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I haD TT& Lipo done on 9/16/10 and it has been...

I haD TT& Lipo done on 9/16/10 and it has been quite the experience. As each day passes, I love my new look even more. In the beginning, I was like what the heck were you thinking :)

Week One - Pain meds and muscle relaxers were my best friend. The pain was totally bareable. Now getting around, using the bathroom and things like that was a whole different story. My first shower was an experience as well but it was very refreshing. I had to use a chair to shower for about two weeks before I felt fully comfortable to stand alone. My nurses were truly a godsend and good to me. My nurses were my honey and my neighbor. Did I mention that I slept in a chair with an ottoman for two weeks. That was waaay more comfortable than my bed :) I hated the drains but I know they served a major purpose. I felt like I had testicles and they were just uncomfortable and in the way. I could not wait until those things were removed. I made it through week one.

Week Two - Pain meds and everything starts wearing off and my body is like what in the heck did you do to me. I am moving around more and walking a little straighter but no where near ready to ran a marathon. As I moved around more, I swelled more and I was like OMG these are not the results I was looking forward to. Drains were removed in week two thank goodness. I was nervous about having them removed but I wanted those things out. The nurse clipped the stitches told me to take a deep breath and pulled them out. It did not hurt at all just felt really weird. Once the drains were removed, I really felt like I was on the road to recovery I made it through week two.

Week three - I went back to work. Boy was that a mistake. By the end of the day on the first sday, I felt like a make truck had hit me, I was stiff and sore and coould barely stand up straight from moving around and walking too much as a result of going back to work. By the end of the week, I was back on muscle relaxers and using ice packs at night. I was also only wearing my binder during the day and taking it off at night. I really should have stayed home one more week. I strongly advise everyone to stay home for a full three weeks at least. I probably called my doc's office at least every other day for the first three weeks :) Just trying to make sure that everything I was experiencing was normal. I made it through week three.

Week Four - Every day makes a difference. Im feeling much better this is my last week wearing my binder. I am walking straight moving faster and ready to take on the world. My incision line is looking great. My sutures have fully dissolved except a little piece in my belly button. I am massaging and oiling my new mid-section everyday with lotion and Palmer's Skin Therapy. I am loving life right now and definitely loving the results. Feeling like I a new woman. Incision points on both sides are still sore and sensitive but I am still healing of course. I feel tightening and numbiness, but checked with doc again to be sure everything is normal. I made it through week four.

Week Five - Still loving the new me and feeling like a new woman. This week the doc tells me to stop wearing my binder. The first day was really weird without out. It felt like the top half of my body was going to fall off. Again I called my doc to make sure this was a normal feeling. They told me it was and if it gets too uncomfortable or if I swell too much, I can put it back on. I made it through the day and the rest of the week without it. I am still making it through week five but all is well and every day is progression.

I forgot to mention that the swelling on my pubic mound was the most interesting and funniest thing ever :)

Stay tuned, I will update my progress in about two weeks when I am eight weeks out.

I dont have any photos to post at this time but as soon as I get some, I will post them.

Thanks ladies. I had to post my experience to help others. This forum really helped me out prior to my surgery. Kimmers guide was really helpful and her post are enlightening and encouraging. Thanks Angie for moderating
Okay ladies where did I leave off.

Week Six - Things are still going well feeling good. Incision lines are still sore but healing with time. I made it through week six

Week Seven - Incision lines are feeling ten times better. Alot of the soreness is gone. I was even able to lay on my sides and not have any discomfort when transitioning to my back. I was even able to lay on my stomach. Hooray!!!! I am not a big stomach sleeper, but being able to do something is better than being restricted. I made it through week seven.

This is the beginning of week eight and all is still well. I go for my 6 week check-up next week. Due to my schedule and the doc being on vacation, I was not able to quite make an appointment for six weeks. I am excited to go next week to hear the docs reviews and to get fully cleared for exercise.

Does anyone have any suggestions on an exercise regimen to continue to lose weight and tone-up? I do not really like the gym but I want to do something to maintain and lose more weight. Suggestions please.
Hi Neicygirl - glad to hear from you!  Sounds like you are coming along really well and all sounds normal.  As soon as your doctor clears you to start exercise start very slow.  Try some light cardio (walking or elliptical) works best.  Also when the doctor says GO...start with some light weights; nothing over 8-10 pounds.   Here is my non gym day workout that keeps me toned and fit and burns a few calories:  I do all of this at home. 1.  Treadmill 20-30 minutes on a hill level 20, speed at about 3.5 to 4.0 miles per hour.  Work your way up to this though.  Start with a nice easy pace walk. 2.  On an exercise ball do three sets of (15) crunches.  This may not come for you for a while yet. 3.  Chair dips for the arms.  I do three sets of (20) to keep my upper arms toned and tight. 4.  Lunge walking.  Great for the tush and thighs.  I generally do about 5-8 minutes of this. 5.  With 10 pound weights I do presses and rows.  Three sets of (15) with each.  This gives me a really good at home work out in 45-60 minutes.  
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