4 1/2 weeks Pictures and Update

Happy Holidays everyone, I've been lurking...

Happy Holidays everyone,

I've been lurking this site for about a month now and decided to start and share my BBL journey with you all. I have decided to get a BBL due to my existing backside having a few flaws (dents). I had a TT about 7 1/2 years ago and even though I struggled with whether it was the right decision afterwards (due to my complicated recovery) it was one of the best things I ever did for myself. Now I am beginning yet another journey of constantly keeping of my physical appearance. I am 5' 3" and currently weigh 157 lbs after my 10 lbs weight gain goal. My measurements are 38-30-42, so as you can tell, my hips and back side are already pretty large. Having said that, I would like for my backside to be perkier and more rounded. During my consultation with my PS (Dr. James Benjamin) he informed me that he would probably be able to insert no more than 500 cc in each check, due to me having more muscle than fat and a very little amount of fat on my flanks and mid section. Afterwards, I advised him to lipo my inner thigh and arms in an effort to collect for fat to achieve my goal. Although he agreed, I am still trying to gain as much weight as I possible can, lol. Now here are a few of my concerns: 1. I am a gym rat (most days I workout 2 times) and it is killing me not to workout as much as I like. How do you gym rats get over this hump? 2. I am scheduled to be off work 2 1/2 weeks and this may not be enough time to properly heal. I work a 9 hour day and sit all day long. I've been reading stories about ladies carrying a bobby pillow to sit on at work. Being as though I work in a very conservative environment, I don't think this will fly. 3. Because I put on so much weight, I am finding it very difficult to try to hide it, as everyone who knows me know that it would be very unusual for me to put on a significant amount of weight.

Well ladies, wish me luck and I will continue to visit this site for support and advice on how to prep for my big day. Also, I will have my hubby take plenty of before pictures this weekend and post them.


Hey good luck on your journey and try to research as many drs as possible before making your choice. 
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Thanks Miss.I, I've been researching drs for about 6 mos. now. When it comes to this body, I am very picky.

Calling all Vets, I have a few questions...

Calling all Vets,

I have a few questions regarding the healing process associated with a BBL. How long after your surgeries did it take for you to have some sense of normalcy back in your lives? This list includes: walking, showering, doing laundry, cooking, independently caring for yourself, etc? I had a TT a few years back and my recovery was HELL. I could not stand up straight for about 3 - 4 weeks which caused me to have severe back pain. My 3 weeks of scheduled leave turned into 5 weeks. I couldn't get back to my workout for 5 months. To the ladies who previously had a TT, So which recovery would you say was more difficult?



I can definitely sympathize with you on the TT recovery. It is a hard one. It took me the same timeframe to stand up straight, but I didn't have that much pain after the 1st week.. I'm not a vet yet, but I will let you know how it goes for me during the weeks to come compared to the TT.
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Thanks and good luck on your surgery tomorrow!!!
I was thinking about Dr. J. Benjamin too. Did you decide to go with him?
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I have been having chest pain all day, so I went...

I have been having chest pain all day, so I went to the emergency room. My EKG came back abnormal and my xray was normal. Heart disease run in my family, however I have not been diagnosed with it. The ER Dr. Has decided to keep me overnight and run more test. I know that this will potentially make my upcoming surgery questionable, however my health comes first. So bummed out right now.


Praying all goes well for you!
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Honey God is with u! I will pray for u!! Have Faith!
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ur n my prayers...
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Hey Everyone, Thanks for your prayers, well...

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for your prayers, well wishes and kind words of encouragement. Like I stated in my previous post, I had been experiencing chest pain so I immediately went to the ER to see what was going on. They ran a series of test to include a chest x-ray, EKG and blood work. The findings concluded that the trachea and hilar regions were normal, Lungs were clear and the pulmonary vasculature was normal. Although I have a family history of heart diseased, they ruled that out in my case. Also my ECG results were normal and any abnormalities are no longer present. I am so, so happy. Upon leaving the hospital yesterday, I called my PS to give him an update on what was going on. Like any good PS, he wanted to meet with me immediately and I met with him within a couple of hours. He went over my test results, ECG and x-ray and informed me that it was safe to proceed with my surgery. I have a follow-up appointment next week with my Cardiologist to get further clearance as well as my PCP to get my final clearance. Thanks again for your prayers.


Glad to hear you are in good health.. God bless!
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Glad to knw ur ok, I had a nasty chest pain once I really though i was having a heart attack or somthing...but it turned out it was just reflux...it could well be that in your case...Take care hun
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OOOO, i'm happy it was just reflux. Thanks

Hey Ladies, Surgery is scheduled for Friday,...

Hey Ladies,

Surgery is scheduled for Friday, 12/21. As you know from my previous post, I had to go to the ER due to chest pain. Since then, I met with my Cardiologist who saw no deficiencies in my test and gave me the okay to proceed with my surgery. I will also be seeing my PCP today to have my blood work done. Other than that, I have been going crazy trying to determine whether I will get a BBL or just have my body lipoed and sculpted really good to have the appearance of having a bigger butt. While stalking this site, I've been reading and getting the impression that a good amount of people are not necessary happy with their overall results. Because of this, i've been going back in forth with my decision due to me not wanting a whole lot of fat transferred due to me already having a big butt. I'm not sure if all of the healing and drama will be worth it in my case as I am scheduled to be off work for 3 weeks. Once I go back I will be returning to a job where I work a 10 hour a day desk job and a one hour commute each way, which means I will be doing a lot of sitting. If you ladies have any experience with this, I would greatly appreciate your input. Also, I have met with my PS at least 3 times regarding various expectations and concerns regarding my aftercare. Not only has he set aside time to physically meet with me but he has given me his personal cell phone number and told me to call him anytime I needed to ask questions. To say his bedside manners are impeccable, would be an understatement. In no way do I remotely feel like a number with him. He did inform me that my healing process will be trying and went on to say that it is nothing in comparison to the TT that I previously had. He also told me that there is no reason for me not to be sitting down after week 3. After I had my TT, I went through so many emotions due to my difficult recovery. At times I was depressed and beating myself up for putting myself through so much trauma. I think most of this came from me having this surgery during the summer in which I was not able to enjoy myself or get out which explains why I now only get procedures done during the winter months, lol. But since I spent 1 month putting on 15 lbs. I have decided to go ahead with the BBL as I will not be doing this again. Furthermore, my PS informed me that once I have all my concerned areas lipoed, it will be difficult to do any type of full BBL in the future as it will be hard enough to get the amount of fat from me that he needs. Well ladies if you can recommend any essentials to assist me with my recovery I will be so happy. As a juicer, I plan on purchasing a bunch of pineapples and juicing them to assist with any swelling.

Thanks agains for all your prayers and well wishes. I will continue to update any new findings as my day draws near and then afterwards.

On another note:

Our children should never die before their parents. With tears in my eyes, I pray for the parents who are suffering for the loss of their child. As a parent, I have always had that fear and now in Connecticut that fear has come true to those parents. I know in my heart that those Angels who died this morning are in heaven. I will pray for those parents who will be in pain forevermore.


Wow! Junk n the trunk, u have inspired me to check this guy out! I have a consult set up with him now. Im already scheduled with jimmerson 2/14/13 but I have been seeing the back and forth with his reviews plus I would hav to travel and that is a big concern... Do u think Dr. Benjamin is capable of giving results close to Dr. J? I didnt see many photos of bbl on his site but if he can do something anywhere close to that I will switch in a heart beat! It also helps that he is only 5-10 min from where I live too..
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Hey Smile9 I have seen his work as well as spoken to several of his patients and they all were very pleased with their results. I will also post up plenty of post op pictures. Yes, it also helps me that he lives 7 minutes from my house. He even told me that he will come to my house to see me during my post op. Let me know how your consult goes and don't forget to mention this website when you see him.
I sure will. Thanks again!

Good Morning, In doing my daily research on...

Good Morning,

In doing my daily research on BBL, I have come to ask myself "Have the Dr.'s mastered this procedure yet or is it still in the trail and error phase"? In viewing various pictures on this site and reading various blogs, a lot of you ladies seem to be concerned about lopsidedness and other small issues. I have spoken to my PS about these concerns and he informed me that it is natural to have a slight unevenness in your butt cheeks but not an huge obvious lopsidedness. He also said that no one has perfect symmetry. He even pointed out my uneven butt cheeks in which I never noticed. However, some of the butts that I have seen on this website are visibly uneven after surgery and the ladies have expressed issues with them even though they went to a PS who is a subject matter expert. Do you think that this surgery has been mastered yet or maybe it's the popularity of it that causing the Dr.s to mass produce them too quickly. My husband gave me the option of paying off my car or financing this surgery as a Christmas gift and I chose the latter. At the end of the day, I hope I do not regret my decision. Well I just wanted to get of feel of everyone else's opinion(s) regarding this matter.


Peek at my blog...I discussed my thoughts on the evidence behind the science on BBL. BBL is still in infancy, but passed being just an experiment, but it is still not mastered.
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Wow, I certainly will. Thanks
Honestly, it is my conclusion that this surgery hasn't been mastered. Especially not by a majority of surgeon son this blog.
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Hello ladies, Surgery is on Friday and I need...

Hello ladies,

Surgery is on Friday and I need to know where to purchase a boppy pillow and bromalane. I went on eBay and all they have are those little round pillows that babies use.

Thanks a bunch


U can get ths pillow from babies r us . Byt good luck with everything tomorrow
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The bromelain you can get from smile herb store in college park or my organic market (mom) in cp. The boppy is the one for babies. Walgreens should hv them w a case, myb even cvs.
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Arnica works well also. I didn't buy the bromelain bcuz I thought it was pricey. Pineapple juice should work just fine.

Well, today is the day. A little bummed because...

Well, today is the day. A little bummed because my surgery starts at 1:00 pm and I can't eat or drink anything. On the other hand, it gives me an opportunity to take care of some last minute details like taking a long hot bath with my favorite bath bombs from LUSH cosmetics, prepping Christmas dinner for the family, getting my nails done, washing my hair. Need I say more, you ladies know the drill LOL. Anyway, I almost pulled out last night due to me reading all the ladies post who had surgeries this week, speak about how much pain they were in www.eeeeekkkk.com. Nevertheless, I put my iPad down, went out to dinner to one of my favorite seafood restaurants, came home showered and slept like a baby. Well, my pre-op weight is 160 lb.. (pissed because I lost 4 lb.) and my measurements are 37-29-42. Also, I am so grateful that I will be recovering in the confront of my own home. Well, hopefully, I will have enough energy to update my status later on today or at least let you all know I made it out in one piece.

Thanks again to everyone for your well wishes and answering all of my questions.

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AAAAAAWWWWW, I would do anything for just one cup...

AAAAAAWWWWW, I would do anything for just one cup of COFFEE!!!!!


Hope everything worked out as planned.. wishing u a speedy recovery!
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Your pre-op measurements = most wish post-op measurements :) Can't wait to see how fabulous you look. I have a feelin' you're gonna shut it down!!!
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Best wishes and a speedy recovery.
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Well it's day two and Im feeling so much better. ...

Well it's day two and Im feeling so much better. Day one all I did was pop pain pills and whine to my husband. I was able to eat two meals and afterwards I became nauseated. I also drank about one gallon of water and it was so good as I love water. I am swollen some kind of bad. My husband washed my garment and gave me a sponge bath. As you can imagine last night was extremely rough as well. Today has been just a tad bit better. When I got up this morning, Dr. Benjaminmin came over and removed all my padding, while my husband washed my garment. Afterwards I took a shower while my husband talked to my PS. Then my doc pointed out exactly where he took fat out as well as where he reinserted it. Afterwards he bandaged me up and put my garment back on. We are so pleased with my results thus far. Not only are his bedside manner superb but he really takes that extra time with you. Oh, I have some pics that my husband took of me right before my surgery,I just need to figure out how to load them on this website. Well I am getting tired again so I will talk to everyone soon.

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Ladies, please, please, please purchase a female...

Ladies, please, please, please purchase a female urinal when undergoing this procedure. When you have to go and if you are wearing a crotchless garment, ll you have to do is stand up with thighs slightly open then place the urinal over your whole va ja ja then clothes your thighs to ensure that you have a tight grip on the urinal then you just let her rip while standing.

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Can someone please recommend an effective sleeping...

Can someone please recommend an effective sleeping position? My lower back and neck are killing me.


Congrats, you made it to the other side!. Try putting a king size pillow lengthwise with another pillow at the top, to form a letter T. Lay on this. I found that it took a little of the pressure off of my neck. I kept one arm bent and the other down by my side. You will get used to sleeping on your stomach. I did it every night for two months, and I still won't sleep on my sides since I had my hips done.
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I am look for a good doctor to do bbl in the dmv any suggests
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i got one from go girl.com
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Has anyone experienced severe headaches and...

Has anyone experienced severe headaches and swelling. My head has been throbbing since last night. I've been talking Advil but they won't go away. I'm beginning to wonder if I have internal swelling in my head. My face is swollen so bad that I can barely open my eyes. Thanks

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Thanks to everyone for all of your suggestions. ...

Thanks to everyone for all of your suggestions. Per my PS instructions, I started drinking tons of Gatorade, bromalain, pineapple and arm inca. He also advised me to eat a steak with a glass of red wine. My wonderful husband immediately ran out and got all of mt essentials and he is out back grilling me two t-bones while my garments and linen are in the washer. He has truly been awesome through this process. My headaches have subsided a little so I'm happy about that. As soon as I eat my dinner, hubby will be giving me a shower and hopefully I will be able to rest comfortably. Oh, btw, after my hubby took off my garments I was able to get a good look at myself and I am thoroughly impressed. Dr. Benjamin lives up to his reputation of being the best body sculptor in the DMV. He lipoed a little small area under my breast, as well as a little bit of my outer thigh and my lower ab and those are the areas that really didn't need to be done. I can't wait for my true measurements to come in. I will upload pics as soon as I can. If someone know how to upload pics from a phone can you please let me know how it's done? Thanks


I Also had bad headaches everytime i would lay down... the ps did a couple blood pressure test which returned high when laying with the garment on.. i eventually had to be fitted for a new garment, i was fine during the day, but at night i changed into the next size up garment and the migraines subsided...
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I'm sorry you're not feeling well :/ I've heard others have gone thru that. Get some rest and let your body heel. Take vicodin if you have any so you can sleep more.... Hope you feel better soon!
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i was the same way with the neck issue. i went and bought a small travel neck pillow that helps alot. my mom says my face was swollen but i dont think so but my throat was very swollen
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Hey ladies, Hope all is well with everyone. ...

Hey ladies,

Hope all is well with everyone. Well I just wanted to share my progress with you guys. First and foremost, I am so pleased with my results thus far. As I previously stated, I decided to have this surgery due to some flaws that I noticed with my butt. I did not want a huge, gigantic butt, rather a more smooth one. As you can see from my pre-surgery pics my left hip is not as full as my right hip and that really bothered me. Dr. Benjamin was able to remove 3 liters of fat from my flanks, upper and lower abs, arms, and inner and outer thighs. Of this 3 liters, 2 liters were re-usable in which he inserted 850 cc of fat into my left hip and butt and 600 cc of fat into my right cheek. My recovery is coming along well, I'm just going crazy not be able to sit. However, I have strategically placed pillows from chairs on my bed just far enough apart that i am able to sit/lounge in the bed with a bunch of pillows behind me and my butt wedge between the pillows not touching the bed. My female urinal, pillows, depends, etc have all been a blessing. Thanks to you guys for all your recommendations of suggested items. Each and every item that I have purchased went to great use. I have a follow up the Dr. Benjamin this week and hopefully I will be able to start driving soon as I want to start my massages, hit the steam room and sauna and get a seaweed body wrap (excluding my butt). The worst part of my recovery is not being able to go to the Redskin/Dallas game last night. Hopefully, I will be able to make the playoff game on Sunday.... HTTR. To all you newbies, please be realistic with your expectations. I have read that a lot of girls are not necessarily pleased with their overall results. If you have a boxy shape, there is only so much sculpting a PS can do, particularly with just one round. Also, please be patient with your recovery. I previously had a TT, and it took more than a year for all the swelling to go down. Each day gets better. but you just have to be patient. This is not an overnight wonder type of surgery.

Again thanks for all your well wishes and Happy New Year. I will continue to update.


Wow, i'm happy you found the root of your problem. My headaches have subsided and i'm healing gracefully.
Thanks Jasmine, My headaches have subsided and i'm healing gracefully.
OMG, I was so swollen that I looked like a little piglet. THanks for recommending the neck pillow, it did wonders.

Hips have not gone down. Measurements 36-26-44.

Hips have not gone down. Measurements 36-26-44.


You look awsome girl! No need to modify anything! just fabulous!
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lol......the HIPS win! love it
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You look wonderful, I wouldnt change a thing if i were u. HIP ratio looks good to me. GO GIRL!!!!
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Two week progress: Sleeping longer at night...

Two week progress:

Sleeping longer at night (last night I woke up twice as opposed to every 1 1/2 to 2 hrs);
Started light workouts (30 minutes on elliptical in ten minute increments and upper body strength training);
Started sitting with boppy pillow (It is my intent to make it to the Redskin championship game tomorrow);
Able to dress and undress without any assistance (this includes taking on and off my garment);
Napping during the day are few and far;
Able to drive with ease;
Walking faster and going up and down the stairs with ease;
Lower back pain has subsided significantly; and
Hubby and I finally got frisky, LOL


You look absolutely georgeous! I'm set for consultation with Dr. Benjamin in a week. I'm beyond excited, and happy I found a great PS as I live in DC. It's good to know u were happy with your results, and has eased some of my fears as I'm pretty certain I will go with him.
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GIRL... yours is the best thus far!!! I am so scared that I wasn't going to find a good enough doctor here in our area, but you did it!!! And the job he did on you looks amazing the great things too is we have the same body type or close enough I am 5'3 you may be a bit taller but I am curvy now just not in proportion because of my big breast ... you have my wish pic for hips ! Congrats
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Thanks KK. When are you having your surgery?

Hey ladies, Sorry I haven't posted in a while. ...

Hey ladies,

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Just wanted to drop in and update my 4 1/2 week mark. I am absolutely loving my improved behind and so happy and please with my PS. Every flaw that I had, has been successfully fixed. I am so happy that I did not waste a whole lot of unnecessary money flying around and out of the country just to have surgery. My PS is more than qualified and I am so pleased with my results. He did exactly what I asked of him. I have been back to work for one week now and let's just say that was one tough week. My butt was killing me by mid day. Also, when I returned home from work, all I could do was shower and go to bed. Since having this surgery, I get tired really fast. As I stated in my last update, I have resumed my normal activities. I even sat through a 3 hour movie even though I had to constantly switch positions throughout the movie. Other than that, I'm loving how i'm looking in and out of clothes. I almost ventured downtown to the inauguration today but I didn't want to chance it as I get really tired really fast. I will try to update pics when I get to a computer. In the meantime, can someone please tell me how to upload pics from your phone?

Thanks ladies and happy healing.


How is things going now?
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I love your results !!
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Girl u look good. I am so glad that I finally found people in my area that got there bbl done. I was thnkn about traveln out to GA, but after seeing ur pics I might have to check dr ben out. And I just love ur hips.
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One Year Update


Sorry i've been MIA, but I wanted to share some pics. and provide everyone with a one year update of my body. Well, for starters, I am at 100 percent and have been since my 6 month mark. I am very active, I can sit for long hours without any pain, and I'm not exhausted for no reason and most importantly, I am no longer dependent on my boppie pillow. In addition to my surgery, I do a lot of butt exercises that include, weighted squats, lunges, kick backs and dead lifts. The only issue or concern that I have, is that I have those ugly spots on my sides and legs that were entry points to remove the fat. Other than that, I do not have another other significant updates. Please let me know if you have any questions.


You look great...
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Junk n the trunk you look awesome Sis
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You look amazing girl and you hips are perfect. Thanks for the update. Which recovery was the hardest? I'm having a TTYL and a BBL so I was wondering how did you sleep?
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