Just about 3 WKS post op!! Lovvvvvvveeee them!

After 2 breastfed kiddies and a 60lb weight loss,...

After 2 breastfed kiddies and a 60lb weight loss, I just knew a breast augmentation was in my future! Finally 2013 I've decided was my year! I've researched for months. Questions come to mind over and over... saline or silicone, over muscle or under, Full C's or little D's. Not to mention the different choices in doctors!! Ughhhh so many decisions!!

I went on my last consultation last Thursday. I immediately knew I had found my doctor. He suggested over the muscle (which kinda shocked me). He of course suggested silicone gel, but I'm convinced on saline. We made my sizing appointment for this Wednesday and my actual surgery day next Wednesday the 13. Yay!!!!

One week till the big day....yayyy!!! Today also...

One week till the big day....yayyy!!! Today also happens to be day 4 of no smoking!! I was suppose to go to pre-op today, but due to the weather I had to reschedule for next Monday. I'm still super excited. I love this site you ladies have made this experience so far great!! It's nice to have someone understand!!

OK ladies, 3 more days and I will no longer have...

OK ladies, 3 more days and I will no longer have the saggy boobies!! I will say I've been very excited about this but today I woke up with doubts!! Ughhh I knew it was only a matter of time before that happened. I'm starting to get nervous :-/ PreOp is tomorrow. In the mean time I'm going to try and keep myself busy :)

Hey ladies! Had pre-op today. We decided around...

Hey ladies! Had pre-op today. We decided around 400cc, saline. Apparently my muscle is a good size muscle and thats why my PS decided to go above the muscle. If he were to place the implant under the muscle they would sit pretty high. I trust him though!! Ive got a little list of things I need to gather. Thank you for that ladies :) Im still prettty nervouse but excitied at the same time.

Oh my goodness!! I am just so nervous! I cant keep...

Oh my goodness!! I am just so nervous! I cant keep still and the worse part is I dont go in till 1pm surgery at 2:30. Everything is running through my mind! I did all my laundry today, including bed sheets :) I went and got some silky button down jammys today. Went grocery shopping today! Ive tried to keep myself busy today to keep my mind off things! Next time I post it will be with boobies! Lol im going to post some b4 pictures soon!

Today was my day!! My Ps called me this morning...

Today was my day!! My Ps called me this morning and asked me to come in a hour earlier, which of course I was happy about. I arrived there at 12pm. The nurse came out an got me about 12:20. I changed into a gown, she checked my blood pressure, took a pregnancy test, took a valum and she laid me back in a recliner, covered me with a warm blanket and let my Best Friend come sit with me till the doctor was ready. He came in shortly later, marked me up, asked me if i had any questions and reassured me everything would be ok. I was then lead by the nurses to the operating room. I hopped on the warm table and they covered me with a warm blanket. The nurse had previously put numbing cream on my arm where the IV would go, so she preceeded to hook my IV up and of course I felt nothing. Next thing she said is I just put a martini in your IV and we giggled. That was about 1:37 and I remember waking up at 3:25, but they were finished at 2:55. I woke up with no sickness. Honestly I felt great, just a little presssure on my chest. The first thing I said to the nurse when I woke up is "I need a bathroom and fast" lol So no problems going to the potty :). I took a pain pill when I came home and have set alarms. One thing I seen on most of your ladies updates was to stay ahead of the pain with the meds, so I plan to do that! Ok some stats... I am 5'4 about 135. Before was about a deflated B. I was looking for a full C/ small D. My PS did 420 ccs in each breast, saline over the muscle :)! I will post pictures soon. Only thing bothering me right now is a itching sensation under my right breast. Maybe where the incision is... idk!

Hey Ladies!!! Today is post op day 1 and all an...

Hey Ladies!!! Today is post op day 1 and all an all everything is pretty good. Lots of tightness ans of course sore. So far the worse thing is this damn bra my PS put on me. It seems like its a little tight around. Im going to give it a couple more days but I think Im going to need a differnt one. Im very happy with my new boobies :) i cant wait to see what they look like tomorrow when Im able to unwrap them and shower!!! Happy healing to the rest of you ladies!!

Not to much has changed since yesterday. I was...

Not to much has changed since yesterday. I was able to shower today and see my girls for the first time. Im in love already!! Still some swelling and there was some bruising where my bra strap was sitting and it was cutting into my skin. I went and bought a similar one but up a size and it feels much better. Now I just got to find something for the bruises. Ive been using ice packs for the swelling. All and alleverything is going pretty good!

Its been a long weekend ladies! Friday night I...

Its been a long weekend ladies! Friday night I finally broke and took a laxative.... about 3am it sent me to the bathroom then I became very sick. After vomiting my girls were pretty sore!! I also got a headache in the process of all the rest. The headache stayed with me all through Saturday. Saturday night I attempted to go to dinner with my boyfriend but my head hurt so bad we quickly finished our meal and headed home. I came home went right to sleep and woke up this morning headache free!! Thank you because that was the worse headacge Ive had in my life. I have some brusing where my bandages are, i hope its not anything to worry about it. I went out and bought the genie bra, wondering how that is going to feel. Any of you ladies tried one? I havent taken my pain meds since yesterday morning and Im feeling pretty good! Today is also 14 days cigg free :))

Each day seems to get a little better! Still some...

Each day seems to get a little better! Still some tightness. My left boob hurts all the time under my arm pit if I use my arm. Its also bruised there. My nipples are tender today and thanks to a boobie friend I believe its this comfy genie bra but makes sense because the material isnt cotton. I love the way the girls are looking each day!!

Its been a few days ladies! This has been a...

Its been a few days ladies! This has been a rollercoaster ride as far as emotions are concerned. I think I felt the worse on Sat which also happenedto be my 29th birthday. I cried over the smallest things. Lol. I did end up having a great birthday though! So today is 13 days post and for the most part the girlsfeel pretty good!! :) I also wentto see my PS as today is my 2wk chk up. The nurse removed my stiches and said everything looks great. My PS came in, looked at my girls and agreed everything looked great. I can wear any type of bra now and for the next 4/6 weeks I have to continue to wear a sports bra at night. My left boobie is still my problem :( Not to bad at all but my right girl just feels so perfect. My PS said to only use my scar cream on my incisions, nothing else. Im cleared for the tanningbed/ sun, only thing is the scar has to be covered up for the next yr.... crazzyy!! && in 4 weeks Im able to go to the gym. Now that ive quit smoking now (19 days today :) !!) thats next on my agenda... get in shape. I will say my nipples are soooo sensitive that they kinda hurt. Any of you ladies experience this? How long do I have this to look forward too?? Feeling the little zings too but they arent that bad. I hope my boobie buddies are having a fantastic recovery!!

Every day just gets better and better, morning...

Every day just gets better and better, morning boob seems to last the first 10 seconds of standing up. The zings still come every now and again, especially if I'm applyinlg pressure on something. (Washing dishes, opening a something) I find it very comfortable to sleep on ide now. I woke up on my belly a few
times as to I'm a belly sleeper and that didn't feel to good. I can't wait to be able to sleep on my belly again. Wonder how long it will be?!?! The numbness on the bottom of each boob isn't getting any better. I hope that goes away. I tried some of my summer dresses on and WOOHOO! My nipples are still very sensitive, can't wait for that to go away too!! I'll post some more pics soon:)
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That is what my doctor said, that if placed below the muscle they look higher. The recovery with over the muscle is so much easier and fast, had no regrets I went with over the muscle too. Yours do not even look fake, great result. I think it is because you got saline implants, they look more natural. Enjoy them.
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I hear you girl! I have the same worry. I went back to work last week and my boobs started getting harder and a bit swelled and that's exactly what I worry about too! They have settled down again. I think it may have been the workload as I do a lot of heavy lifting. Have you increased activities? Could that be partially responsible?
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I've been doing a little more...I ran like 30 ft the other day because someone was holding the door for me and since then both have been irritated. I've tried icing for hours but they are still hard! No real pain or anything, just feel tight and hard Again...
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That's exactly what I was experiencing too and one of the nurses phoned me yesterday so I quizzed her on it and she said that it will happen when you add more activities. Especially if you had to do a sprint for the door. The girls don't seem to appreciate the added activity just yet. I'm certain that they will settle down again. Try not to worry too much and just take it easy and get as much rest as you can.
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So I am now 12 days out and getting worried. The past two days my swelling has come back some in both boobs and they are a little harder? Any experience with this. I'm so nervous about cc I just pray its not that.
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You're looking fantastic!! Isn't it amazing how much better they get every day?!? If I remember right, I was still pretty numb underneath for a good month or so. That's pretty much gone now; it's hard to remember when it quit. l've still got a little nipple hypersensitivity but that is also much better than it had been! I'll be 8 wks out on Wednesday. Oh, and congrats again on staying smoke-free!!
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I am sorry I did not understand the phrase"you might have done it better than my ps". I trusted my ps when he said that he does most of them over the muscle because I have met other patients in his office and they all said he is the best. Where are your photos except the profile one? I am trying to post more photos but I still don't know how. I have done other things with him like lazers, mesotherapy, filler. Not even 10 days after the surgery when I went to see 2 ongolostists they said he had done a very good job. I am not sure what they saw because they were very swollen and as you will see in the photos the left one is different because of the tumor, but I guess they can tell. Enjoy yours, looking good.
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Sorry... I was basically saying that you had explained overs versus unders well. To see my other pictures you must click on my review on my full profile and you will see the other pictures :)
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yeah, they look very natural. I guess saline looks more natural. You should be very happy.
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I'm verrry happy with them. Sometimes I wish I had gone bigger but that's just boob greed haha :)
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Very natural
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Yessss my PS deff gave me the look I was looking for :) I wish I was brave enough to go as big as you... they look great!!
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I love it!! Beautiful!! Congrats!
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Thank you!
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Oh gosh!! Totally agree on the sensitive nipples. I'm 17 days out and I just feel like going topless around the house.
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Yessss topless is the best right now!! Even if only for like 5 mins!! Your looking great too. Little waist!!
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Thank you. The boobies help, that is for sure!
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Boobies, looking good! Yes, I am quite sensitive, as well. When I get a chilll, it is quite uncomfortable (but only with one nipple!). I am not sure this is normal, but you are not alone. I enjoy your posts and look forward to reading about your continued recovery.
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Thank you :) your looking great for 6 days!! I'm glad I've found another over/saline buddie!! I'll be so glad when my nipples go back to feeling normal.
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Just want to chip in that its also 1 sensitive nipple for me.... My right... Can't wait for the sensitivity to go away!!!
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Ahhh both my nipples are still very sensitive! I think this has been the worse part lol :/ I wonder how long we can expect to feel so sensitive?!
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I'm jealous! I wish I could feel my nipples but mine are still numb. I hope they will wake up soon. Anybody else have that experience?
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It's very common and can take up to 3 months for sensation to come back. Hang in there! BTW, congrads on the great new look and for the no smoking. Go girl!

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I think I would rather be numb... lol. These bad boys are sensitive. I will say the bottom of my boobs are still numb and its going on 3 weeks. I hope this is normal
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