So I am 20 years old and somewhat curvy....

So I am 20 years old and somewhat curvy. 38D-35-43,my weight is constantly fluctuating.A year ago I was a b cup with a smaller waist and more curvacious booty. currently I weigh 180 lbs due to the depo shot.GRRR.NEVER AGAIN.i dont look 180 lbs but you can defintley see i hold alot of weight in my back and stomach. ive always wanted the coca kola bottle shape.My dream measurments would be remain a 38 D, waist 27-29,butt 45-48.My 21 st bday is in Aug and have a planned consult with Dr.Kenneth Francis for Apr 13.My scheduled date of surgery would be May 21st. but I am some what in a libo. At first i was going to go with Dr.Levokitz,and then i chose francis. Then i heard some good things about Dr.Pakeman but his price Was TOO high for me. Dr.Salama seems to be a favorite but im not sure if i can handle going to florida.DOES anyone have any INPUT?

Yes ladies i have added some pics. i wqent from...

Yes ladies i have added some pics. i wqent from having a flat stomach with a round butt to having a big belly and losing my butt. everyone says u still have a butt and i look good in clothes but i want a change. right now im a 38D 33 or 34 waist. and a 43 butt,id like to keep the 38 and go down to a 30 or less waist with a 45 and up behind.My surgery is the 21st of this month so we will see just how transformed i will be. CANT WAIT!!

PLEASE if Anyone has some advice for me on what to...

PLEASE if Anyone has some advice for me on what to but or how recovery will go etc dont hesitate to tell me. im eager for some new info. thanks guys

I deleted the old pics because they werent...

i deleted the old pics because they werent accurate but i will take more preop pics next week before my surgery.:) in a full length mirror this time.

6 more days until the big day. i still need to buy...

6 more days until the big day. i still need to buy pills and another boppy pillow.ill take more pics on friday.ive intentionally been trying to gain some more weight.i dont look anything like 180. 150 yeah maybe.hopefully after this surgery i will weigh way less.

6 a.m is my surgery.i hope and pray all goes well.

6 a.m is my surgery.i hope and pray all goes well.

Okay guys so let me tell u about my journey.I...

Okay guys so let me tell u about my journey.I reached nyc about 1 or 2 in the morning so as soon as I got to my sis house we got ready and hopped on the train.I wore a all black maxi dress just in case I bleed and some surgey was at 6.I don't think dr.francis looked back at the bria myles pics I had brought but at that point I just wanted the best figure I could get.I have tiny veins so I got stuck about 8 or 9 times by anesthesiologist before he got a I.v in my min I'm talkin to everyone and then the next I'm knocked out.I woke up in so much pain like 3 hrs later.I just kept throwing up while the nurse was tryin to fix my bandages.I was so agonized because of the pain and naseau.I just wanted to be done so I could lay down.the taxi ride home was horrible because I felt every single bump.

I forgot to mention that when I first woke up and...

I forgot to mention that when I first woke up and stood up it felt like I was peeing on myself everytime I threw up.u may feel like this too but its really all the bloody fluid squirting out the small inscision where your abdomen is. I got 600cc from what I heard.hopefully 600 in each.When I got home I needed help gettin in bed because for one it was high and two the pain was through the roof.I had a little bucket in the corner of the room to pee in.messy.I couldn't squat low enough to pee and for some reason the pee was goin every which way.thank god for sis who helped wipe me since I couldn't reach in the back.although now she seem kinda fustrated.but I started trying to wiggle out the bed which had my belly feelin like. It was I'm doing everything on my left butt cheek was killin me for 2 days and I couldn't sleep.but I just kept rubbing the arnica gel on it and it really helps.of course my butt is still hard.I've just been sleeing on my chest.I don't like this binder they gave me only because it doesn't cover the lower part of my belly so that part isn't compressed at all.

Yesterday I was feeling better.I climed the stairs...

Yesterday I was feeling better.I climed the stairs a couple time to go to the kitchen and bathroom too.later in the night I went to a casino for like 2 hours.I. had to try and sit in the car so I put pillows behind my legs so my butt wasn't touching the seat.I stood at the casino.don't follow me because today my body is in some excruatin pain.even if u start feeling better I think everyone shouls just take it real easy for the first two weeks as if they just got out of surgery.lesson learned.

I finally had a bowel movement today and that...

I finally had a bowel movement today and that relieved some sharp pain I was having in my right side and uterus has all this fluid build up.I feel as if I should have had a drain there because it went from beeing flat to looking like..a uterus of an older woman who had at least one really bothers me that I have this little pouch so I want the doc to drain it.I have to wait uuntil next week to get a proper waist cincher.this waist cincher has lines that lay a pattern on your butt is still stiff and swollen.I just hope and pray I only get a little absorbtion.dr.francis is a certified doc which is what I like because their techniques and results tend to be more rewarding in my I wish I had a little more booty?yeah the max being 800 now that I see wat 600 on me looks like.

I'm so pissed off because my butt has shrunk...

I'm so pissed off because my butt has shrunk visibly.I'm so upset ubout it and my stomach just isn't small like how it should be.everyone else is comin out of surgery with at least a smaller waist.I'm fustrated and would love to hear what this doctor is going to tell him.I just hope my butt blows up..

Honestly if evryone has to keep questioning the...

Honestly if evryone has to keep questioning the doctors ability.or they can't even find good pictures of his past surgies on his website...just ggo with your gut and see another doctor who has a lot of patients backing him of right now I'm just flat out unhappy with my results.

I went to the doc yesterday and had my drain...

I went to the doc yesterday and had my drain removed.I brought upthe point to him that I don't feel as if I got enough volume although the shape of my butt seems fuller.he measured me and I'm a 45.5 around my butt which isn't a big difference from before.ill just keep wearing a shaper for my waist and hope it goes down to the 20's.the doc swore I look good and even gave me the before pics.when I asked him why my waist is still like a 34 even though my stomach is flatter he said its swelling.honestly I'm just not satisfied and will post pics mon when I get home for anyone whose asking.I don't know if I would do a round 2 and if I do it will not be this doc or any doc in nyc.ladies save your money and go to atlanta or florida where the best docs are.

Ok guys.right now my waist is about a 31 or a 30...

ok guys.right now my waist is about a 31 or a 30 with the waist butt is a 45.2 days after surgery i was at 47 which is wat i liked.the doc said he took 3 liters of fat which is alot but i only got 615 in one cheek and 600 in the other.i was really cold when i woke up from surgery due to all that fat pics dont do alot of justice but i already had a big butt..around 43 or now that im a 45 thats not such a big short 5'3 so it looks good.iv been getting alot of stares and people keep asking if i lost weight.but according to my sister my butt looks about the same size only fuller. i wanted to go for 48 inches.i def lost some volume and my hips arent filled bout like i wanted them to be.i did shed some pounds.when i checked last week i think i lost 8 lbs.i have to weigh myself again.the garment the doc gave me was horrible. i recommend getting your own because his does not smooth out your does the opposite. i brought this boy shorts body suit that has the bra part open in a small.lets just say it took me a half an hour and two ppl to get it on and off because the waist part could not come over the butt.the garment is wonderful no doubt because it really shapes you and its smooth,but it doesnt have a zipper or anything so u just have to pull it on. its made of leather and elastic so its really good.i got tired of it for now so i brought a waist cincher from macys which is so much more easier and kinda dissapointed but im kind of satisfied if that makes sense because my body is more shapely but just not as much as i wanted. i keep measuring my booty to see if i lose anymore volume. if i do i will cry!!

I went back to work last night working 12 hr...

i went back to work last night working 12 hr shifts which requires me to sit at a desk. all i can say is stressful. i try to put all the weight on the front of my legs.its hard and i know everyone is looking at me like why does she seem so uncomfortable.not to mention i had to kinda sit for a few minutes in a car while riding with family because i didnt want tontell them.its been a stressful recovery so far.would i go for round 2? yeah but that would be prbly 2 years from now when im good financially so that i can have a comfortable surgery with nurses and all the good would also be with a different doctor.

I have to say this...alot of the girls on real...

i have to say this...alot of the girls on real self are trying to achieve a a 40 in and up booty was already a 43.5 so i was going for a BIG 48 in. in comparison to my pre op booty.dr.francis may be good for girls who didnt already have a i dont want anyone to refuse to go with him because of my reviews.i guess it just depends on your body.i hopebi have helped somehow.ask me any questions.

Alot of people were saying i had the nicki minaj...

alot of people were saying i had the nicki minaj booty although it doesnt look like it in the pics.but u got to think of the inches because the ics arent all that accurate.i dont think i have the minaj booty now because its soft now.and ive lost some volume but it still lokks big to everyone else but me.o,k thats all for now.

Ive decided tha i prbly will do a round two.and...

ive decided tha i prbly will do a round two.and this time ill do my whole back and the works.i will be going to atlanta tho. i will post some more pics soon.but after that ill be done with real self for a while.I HOPE the staff from dr.francis office that was stalking my page doesnt have any ill feelings.i wont even go back for a check up.
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Honestly this is subject to change depending on my follow up appointments and my end results. :-)

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Are you happy with your results
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Do u mind posting pics? We have the same preop measurements
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Im Sorry that you didnt get what you wanted but I pray all is well n that you will get the money for round 2. However, i live in baltimore and Dr. Francis was my first choice because he was closer but after sending in pics n talking with staff i decide to go with Dr. Salama I have my own reasons. Anywayz dont worry u wil get a second chance n your results will be fabulous!!!! God Bless.
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thanks guys i really appreciate your support.
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@ Reggie, if you are not ok with your results do you girl. Only you know what you want & you only have to please & answer to yourself. oh & @ Hiphop29 LOOK here! (Cause I know your watching Jellyely & JellyBelly are 2 different people get it right! That is sad you on here peepn' 4 ya boss. That aint' right & I will not consider this Dr!
@Reggie if you want to do a round 2 slim down a bit more so you'll be more happy with your results. You do look better IJS
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@Reggie you do look good and you shouldn't let the idiots from Dr. Francis staff stop you from going to his office for your already paid for check up. I would go back and take the print out of this page so that he is aware of what his staff is doing!

Happy healing.
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Reggie you look good, ur waist looks small my god if I get half of what u got I'll be happy camper! Just remember to keep ur garment on, so which one are u wearing?
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i feel like he hasn't really given you a shelf that you should of got. the size or your actual butt is big like mine but i feel like without the shelf there's no point in having a big butt because it doesn't look toned etc he's just added fat but theres still no shelf (upper roundness) i understand why your not happy!
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thanks butter honey
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You look great
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@havenot most girls on this site dont even have the 43 or 44 in booty i had before so while i wasnt satisified with my butt before surgery,other girls are trying to achieve that size.because my booty was already big i was going for biggg booty,like 48 inch.if you are going for a smaller size id say go with dr. francis.
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Reggie babez How is u bbl now. Did it fluff u or u thinking of doing a round 2?
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Hey Reggie, how r u? How is ur healing coming along, I hope that u r well and that u have find some comfort in ur results. Please let us know how u r. I'm scheduled with Dr. Francis but after reading ur review and jellyely I'm not to sure I will go through with it. So if there is Anything that u feel that I should consider before making my decision, please let me know. Feel free to inbox me. I'm eternally great full!
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Havenot I'm thinking of de Francis for a bbl did u get a combo Tt/bbl? How was u recovery?
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Hi Reggie,
How are you feeling?How is recovery coming along?Best wishes!
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Jelly wily Did u get a bbl with dr Francis n how are liking it
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Hi Seesalt 123. I did get a BBL last April (4/2012) with Dr. Francis. I wish I would have done more research and gone with another, more BBL experienced doctor.
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I decided to soend the $$$ and go to atl in august.
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Hi Reggie, I can't wait to see your results. Your stomach will get smaller just give it time and wear a garment. I'm okay, still feel the same still have dents :/ I'm going to update in the next week since i make 6 wks friday, so you can see it yourself. I'm still waiting and hopeful that it'll get better. Let's see.
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Reggie can we see some pics...I am having my surgery next month and will really like to see some pics.
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Thanks jellyely.I'm gettin stares and I do have a coca bottle shape going on but I just feel like I could of gotten a lot more r u liking ur results?
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Hi Reggie,
I hope you are feeling better today. I honestly thing the healing part is the most frustrating and agonizing part specially because we obsess over our body and whether we got what we paid for, and of course this is all based on my experience. I was seriously obsess and I’m still stalking my own butt, and stomach to see if there is any progress. My advise to you is to try to distract yourself and take it day by day. Although your butt might lose volume hopefully so will you stomach and waist, so your butt will look bigger just because of the proportion difference. Fingers crossed it wont lose any more volume though. I hope this helps :-)
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Dr Jimmerson puts a triangular shaped device/tool at the top of his girls butts under the garment. I asked one bbl sista what it was. It leaves a triangle print, but over time it leaves a nice shelf. He is the shelf man. She is on realself under Dr J. Vedette and Baja are good garments. Best wishes
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