Coolsculpting Lower Abs and Flanks 3/13 - Maryland

I had the lower abs done on 3/13 and the flanks...

I had the lower abs done on 3/13 and the flanks done on 3/15. I am little (5'5" and about 118 lbs) but I have had 3 kids and with that 3 csections. I have a little over hang with my belly and the typical love handles. I workout 5-7 days a week, don't eat sweets, and watch what I eat for the most part but still have the problem areas. I don't want to get cut open so I decided a non-invasive procedure would be worth trying.

When they put the device down on my lower abs it was intense. It didn't really hurt that much, just very intense. I almost passed out but brought myself back. You can see the fat sucked up in there and that's why I think I felt like that. An hour went by and it was fine after about 6 minutes. After an hour they took off the machine and my belly looked like congealed fat. It was gross. I got up and had some pains like someone had punched me in the stomach but that went away in a minute or 2 and I was fine. No bruising at all with lower belly. I was told to massage for about a week. Belly a little swollen and sore after. Went back in for the flanks. That was cake compared to the belly. Didn't hurt, totally fine. Took 2 hours.

One of my flanks is bigger than the other so the smaller one bruised a little more. Not bad at all. On the day I did flanks my lower belly started getting the "pins and needles" feeling. Let me just say it is more like bees stinging you or bugs biting you. It has become strong day by day. Hoping I can get a little relief b/c Advil isn't doing the job. Hasn't even been a week so haven't seen a noticeable difference yet. When I do, I will post before and after pics.

It's been a little over a week for my abdomen and...

It's been a little over a week for my abdomen and one week with my flanks. Flanks never hurt at all. A little pins and needles but o a scale of 1-10 maybe a 2. My abdomen hurt really bad like bee stings until today. It's hurting a little less. Still feels bruised and sore but nothing like before. I would say pain today is a 4 out of 10. 3 days ago it was off the charts. My abdomen is still swollen. I am assuming it will be like that for 5-7 more days.

Abs stopped hurting on the 21st.

Abs stopped hurting on the 21st.
Yeah, I am worried I may have to get it done there again too. I think I would like to get it done on the "back" love handles too. That won't be bad though.
Same here. I have a tiny bit of results (more on my left side if you are looking at the picture). That side is smaller anyway so this is going to look kind of odd if that one does way better than the other. My abs have been slower to respond. How about you?
Definitely my stomach is slower to respond, I think one reason is that was the area that I had the most fat cells. I have just started to see some results in that area. I will wait until month 3 but I may have to get it done again in that area.

I am seeing changes now. My stomach is the...

I am seeing changes now. My stomach is the flattest I have seen in a long time. Haven't noticed a real difference in flanks (tiny difference in left but not right). It's been 4 weeks exactly today. Hoping to see more and more changes. I am slow to say worth it right now b/c it was so expensive. If I had paid less like others had I would probably say worth it but I think I need to notice more of a difference (say go down one size in pants) to say worth it.

I haven't noticed anymore of a difference between...

I haven't noticed anymore of a difference between weeks 4 and 5
WoW! I look like you....if I can get the final result with my abs (not necessarily flanks) I would be SUPER HAPPY! I'm going for a consultation tomorrow.

I think it has worked with my lower abs but not so...

I think it has worked with my lower abs but not so much with my flanks. I would say worth it for lower abs and not worth it for flanks. I would also say what someone else said and don't expect miracles. This is week 9 and there is a difference but I don't even know if I would say 20%. I did not lose a size in my jeans. They do fit a bit better but for a point of reference I was a size 26/27 and still that size depending on the jeans.
Would you mind sharing the clinic/doc you went for your CS procedure?
I had mine done in Richmond, VA. It has been just over 4 weeks...and I'm REALLY happy with my lower abs. I did not have the same issues or pain everyone is talking about. The first 4 or 5 days, I actually wrapped my belly with an ace bandage so that when my "Pooch" jiggled I wouldn't feel that as much. I worked out and did my regular routines. I was swollen...probably around day 12 did I begin to notice it flatten out nicely. During those weeks and into the 3 week, if I pushed on my stomach I could tell it was a little numb, but nothing that hurt. I didn't get any bee stining sensations. So from May 8-June 14....a little strange "comfort" not discomfort the first week, swelling down by day 12 completely....and now, each day looking better! So excited this is working for me....and that is isn't coming back!
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