17 days post op and counting...

He's less expensive compared to others, so I...

He's less expensive compared to others, so I already braved myself for the "you get what you pay for!" adage. I just tried to think of being the very first person to secure the best camp site at a Walmart Black Friday line, as he was pulling the surgical tape off of my suture, with reckless abandon! In my doctor's defense, he's kinda pissed off with me, I guess, because I didn't go to the ER as he was hoping to rule out blood clot, when I complained of groin pain around the 4th day of my surgery. I told him, that according to the internet, it's just my lymph nodes! Guess, my internet research didn't impress him huh? Bummer! Anywho, I failed him yet again when he asked that I stood up straight! I can't because I was still in pain, and that's when he blurted out twice, that I need to stop babying myself!!......Mommy!!!! I'm now at my tenth day! Woot! Woot! Tubes free since 3 days ago! Just last night, when I was trying to walk without a walker on a straight back as I clean the dishes, I wanted to scream, look doc' no hands! ;) but I didn't want to wake up my poor hubby who's been valiantly taking care of me. Single ladies, marry someone who you know will take care of you when you needed them the most. Married ladies, if you are already married to this kind of person, milk it! haha! To all the men who take care of their loved ones during their most critical times, thank you very much. Bless your heart. To my doctor, who is my least favorite person right now, I will not bash your good name, because I know, I will be thanking and loving you and probably even recommending you 6 to 12 months from now. With that, brave ladies and wonderful gents, I bid you a Happy Thanksgiving. I will need my percocet now. :)

TT Surgery date: 11/12/2012
Review date: 11/22/2012


Welcome to the community.  

You do need to baby yourself for the first 4-6 weeks post op!!   This is the critical healing time so be good to yourself.  This is a long recovery so patience is needed at all times.  

Now go rest girl:)

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aww...thank you! I really needed that. By the way, if you're the one who created this site, I salute you! This site made me feel that Im not alone. Thank you very much.

Well we are very glad to have you here with us and you are definitely not alone:)

I didn't create the site but do love it and all it provides to help people.   

I developed an infection, so my doctor prescribed...

I developed an infection, so my doctor prescribed another antibiotics for me (Cifro). The redness and hardness around the infected area has slowly dissipate. I am still very swollen and the suture line is so freaking itchy. I am going to see my doctor tomorrow for a follow up. My doctor sounded much nicer the last time I saw him. Although he reiterated that I push myself to stand straighter, he didn't make me feel too bad about it. I guess, he saw the active infection I was having at that time. Anyways, I hope and pray that I get better soon. This recovery is slowly taking it's toll on me. I feel alienated to so many things. I am still in the company of my make shift hospital bed (between my regular bed, my rocking chair and my favorite love seat sofa), piled up pillows, two blankets, and a basket of miscellaneous stuffs - mirror, lip balm, gauze, Bacitracin ointment, Hydrogen Peroxide, Cifro, and my handy dandy Percocet). Although I'm scared of the infection, the look of my new tummy just delights me. I'm overjoyed at times...


Hope u update soon and would love to see pics!
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