gone. My passion. I try to overcome, im a very strong person but its so hard. My job requires a smile, fun friendly. I cant do it. Im too mentally, emotionally and physically ruined.

Course i wasnt told either that most surgeons know doing axillary is a bad idea as well, unless you want skin removed as well. Nope wasnt told that either. I was told nothing, except i asked about flanks and he said he wouldnt do that it would leave with him being honest about that, i.assumed he was upfront with the rest.

In all if a patient wants a procedure done they best be a surgeon or at the very least. Spend weeks or months hours a day ....researching and researching to make sure you know almost as much as the surgeon as far as what can go wrong ...end results.... sadly you can not trust this certificate they get. You need to do your homework and because they act like they can do it means nothing. Makes me sick seeing before and after of eye lifts, where the ppl look refreshed younger lol lol. Its a joke. My eyes look like somebody sucked then in from inside of me. I cant even see them in the gym mirrors. Overhead light now means im the womem with no eyes. Im hollow black holes. Sickly, rough looking with a lopsided ass, and layers of skin under my arms that puddles above my bra now.

So just making clear why i wont go back after my 2 week post op to this Maryland Cosmetic Surgery Center. Oh thats right they are changing their name now to the street its on. Bellanova something like that. If you cant trust them to do the right thing once why would you trust them again or waste your time. I have a life to try and get back somehow. My early part of this year wasnt my best, so i did this for a pick me up and get reasy for an awesome summer. Now its so much worse and im spending all my time and money on this. My bday is mid June. Instead of going to a fund raiser prom like i had planned in June. Im spending thousands after only working twice in 8.weeks to fly to LA to speak with revision specialists. Its so so unfair. I want to give up n just die somedays, but u have a daughter getting married in August... yes 10 weeks...and a son thats 17. Only reason i dong give totally up. Its too much to deal with 4 diff issues or areas after such simple surgeries....or at least they sure seem to be for a lot of decent surgeons..... too bad i didnt know about real self first. :( So please im hear for amsweres to get my life back and hope i can save somebody from going through what i am. Its rough when your looks arent your income im sure....imagine if they were.... cant imagine this being done intentional, but its just too crazy. Seems too that anything done left handed was very bad. Flipped over for lipo right side is all wrong.....lipo on back axillary not done same either then left eye a real train wreck. We came to the conclusion that anything right sided on back is much worse and on front side left eye is bad. Little things one doesnt.condider
I need a left handed to fix me now. Redic.
See profile for all the pics. Please educate yourself!!!!

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Good luck on ur revision. I do too want to go back on the ice on my eyes;( I also had botched blepharoplasty because I have allergies now n back then, so usually I used to wake up with swollen eyes, that's why I end up having these botched surgery;( I also beside the blepharoplasty surgery I had a "liposuction" n I quote lipo because. I swear he removed more fat from eyes n face, thad my abdomen, flanks, n back. What a mess:O I spent 14,000 to b left with indented scars on both eyes n to top it off scleral show.
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Would definetly sue this imbecil. thankyou for sharing your story. Anybody even considering having this done should think twice and heed your experience. at least with a tummy tuck etc it can be hidden by clothes but your face is always exposed. Why take any chances of even the wrong slip of the knife. loads of people also say the lifts don't last long, so dont take any chances. i guess the lesson for all of us is to age gracefully especially when it comes to our faces. You are still beautiful!
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Amen, and thank you. Yes im worried about long term complications from the muscles ruined and tissue taken out. Apparently the dry eyes is a very bad thing to from it. Eyes arent as protected, i dont blink hard or fast now.

Update for Upper and Lower Eyelift Surgery

Well the fillers I had in La are starting to go away already once again. Its been 3 week. It just wont stick. Ill be doing it again to get by for my daughters wedding in August. Its sickening... I hate that look. Cant put your concealer on with the swipe of a finger anymore.. have to do it in two steps because the under eye area is deeper than the rest. Never had that problem before this surgery. Things they dont tell you before this surgery...... and you dont know to ask.... because you assume that a Drs. Job isnt to make you look worse than before a surgery that is to improve and area you are inquiring about.
They dont tell you your brow will drop after and upper eyelid surgery.
They dont tell you you cant get a brow lift them, because then your eye lids wont shut
They dont tell you you will look very different because of the brow dropping
They dont tell you you will probably have a different shaped eye
They dont tell you the two above combined together you may feel like you have an animal look to you
They dont tell you its A very BAD idea to take tissue and fat out from under or above the eye, yet some do
They dont tell you in doing the above.. you will look like you have the flu and are sickly
They dont tell you it will make any dark circled 10 times worse
They dont tell you its because they took all the tissue that hid the blood that causes the dark away
They dont tell you that you will have MUCH dryer eyes now
They dont tell you that it ruins that muscles in your eyelids and some rip the muscles out even YEP!!
They dont tell you that your eye lids are not as strong now and dont shut as fast (they shut for safety)
They dont tell you that fillers for the rest of your life is very costly VERY!! THATS If they even stick at all
They dont tell you that you can spend 1,000s in just a few months in fillers
They dont tell you that it seems to kinda of devastate the lashes for awhile
They dont tell you you will get headaches from pullin up your brow so much
They dont tell you you will age a lot from all the stress of all of the above
They dont tell you how stressed you will be
They dont tell you that some surgeons wont take fat away and tissue.. because of... see above
They dont tell you how much money you will lose researching options/Dr Apts
They dont tell you how it will affect your work
They dont tell you how it will affect your income
They dont tell you it will affect your family
They dont tell you it will affect your self esteem
They dont tell you the first thing you will do when you wake up is feel sick when the reality hits once again
They dont tell you they really dont give a shit either........
They dont tell you that they really cant fix it.. if they screwed it up to begin with.. why would u want em to
They dont tell you you will now feel like your nose is too big because they are dug in and its sticks out
They dont tell you sometimes they take way too much skin off top and you hear suction noises
They dont tell you stripping the upper lids also makes the light come in a closed eye more
They dont tell you some recommend a brow lift instead to save your eyes.........
They dont tell you some move the fat around in the lower vs stripping it all to hell
They dont tell you that most good Drs will measure before surgery.... and some just ... eh... dont

This is just from my personal eye surgery. I know several ppl now from on here that have even worse horror stories and their lives will be forever changed.... as mine is/was. I have lost so much this year following this.


You were and are gorgeous. If I had eyes like yours I wouldn't have touched them honestly. Your eyes still look great, but they do look different, and more like the blephs that used to be done, without all the emphasis now on volume in the face and eye area. Your face has already had lots of trauma, honestly I would just leave it alone for a few more months and let it heal and settle. Then, if you still are unhappy with the "hollowness" Dr.'s can do fat grafting, but be very careful in your choice, as good results are almost exclusively technique (therefore surgeon) dependent. Good Luck, you are lovely :) ..
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Yes easy to say after. Didnt expect them to ruined by an uncaring ...just give me ur money...i dont care if your eyes match after or u just put 2500 in the last few weeks into balancing this all out... yes costs me 1000 every 6-8 weeks. Bruising and swelling...and the one eye he ruined will go shut with filler if just the slightest too much. He ruined the muscle in it. So just pushes closed more...look like an alien with lil white in my eyes cuz he closed them like a duffle bag whole way around. Yes ill make the right decision now. Im not desperate and an idiot to ruin them again. Had he done his job correctly as most would do now i speak with he would have recommended a brow lift first and not dug out my eyes under and repositioned the fat there. Who knew in 2014 ud still get a 2000 eye job. Is that my bad...or is that his. Do u model for a living also? Are u single at 46? Have u eaten right and worked out for the past 30 yrs 40 dollar jars of face cream to take care of your face and skin? If not..u cant relate nor say what somebody else should or could do. Just as i cant tell somebody get ofc ur ass and go run a few miles. Lol lol
Attitude is everything :)

One of my alien no eye pics.

Outside doin yard work... this is how this pic turned out. Now who takes pics and looks like this in them. Im 46... first time in my life I can tell ya that. I was at my daughters bridal shower.... pics of everybody in the shower pics... mine was the only one that looked like I had no eyes. Go figure. Kinda odd isnt it. Guess something went a lil wrong in this situation. I only prey that pics at the wedding go ok. Once in a lifetime day and this happened right before it.. i had no idea the wedding was goin to be this year before I ever got this surgery. They werent engaged then. Now this is what Im dealing with. Freak!

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Good clue that the lids are all a mess.. the lashes run all crazy now

My eyelashes all swoop in to the middle of my face now. They kinda come straight out because of the lack of muscle in the upper lids. Guess that from taking too much skin away toward my nose. The lids are pulled in so the lashes all go inward and dont curl up the same. How is there not info on this so we are warned of all these little things. Im sure Im like the first eye surgery that didnt go so well... that must be it.... yea thats it!

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Few more pics ... cause pics dont lie

Few updates from this last month, before fillers and after


Hugs to you- I'm sorry you are dealing with all of this.
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Go to see Dr Guy Massry , California . He is an expert , you can trust him 100% .
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He is an oculoplastic surgeon . He knows what is doing . He has excellent reputation . Gook luck to you .

4 mth and 2000 more spent on fillers for daughters wedding in a week. Bad timing for a bad surgery and a wedding

Tried fillers in upper eyes. Fine line... had to then have some desolved. Shut my eyes even more. Now one has less in than the other but oh well cant fix now wedding 6 days away and massive swelling and bruising from that. Started with fillers 3 weeks before. The surgeon that has 10 plus vids on youtube for fillers over did and my face was so swollen and bruised. I was devastated yet again ...with weeks till a wedding for one of my 2 children. So fillers then desolve. Oh u can see what desolver does to skin too. I have this bumpy stuff on top of my skin under eyes. We didnt add more to tear trough after desolving half..
So shows how it was over done times 2. Outside of eye he didnt touch when doing too much. When lids and muscles around eyes have been ruined and weakened, you have to really watch amount of filler..too much and it pushes your eyes closed especially if you smile.....for wedding we just yesterday did botox so i cant smile big in wedding pics. Because it shuts my "bad eye" kinda sad to stop your big smile... that makes me cry to think i had to stop my big smile at my daughters happy day. :(
I was suppose to be happy when she decided to get married.
And i am... could not have picked a better son.. love him..all the while im running 3 hrs total 2 times a week desolving and filling and botox for 3 weeks. Doing in stages to make sure no
Mistakes..cuz no time for more of them. Wedding isnt about me...
But i am the mom and plan to walk her down the isle with her father. If you ever consider eye surgery. Be 90 percent sure of your surgeon
Make sure he messures, leaves you with tissue..not gutted eyes that cost you 1000 every 6-8 weeks. More botox than ever. Swelling, bruising, hollow. Massive dark circles. Aka jus a nightmare. I have my face in a cam for work.
Make vids...dark circles/ no tissue isnt the ideal. Had no idea this was possible..let alone pay a surgeon to do it to you. 4 mths later i still cant grasp it.


Hello. I just stumbled upon an old daytime talkshow and it featured Dr. Robert Vitolo. He had some interesting things to say: eg. Make sure the doctor is affiliated and getting peer reviewed. This is key. As far as I know, he is still practicing... He's also on here on realself. If you google Roland's botched plastic surgeries on youtube, you should find him. Hope that helps.
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As per mge earlier *Rolando botched plastic surgeries*, not Roland's
I don't know if this has been mentioned or if it's what you need. During my research I came across "Enophthalmos" where they go in a correct the eye(s) that is sinking/sunken from either trauma, silent sinus syndrome, over aggressive bleph, by adding a implant to correct it. Just a thought.
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Sickening!! My only daughters wedding

First few pro pics we get back with me in and I wanna be sick. Paid 40 with a tip to have make up done hoping the make up artist would be able to help my "bad eye" after I explained to her how they were messed up. Well here are my pics.... I have 2 very diff eyes in all the pics so far. Not her fault...she did them the same... the left eye he hacked up goes smaller, raised up and shut when I smile. Its really bad on wedding day. If i pull my face down as women do to do totally pulls away from my eye ball. Its like the muscles were destroyed in it. You may not think 2 diff eye shapes and one much smaller would matter...specially cause I zoom in...but draw a pic once and try it... it can make you look cross eyed and like something is very wrong... like a stroke victim. Im dreading these pics with me in. I dont want them posted on apps. I feel like a freak. Very sad. :( Ill only get those pics with my kids once and now its a reminder of this horrible year and experience.

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Almost 6 mths. oh look still have 2 diff eye shapes.. imagine that. No eye fairy fixed them yet while i sleep with the gels in m

Latest pics and time for more filler again or live with dark circles that make me look terminal. I wont even date like this. They are so awful. Dry now too a lot. Sleeping i really have to watch to keep them from drying out. Not sure what will happen when heat is on soon. Probably wont be good. I want this weird eye fixed. He closed it at corner, top and bottom.


Also, you have great lips. Fillers or natural? Mine are real thin so I do fillers but only a tiny bit, afraid to look freaky and unnatural like some do.
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Filler. It creeps. Dont use anything thinner for that. There are lots of kinds. Voluma for cheeks the best. Had done in june and end of July first of August. Upper eye lids are almost all hollow again. That was done end if July. I think a lot of the issue is scar tissue so the fillers wont stick. Well i sure wasnt told that!! I have looked up lip aug before. There are different options that are permanent. Cant be good sticking these fillers in all the time... it just can not!!
Sorry, I'm coming in late in the conversation. Did you just have uppers done? Also, what type of fillers? Have you tried different ones? Do they all dissolve quickly with your metabolism? I'm thinking of some fillers in my cheeks but don't want to buy something that dissolves so quick. Down time? Your skin is very nice! Anyway, I wish you luck with any eye revisions you may do.
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Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Baltimore MD surgeon - Pictures speak for themselves. I had to ask if I was still to be using antibiotic eye drops, pull out stitches that were growing fast in my legs, pulled skin off n scabs, that were sticking out. Could feel them through pants, wasn't told when next apt was, had to ask at desk if I was even to make a next post op. Got calls after I complained and said I was getting other opinions of the botched areas. Now I see they deny I said anything about the back of my leg dent, and I sent numerous pics to show this dent and how Ill need fat transfer to fix it which doesnt let you sit down for up to 4 week. Im not even sure it can be fixed, you have to have a fat to take out to add back and more than you need because it all doesnt survive. My upper eyelids have ptosis now from the upper eye lid lift surgery. The lids hang lower from the muscle damage and I told by an LA surgeon it might be fixable which will also help the dug in upper eye lids a little. I look totally hollowed out up there and its a very dangerous area to be putting fillers in all the time. It really doesnt work well there because it can get even heavier. Im told its illegal for them to not send me my medical records. I have requested them at least 3 times and have not gotten them yet. That was in May!

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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