Searching for an affordable good surgeon in maryland for my bbl...- Maryland, MD

I am 254lbs, just started a weight lost program.....

i am 254lbs, just started a weight lost program...i really want a smaller waist, stomach and a big booty... do i need all my fat now, is it ok too lose some...i have been considering this for the last 4 yrs, i am just tired of looking at my unhappy with my body. please somebody help me in the right direction...

First off welcome to the BBL sisterhood second bbeautiful2 is right. I'm from the DMV area and have to decided to go to Dr. Jimerson because I just prefer his results better and once I worked out the figures I realized if I go out of ton to get this done ill end up saving or spending the same amount as if I were going to a doctor up here because in the end you have massages, garments, supplies, and meds which also adds to the cost....that's just something to think about. You can also check Dr. Ayman Hakki he is in waldorf md he's expensive though but he is another doc in the area. GL on your journey hope you find someone soon!
Hey I understand that Dr. J is pretty pricey. How was your experience?
I haven't had my surgery with him yet I'm scheduled for 2/20 and so is my mother but this isn't moms first procedure she's been to dr. Hakki for a tummy tuck and lipo and she wasn't too happy with her experience they. He does good work however he didn't do all of the areas she wanted done although she paid. Now as far as me and my experience so far preop has been great. Its starting to get harder to get in contact with his office because of the recent publicity. One thing I will tell you to do...if you decide to go with him....make sure you ask question about EVERYTHING massages, garments, everything because the PCs can be vague and not very informative at times about postop steps and things you need, should expect, etc.

Ready for my BBL!!!

Ok... I've been doing my research for a few years now, I'm ready to make the move. I have a consultation with Dr.Gabay. Has anyone had a BBL by him if so please share your experience.

Consult with Dr.Gabay...philly bound

My consult appt is Aug 13, 2014

Tummy Tuck Only

Ok.. RS... I went to my consult on Aug. 13th to see Dr. Gabay in PA, me and my friend my consult was for Lipo and a BBL. The staff was nice, the wait was somewhat lengthy, it took us about 45min to see the Dr. We were given a photo album of his past results of his patients, and me personally didn't feel confidant that he could give be what I wanted based on that. He told me and my friend that we need to have a full tummy tuck, so he said he would do a tummy tuck, Lipo to my inner thighs and arms..back and flanks come with tummy tuck...$7900... Price sounds good. But my heart says no. First of all I don't feel comfortable in having both of those procedures at the same time... That's a pretty lengthy surgery which puts you at a higher risk for complications, and I'm just not gonna take that chance. So once I got home and really thought deep about it I told my friend that I'm scheduling consults with Dr. Tallerbaum and Khalifa... Just for a Tummy Tuck that is.. I decided that getting rid if my stomach is more important to me than anything, and once my stomach is flatter my rear will appear bigger! My boyfriend was totally against me having this, but we came to an agreement that I will just do tummy tuck and not BBL...he indeed up agreeing so I ran with it, an agreement is an agreement, now he's kicking! I have my consult today with Tallerbaum in Rockville.. I hope everything sounds good!
I found two good Dr's in DMV area for Tummy Tuck.. Tallerbaum in Rockville and Khalifa in Chevy Chase... Going to have consult with Talkerbaum today.


These are the results from the surgeons I'm deciding between.
I used Dr. Rodriguez in Baltimore. He did a great job, but his BBL is not cheap. He also offers a B"more butt lift that is less expensive. Also, did you talk to Dr. Markmann in Ellicott City? He's got an excellent rep, too. Good luck.
What have you been doing for your weight loss?
Dr. Gabay

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