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read reviews at least 6+ mnths after and compare pics - Maryland

I am now 15 months post 2 Fraxel Restore sessions...

I am now 15 months post 2 Fraxel Restore sessions and must say that this was the WORST decision of my life.

I am a 29 Y.O. male that had 3 MINOR acne scars on my right cheek. I was talked into doing my whole face in order to ensure an even tone and texture. The texture I got is the "orange peel" texture everyone is talking about. Here is what causes this: "deleted collagen is inadequately replaced and forms a pitted appearance resembling the surface of a golf ball. (Laser Revision of Scars, Dr. Keyvan Nouri, MD)"

I went from having three small scars and baby smooth skin to a face that looks ten years older. You can actually see where the laser stopped - around my hair/jawline, which makes things worse and very noticeable.

I am currently contacting doctors all over the world to find something to correct this damage, but it is not looking good.

On a side note, I have already tried peels and scar revision creams to no avail. The damage here goes deep.

Please take the time to look at and compare the other pictures on here and read everyone's post. I beg you not to have this done!

I'll add more pictures soon.

I hesitantly went to the doctor that performed the...

I hesitantly went to the doctor that performed the laser a few days ago and he noticed the difference. He is not sure what to do and offered to do a test spot with a 100% ablative erbium laser to see if that makes a difference.

I am scared to death to try another laser.

I've decided to try a deep TCA peel in a few...

I've decided to try a deep TCA peel in a few months. Wish me luck.

Yesterday a female friend of mine mentioned that...

Yesterday a female friend of mine mentioned that it looks like I no longer take care of my face. She noted the pores and crazy texture and said I now have a crazy rough look - not in an attractive way. She also asked if I am living with smokers, which I am not.

This is not getting better. I am 20 months out now and am devastated knowing I will have to live the rest of my life like this. Fraxel has robbed me of my identity in a way. It kills me to know I did this to myself.

If I could go back the first clue I should have backed out was when the doctor kept insiting that we needed to do the full face to make everything even. If there are supposed to be no major textural changes then why would I need to make everything even? Now I know that had I just done the three scars I went in to treat that only those spots would have this crazy texture. I could have lived with that.

Again, please don't get all excited from these reviews that are only a couple of months old. Most of these people are still experiencing the micro swelling that makes things look better for a short time. Months later they come back and start asking questions on how to fix the damage.

These doctors know what is going on and this needs to be addressed. There is no fix for this and I have been told this by top dermatologists and plastic surgeons. If you decide to go, just know that if something goes wrong you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CORRECT THE DAMAGE and that your previous problem will pale in comparison to what you can be left with.

Here is a picture posted by a doctor here on...

Here is a picture posted by a doctor here on RealSelf. Note the burn victim like texture in the after picture. That is what my entire face looks like, but worse!!! http://www.realself.com/files/Fraxel-Laser-before-97891.jpg

Nothing new to report. Still have the same texture...

Nothing new to report. Still have the same texture over my entire face.
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He is a nice guy.

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Did you find any answers since 2011 to repair your skin damage?
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Yeah you are right... the same thing... How you been doing?
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Do you have any updates on your skin, did you find something to fix it?
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I am so sorry to hear your story :*( I had a similar treatment done 2 weeks ago and I am wondering... at what point did you realize something was really wrong? Did the depressions start out small, like pinprick or pore size, and keep getting larger? I hope to hear back from you, I am freaking out here.
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I realised my had gone horribly wrong within 2 weeks... still terrible 16 months on.
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There is now a home use "fraxel" laser called Palovia. It can be purchased at QVC,(the home shopping network)with a 90 day return policy. There are youtube videos to watch. Google for review sites.

It is recommended only for the eye area but I've read that some hve used the devise on other areas of their face.

I recently purchased it & have used it several times. It is easy to operate. I've had only temporary redness when I used it around the eyes. I also use ice after the treatment. (I have no idea why icing is not advised.) I haven't seen much results for my fine eye wrinkles yet.

It may improve skin smoothness on damaged skin from Fraxel treatments. This would be "off label" usage. I actually decided to use this Palovia on a couple of age spots by repeating several blasts on the spots to produce a some peeling. I need more time to see full results.

Skin smoothness may be better achieved with this gentler home use laser than by using chemical topicals, such as retin-A. You can adjust the settings with this laser. It is highly recommended that you never hit the same spot more than once during the allotted 25 hits per daily treatment.

I previously commented about my experience with my Fraxel treatment. I was left with some dotted track marks. I felt that I needed to get a 2nd fraxel treatment, using a lower setting to smooth them out, which it did. My Doctor didn't suggest this- I did.
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FSRB, i didn't think i had an allergic reaction...but like i said I feel like it's been getting worse and don't know if i should use the retinol every few days in combination with argan oil? which is a great moisturizer?
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Please see a Derm. I would stop all retinols and acids NOW. Cerave PM has ceramides and niacin but I'm not sure your skin can handle the niacin. I would use the Cerave AM plus it has sunscreen and make an appt as soon as possible. Have you ever done peels or used Retin? You may be very sensitive. I believe your skin will calm down and be fine.
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I haven't used retinol in 3 days and won't be..hopefully the orange peel look will fade. i'm so worried and depressed :(((
I've been just putting argan oil as a moisturizer at night which isn't an acid and it's proven to be really good for your skin. I wonder what the derm can do. Usually they prescribe retinol. but i hope he can help me.
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That was in September.. I stopped with the peels entirely because I started breaking out just in some pimples but as time is going by my pores are so bad. I don't know if I should keep using the retinol...if it will help or not? I'm so confused :(
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Per her profile, she had "2" 35% Glycolic acid peels.
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i got the same orange peel skin look and deeper/wider acne scarring just from a 35 % glycolic peel! it's affects began to show 2-3 months after...i'm using skinceuticals 0.5 retinol cream now and just got the skinceuticals 1.0 ..been about 4 weeks using but I'm still trying to be patient and hopefully it will work. I feel like it's getting worse still but trying to be patient and not give up. I've been getting so down :( it's effecting my life.
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I've heard of this before. I would seek a derm's opinion however I feel your moisture barrier has been compromised. I would stop all retinols and acids....let your skin heal. You should have complete healing. Did you have an unusual experience? Was this your first peel? Maybe an allergic reaction? Baby your skin.
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Actually, the retinols rebuild the collagen layer, which is what has been depleted.

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Oh sorry I should have explained that ACV is Apple Cider Vinegar - the recommended dosage is 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of ACV in a glass of water and you should get the unfiltered, unpastuerised version with the 'Mother', organic is preferable - the enzymes and beneficial bacteria work wonders on our health and using it topically is similar to glycolic acid. There's a lot of info regarding ACV on Earth Clinic - google it - a very handy website ;) I've been able to cut back on how often I drink it - now I just have 1 glass once every few days but I also take a very good probiotic which I think is essential for healthy glowing skin. From everything I've read it's important to drink ACV through a straw as it can be harsh on tooth enamel.

Well I'm continuing to have amazing improvement from my abovementioned regime - I'm certainly in a better place than I was when my face was first 'destroyed' that's for sure. And I'm back to people 'noticing' me lol even my husband is amazed that when we are out young guys are whistling at me! hahaha... I'm lucky he's not the jealous type - he actually takes it as a compliment ;)

Retin-a is amazing stuff -- but if you're thinking of trying it please start slowly as it can really shred your face up at first with lots of peeling. If you've never used it before start with the lowest strength or even try Retin-a Micro which is the slow release version and results in less side effects.
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I am just so shocked when I read about all the terrible side effects. I had such an amazing experience with Fraxel it literally changed my skin to where I don't use any foundation or powder (after not being able to leave the house without putting on tons of makeup for most of my life). So I wonder whether some skin doesn't tolerate this procedure well or perhaps some doctors don't have the appropriate skill and experience to use this laser. Or whether there are different manufacturers... I am 40 now. I did my first Fraxel at 37 and had four treatments in total so far. I am planning to go back for my fifth treatment and have revisited this message board.
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Anyone who wants to prevent aging, and even look younger, should be using products with Glycolic Acid. But not too much or you will burn! I can't believe how incredibly affordable they are. Why aren't they more famous? Why is everyone talking about anti-aging creams that cost ten times as much? I use this glycolic acid wash from Made from Earth, called the "Grapefruit Glycolic Scrub". After the first week or so, I noticed my skin was smoother. Then I noticed that my complexion was more "dewy" for lack of a better word. Finally, after a month or so, maybe two (?), I noticed that my crows feet are shallower.

People started to tell me I look great. I can see it, too. I look younger! I use Made from Earth PH Equilibrium Moisturizer during the day. But at night, I break out the Grapefruit Glycolic Scrub (more of a wash than a scrub - which i love!). It doesn't make my skin dry, it just makes it sort of tight. I wouldn't want to feel that way all day, but while I'm sleeping it's fine. Oh, and the first several times you use it, expect to feel some tingling. Maybe even do a test patch first. But seriously, this stuff rocks. Like I said, I can't believe that it's not a household word.
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Hi Kitty, Thanks for the update. It's wonderful that you're seeing improvement - That's terrific! Question: What is an ACV drink?
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thanks, Kitty.
I plan to get back on the retin A again soon, too.
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Sorry I havent been here for a while - been rather busy. I hope everyone is going great :)

I've seen some improvement in my skin the last couple of months regarding the scarring, pigmentation and other issues I developed from my botched laser.

I've been using Retin-A 0.05 once every 4 nights, I've started using a 2% hydroquinone cream Derma White every night - I know some people say that HQ is bad but at this stage I was willing to try anything. I wear sunscreen everyday and am otherwise very careful with my sensitive skin. Every second night I have been using Vivite Glycolic Night Cream - this is made by Allergan and has 20% glycolic. In my daytime routine I added Skin Biology's CP Serum but I only use this once every 2-3 days. It's really true that you need to start slowly with CP's because at first I was using it every day and I developed a severe case of the uglies! lol So I cut back and the every 2-3 days, mostly 3 days works best for me.

My lipid barrier was badly damaged from the initial botched laser and this has resulted with me developing all sorts of other skin issues like frequent breakouts, which I did not suffer from prior. This new routine I have mentioned has significantly reduced this. Plus a week ago I started drinking ACV 2-3 times a day, and I've started applying it to my skin as a toner. At first I was applying it on a cotton pad I had already wet with water so as to dilute the ACV - at first it stings but you get used to it. Last night I was able to apply it straight as I've developed a tolerance to it. The ACV has made my skin my smoother and the breakouts greatly reduced.

If you're going to attempt any of these things I have mentioned I wouldnt go doing it all at once - I added these things slowly, one at a time, not all at once. I think even the most resilient skin would freak out if all of these things were added all at once! lol
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You should try derma roller or one like it.
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JBM... I've heard through the grape vine that you're seeing improvement. Can you update on the kind of improvement youre seeing? I am thrilled for you - It was fabulous to hear you are improving!
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Okay, this is something worth trying: Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Corrector (NOT the dark spot corrector). Also, switch to purified bottled water (use it to cook, make coffee, drink, etc.). Do NOT use tap water - too many things in it that can hurt you. Also, I found a had an allergy to nickel - the remote control had nickel on it and then I would touch my face after using it. ALL of these things contributed to my problem. However, the Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Corrector has just about made everything disappear! Don't use anymore laser treatments or anything that will dry your skin out. Your skin already has been burned. Give the Clinique product a chance - I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin, and this product has worked wonders for me. Please let me know if it helps you, too.
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Thanks, genesis_cat. I've tried the Dark Spot corrector before and didn't have results. I'll try this one ^^
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here is what it looks like. http://russianfooddirect.com/rus/store/123/health-beauty/medicin-cabinet/medical-creams-ointments/basket-plant-with-spongilla-balsam-for-body_item2931.html
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