Going Small! 170 Ccs

Okay guys. I'll have to figure out how to post...

Okay guys. I'll have to figure out how to post pictures but I want to give back since I've gotten south info from reading all of these reviews. I planning on 170 moderate classic silicone under the muscle.

I am 5 2" and 104 very muscular lbs. my rib age is almost 27" and my bwd is between 9.8 and 10.5. Waist is 23" and hips/ butt are 34". I had vectra aging which states I have a little over 100 ccs of boob. I wear a 32 a which is baggy and happy after bring 3 kids and just want a little lift. I have no drooping.... How could I? Pecs are very strong but I've been laying off the push-ups. Feeling confident in size. Think I will end up a medium to small b and will be happy with that. Had 3 consults. Going with dr I feel most comfortable with. The only one who didn't think I was crazy for staying small. I will post pre op photos tomorrow and will show after.

I had my surgery on Friday and they're sitting pretty high. How long till yours dropped and looked natural?
Hi! I'm going for surgery in less than 2 weeks and am also going less than 200cc. I am the same height and rib cage but 6 lbs more. Would love to see pics if you're comfortable sharing. Do you like the moderates? My PS is trying to convince me to go with HP but I'd rather do moderates and if they fit your body frame they should be fine for me as well hopefully!
Good luck
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