Bbl and Ba at the Same Time? I Need Help to Find :/ - Maryland, MD

I've actually been stalking this site for years...

I've actually been stalking this site for years and researching about procedures longer. I'm 23 w/ 2 kids, I've been a curvy chick since I could remember and lost weight over time. Nowww it seems I've lost fullness in my breast and butt area, yeaah I'm a oompalumpa hahaha w/ a pretty face lol, but I want the whole package * sigh* ahhh ..neeeed help bad, I've been thinking of the dominican republic. Mabe yilly, duran or baez. I have the sickle cell trait and slightly have anemia, I'm 5"8 and roughly around 168-175 pounds, please ladies I need recommandayions, I also stay in maryland.
The trait is popular in one out of ten blks So that's common just keep iron levels up
So have you been taking Iron pills daily and have you found Dr yet.. I have the trait also So I took two iron pilss a day to keep my count up
Yess I actually found a doctor. I guess well my desire is to become #teampantoja lol ..yess and the trait is pretty popular among african americans. I don't take any iron pills sh

excited! Is this real!

Sooo since I've last updated. .I sent a email to dr.pantoja and recieved my quote I'm soooo happy. My quote for a bbl and ba is 5500. This includes......
Lipo to entire back, waist, abdominal and he stated arms but I sent him an email and asked if he could lipo my inner thighs instead of the arms. (Still waiting for that). Also this includes 1 night stay with a 24hr nurse with you. All your blood work testing before sx, 1 compression garment and a post op bra. The breast he said I would be getting are the cohesive silicone gel natrelle brand which are fda approved!! Dr.pantoja stated he can go up to 500cc so I figured I would do 475cc in left and 500cc in right since my left is smaller than my right. I'm still trying to see which day to have this done..hhmmm decisions decisions. .I'm going to post some before pics to see what I'm working with as soon as I send my deposit. First thing first I have to get an medical clearance. Could I go to my ob gyn doctor or does it have to be my primary doctor. I do have the sickle cell trait and also known to have anemia as well. I don't have a sickle cell disease doctor I've just known I had the trait. Any suggestions pls give advice!

pre op vitamins ?

I need help ladies!! Any bbl and ba vets know of any legit websites I can order all my pre op meds from or should I just get them from cvs? I need the best of the best since my health isn't soo TOP Notch.....mind you I'm going from the dates of the last week of october to the first week of November so this will give me a few months to do everything in a comfortable way instead of being rushed..please advice my sexy bootilicous vets!!!!
Hello there how are you doing?
Oops one more thing sweety TJ max had the foam roll you will ndd to sit on 14.00 or less!
Thanks sis!!! I will definitely look into that. And yes I will set up appointments with all 3 doctor's. Could you send me a list of things I would need b4 sx and after. Such as pre op meds, lipo foam, wipes to fajas etc. That would be sooooooooo helpful thanks!!!!
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