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Yes It Works!!! You Gotta Try the Wraps! - Maryland, MD

I love the body wraps!! Yes, I was keptical at...

I love the body wraps!! Yes, I was keptical at first..45 minutes are you serious. But, the wrap really took off 2 inches in the first hour. I wrapped again 72 hours later. And would you believe another inch lose. I drank the required amount of water to help flush out the toxin. I completed my 90 day challenge. Can't wait to wrap again
Well I have only wrapped once, but I did lose 3 inches. I'm not saying it's a substitute for anything, but if your reunion is coming up and you need to get into that dress that is just a tad snug... it wouldn't hurt to try, right?
I think the people that say they work are the people that are selling it. I'm not selling it and they do not work!! I eat right and drink plenty of water, skin still the same amount of inches.
I absolutely sell this stuff! When you have the results I did, why would I join to share the product. I'm sorry they didn't work for you, though. I have only spoken to one other person who said that. The wraps are cool, but we have so much more to offer, too. That's another reason I sell it; some of our supplements and other products have changed lives!
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