Cellulaze Back of Thighs and Outter Thighs - Maryland, MD

From what I'm seeing at 6 weeks I'd have to say...

From what I'm seeing at 6 weeks I'd have to say it's going well. I keep reading where patients say they don't see results till months later, but I saw a difference right away. Could be lighting or always wearing compression, but I think it worked well for me. I want to do front and inner thigh, once im positive of my results and know that it works there as well. I had a lil lipo at the same time because I was losing body fat for fitness reasons. I'm not a big person and have been a gym girl for 30 yrs almost. It left me with an area on each saddle bag that needed touched up. Im sure that area will need cellulaze, especially on the right. It looks pretty rough. Much worse than before. Not sure why but it's pretty disapponting, especially after I already have 6 weeks of wearing compression and missed a lot of gym time. At 45 it's work to keep that muscle so not a fan of missing weeks at a time. As far as skin tightening, it's getting better. Irs still ouchy and each day gets better. I don't go without compression. Except for shower and the time after to give my skin time to soak up my moisturizer. Wearing compression al the time has given me more lil spider veins on my calves and I have to make sure aNY silicone that's on the calf band on the bottom doesn't touch...I'm allergic and has to be what it's made of cause it's what happens when I use bandages. Red and itchy. Would I do the cellulaze again after 6 weeks recovery and all my gym off time, yes so far it's a def yes. I grabbed shorts yesterday that are much shorter than a Capri ... maybe 2-3 inch legs length.... waa happy when I put them on. I just may wear them this year :). Now if I only had the front of my legs tightened more too. I wanted them done and asked the surgeon 2 times and he acted like it was iffy doing the fronts and it doesn't work for there, yet I see lots of people having it done there. I'll be figuring out when and how to fix all the rought was from the lipo I had at the same time. So odd how one side did well, the other is kinda gross. He was to do the cellulaze on outter on both and back of thighs. I think it's pretty clear it wasn't done on the right thigh outter. I think my right glut thigh looked better before. The glut I wanted narrowed to match the other, but then leaving the pocket as I call it under it and not contouring left it seem like I have a worse high saddle bag with a tush crease running clear out to the IT band. Notice on prior pics that was not tel he case I had a def cheek start n stop.

A before pic

Found these pics from the end of January, 2 months before surgery. New Victorias Secret stuff came in the mail.. thought these were cute. Was comparing before and after pics at glut height. Im takin into consideration i had to stop my leg workouts for 5 weeks. I walked on the treadmill and got on the elliptical at 3 weeks. No impact. Still not doing impact at 6.5 weeks. Ill wait till feel all is well. I figure another month of none of that. Some days I hardly had any bumps on my legs.. kinda feel like its a bit wrecked now all the time. Hopin that will get better still. He did leave a hunk there but now im afraid removing it will droop more. I considered Coolscupt there..less invasive, still thinking about that. I dont want more ripped into bumps. Looks like eye surgery with this Surgeon and Lipo are a very big mistake. He was sloppy and didnt contour very well. If a surgeon does under arms and goes back farther in one side than the other.. i think thats a big fail! I think a kid could do better than that in matching them up. Come on make a lil mark as to how far you are going and make a mark as to how to contour the ass cheeks. Unreal

Lipo crater. Noticed when putting lotion on

As swelling goes down everywhere I find new things out. This leg has a big fist area of empty. I guess that would be the reason that cheek is no longer plump, it's falling down because nothing is supporting it underneath. So much for banana roll gone....i have a crater now. I'll get better pics soon.

Apt with 3-4 different surgeons in LA in 10 days for all these areas that have been botched

This mess is taking over my life, trying to research and find the best to make it as good as it can get at this point. Somebody commented that is best for in person evaluations. Yes I know this, thats why im spending $1000 for 2 nights in a hotel in Beverly Hills and for air fare. I shopped around for hours for the best air fare and the best hotel deal i could get close to the Drs Im visiting. Course thats not parkin at the airport, bag fees, meals ( I usually eat at home and cook), Taxis, Wifi in the hotel so i can try to some work is 30 bucks... and im sure many hundreds I didnt even think about at this point. OH and I had to wire $700 to the one Drs office just to get an apt. So yes I realize in person is best.. I am just getting opinions on here to know some options to think about... isnt that what this site if for. Reason i was considering implant exchange is because they are NOT the same after the axillary tissue was removed either... tissue away, means skin left. I was hopin that in doing that i could save the big scar under my arm by lifting and cutting away the breast area would pull that a lil tighter. I read you dont see girls with big fake implants with axillary fat a lot... so was asking the question. I see it helps some in my messing around tryin to figure this all out. It keeps the line going horizontal though that is there now.. it just moves it up a lil higher. Anyway yes,,, I have an apt with a Harvard medical grad. on June 3rd. THANK YOU! I was stupid once, I wont be again....


I think cellulaze for me was a hood choice. I still feel the skin is quite.. lose feeling so at almost 8 weeks I still prefer it always compressed. Im.sure this will reattach in time. I would not recommend going without it even though you are told at a few weeks you can. I just doubt how that skin would heal and adhere again. I specially when working out wear layers of compression it still swells too. Outside today instill see black and blue areas. Not concerned about that really I figure a lil self tanner or sunshine will mask that during summer. I wish the cellulaze would have been dobe or been done the same on my outter right leg. It's worse than before big time. I think from lipo. Idk. But seems cellulaze wasn't done there. I will need thst job finished as I paid for that to be done as well. The lipo lil touch up areas in wanted done are a bit of a disaster, specially on right glut, thigh, upper hamstring and outter thigh. Hoping visiting a few lipo specialists that of course do cellulaze as well will have some helpful answers for me. Yes cellulaze works for old lipo ripped up skin. 20 yrs ago when it first came out in jumped on that wagon and tried lipo. Prob wasn't a great idea. I'm a fitness lover and I think it ruined my skin. In 1990 women weren't muscular legs and lifted and had meaty legs. I have always had more of a fit build. Back then it wasn't as widely accepted to have the fit toned hard legs with yhe IT band line running down the leg.. Now it def is and I love it...just wanted the cellulaze to fix the old lipo track wreckage. I think it did, now I'd love to try it on inner thighs to smooth a lil..I can see old cannula marks and front of thigh in a few places. Gosh to turn back the clock in a few places and do over. I'd go to LA and shop for surgeons to start with...no offense to other places I know there are some great ones down south as well..... i just need three things fixed that prob should have been done by 3 diff surgeons to begin with.. hard lessons learned I have requested my medical records for over a month now to take to other surgeons...I'm told it may take an attorney to get them. Sad its come to this.
Dr. Larry Lickstein

I had 4 surgeries done the same day. Eyes, Cellulaze, Axillary lipo and a lil lipo that was to balance out my gluts. Well that was an epic fail!!!!! Still.working on the reviews from the 4 diff things I had done at once and what kind of action I'm taking for the outcome. I'll need something done for touch up in 3 of the areas for sure. Hoping not the axillary because lift is my only choice. Crossing my fingers. I don't want scars. Speaking of such. I only notice 2 scars from cellulaze. One is 2 times the size as other side, hoping they will heal well. ( still see them very well 4 months later) The lipo surgery has been a disaster. As well as the eye. Its a nightmare trying to figure out how Im every goin to get this fixed, more lipo to add to the dent and wrecked banana roll area. Very scary after you have messed up uneven dented lipo to need to have more to fix the area that was wrecked. Im researching surgeons very carefully who are use to fixing other surgeons bad surgeries. I was disputing with Discover the $11,000 I paid for these 3 surgeries. It seems the $11,000 is way more important to this office than the $40,000 in lost income, fillers for thousands and consults fees with other surgeons and ready for my 2nd trip to LA to have follow up consults on scheduling surgeries. Im guessing this will all cost me close to 100,000 grand till I take off work another 4 weeks to heal up, pay for 2 more surgeries and travel back out there to have it done. So God bless them if they need that 11,000 that bad. I hope it helps their lives out.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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did you consult with dr aaron rollins in beverly hills? he is TOP notch...and they will do a free consult via pics sent email and over the phone. he is truly a genius and also incredibly down to earth... worth a shot to atleast get his opinion. hope this helps in some way. i'm so sorry for your bad experience ) :
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No i was not aware of Dr. Rollins, ill def look into that. Thank you so much!!
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he was just on goo day sacremento yesterday... i flew from florida to cali to use him...after seeing lumpy bumpy results on some of the real self reviews i was terrified to do anything local and did a ton of research...dr rollins is the best in the country in my opinion...give him a google....
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Thank you. Glad things went well for you. Ill be checkin his site
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Keep me and us posted. I dont trust many now.
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I had both cellulaze and smart lipo with a doctor in MD too. Cellulaze was done 1 1/2 ago and a took a while to see the results but I'm happy with it. Just wish I had done all of my back thigh. Since I liked the doctor I recently went back for smart lipo on inner thighs. They are a mess. I have a huge dip in the middle of right thigh and a smaller one on left. The top of my right thigh doesn't even look like it was done and was never sensitive after the procedure. It's like instead of doing that area, it was taken out of the area right below it. I'm so stressed out about how I'm going to fix it. Oh, and I have the same issue now as you now that the banana rolls were worked on. Would not surprise me if we had same doctor.
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Ugh.. could very well be. This one obv needs some more teachings... im not sure he understands a womens body. Helllooooo!!!!
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Message me, i def dont want to go check with the surgeon that messed u up if it wasnt the same one.
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I'm confused and I did read the whole thing. How many procedures did you have by how many doctors? Did you have revision work recently? Did anything get corrected? I hope you find someone yo correct this. In the right hands, it shouldn't be too hard.
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It was cellulaze, lipo..to kinda adjust the two sides....which as you can see... are worse than before. Now im so worried ppl will see it..i see it in my capris, my workout pants. I never had that worry before. One side of my pants sits lower cuz of it. Its so unreal. Oh and eye lift and under arm lipo. I wasnt told that was too much at once for a Dr to handle...but clearly it was for this one. My family thinks he just hurried to get done..since it was 3 pm till i was ever started that day. Sad for me isnt it??!!
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I can definitely see the unevenness you mentioned and the flatness of the auxiliary areas. It looks as though you have three separate shapes there, the muscle from lifting, then this big flat space before your implants, that must make your breasts look low. I hope you can get that fixed with an implant exchange. I don't know what you can do for your butt, other than fat grafting. The PS has made your butt the same width as your legs and you seem to have three under bottom creases where he's taken too much out like the glutes run into your thighs. I hope you can get a good solution!
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Thank u. Been researching and seeing surgeons. To fix it all im guessing more eye surgery...cuz the one is still much smaller....fat grafting..yes..already had it looked at in LA..sure lil lipo in area as well..as for axillary..more lipo needed..sides are a lot diff..he didnt even get what he took out the same. I think that should be done way before skin removal...cuz i dont want more swelling to stretch scar. I have chances to date famous fitness ppl...fitness is a huge passion of mine....n now i have all these shitty issues worse than before n just spent 1000s on fillers...u add under eyes then another area looks stupid. Fillers are still not natural...n not the tissue he stripped out of my face the whole way around my eyes. So i have a hell of road ahead of me. I have a huge guy in the fitness industry in LA ....well we went to dinner when i was there...how could i ever date him after my dug out hamstring area .... n the emotional stress i deal with with the face..was day i had filler done...n wasnt black n blue yet..next day i was a swollen black n blue mess. Great trip..blah
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Thanks for sharing.  Have you talked to your doctor about the unevennes? 
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I'll get other opinions I had different procedures done that day all of which I'm questioning. Axillary too that looks like one if those wrinkle dogs now with a bra on. Like 2-3 lines running in layears under my arms. Worse looking than what I had before going on. If he didn't balance out the sides the first time I sure don't trust him the second. I also have eye revision thar needs done and already spent 1,100 in fillers because he dug out my eyes. All swelling is gone it seems and I feel I need more filler. Looks hollow already again and he charged me for filler too. Going to be a long rough road and I don't trust him to care.
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Thanks so much for taking the time to share your review of Cellulaze with us! Look forward to your photo update - did you find the procedure painful?
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I wasn't awake. 6 weeks later I'm still ouchy n have to keep compression on, especially for exercise. Still don't enjoy shaving over it when and if I Do. It will be a long healing for it.
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I think going to sleep for the procedure is smart ;)  

What does it feel like when you attempt to shave, is it pain? I never even thought that would be an issue - interesting. 
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Yea I don't think I'd want awake for that. Just the gliding over it is uncomfortable after. Almost 6 weeks out I feel like my skin moves if I walk without compression on. If you figure what's involved they are kinda creating your skin away ...so makes sense it's going to take awhile to heal. Compression is beat and I'm sure the best for the optimal healing and outcome.
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