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Hello Ladies, I am three days post op. I don't...

Hello Ladies, I am three days post op. I don't even know where to begin.

This has definitely been an exprience that I will never forget. Its far worse than child birth and after haveing had four children I Tought there was nothing that I couldn't handle. I am one who has a high tolerance for pain but this was totally unexepected. I tried reading everyone's blogs to try and prepare myself for this an it did help to a certian extent but by far it's something that you will not expect. Ladies don't get me wrong, I am not saying all this to scare anyone, I am just keeping it real. As the days go on, I feel better and better.

Make sure that you have someone there with you that can pretty much be at your beckon call at every minute. Bless my Mother's hearts she has not gotten any rest for constantly being by my side trying to make sure that I am alright. I love that little woman.

Well I had lipo of my full stomach, back, inner thighs and arms and a mini tuck. Dr. M gave me 1100 ccs to each each. I am really excited about how it is going to turn out. I currently have a lot of swelling going on so it is hard to tell what the outcome my be. Prior to surgery, i was 37-32-39. I didn't think i would have enough fat for 1100 ccs but I guess I did.

As a little hint to the wise, make sure you are constanly rotating positions and do your best to get up periodicly and walk around a bit. it really does help.

I will post some pics soon, right now i'm not in a good state and condition to do anything but take it easy and relax. for all those that posted their expreince before, I truly thank you becaue it was helpful.

Tomorrow I will be two weeks post op. Hoping to...

Tomorrow I will be two weeks post op. Hoping to get these drains taken out. They are so worrisome. :) Well I will post a few pics so ya'll can see what i'm working with.

Well come this Wenesday I will be offically four...

Well come this Wenesday I will be offically four weeks post op. I feel great almost back to normal. I have been trying to retrain myself to sit again which is kind of scary because all i can think of is that I'm going to loose my newly founded Bootay! LOL Sitting down for the first time was really wierd and I could only sit for 15 mins. That was the longest 15 minutes of my life. It felt more like 15hours. LOL. This whole experience has been life changing for me to the point where it is hard to express in words. I thank my family and best friend for all the support and help they gave me in the beginning because you are pretty much handicapped initially. I will post some more pics of my current shape within a day or two. So ya'll can tell me if I have anything to worry about. My poor kids got tired of hearing me say "I think Its getting smaller" LOL. I will also post my measurements later today. I have to find a measuring tape. Well for all those that are freshly post op.... happy healing!! And for those that are well and beyond the intial post op......I hope your results are everthing that you wanted!!! Have a blessed day all!!

Well I am offically one month post op. Someone...

Well I am offically one month post op. Someone had asked my current measurements so I just wanted to post an update. My before measurements were 37-32-39 now they are 36-29-40 1/2.

Almost seven weeks post op. All is well, I think...

Almost seven weeks post op. All is well, I think i'm almost 100 percent back to normal. I'm still sore in all the lipo areas and my mini tuck is healing nicely. I think I've lost some volume but over all I can still see a difference from where I started from. Can't wait till I reach the three month mark. For those of you that can afford to take off longer than three weeks I would highly recommend it. I wish I could have been able to be off from work for at least six weeks but due having to go back to work I only stayed off my butt for three weeks. I believe had I been able to take more time off, I would not have lost as much volume. Never the less I am still satisfied and happy so far with my results.
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Dr M and his staff is very professional and pleasent to work with. The all made me feel at home and comfortable. I have a lot of respect for Mr. M because you can tell that its not all about "money" for him. He is guenuinely concerned about the patient's needs ands and wants and he is very forthcoming with information and expectations. And for that I have so much respect for him because may Docs are just trying to make as much as hey can verses trying to make their patient happy. All though I would never want to do this again, If i were to decide to have any plastic surgery done again, Dr. M would be the only one I would want to operate on me. He is in my eyes the world's best.

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I just had my sx yesterday with pantoja and got the same amount of cc's as you. 1,100 each cheek and 300 each hip. Happy healing to us both. You look great btw! :) KIT!
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Hey you look fabulous!! How do you like your results, is it true that what you have at 3 months you get to keep?? So scared for the procedure although mines 5 months away with Dr M. Do u have any before pics ? Thanks!
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you look great! thanks for sharing your pics. how are you doing now?
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Heyyyyy update us please!!!
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hey how are u ...u are a year post op how is your bootay hanging lookin to get done just worried abt long term !!! thanks
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You look awesome!!!!! I'm looking to achieve a figure similar to yours. Thanks for keeping us informed.
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Your results are amazing..
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Hi was the recovery time really three weeks ? When were you able to go back to work ?
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I personally think if you cant see the needle marks than its all fake.. I think with any scar it probably eventually fades..
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hey there, your hips look great! I was looking at alot of photos of Dr. markmann's patients and I've noticed the needle marks on all the girls. Do they go away? have they gone away for you?
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You look amazing, seeing your photos have got me even more excited! Great shape!
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Thank you LondonChicka, I'm 13 1/2 weeks post ops and I am loving it. I have put on a little more weight but I'm still happy with my results. I do wish I would have gotten a full tuck instead of a mini but in due time I will do the full tuck. I think it will make my shape look even better. I'll be posting some more pics before the end of the week. :)
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Can you post some more pics??? I am really considering dr m. I just want to make a good investment . I want my moneys worth. I see some posts on here where people do not always get what they want.
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OMG the pics look great!!!
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WoW...U Look Great!!! I have my consultation in Miami August 10th with Dr. S and I'm nervous & excited ALL @ the same time!!! HaPpY HeALiNG!!
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Hi when you went to dr. m office were you able to see other before and after pics of patients?
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Hello greeneyezinct, yes Dr. M has several photo albums too look at of his work.
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Did a lot of the patients have JLo butts? Thats the look im going for and I got,jipped the first time around... I was supposed to g et 750ccs on each side and only got 250ccs.. I,want 1300 to 1500ccs this time around ;)
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Damn girl. I had the procedure done and u make me jealous bc that's what I wanted. ( to look like u) I had lipo in all the same places and a tummy tuck a few yrs ago n breast done n I still don't look as good as u. I'm happy for u. Take care.
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Thank you Cheekz312. Well you are still early on from having had your procedure done so give it a little more time but if you ever decide to do it again, look in to seeing Dr. M. He has that majic touch that can transform anyone's body closest to what that person desires. Although you didn't get exactly what you wanted you will still look great!! It takes time to see the full result. I had to tell myself that because last week I was stressing that I was loosing too much fat but what is meant for me will be. This week my butt seems to be getting a little rounder and I am at 5 weeks post ops. Your profile pic of your baby is so cute!! Makes me miss my babies! :( Have a wonderful day!
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U look greattttt MsPinky! Friday will be 8 weeks for me and he put in 930 in each cheek. While it is an improvement it doesn't look nearly as good as yours. I just this past weekend started to sit without the poppy trying to hold on to as much as I can so I know what you mean. I do notice that after sitting for a while the bottom of my butt gets flat and after I get up and not sit for a while it comes back? I'm going back to the boppy pillow at least at work because I sit at a computer all day. Well continued successful healing.
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Thank you for the complimant!! I am offically four weeks post op today and I, like you, think i have lost a lot of volume in my butt. I had 1100cc put into each side and last week I had a super booty!! LOL this week it seems like just a uper booty. I lost the "S" for super somewhere between last week and this week. LOL I had to do some extensive traveling and I tried to sit as least as possible. I don't have a boppy pillow but i have a body pillow that I have been rolling up and sittng on to give me extra cushion. I too work in front of a computer all day so i am going to try and kneel in my chair with the back of the chair facing me. I have my own office so it wont draw attention to anyone. Well happy healing to you too and maybe once you are completely healed it will be better than you expected. Reading these blogs I see that a lot of people notice a change in the later stages of healing. I hope this is the case!! Be encouraged and keep me posted. :)
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wow! You look terrific. Congratulations!!!
I had the procedure 2 weeks ago. 390cc each side. Not a huge difference. But I love the way it looks!
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Thank you so much!!! I love my new tiny waist but I'm kinda freaking out because it seems like I have lost a lot of volume in my butt. I hope its just the normal process and once it all settles and heals it will be rounder and a little more prominant. Either way it goes, I will still be happy with the results because it is a big difference from where I started from. I'm happy that you like your results!! :) Thats what counts!!
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Ms. Memphis,
Girl thanks so much. LOL You are too funny. I use to get a lot of looks and stares probably because i'm part asian and afro-armerican so I do look somewhat exotic. But now it's like men just stare a whole into me. To be honest that kind of makes me uncomfortable because i'm a very modest person and I don't do well with people staring at me. But I must say my self esteem has jump through the roof. Not to the point that I got a big head (like my big bootay LOL) but to the point that I don't feel ashamed to look at my self in the mirror anymore. I have strunk quite a bit it seems like my swelling is almost gone but when I saw Dr. M last Sat he said I still had some swelling in my stomach and my lower back so I guess my waist will be getting even smaller. Its amazing cause it is tiny right now as is. I am a little afraid that my bottom is gonna get smaller. I have been trying to do everything he has directed me to do and I just started retraining myself to sit but I'm just so afraid that it's going to all go away. He put 1100 cc in each side but i don't know how much is going to stay. Well with your experience did you retain most of your fat?
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