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I am now 15 months post 2 Fraxel Restore sessions...

I am now 15 months post 2 Fraxel Restore sessions and must say that this was the WORST decision of my life.

I am a 29 Y.O. male that had 3 MINOR acne scars on my right cheek. I was talked into doing my whole face in order to ensure an even tone and texture. The texture I got is the "orange peel" texture everyone is talking about. Here is what causes this: "deleted collagen is inadequately replaced and forms a pitted appearance resembling the surface of a golf ball. (Laser Revision of Scars, Dr. Keyvan Nouri, MD)"

I went from having three small scars and baby smooth skin to a face that looks ten years older. You can actually see where the laser stopped - around my hair/jawline, which makes things worse and very noticeable.

I am currently contacting doctors all over the world to find something to correct this damage, but it is not looking good.

On a side note, I have already tried peels and scar revision creams to no avail. The damage here goes deep.

Please take the time to look at and compare the other pictures on here and read everyone's post. I beg you not to have this done!

I'll add more pictures soon.

I hesitantly went to the doctor that performed the...

I hesitantly went to the doctor that performed the laser a few days ago and he noticed the difference. He is not sure what to do and offered to do a test spot with a 100% ablative erbium laser to see if that makes a difference.

I am scared to death to try another laser.

Thanks. Did the peel improve the texture at all? You may stll have some healing. I have heard this from others. Are you taking any supelements?
Oh I long did you wait until you did the peel?
Now that you have seen my pics? Did you damage look similar at 1 year.....texture wise? Did you ever have the pin prick pores?

I've decided to try a deep TCA peel in a few...

I've decided to try a deep TCA peel in a few months. Wish me luck.
Thanks Mike. I agree. I think supplements help. I really like MSM.
Regarding supplements...I just posted that my skin was improving since my 1 and only 1 IPL treatment. I take a vitamin A, C, and E tablet. Dont fall for the all in one, once a day vitamin. If you take a separate supplement of A and C and E, you will get about 1000% of the daily value, whereas if you take an all in one, you will only get 100% of the daily value. You cant overdose on these vitamins at 1000% of the daily value. You'd have to get closer to 25000% of the daily value.

I do think using supplements makes alot of sense for skin issues and I cant prove they helped me, but I do think they at least helped some. Supplements are cheap and you should invest in them if you have skin problems.
To JBM3: I must wonder if you have a lawsuit with the manufacturer of the laser. I feel that this company is responsible, if the doctor used the product correctly.

I feel that at the least, they owe you lifetime dermap fillers and they should pay for any future treatment options that ever may address the problem.

Very sad this happened to you. Thanks for sharing the experience with us here, it is valuable knowledge.

Yesterday a female friend of mine mentioned that...

Yesterday a female friend of mine mentioned that it looks like I no longer take care of my face. She noted the pores and crazy texture and said I now have a crazy rough look - not in an attractive way. She also asked if I am living with smokers, which I am not.

This is not getting better. I am 20 months out now and am devastated knowing I will have to live the rest of my life like this. Fraxel has robbed me of my identity in a way. It kills me to know I did this to myself.

If I could go back the first clue I should have backed out was when the doctor kept insiting that we needed to do the full face to make everything even. If there are supposed to be no major textural changes then why would I need to make everything even? Now I know that had I just done the three scars I went in to treat that only those spots would have this crazy texture. I could have lived with that.

Again, please don't get all excited from these reviews that are only a couple of months old. Most of these people are still experiencing the micro swelling that makes things look better for a short time. Months later they come back and start asking questions on how to fix the damage.

These doctors know what is going on and this needs to be addressed. There is no fix for this and I have been told this by top dermatologists and plastic surgeons. If you decide to go, just know that if something goes wrong you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CORRECT THE DAMAGE and that your previous problem will pale in comparison to what you can be left with.

Here is a picture posted by a doctor here on...

Here is a picture posted by a doctor here on RealSelf. Note the burn victim like texture in the after picture. That is what my entire face looks like, but worse!!!

Not you at all. Sorry for any confusion. My indignation was meant to point out to Kaylee that many here are hurting and that should never be discounted or treated flippantly, IMO.
Maybe you should say all of that to Angela Walker's mom or Christine Hoene or the 46% of those who have given their own "not worth it" ratings on Realself.

Perhaps a little more research on your part would be helpful prior to asserting such things that are insensitive to those who've already been harmed and to the family of Angela Walker who lost her life, long before she died, because of a laser.
Dear FM:
I am not sure whether you are indignant toward Kaytee1 or me, but I am shocked if you do not realize we are on the same side in this issue.

When I remarked on the improvement one could get by diet and exercise, I was referring to young, healthy people who had NOT undergone the procedure, not victims of Fraxel damage. My intent was to encourage them to use ANYTHING but laser before resorting to it.

I regret IPL, and I was suggesting "light peels, Juvederm and Botox" as an alternative, so they would avoid the Fraxel, not as cure after the damage was done. I know it is not so easy.

Dear Fighting Mad:
The last posts, by both kaytee1 and me, were focused on the the presence of human blood product in Botox, which was never disclosed to me before I used it. I was only told of the Botulism toxin, and frankly the blood product scares me more. Canada lifted the ban on Mad Cow victims donating plasma in 2004!)

Please clarify your argument so I can understand what part of whose post you find offensive. My heart goes out to the courageous Angela Walker, truly. Incidentally, I experienced the same kind of red sores on my face that she had on hers, even though I was treated with IPL not Fraxel. I was never told this cpould happen and I did not make a connection until just now, when I saw Angela's photos! Incredible.

Nothing new to report. Still have the same texture...

Nothing new to report. Still have the same texture over my entire face.
beeing myself dermatologist in Brussels, Belgium , Europe, and laser therapist I bought an non ablative fractional laser ( same as fraxel restore ) but used it only 3 times actually it is the last laser that I bought ( to get the complete set I have 9 different ones ) but I never really believed in NON ABLATIVE F.L. either they don't work either when used to agressively they can leave lack of collagen in a form of pitted hollows or worsening of skin laxity ( for which they are proposed too as a "solution" ) I have never had side effets because I did it gently and only 3 times but then no benefits too - so I stopped I always had the feeling this is a non controled process because there is no "end point" like with all other lasers ( end point is a sign that you can observe and tells you , you have to stop - each laser has its own. ) but I have seen some patients with skin damaged (treated by others ) and MANY patients with no benefits ! probably in the USA doctors dare to use those lasers at much more intense level then in europe the so -called principle of "heating the collagen to shrink the skin and promote new collagen" synthesis is so unproved and supputative !!!! ( NON ABLATIVE F.L./ radiofrequency / ultherapy ) I bought this laser for nothing _ wasted money ( But I was quite sure before buying : I only wanted to test and sometimes I add a bit of NON ABLATIVE to ABLATIVE F.L. while treating really bad acne scars ) indeed ABLATIVE F.L ( CO2 ) work well ! at least I don't hurt patients ( high power ) or patients wallets ( low power) with my NON ABLATIVE F.L indeed treating this lack of collagen will be difficult peeling will not go deep enouh (unless deep phéenol peel which is risky procedure too ) dermabrasion could also ( but don't go for it : danger too ) no cream will help you maybe time ? I believe only ABLATIVE F.L could help you a bit but I do understand you don't trust lasers and laser therapists any more I believe they are many doctors in that field with no experience, no critical sens about what industy comes and tells them … it is a pity for patients and good/honnest lasers therapists kind regards MB 
Awhile ago I too shared the damage my skin endured because of Fraxel. It is now 2 years and 3 months later and my skin is still sensitive in the sun. However, I decided to get acupuncture ( to help my skin heal itself). It's been 3 months so far and I don't see major changes. I'm hoping that perhaps in time I will begin seeing a significant difference. I used to wear all types of name brand sun screens but realized the chemicals in them were much to harsh on my skin. My Accupuncturist also commented that I should be careful of certain ingrediences that are in sun blocks so I went to a Health store and bought a sun block a product called Alba Botanica. It has been working well so far and my skin has become less irritated. Also at night I make it a point to moisturize and treat my skin using Rose Hip oil. Google it and you will read how well it will benefit your skin. I hope what I'm sharing is helpful.
Do NOT do a peel! Do not scrub or damage the epidermis in anyway. We are trialling a potent but a mild form of vitamin A which seems to heal burns very well and rebuild collagen. Do not try any laser procedures! We will post a results as we get them
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