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Well, I had fraxel in March 2010. Initially when...

Well, I had fraxel in March 2010. Initially when they put the numbing cream on my face I broke out in a huge hive. I was told that this had never happened to a patient before. My face was extremely red and swollen so I was given a shot of benadryl and they took the cream off of my face and used another type of cream.

So I went in for the procedure and just getting the needles in my face was so painful that I had to be put under.

After the procedure I looked like I was a victim of a house fire. About 3 days later the top layer of skin started to peel off. I noticed laser marks and raised areas that look raw. It took about 9 months for the redness to go away and now I am left with massive hyperpigmentation. My doctor also told me that this has never happened to one of his patients before and he had done approximately 100 procedures. Like telling me that I was 1% was going to make me feel better.

I am a single woman of 40 and all I wanted was to get rid of fine lines. I originally went to see him about Thermage, but he said that it was very painful and the Fraxel would be almost painless, but could not have been worse.

As I mentioned, I am currently single but feel I will be saying that for the rest of my life. I want my old face back... fine lines and all. I never had a problem getting a date in the past, but now the only time people look at me, I can tell they are wondering what happened to my face.

It's a horrible feeling when I go into the bathroom every morning and think, 'maybe this will be the day that I notice some improvement' and then I look in the mirror and the disappointment sets in.

This has effected me in every aspect of my life. I don't date, I don't go out during the day, I miss friends and family cookouts because I don't want to risk going in the sun... it has even effected my mental psyche to the point that it spilled over into my work. You can't be happy doing anything when you feel like everyone is looking at you and wondering what happened... when everyone feels sorry for you... when everyone keeps asking you 'why' you did it. All I want to do is become a hermit...but instead I have become a vampire.

I have been on a regimen of hydroquinone and retin-a for a year now. I have to stop every few months because my skins gets very irritated and turns red.

I was told by a dermatologist that the hyperpigmentation would eventually fade, but he could not tell me how long 'eventually' was. He said it could be another year or two or even more. I just want my old face back... fine lines and all.

Had I known any of this would happen, I would have spent the money on several dermabrasions and light chemical peels instead.


I am a very fair skinned white person of german/irish decent. I was told that I was the perfect candidate for this procedure and this is what happened to me. My life has changed drastically and none of it for the better.

I know this says that 55% of the people say that...

I know this says that 55% of the people say that getting Fraxel is worth is, but is 45% a risk that you want to take? Hell, 1% isn't even I risk I would have taken had I known.


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Sorry not sure what nationality you are so I will post this just incase.
If you are prone to keloids, hyper or hypo pigmentation, are dark-skinned, darkly tanned or do not react well to burns you may not be an ideal candidate for High Pulsed Light Therapy. Also, if you have ethnicity (like Greek, Italian or African American, etc.) in your biological family, you may be prone to hyper or hypo pigmentation resulting from the procedure. An ideal patient would be of white European descent with elastic, non-oily skin. Although many other types of skin are treated successfully. Only a qualified doctor or dermatologist can determine if you are eligible for treatment.
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Has the doctor who performed your procedure at least offered IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) laser treatment therapy? I had some pigmentation issues and that really helps to bring it up to the surface and clear. IPL is a treatment that targets pigments, the melanin in the brown sun spots and the hemoglobin in the redness of flushing and broken capillaries.
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My friends who have had pigmentation issues also use it with great success.
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Hi Alias,

Here is some info on Needling. Hope that answers your question. 



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What is "needling?"
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thank you for the advice Izzy. To me your skin looks still very good (mine is all scars, white and dark spots and 'melted' tissue from all the treatments?). I feel very bad about it too but I don't believe people see the skin and then oh a spot. They see the skin and the spot together as a whole..except for dermatologists and fashion people..the last notice caus they feel bad inside. All they can do is focus on the outside. When you meet people like that you must remember that they can't help being rude. And not take things personal.

My sister also has bad skin but I find her wonderful. She has such pretty eyes and sweet face. Sometimes some marks make people look sweeter too..and so prettier.
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I have no idea what ur condition is like, but I do NOT recommend fraxel.
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Don't get me wrong..m angry at doctors too. It seems that corruption is everywhere and i did not want to discuss religion really, maybe I just wanted to say that I wish some parents would treat their children better so they have more self-esteem.

My dermatologist said I should do the frax laser (I had several photo facials which worsened the light and dark spots- ). I find the information on these forums helpful but I can't stop thinking that all these cosmetic things are such a shame caus they teach us how to be unfree.

About creams..I do use lots of creams to conceal and then I create shadow with a dark brown creamy thing from Mac. Like that I create a nice shape to my face and the spots blend into the concealer and shadow. It's very day one hour work or so but it looks quiet natural.

I know my spelling is not perfect-and I know I mix all kinds of topics, I failed all my classes in writing- and yes I love to preach and to be a hypocrite; it's my way of returning the favor, and a way of healing my own wounds.

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I do agree very much with this. yes, parents should give their children REAL self esteem. Today, the schools play games where no one wins or loses, and children do not learn that they can fail but still be valuable people in other ways, because we all have SOMETHING special. So, nothing is left except looks for self esteem. You are right, parents are too concerned about their careers, etc, and not giving enough time to their kids. Many cant because they are over worked and over taxed. For this reason, I started buy most of my clothes as resale shops and yard sales when I can, and we camp instead of pricey vacations. The time together is what matters.
You are probably a wonderful parent. If not, you could be.
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We are angry because we feel that we have been wronged by our surgeons.

I don't use creams except for an SPF that I use every day. I also don't use a whitening make-up or any type of cover-up at all. This is my face and if you don't like it, don't look. Does that sound like self-pity to you?

As far as 'god' is concerned. I grew up in a very religious household. I attended church and bible study classes regularly. However, this is NOT the venue for discussing religion.

I get on this site to use it as a venue for venting my frustrations to people who can understand them. I also get on here seeking advice from those who have been or are in my situation and from medical professionals. I don't wallow in self-pity. If you knew me or even met me, you would know that. I don't discuss this with my friends and family because they would not understand or know what to say that hasn't already been said.
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Izzy..why is everyone so angry here! Well I started to believe in God just a short while ago...:)

I just have another way of approaching..aren't you bored with creams and self-pity?

But if you keep on thinking bad of me I'll go away no problem.

People see you the way you see yourself...and you might check out how you got your point of view..
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I seriously believe that lack of love for a god has anything to do with ANY problems that anyone is having. You yourself have skin problems and seem to have a love for god, so that disproves your theory right there. Now, that being said, I would greatly appreciate it if you would stop making inane comments on MY post.

Sincerely and Thank you,

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Sermon? :) I like you
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D.Ny - I guess I should be the one apologizing seeing as how I missed your sermon as being one in loving thought. I don't rely on God like you don't rely on grammar - both tools to self-improvement, often wasted on the ignorant.
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Hi Alais and Evelyn,

Srry to make you upset..I guess you just don't believe in Love and God otherwise you wouldn't have taken my comment the negative way...which is..in my opinion the start of all problems including skin problems.
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New believers tend to be very self-righteous, which you seem to be. I also believe in God, which is why I made an effort to be respectful to you. I welcome your opinions and observations on the skins problems we share, but your assessment of my religious faith has no place here, nor do you have any idea where I stand with God.
I am offended a second time by such a cheap shot. You are trying to dismiss our feelings by painting us, who you do not even know, as people who don't have the same standing with God as you.

A person of faith would just say "I'm sorry" and not add a personal attack. Your "apology" seemed insincere after that.

Let's just stick to the real topic and try to support each other, okay? You seem to have some valuable experience to add to this discussion, and I would rather you talked about that.

And yes, a person's real worth IS on the inside, but we are not bad people for wanting to look our best in the world.
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Alias, could not have said it better myself. Evelyn5, I am past the stage of needing to cool my face. It's been 2 1/2 years at this point. The redness and heat have went away and now I am just left with hyperpigmentation. I am told by a few dermotologists and an EMT/Firefighter that my epidermal layer has been damaged. I just need to wait for it to come to the top (as we shed top layers the epidermal layer we currently have eventually becomes the top layer) and it will go away. However, they say this could take years. Whether that is 2 or 20 years they could not tell me.
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Izzy - sorry to hear that :( Considering the top layer of my skin is damaged, as well - that's a bit depressing. But hopefully, with positive thinking, we can all beat our problems into submission. I haven't tried this product yet, but I was recommended Bioderma's whitening line.


Also, Yonka Fruitelia Age-Free Renewing Lotion with AHA's is supposed to help with speeding up the cell process. Yonka's products are expensive but people generally really like them.

Lastly, there are two creams that are country specific but people swear by them (as in sort of like a national healing to-go-to).

One is from Iceland and I've personally loved having it around (even for other skin problems)


and the other is from Australia

Hope this helps. Let us know if you end up trying any of these and liking them.
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PS I have alot of skin problems myself and post laser spots. M not reading all these things to be entertained. Edward just makes me happy.
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Thanks Evelyn, I will have to check these out.
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Ditto on Alias's comment. D.Ny - you're kind of being an asshole. It's more than just pure vanity and dislike for discoloration. More often than not, the skin is extremely painful and a hindrance. I think you're missing the point of this site.
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Also, Izzy - I don't know if this will help but I usually get allergic to a lot of skin products and there is one cream that tends to cool my face and calm it. It's a Russian cream made from thistle and callisia plant. I posted about it on another realself board. When you first put it on, it stings a little and cools at the same time (sort of like Icy Hot patch). See if it helps (but try it either on a small patch first or on your wrist to make sure it doesn't have a weird reaction for you)

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Nice attempt at humor, D.Ny, but not useful or respectful to those of us who have suffered these consequences. Please refrain from posting such idiocy.
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Vampires and extraordinary looks are cool! Edward Scissorhand looks cool..I would date him immediately! Going out at night might change your life to a more exciting one..why not start a club? No one will see a couple of dark spots..especially not with some white make-up. And even if they see the spots..they make you look unique, who wants to have a baby face..there are thousands of those but only one Edward..you know?
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Thanks, wrote them!
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