Happy with BOTOX and Fillers for Deep Lines

I got botox for the deep lines between my eyes. I...

I got botox for the deep lines between my eyes. I am only 45 and I hated looking so angry all the time...cause I'm NOT!!

I have been BEYOND thrilled with the results and as a great side effect my headaches have been WIPED out completely!?!? I know it is time for another treatment (4-5 months) when I get my first headache.

I want to do it sooo bad, i really hate seeing the "angry" look on my face every day, in my rear view mirror when i drive, in the mirror in general, but im not rich so i have to set aside a small savings for it, i want to get it done within the next 6 months, i hate looking mad...it makes me mad!!! lol
HI, just wondering how your botox results are so far, since you posted in March...I like you am sick of looking angry all the time, having people ask if im mad, or generally seeing myself in a reflection looking mad...im fed up with it to the point of depression so i am seeking botox, im 30 and wondering if this is the way to go, thanks.
I am on one year plus of botox (every 4 months.) I love it. The angry lines are completely gone...not even a trace divit to remind me they were ever there. A a plus I don't get headaches anymore either. I am addicted to the stuff and can't imagine that I waited as long as I did to get it!!!
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