Cool Sculpting on Lower Abs Yesterday with Large Applicator - Maryland, MD

I had cool sculpting on my lower ab yesterday. I...

I had cool sculpting on my lower ab yesterday. I am 5'4" and 157lbs. I have lost 40 lbs over the past 2 years. As I age, and especially after children, my stomach has become a real nuisance. My lower ab is fairly large and hangs over my c-section scar. I'm not looking for a miracle, I just want it to deflate a little so my cloths fit better. I will try to post pictures tomorrow.

I did not have any pain with the procedure. The cool gel pad didn't feel that cold, and when the machine was turned on, I only felt strong tugging from the applicator. I rad magazines throughout the hour. I had no discomfort until the last few minutes when the machine started pulsing. It seems as if this pulsing is the machine slowly letting go of the suction. The first time it pulsed, I got a shooting pain. It only lasted for a second and startled me more than it hurt. I had no pain when she removed the applicator and no pain when she massaged my stomach. I had the procedure done during my lunch break, drove 20 minutes back to work and worked for another 4 hours. In the evening, I played with my child, did chores etc and was fine.

I have been wearing spanks since yesterday, except while sleeping. Despite some swelling, I stil do not have pain, just numbness. I'm not sure whether I'll have a delayed reaction regarding the pain others speak of, or whether because of the large size of my stomach I just won't be effected by the large applicator as much as other. I can pinch way more than an inch. Even more than a handful. Also, I feel as if I may be less sensitive in that area because of my c-section three years ago which dulled the sensation of my lower belly.

I will try to update daily.

Day 5. I'm still numb, but no real pain. Just...

Day 5. I'm still numb, but no real pain. Just slight discomfort and the occasional muted zapping feeling under one area of skin, but i haven't needed any medication at all. So far so good.
Ur experience sounds much like mine... Except i had pain at night when i laid down to sleep...otherwise i had almost no problems. Do u have any photos from before your procedure?

I am one week out and still don't have any real...

I am one week out and still don't have any real pain. I am still numb and still feel a bit swollen/ bloated. I did forget to mention that in the days after the procedure, my breasts felt bloated as well. This is not premenstral bloating. Not sure if the procedure affected my hormones, or just caused my entire torso to feel bloated.

I just measured, and I have gained an inch since...

I just measured, and I have gained an inch since last week. I'm assuming that is just the swelling.
@southernbell have u noticed any differences yet?
@ Laura in maryland, for me numbness lasted for almost 3 weeks, after second week was only around my bellybotton. Swelling also lasted for long time but after first week was going down slowly. I also didn't experience any pain mainly discomfort. Tomorrow is exactly four weeks since my procedure.
I had mine done on may pain symptoms started on day 3 but they are completely gone now but even with the pain i was able to live a normal life and workout with no problems. I actually was afraid it may not work because i wasnt experiencing the pains everyone else has been complaining about. The procedure was fine too the only uncomfortable part was puttin the suction on. Im praying it works if so i want to do my back flabs and my inner thighs as well.

I just measured again, and i'm about 1/4inch...

i just measured again, and i'm about 1/4inch bigger than before the procedure, which i guess means the swelling is down. Also, if you factor in measuring errors, who knows what it means. Regardless, i feel like the swelling has gone down a lot. My belly is still numb, but that is getting better as well. I am 14 days out and still no pain, so i'm thankful for that. I'll keep updating weekly.

I'm still a little bit numb, but for the most part...

I'm still a little bit numb, but for the most part the feeling is back in my belly. I have a little bit of itching below my belly button, but it is in no way annoying. I don't really see a difference yet, but the swelling seems to be gone.
hello, Laura in Maryland...

have you had any improvement in your overall results? Also, I'm looking to have coolsculpting done in Maryland and I was wondering where you had your treatment done....?
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