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Stats Height: 5'2" Weight: 116 Pre Op: 34 Cup...

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 116
Pre Op: 34 Cup Less;)
Post Op: 34 C
Implants: Silicone 350-375 cc's

I'm a mom of two and I have been wishing, dreaming of bigger boobs for many years now. Since my kids ruined my beautiful body like a wrecking ball I definitely would like to give myself a gift of perky, youthful and beautiful breast.

My quest for Boobieville is like a roller coaster ride

I'm excited, exhausted, tired of seeing thousands of boobs over the years. I just want to get this started . I think I've seen more boobs than my husband. LOL!!! So far this year I've seen about 6 doctors. They all have different opinions, personalities, they have pros and cons. Some I have to pay, some I don't. This is driving me cray, cray.

Life is good though I've nothing to complain. But I'm not getting any younger and I want to be able to fill in all those beautiful and sexy dress that I've been dreaming of.
I'm hoping for my cupless chest that I will at least end up a full C and if I get surprised with a small D that is fine too I just don't want to have a uniboob. I pray that everything ends up in the right place. And I heal well.

I haven't made up my mind as to which Doc I'm going for. I have a couple in mind. Next week is hopefully my last Doc appt. I'm really just looking forward to having big boobs. Not too big but not too small either.

A lot of times as parents we forget who we are before we had kids. We just get caught up with all the kids stuff, and taking care of our husband and other family members. We forget to laugh, we forget to sit and smell the roses and the next thing you know you look in the mirror and you ask yourself why you look like crap. So for this Christmas I'm giving myself a nice sexy present.

Boob Itch

Question to the ladies who just had breast implants. One of the doctors I've consulted with that I'll have itching that I can't scratch but this is normal. Did any of you experience this?

too big? too small?

I have a question to all the ladies who have gone bigger than what your doc suggested. Do you have a problem with your breast brushing against your arms when you're reaching for something or do you have too much side boobs that you hate?

My Doc said he'd do 375cc's but I might have a problem with my arms brushing against my boobs when I'm reaching for something? Again my stats is 5'2", 116 lbs and I'm currently wearing 34 cupless bra. Really, there's nothing to cup so I don't get it when doc's ask what cup I'm wearing.

December Babies:)

I'm all set and schedule for Dec. I'm excited, anxious, scared. I'm looking forward to my surgery. I'm trying to get everything done before the big day. I'll update you ladies after my surgery but for now there's really nothing much to say other than I've been working out for an hour everyday and eating healthier because I want to see my boobs first before the gut. LOL! This is going to be one exciting Christmas.

To all the women who's been extremely helpful to me calming my nerves when I'm going crazy with boob size thank you for all your help. Women should help each other (not just women, people in general) not tear each other apart. In a perfect world this is how it should be but that's not the case these days. All these mean girls shows on T.V. just ruin that. I don't watch it because I don't find it entertaining nor do I enjoy watching the cat fights. It's not productive. And ladies it doesn't make you cool when you're mean you just end up alone in the end.
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So how did your surgery go? Did they turn out like you expected them too? Hope you love your twins, Happy Healing :)
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Hello, I know that selecting a size can be overwhelming. I would like to share with you my experience. I am 5" 2" and 109 lbs. I was OBSESSED with cc's. The nearer to my operation day the more I was doubting myself of the choice I made. I was stressing between 350, 375 and 400. Truth is, 25 cc's is only 1.7 tablespoon. When it is under the muscle, you literally cannot see the difference. Of course the end result will have to depend on how much tissue you have pre-op. It also depends on how tall you are, you BWD, hips and torso. Remember that you will look smaller than the sizers you tried on when you go under the muscle. Some people say you "lose" 50 cc's, some say 10%-20%. I think that that is something that is worth considering. Also, a lot of girls wished that they had gone bigger and end up very upset with the final result. The highest reason to BA revision is because they wish they went bigger. I've read many journeys on here where women are afraid of going too big and end up going too small. Did you bring in pics of wish boobs for your doc to see? That way you both can be on the same page of what you meat by the cup sizes that you are talking about etc. Oh, and you can make your own rice sizers at home. If you are looking at 375, put only 325 or rice and wear them around the house with a sports bra and see how you like it. The rice sizers are pretty accurate. Anyway, I think i've imposed too much, I am going to go now. I would be happy to answer any questions that you have as I have read a lot (more like too much) about this whole process and I am also going through it now :)
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They say you lose 50cc going under the muscle but I'm a petite girl 5ft 105 lbs and I feel like my body highlighted each and every cc! I wear 32ddd at Vs 32dd in department store bras. I deflated down to an A cup. My sizers were very comparable to my end result. I have compared them side by side. It does have a lot to do with what you stated with. I read a lot of people saying you lose going under the muscle and they went up 50cc to compensate. Good thing my doctor doesn't practice this and thank god he didn't up my Ccs that because I would of been HUGE! I have 350s if I got 400s what would I be a G cup??? I rather be a little small than too big. Be careful if you're petite. I think it's important to have a good doctor you have an open communication with so that you you both are on the same page.
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I guess it really depends from person to person, I'm also a tiny girl (5'2",110lbs) and I rather be a little bigger than smaller. I would be very upset after spending all that money and having the size that is smaller than my goal size. I added 50 ccs which then makes the final size of the implant 375 and it is comparable with my 330 rice sizer, which is the size I like. When I tried on 375 cc rice sizer, it was way too big. So far, my boobs matches my 330 sizer with a 375 implant. I think in the end, you really can't foresee 100% your final result because it varies from person to person. For example, I read that a woman had 275 cc, same body stats as me and end up with the same size bra as me, and I went 100 ccs more.
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Yes it does depend. Just saying not everyone has to go 50c up. Also I emphasized that I didn't want it to be to be too small either. I rather be a little small than too big. I can look huge if I want with good VS push bras but everyday looking huge is not got me. lol I wanted it to be full. The nurse told me that the doc adjusts in or. Sometimes you put an implant in and the muscle sucks it up and looks small so they go higher. Sometimes it looks way to big. They adjust accordingly. I guess it depends on your doctor is. I've read docs always go up the 50 to compensate. But you're right ! I'm not spending all this money to be too small and I'm not spending all this money to look like a porn star either. (No offense porn stars) I think 325-375 on a petite person is good but then again depends on the person on the look they are going for, what they started with and their doctors judgment during surgery anyway that's why we pay them the big bucks for.
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Lol ur post makes me laugh-i mean do women really have issues with reaching out for something and their boob brushes against their arm? and there are diff profiles or w/e so u dont have too much side boob. Honestly, I'm 5'0 100lbs n tried on 375ccs and was like woah woah way too big. I see a lot of girls on here that r like thin, 5'5 and they get 320-330ccs and end up being a c or d cup! Ure a few inches shorter than them, so in my opinion I think 375 would be too big Ill be following ur journey on here! :D
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Yes, I agree with you that 375 cc's will be too big for my frame. I don't want to look like Pamela Anderson's caricature. I'm actually considering 325-350 cc's and yes, I finally made up my mind and found my Prince (the one that cuts you up and give you beautiful breast afterwards). He's a very expensive prince. Kidding aside my surgery is in Dec. I really don't understand the cup size because some women says their 32/34 A and they have breast tissue like you. I on the other hand when you try and feel my boobs your hands will literally slide because there is nothing to hold on to. Right now I feel comfortable with the size that I pick and I don't think I'll have any regret with that. For you having that extra tissues will give you a different look if you put 325-350 cc's implants.
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Hmm what do u mean about the size thing? Are u saying u don't understand it because ur saying u don't have very much breast tissue u don't feel like u fit into any bra size?
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              yes! your incisions will itch! but dont scatch them! 
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I don't think there's a single boob on the internets I havent peeped at and compared to my wish pics! Haha, it's aggrivating that I can't stop thinking of boobs either. Congrats on finally deciding to get them! ~Silly hugs!~
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im 3 weeks post up, havent experience any itchy that bother me at all.
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Thank you. Are you planning to have BA?
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Congratulations on your decision to get your BA.
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I just saw your pics. How are you doing?
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Doing really well! Thanks.
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