After losing 57 lbs I was left with a mini apron...

After losing 57 lbs I was left with a mini apron as my lower abdomen and no shape. I decided to go for a tt so that I can feel sexier and more confident after my weight loss. I'm both nervous and excited. My tt will be done under local anesthesia with a combination of lipo.

Wow congratulations on the weight loss.  That is awesome and you should be very proud.  

Now say goodbye to the extra skin forever:)   Awake??   You are brave!  I will be very interested in hearing about how that all works and your thoughts on it after.  I guess I am just too big of a chicken for that.  They needed to knock me out into next week just to get me on the OR table.  


Hey Kimmers25,
Thank you for the warm welcome. I am so excited that I will be getting rid of this extra skin!! I def know what you mean about the Awake tummy tuck.... I'm a bit nervous about it but very very excited. I haven't had any kids so during my consultation my PS checked my muscles out said that they were in good shape therefore I wouldnt be needing the MR.

The Awake tummy tuck is also known as the "Avelar AbdominalPlasty". To be honest I was a little scared of going under general anesthesia since I haven't had great experiences. Then I met with my awesome PS who said I was a good candidate for the awake tummy tuck and I was hesitant I first but now after meeting and researching my PS , I feel that I am in good hands.

I was scheduled to have surgery in Dominican Republic but ended up chickening out. I started think about the what if's ( I dont heal properly and I'm away from home, what if a PS here in the states don't want to take me on as a patient for my f/u etc).

I will definitely keep you guys posted before and after surgery. My preop is scheduled for October 3rd and surgery 10/24. So very excited.

I am looking forward to reading your posts and following your journey:)



Well, I started classes today which I know will...

Well, I started classes today which I know will keep me entertained until my surgery. My class runs from today 8/22 to 10/17.
I have a friend who knows some one who this the lymphatic massages close to where I live and who is willing to travel to my home and do them , yeahyy. I have also been researching where to buy wedge pillows from that are not so expensive and I haven't had any luck. Since the majority of the good ones are over $60 I decided to call my nearest rent a center and see if they rented recliners (I bumped into someone in one of the boards who did this).
I called th local store and they are only charging me $100 to rent the recliner for a month!!!!! I spoke to my husband about it and he thought it was an awesome idea therefore I will be placing my order tomorrow. I have been a little nervous about sleeping arrangements because we have a queen sized bed and my hubby loves to throw his arm around me while he sleeps ( although i love to cuddle I don't want that happening
post surgery) so I am happy he liked the idea.
Well that's all for now. I will check in with you guys later.

Wow! An awake tummy tuck,I have seen a few videos of them being done,but I would not be able to be awake, I don't know what I would do i heard what they were saying like scalpel,but that's only if I was the patient,because I'm plastic surgery OR assistant but idk if I would hang hearing the doctor talk about there going to do next on me,while I'm consious.

So yesterday I finally made it out to the...

So yesterday I finally made it out to the rent-a-center around my way and tried out the recliner. IT WAS SO SUPER COMFORTABLE!!! The young lady that took care of me was awesome and told me to go back to the store about a week before to provide payment and set up delivery. I'm excited. Time can't go by fast enough ;-)

My pre-op appt is a month from this Saturday. What questions should I ask during my pre-op visit?
If your belly button is being redone, insist he shape it oval not round. Find pics of things you dislike and ones you like, take them in and thoroughly go over them. You can have a big hand in how you're sculpted as well! Be picky! I would look into a cheap cane as well, it would've helped me a lot, also think abt putting a chair in front of whatever mirror you get ready at, standing to do hair and makeup exhausted my back for 2 weeks, save the energy. I would recommend taking a phenergen as soon as you get home so you don't vomit. Vomiting within the first 3 days is extremely common. Make sure you eat w every pain killer and be careful of that percocet. In my case, this advice would've made my recovery a lot nicer! The results and the new you are worth every second!!!
you will do fine!
Hey Trish,
In part I feel piece of mind cause I will be awake and will be able to talk to my PS and his assistant but I'm also a bit nervous about it. But I think I would be nervous regardless of if I was awake or not. I'm really just praying for good results and hoping for a smooth recovery.

I was looking at my belly today and thinking how...

I was looking at my belly today and thinking how is not so bad. Made me wonder if I was making the right move. But then I turned to the side and sucked my belly in while holding it with my hands and realized HOW AMAZING I WOULD LOOK WITHOUT IT!!! I'm so very excited but a bit nervous of having a too high/too low or to the side BB, possibilities of seromas or DVTs. I guess this are all normal things to feel worried about . I trust my PS and his work ; it's just that I can't help but worry about those things. My preop is on 10/03 and I've printed pictures of what I don't want to look like and once of how I would like my results to be so I can discuss at the appt. I'm working on maintaining my weight and trying to lose atleast 5 lbs before surgery. Catch you guys later

Did anyone else worry about bein on your cycle...

Did anyone else worry about bein on your cycle Right before surgery or during the first week (which seems to be te toughest)? I don't know why that freaks me out!!! I am praying my cycle is here early October or two to three weeks after my surgery. I have PCOS so my cycle is super crazy without a set day. Since losing weight within the last year in a half ago I have seen my cycle every month which is a big change from two to three times a year. Yeahy me!!!
Hi Can't Wait,
By the way , congrats in your weight loss as well. It's never easy but boy is it satisfying to see that weight come off.
Hi Can't Wait,
We can so keep eachother cyber company through this process. Are surgeries are just days apart!!! Yes, please jeep me posted and I will keep you posted on my experience as well.
I can really relate to your story, I have just lost 55 pounds and my surgery is set for Oct 21st. I will try to get with you the day after to let you know what I thought. Good Luck to you and great job on the weight loss.

Reliving 9/11 all over again through the media has...

Reliving 9/11 all over again through the media has been really sad... Being from New York and experiencing first hand the events of that day was and will continue to always be unforgettable. RIP to all those who lose their lives and may god grant healing to the hearts of those who still and will always hurt for the ones the lost.
Hi Bella83,
My cycle is the same way (cramping, muscle aches, fatigue and anxiety). It really sucks. I'm also kind of just freaked out about my husband or anyone else having to help me out while on my CYCLE during SURGERY. It's bad enough that I will need help already and to add my cycle to that... uhgggg... I really hope my cycle comes early in the month or not at all lol. When is your surgery? I'm starting to get excited. As of this Saturday I will be just two weeks away from pre-op appt. Good luck to you as well!! I also can't wait to see your results. I pray you have a smooth surgery and recovery and that we both GET CENTERED BELLY BUTTONS AND PRETTY INCISIONS, LMAO.
NewMe1024, I have the same fears (and some) that you have. I am so worried that I will have a weird belly button or one that isn't centered. My PS laughed at me today when I told her this. She told me that she would make sure it is centered. I also worry about being on my cycle after I have the surgery, mostly because I always feel worse right before my period and while I'm on it (cramping, muscles aches, fatigue, and anxiety). Don't want to add anything else when I'm going to be feeling bad from surgery. My surgery is the end of October and I usually start around the end of the month so this worries me. Makes me want to push the date into November lol. Well, good luck with everything and I can't wait to see your results!

I'm so excited!!! I'm exactly two weeks away from...

I'm so excited!!! I'm exactly two weeks away from my preop appointment. I started writing down all the questions I want to ask because it always happens that I forget as soon as I walk through the door. My weight has been at a steady 160lbs but I would def like to lose five lbs before surgery . Since losing weight I haven't been shopping for a new clothes so everything in my closet fits me kinda big. I went from a size 14 to a size 8 and if it wasnt for my "apron" a could even fit a size 6. I decided not to go shopping until a couple months after surgery. Thankfully I work in scrubs (already fit me big) therefore I won't have to shop for work clothes after the famous "swell he'll" kicks in. My sister in law had a tt march of this year and her recovery was amazing and she didn't really experience crazy swell hell. Praying for a smooth recovery. I've been keeping up on a couple of you ladies and your recovery journeys. I continue to pray fir everyone to have smooth recoveries without complications and fantastic results.

Chao ladies

Dear Lord, On this beautiful night I pray that...

Dear Lord,
On this beautiful night I pray that you provide me with the patience I will need to deal with the "swell hell" everyone is talking about. Please help all my TT'ers through their journeys and help them understand that although "swell hell" is a pain, it is not here to stay. It's the consequences we pay for a flat tummy. Oh, and Dear Lord, please help me remember this post/prayer when is my turn to go through the tummy tuck and experience "swell hell".

H Shaika!!!! I will def keep you guys posted. I'm so very excited. PCOS is such a pain in the butt . Before deciding on the procedure and still bow, I have people asking why dint I wait until I have a child. My answers is : I'm too young and this is the time for me ti enjoy myself and my body . If/when Gid decides to send me that child , I will deal with it then. Life is too short ...
Sorry for the typos. I'm on my iPhone . I meant to say "hi Shaila"
I am scheduled for TT november 9th and I want to hear how your TT goes. I have the same concern with you and my period. I also have PCOS.

Well guys, today, I'm just feeling plain fat!!! I...

Well guys, today, I'm just feeling plain fat!!! I can't wait to get rid of this damn apron. I can't stand it.

Wow!!! So exactly a month from today I will say...

Wow!!! So exactly a month from today I will say goodbye to my apron. Sweet!!! I need to get myself together and lose another five pounds and hit the gym so I can be ready. I'm working on it..

In exactly eight days I will be at my pre-op appt....

In exactly eight days I will be at my pre-op appt. How exciting!! This will be the "it" day. The day that I will no longer have one ounce of doubt about what I want to do. I'm positive of removing this apron but I want the cherry on-top. Once I ask all the questions I need to ask and discuss my concerns then I will be 100% sure. Right now I'm at a 99% just because I want to ask many questions and hear what I will be expecting before and during surgery. I'm having an Awake tummy tuck so I really want to hear how this is going to work. Anyways, just a week and a day. Once we discuss everything I will make my final payment. I gave a down payment and have waited on paying the rest until I get all of my questions answered.

So, I had to log on and share this with you guys...

So, I had to log on and share this with you guys today.
Like Bella83 , I found myself dreaming about my tummy tuck. One of my worst fears is having to do a revision and that is exactly what my dream was about. Not bloody at all. I went in for surgery and the next thing I know I was up and looking at my flat belly except for an AWFUL RIDGE on the bottom of my scar. I pray that I like everything I see and that my PS listens. I have a couple more pounds I want to lose so I know my body needs more work so I'm not expecting perfection but I am expecting a FLAT TUMMY which is what I'm paying for.

Now thinking about it,I know why I had that dream. I was on youtube last night and saw a video of a young lady who went out to Columbia and had tummy tuck and BA/BL. After coming back to the states she almost died. The out of state surgeon left something inside and she wasn't healing and ended up with an infection that if she would have waited one more day to attend to, she would have been dead. Seeing the video made me thank God that I decided to do the surgery here in the US. After coming back to the states no one wanted to take her on as a patient; that right there was one of my major fears. Needless to say, I'm happy with staying in the US even if that means paying a couple extra dollars. Peace of mind is priceless.

Well 23 days to go before surgery... I'm starting a strict diet and workout routine today so that I can lose about 10 pounds before surgery.
I hate those dreams!! I know that I had them because I too was looking at tummy tuck stuff before bed (and I ate, which seems to contribute to my nightmares). I pray that our surgeons listen to what we want and that they do a great job on our surgeries. I go for my pre-op on the 5th, just 2 days after you. That's when I'll pay the rest of the money and there will be no turning back! I think I'm ready at this point. I just pray about it daily and God has seemed to answer my prayers by calming my fears. I'm so glad you decided to stay in the states to have your surgery done. Having this kind of surgery in a different country would be so scary. Anyways, I'll be thinking of you and we'll be recovering together in less than a month so if you ever need someone to talk to, let me know ;-)

Well, day one of my strict diet. It went well. I...

Well, day one of my strict diet. It went well. I have my mind set on one goal and that is to lose 10 lbs. I'm trying this strict/diet exercise until Monday and if that does not work I will be detoxing. I did the 21 lbs in 21 detox in January and lost 18 lbs so I know that would give me the quick results I need before surgery. I will keep you guys posted on my weight loss.I am currently at 163.2 lbs (which is already 3.2 lbs above where I want to be and am looking to be at 153 and under for the surgery.

On another note, I received a call from my PS office today. Nicole wanted to r/s my appointment from 10:15 to 1:30pm on the same day. I still can't believe that is next week. I told her I was a bit nervous and she replied "You are going to do great". I love that she is so reassuring. Anyways, that is all for today now back to doing homework and reading my chapters (that is also going back so fast. I have another two weeks before classes end).

Stay strong and you can do it:)

Hi Bella83,
Can you believe wr are so close !!! I'm so excited that you and I will be on this journey together. We can keep eachother cyber company lol. I will also be payin off my balance at preop time. I wanted to wait until then because I have only met with my PS once although I've beebread in touch with his assistant (who I love) a couple of time. I held off on paying because I just want to make sure all my questions are answered to my satisfaction and that I have a clear idea of his different policies and emergency plan. I am having my tummy tuck under local anesthesia in his office (he has a room set up that looks like a mini OR) so I just want to ask questions an see what the plan would be if I reacted badly to something. I'm more nervous about the local anesthetic then the tuck itself, lol. I don't really like needles but I've had horrible times at the dentist so in a weird way if this was a dentist appt I would be freaking out right now.
I can't believe that you are brave enough to be awake during this procedure! I am scared of the general anesthesia too but I kind of look forward to going to sleep and then waking up to a new belly ;-) Don't worry about the needles, you'll be fine. That will be nothing compared to everything else. I can't wait to hear how your pre-op goes. I've been compiling a list of questions to ask while I'm at mine. I also go this Friday to my cardiologist to have an EKG and echo to make sure my heart looks good and can handle what I'm about to do to myself lol! I can't believe how close it is!! I'm so excited for us ;-)

Well, I lost a whole pound!!!! 163.2 to now 162...

Well, I lost a whole pound!!!! 163.2 to now 162.2!!! Not bad. I will keep you guys posted.
I know that you would like to lose weight before the surgery but please remember that you also need to be healthy and strong for the surgery and recovery :)
Shaila, you are right. Thank you for the advice. I've been eating really healthy and taking my vitamin C, multivitamins and iron pills daily. Maybe I should just continue what I'm doing instead of detoxing. Now thinking about it, Detoxing would def be a bit harsh on my body before surgery. Thank you for the reminder that I should be nice and healthy for my surgery.

160.8 lbs as of this morning!!!!! Yeah me!!!!...

160.8 lbs as of this morning!!!!! Yeah me!!!! Don't think I will be detoxing. I will continue what I'm doing. For those who want to know : I'm eating 5-6 meals a day (which is my norm and how I've maintained ) which includes three snacks that as of this week include protein (I bake turkey patties which I make at home. I buy the turkey meat and season it with lemon pepper, basil and Mrs Dash then form into patties and bake for about 45 minutes or until browned) at every snack with or without a piece of fruit. I love bread and rice but haven't been eating any of it at all so far this week. To be honest I haven't started exercising between work and school I haven't found the time and I'm lazy about getting up early and exercising before work. Well just wanted to let you guys know how I'm doing and I will check in tomorrow morning again.

Well, I just finished reviewing other tt'ers...

Well, I just finished reviewing other tt'ers updates and I've realized that I can not go into surgery expecting perfection. Everyone's body is different therefore I need to stop looking for comparisons of how I think I will look. This does not mean that I will not express my desires to my PS and expect him to deliver so so work. I will definitley express my wants and desires and hope that the results are close to excellent. I'm not looking to be a super model but I am looking to have a more defined waste line and a flat tummy.

Now thats the attitude to have:)   

Cant' wait, so glad that you stopped by. Congrats on your amazing weight loss. That is an amazing accomplishment!!! 141 lbs would have been my ideal weight to go to surgery at but I'll hopefully be going in at 155. Stay in touch and let us know how your pre-op goes.
Sorry have not been on in a bit. My total weight loss at this point is 64 pounds down to 141. So happy. Pre op appointment a week from today. I think I have checked out everyones journey and I want to Thank everyone for all the information. So glad we all get to be memebers of this special group

Ladies today I am HUNGRY!!!! lost a few more...

Ladies today I am HUNGRY!!!! lost a few more ounces but am getting nervous about the weekend. Saturday is usually my cheat day but since surgery is around the corner I want to behave. Let's see how that goes.

You can do this!  Stay strong girlfriend:)  Chew gum when you feel like eating.  Get some of the Extra dessert flavors.  They taste good for about a half hour and then you need a fresh piece.

ugh i hear you! sunday is my cheat day ...and im like 2 pounds away from dream weight!! not even goal weight...its so hard bc my kids have so many good snacks...but everytime i feel like stuffing a cookie in my mouth i drink a bottle of water..i feel your pain

OMG OMG OMG!!!! My pre-op and final payment is on...

OMG OMG OMG!!!! My pre-op and final payment is on MONDAY!!!! Wow, how time flew. I can't believe its finally here. Hope everyone is doing well. I will check back in Monday after my pre-op.
Can't wait to hear how your pre-op goes so don't spare any details lol! I will update once I have mine on Wednesday ;-) Still trying to think of all the questions I need to ask. Pre-op is gonna make it so official!!
You are so very right.Pre-op is deifinitley going to make things so much more official. Once pre-op is over the surgery will just be in a couple of weeks. So excited/anxious!! Not nervous yet but I'm sure I will be ;-)
Hi Nervous101, and welcome to the October crew of tummy tuckers :-) it's normal to be nervous/ anxious, I think I speak for everyone when I say that. I will definitely keep everyone posted on my journey and I will be sending healing prayers everyone's way. I think we will all do just fine. I pray God guides the hands of the surgeons operating on all of us. He got this.

Hey girls!!! I decided to update the night before...

Hey girls!!! I decided to update the night before my pre-op. I took a nice long shower and shaved all the right places :-) for the embarrassing pictures in the AM. I have to tell you guys something funny... I went out yesterday and got me matching panties and bra for preop tomorrow. I know I will be having to get into the fabulous "blue panty" but I felt the need to look cute. Plus I want to take before and after pics with the same under garment. Elwell, goodnight ladies and I will check in after my 130pm preop tomorrow.
Hi Newme... I was reading your blog and thought i'd chime about being on your period. I had my TT aug 19th and I normally am pretty regular (28-30) days. I was due for my period on the 22nd. I figured that with all the stress that my body went through during the surgery, i'd be late. Ya, not so much. I started on the 22nd! No cramping felt, but I assume its because I was on pain meds :-)


Don't ever let fear drive your decisions.  Your mind is just working over time right now.  Try to put it to rest and not think about it so much.  Positive thoughts make for positive results:)

You are going to do great!

Thanks Kimmers. I am trying to think positive thoughts tonight before bed. Can't take anymore nightmares. Thank you for being so supportive. Thanks to all of you girls on here. You're a blessing.

Hey ladies, So my Pre-op went great. I had all my...

Hey ladies,
So my Pre-op went great. I had all my questions answered and now feel 100% sure of my decision. Guess what??? They didn't make me get into the blue surgical panty!!!! I took pictures in my cute black under garment. I'm so very excited and ready. We spoke about IV sedation if I don't feel comfortable with only Valium. I got prescriptions for antibiotics, antinauseas medication and Vicodin (I can't deal with Percocet). We spoke of the possibilities of lipo to my thighs in the future but right now all I care about is this tummy!!! The boobs and thigh I can deal with. Oh , he said I would have one drain possibly two; he will decide on that day. Everything should be around 3-3 1/2 hours and I should be home by that afternoon. I AM EXCITED. He brought his partner Dr. kalifeh in to examine me and asked his opinion on where my incision should be. I thought that was awesome. The incision will be very low and not quite hip to hip. I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Come on Bella83, wr can do this. I'm having an AWAKE one and I'm gonna go for it. In three weeks from now I will have a new tummy !!!
Congradulations Newme1024!! you will look great and glad to hear your pre-op went good. It makes a big difference when you get your questions answered.
Yay!! I'm so excited that you're so excited and ready ;-) Praying my pre-op goes just as well and that I can be as excited and sure of it as you. You are going to look so great!!! We can do this!! I was reading a bible passage today that is bringing me comfort so I'll share it with you: "Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?" Worrying will not make me live longer and only God knows when it's my time. I need to let go and trust in Him (and pray my time isn't related to a tummy tuck he he). Feel much better about things as of right now.

So excited!!!

So excited!!!
Hi Everyone,

I will be able to take only 2 weeks off post TT. I work in construction as an inspector. I dont do any lifting or anything physical but I do drive alot. I am not sure if that will be enough time to recupricate. Any suggestions.. Shoudl I wait until I can take atleast 3-4 weeks off. I am just afraid that wont happen for another year.
I'm so glad your pre-op went so well. How exciting! I'm getting more and more nervous. Hopefully I'll feel better after my pre-op on Oct. 14th.
Hi Jen,

My pre-op is on the 14th as well, with surgery on the 29th. I am getting more and nervous too. I think I will be nervous until the day I have surgery. Hopefully I can relax afterwards.

So nothing new over on my side. I'm still trying...

So nothing new over on my side. I'm still trying to lose some weight but realized that I only have 2 1/2 weeks before surgery!!! All I can do is try. Even if it is just 5 lbs I would ve extremely happy but I'm not stressing myself. This is my last week if classes before my finals so I should be able to focus on hitting the gym right after. I wish I can be a fitness freak but I am not. I do the bear minimal which will change once I have the tummy tuck done. I just have such a hard tome getting myself to go to the gym. I would love to love it but I just don't . I really just do it because i know is good for me. Hopefully that changes after I have a new tummy. Well I've got about another 18 days before my transformation and I can't wait. I would love to be 155lbs presurgery and my goal to reach post surgery in a couple of months will be 145lbs. Totally doable!!!
NewMe, you sound like me ;-) I was trying to lose another 5 pounds before surgery but it is a struggle. I make it to the gym about 5 days a week but I've been eating like crap lately. When I'm stressed, I eat, and I eat sweets. This week I've noticed that I'm "eating my emotions" lol! When I'm anxious, I eat, when I'm scared, I eat. Think about my tummy tuck, I eat lol. I just might put on 5 pounds before surgery at this rate!! You can do it though. If not, keeping that tummy tuck looking good should be motivation enough to get to the gym and eat healthy (atleast I'm hoping it is, for me anyway;-). Not much longer sister!!!
The last 5 lbs. are the hardest to lose. You will look and feel great once the surgery is done. No more being nervous, scared, excited and going to food. We will love the way we look and have so much more confidence that we wont need the food to confort us.
Lets hope so ;-)

I'm on my way out of town with hubby and as I'm...

I'm on my way out of town with hubby and as I'm sitting in the passengers side I notice this huge roll right in front of me. Ughhhhhhh how I can't stand it!! It kills my cute look !! But I'm so excited that this roll will be a goner two weeks from this Monday. Positive thoughts bring positive vibes so ive cleared my mind of the negative things that could happen and am onlyfocused on the good things. I put my body and the surgeon in Gods hands and prays he guides the surgeon and my recovery (and everyone elses ofcourse). It's going to be hard I know but I'm so excited!!! Can't wait!!!
You're gonna look fabulous and that belly will be so flat!! I am so excited for us when I think about how we will look after ;-)
Hi,its a hard one to judge,I had my Tt 5 weeks ago today and found the first 3 weeks tough then it felt I woke up and was almost "normal" again.After 2 weeks I could drive no problem,it was difficult for me to stand or walk too much,I felt really weak, as if my legs were not strong enough.Everyones different and I guess if you have to, you will just get through it,good luck x

So Im going to take this as a good sign: I GOT MY...

So Im going to take this as a good sign: I GOT MY PERIOD YESTERDAY. This might sound silly but that was one thing I didn't nit want to worry about along with the painful recovery. I've been praying for it to get here before my surgery and hopefully two weeks plus after it. Since October started that was one of my worries . I can't even imagine having to deal with the incision, pain, semiimmobility and then changing a freakin pad/tampon. Thank God!!!

Ladies here is a good link for you.  Periods and Surgery.

Thank you a million for that link!!!

I just read your update.  This is probably the one and only time you have ever been glad to get your period:)



Well two weeks until surgery... I filled my...

Well two weeks until surgery... I filled my prescriptions today and purchased a hot/cold compress. I will be stopping by the rent a center near my home on Saturday and putting the order in for my recliner. The times approaching quickly. This is my last week of classes which I planned that way because I just want to focus on recovering and nothing else. Im unsure about what garment to purchase after surgery. I will have a binder after surgery but my PS just said that after two weeks I van get into spanx"s .... But I kinda want to purchase a CG from the site. Still debating. What do you girls think?
Hello Nervous101, my pre-op is November 15th but I have some questions also..mine are similar to Bella83 and NewMe1024 as well...but I'm gonna ask about taking MOM or some sort of stool softener the day after surgery, what type of pain meds is he gonna prescribe, will I have trouble urinating after anesthetia wears off, my PS will be providing me with 2 binders so I'm gonna ask him what type of material is the binder made of..will it cause rash, itching. And also where exactly will the drains be placed (I've noticed some being placed in pubic area and some on sides)so I'm gonna ask just to get clarification. Thats pretty much all I have for now but I'm sure there will be more by the time I have my pre-op. Let us know how yours went, keep us posted!
Hi Ladies,

I have my pre-op this friday. I have a list of questions that I would like to ask. I am always afraid of something obvious that I should have asked but forgot. Do you ladies have any suggestions of obvious things, I should be asking?? I am so excited and nervous that I am actually breaking out like crazy. I havent had a pimple since I was a teenager.. grrrr
Hi ;-) I asked a ton of questions at my pre-op and here's a few from my list: What exactly was going to happen the day of, things I should bring with me on the day of, things I would need on hand at home, whether or not I could wear my nail polish on my fingernails(sounds stupid but I didn't know), how they handle complications that may occur during surgery, things I should and shouldn't take (like multi-vitamins) before and after surgery, how long I can expect surgery to last, when I should stop working out (answer was 2 to 3 days before so I wouldn't be dehydrated or sore), how my pain pump worked, I asked for a chart to log meds and to log drainage output (you can always make one if the doctor doesn't supply them), when I could have sex again, when my first post-op would be, how to take my meds, I asked what kind of meds I would be given during and after surgery, and that's all I can remember right now. I can find my list tomorrow and maybe add more to it ;-) I know I had lots more lol! They probably thought I was a crazy lady.

OMG 11 days!!! Go me , go me , go me... Excited is...

OMG 11 days!!! Go me , go me , go me... Excited is what I am.

So I just finished my Final exam and the last...

So I just finished my Final exam and the last postings for my online classes. Boy does that feel good. Now I get to finish preparing for surgery and can worry about registering for the spring semester at the end of December. I can't believe my classes are over. When I first started on 08/22, I was just thinking about how school would keep me entertained until surgery and it sure did. I just can't believe it went by so fast. 11 more days...
I am definitely worried about the "after" the most. I just don't want any complications. I worry about everything lol. So scared of hematomas, dvt's, pulmonary embolisms, you name it! And I'm definitely dreading the "swell hell". Thanks for the encouragement though ;-) I need it lol!
Of course you will make it through,I dont believe that they take any chances,your life comes first.Its definately the "after" that you should worry about!Before you know it,you will be on here moaning about the "swell hell"! just like me x
Bella,it is so worth it.I will be 6 weeks post tt tomorrow and was out earlier today trying on loads of different clothes,without having to hide the ring of fat.Im still swollen above it and want to lose more weighht so not buying much just now - but I cant wait!The weeks have flown by-just think of the end results,I am a new person x

So, finally the weekend is here!!! This weekend...

So, finally the weekend is here!!! This weekend I'm planning on cleaning my house completely so that I can touch it up throughout the week and not have much to do the weekend before surgery. I think I'll go out this weekend and get my MOM and Colace as well as make the final payments to have my recliner deliver next Saturday. All is well. I never lost the extra 10 lbs I wanted to :-( I'm still at 160lbs but at least I have gained. During this week coming up, I'm planning to keep a light diet and intake my regular amount of water so that I can be ready for surgery. I hope all the ladies who have gone through surgery are doing well and for all of those who are going GOODLUCK.
NewMe, I'm freaking out lol. Starting to get really scared. Only 6 days to go and I feel like I have so much to do. Praying I get better....
Thanks ladies for all the wonderful suggestions relating to questions to ask my PS. I have my pre-op today. Hopefully, I feel much better after I get all my questions answered.
How'd your pre-op go? Hope you feel better after having it ;-)

I rented my recliner today!!!! They are trying to...

I rented my recliner today!!!! They are trying to see if they can get me a lift chair which would be awesome but if not it will just be a regular recliner that I will have delivered Saturday the 22nd. I'm more and more excited everyday and am just hoping for great results.
Only 12 more days until my big day. I have so much to do. I am also taking my professional engineers exam on thursday and friday and surgery on Saturday. I am so nervous, but I dont know what is stressing me out more my exam or TT. I am so excited
I'm actively watching your progress. My tt is scheduled for Nov 14, so I'm just a few weeks behind you! Hope all goes well. Please keep us posted. So excited for you and me too!
I am 6 weeks post op,completely flat in the morning but as it approaches lunchtime,I puff up!I spoke to my ps on Friday as I had stopped using the binder last week and he suggested I wear it on for 3 days then off for 3 and do what feels best.I feel more secure and supported wearing it but it is "boned" and sometimes when I swell,I feel the bones dig exactly into where the scar is.I also have the compression pants,again when the swell comes, I dont think wearing anything makes me more comfortable,with or without.The ps explained that all the normal draining vessels have been cut and thats why the swell continues,until they rebuild,may be 3-6 months.He suggested lympathic massage,I intend to give that a go shortly and will let you know if it helps.Overall,I have enjoyed the garment although probably spanx would have the same affect.Good luck x

OMG!!! 4 MORE DAYS!!! I can't believe this. I'm...

OMG!!! 4 MORE DAYS!!! I can't believe this. I'm still not nervous. I'm feeling ready and just praying for things to go smooth.

Good luck tomorrow Bella83!!!!
Thank you for the well wishes!!! Pretty soon it will be your turn :-)
WoW! Im so excited for you! Please let us know how you're doing! Im sure you will do great and be thrilled with your results!!
I really really really hope I have awesome results and that my surgery and recovery go smooth. I will def keep everyone posted. I'm having an awake tummy tuck and want to make sure I give all you guys detailed info on how my experience goes.

Well today was my last day at work until Nov 7th....

Well today was my last day at work until Nov 7th. I felt this funny feeling in my tummy as reality started to set in. Wow, just two more days. I went by my PS office just to ask last minute questions and he nurse is such a sweetheart. I love her. She eases any anxiety I could be feeling.

So, my mom lives in New York but she works and I told her not to worry about coming all the way out here (she's been taking lots of days off due to my grandfather being diagnosed with cancer 12/09. So she has been traveling a lot) that I will be fine. But she is a mom, so she has been feeling sad and nervous about not being here. My PS office said that the surgery we would about 3 to 3 1/2 hours and that my hubby could just leave his cell and they will call him when I'm recovering but I decided to tell my hubby to sit around so that my mom has peace of mind. She was freakin out about no one being there just in case something happens (God Forbid) therefore I spoke to my hubby tonight and he will just bring his iPad and watch movies while he waits.

I feel excited not nervous yet but most likely will be the evening before of morning of. This weekend I will pamper myself and go for a pedicure and to get my hair done and eyebrows waxed. I will also finish picking up my house and buying last minute groceries.

I will check in with you guys Sunday night again.

Are you ready Jenni!!!!
Praying for you!!!
I am sooooo ready!!! :-) It's funny you mentioned the hubby staying at the PS office. My PS also said for my husband to leave his cell and he would call when I'm in recovery. My mom decided to come out and she'll be here Tuesday. She's not liking that they husband isn't going to wait in the office. So we'll see what he ends up doing.

Counting down! I'll check in Sunday night to wish you luck.
Jennregi our mommies are so sweet. We have to love them. I am sooo but soooo ready. My recliner was finally delivered to the apartment around 4 pm today and I bought the rest of my stuff. I'm now making some soup for the week that I will puree so that it is easier to digest (not sure if it will work but we will see). I am all set. The nurse that will be working along side my PS called me today to confirm my surgery time and to make sure I had everything I needed. She is a sweetheart. She reassured me that things will be great and that my results will be awesome. I will also check in Sunday to wish you luck. I can't believe we are only one day away!!

So ladies tomorrow is my surgery and as I suspect...

So ladies tomorrow is my surgery and as I suspect it, today, I'm nervous!!!! Gosh I'm so excited but so nervous at te same time. I hope I settle down before surgery tomorrow. I will be praying for all of us please pray for me as well. I'm sure everything will be just fine. I have all I need so I'm ready to roll. Today I will do some last minute touch ups around the house and I will get my hair done. Well I will check in tonight again to update you guys on this nervous feeling in my tummy :-)

Well ladies this is it. Tomorrow is my big day!! I...

Well ladies this is it. Tomorrow is my big day!! I want to thank you all for all your support and prayers. I'm feeling a bit more relaxed tonight and I am very excited!!! I will update you guys as soon as I feel up to it tomorrow. You guys are so supportive and great!! I will see you guys on the flat land side :-) once again if you thank of me please say a little prayer and for Jennregi as well!!!
Good Luck tomorrow NewMe and Jennregi.. I will be praying for you ladies to have a quick recovery. Cant wait for the updates...
How exciting!! Good luck and prayers sent your way for a speedy and healthy recovery.... can't wait for updates.
Good luck tomorrow! You and I will do great! I'll update as soon as I can and look forward to hearing how you're doing. Can't wait to see how good we'll look!

Thank you guys for all the well wishes!!!...

Thank you guys for all the well wishes!!! Everything went amazing!!! I am so happy I had this done awake. I am feeling great and my incision is nice and low and my tummy is so FLAT!!! Since I got it done awake I was able to see my results immediately . I'm getting home now and will rest up. I will check in later and give you guys more details. Jennregi I hope you are doing well.
Happy for you that everything went well, rest up.
Yay!!! So happy everything went well! Rest up and update when you can ;-) I look forward to hearing the details of an awake tummy tuck.
Praying for you :-)

Hey ladies!!! So yesterday afternoon was tough. I...

Hey ladies!!! So yesterday afternoon was tough. I kept throwing up everything I ate thanks to the stupid VICODIN. Around 8pm I was finally able to rest because I stopped the Vicodin around 4 pm. I haven't taken Vicodin since, I've switched over to extra strength Tylenol and am feeling pretty good. My poor hubby is sleeping in our uncomfortable sofa so that he can take care of me while im on the recliner. I'm feeling gassy but I knew that would happen so I've been taking gasx since yesterday. I slept pretty amazing. Before going to bed I took a Valium and two tylenols and that did wonders. Well I will keep you guys posted. Jennregi i hope you are holding up well. Oh and by the way I haven't been hunch back yet so we will see when that will kick in.

Ok so let me tell you guys about my awake tt...

Ok so let me tell you guys about my awake tt experience:

I arrived at my PS office exactly at 7am. I was greeted by Nicole my nurse who took me straight back and had me change into the surgical gown , undie and socks. She then came back in the room with 3 Valiums and 1 antibiotic pill. I took that with a little water and asked how it woul make me feel (I'd never taken Valium before) and she said I would feel drunk. Well about 15 passed and my PS came in asked how I was feeling and if I was ready and I gave him a thumbs . He then proceeded to mark my belly and take some pictures. Within another 5 minutes Nicole walked back in the room and escorted me to the OR.

Let me just tell you guys that I felt the same way I did when I walked in. Valium did do a thing . So I go into the OR and I tell Nicole that I feel the same and she's shocked telling me that I have a high tolerance. She asked if I wanted the IV sedation and I told her that I wanted to try it without but if I needed it I would ask. So here it all starts.

I laid down and the doc walked me through everything. He said that first I would feel like bee stings which would be the numbing injections to my belly. It was fine didn't hurt just like he said quick stings. He immediately cut holes in the same spot he injected the numbing med but I just felt pressure. Then he proceeded to pump my belly with tumecent. That at times felt stingy and uncomfortable but not intolerable. Once he pump my belly with the solution it was lipo time.

The lipo felt like an internal massage / bubbles in my belly. No pain just bubbly feeling. That went on for a while until it was time for the TT itself. He asked if I was comfy or if I wanted to IV sedation and I told him I was fine. We chatted and laughed while he did his thing and I even danced and sang on the table lol. I'm not going to lie, when he made the first incision to start the TT I kinda felt discomfort so he applied more numbing meds after that it was all good. As he was finishing I asked for the time and they said it was 10:45am. I promised my mom I would call her by 11am so they gave me a cellphone and I called my mommy as he finished stitching me up . Overall I had a great experienced. I was really nervous of doing it awake but if I had to go back in time , my decision would have been the same. I felt great right after and have been walking straight since surgery. They removed 11 lbs of fat and skin!!!!! That's crazy!

Before I left they monitored my vitals and gave me one Vicodin. Boy when I got home was when things went down hill. The Vicodin tore my tummy up and all I did was puke everything until 8pm when I finally got my tummy to settle. I took that last Vicodin at 4pm yesterday and then switched to extra strength Tylenol . Before bed I took two tylenols and a Valium which helped me sleep through the night.

Day 1 post-op
Today has been very good. No puking at all and I've managed to eat oatmeal and yogurt without a problem. Ive taken Tylenol twice and have not napped at all. I've been laying in the recliner and I get up every couple hours to go to the restroom or just to walk. I've just felt exhausted today. The pain is minimal I have more soreness then anything else. I have one drain which I've only drained twice today so far. I drained it like five times yesterday. My pre-op is scheduled for this Friday. I will keep you guys posted.
Thanks everyone!!!

Day 2 post op Feeling good but just a little...

Day 2 post op

Feeling good but just a little anxious to get up on my own and not need help. Feeling some stingy burning sensation in my belly and incision site once in a while . Had three BM yesterday so not bad and feel very gassy (tmi). I've been able to sleep nicely. Just felt a bit light headed today but all is well.
Ok ladies, 2 8hr exams tomorrow and Friday and TT on Saturday.. I still cant believe only 3 more days.. I hope I feel as good as NewMe does. She looks fabulous
I cant believe you had an awake TT. You are my new hero. Your pictures loook awesome.. Hopefully the rest of your recovery will go just as smooth.
NewMe you look great..

Day 3 post op Hey ladies!!! So far so good....

Day 3 post op

Hey ladies!!! So far so good. Still standing straight , took tylenol twice yesterday and drainage is less everyday. From last night to this morning the drainainge is kinda yellowish/red maybe to the pink side. My tummy has been fine and for the first time since Sunday I've been eating. Appetite is not back to normal but I do get hungry. Yesterday I had 1/2 a caesar salad , oatmeal , pineapple and crackers along with Popsicles. Today so far I had my fluid intake, Popsicles , and for lunch I'm having a small turkey sandwich along with a hot chocolate and I'm feeling ok.

On day one post op I experienced the horrible queasy feeling that comes along with taking off the garment. Boy did that suck and was I pale. When does that feeling to away. I've also been tired/sleepy and at times lightheaded. Is that normal? Anyways all is well as of right now on the side. I go for my post op tomorrow so I will keep you guys posted.
Hey NewMe, definitely talk to the doctor about how you are feeling, although I'm sure it's all normal. Day 3 was bad for me but I am feeling better each day. Just remember it's a roller coaster of emotions and energy. Some days your happy, some sad, some energetic, others tired. I totally understand how you feel though. This is a tough recovery, that's for sure! Let me know how it goes at the doctor.
Thanks Bella!!! I will def keep you posted. I have called my nurse and spoke to the dic a couple of times and they say its all normal. I had such a horrible surgery day with the throwing up and then I didn't nap at all day one post op that it was to be expected. I slept alot yesterday. Today has been good. Just walking a bit slow
Reply look great! 3 days post op is hard! Hang in there! I STILL have the quesy feeling when i remove the garment and I'm 2 wks today. Yesterday at follow up the surgeon was feeling my belly for seromas and touching my navel and I was gagging! It feels soooo weird!! I only remove garment to shower...I just can't stand how it feels! The tired is normal...we put our bodies through great trauma and it takes so much energy to heal! Take is easy and rest! It does get better!

Day 4 post op This morning I woke up feeling...

Day 4 post op

This morning I woke up feeling good. I did alot more than usual. I got out of the recliner on my own, gave myself a sponge bath (it felt so good) and washed my face with my amazing bar soap then I got dressed on my own. Needless to say I got myself a bit tired but feeling good. I drained around 10cc's through the night again so let's see it my PS will pull the drain today. No pain just minimal discomfort, walking up straight but a bit more faster today. And to finalize I AM STARVING!!!!! Lmao.

I will update after I see my PS at 11:15am. Jennregi, Goodluck at your appt today!!!

So my appt went great. The doctor is shocked with...

So my appt went great. The doctor is shocked with how well I'm doing. He was going to pull the drain today but said he'd rather give it a couple more days which I'm totally fine with (I rather be safe than sorry) since the drain isn't really bothering me. I got the ok to carefully shower but I'm going to stick to my sponge bath until my drain is out. He touch my belly button and that crap hurt!!!! The rest of my belly more to my mid section just feels weird numbness not really pain. I can feel but it's just weird. So all is well. Incision is healing nicely he said that where there is some puckering that will settle nicely as time passes and swelling settles. I'm on my way home and I already know I will be sleeping all day!!! I've done alot today even went to panera with hubby and visited my coworkers . I will check in tomorrow again.
Thanks NewMe for all the prayers and good vibes that will be coming my way tomorrow. Well tomorrow is my big DAY. The time just flew by, I was so busy studying and getting ready for my test that I couldnt figure what I was nervous about lol. Well test is done and now I am so excited about tomorrow. I cant even sleep its like christmas for me.

NewMe you are like an inspiration to me. You did it awake, I am a chicken, knock me out..
Glad to hear your appointment went well! Mine went good. I'm like you now though ... a little tired from all the excitement. Rest up and I'll check in with you later.

Day 5 Post op Feeling great!!! Took off CG and...

Day 5 Post op

Feeling great!!! Took off CG and hubby helped me with my full sponge bath for the first time!!! I didn't get the nasty queasy feeling. I felt just fine. Everyday gets better. I slept in my bed last night and it was wonderful!!! Things are looking good. I scheduled my first lymphatic massage for 11/19 since that was the first available . My appetite is not fully back but when it is I don't eat much. All is well and I'm in love with my results!!!! I will load pics later.
Glad to hear you're doing well and you look great!
So glad you are feeling better and not getting the queasy feeling. Can't wait to see your new pic.
Good luck nervous101, you will be fine, dont expect the worst pain ever - (it wont will only be uncomfortable not painful!)as long as you dont sneeze or cough..looking forward to having you back,take care,sending some healing x

Good Morning Ladies!!! Post op Day 6 So far so...

Good Morning Ladies!!!

Post op Day 6
So far so good. I kept sliding in bed so around 3 am I got up and went back into my recliner. I've been doing good. Took Tylenol just once yesterday and energy level was way better. This morning I just woke up Kinda sore. The drain has been kinda stingy so I'm so ready for it to come out. I've only been draining like 2 to 4 cc's every 4 hours so I'm positive this sucker will be pulled tomorrow: YEAHYYYY!!!!!

Nervous101 I hope you are feeling ok. Hang in there, like everyone says the first three days tend to be the most difficult but then it gets better. Just listen to your body and even if you are feeling good and want to get up and move just relax.

Attached you will find the promised pics that I never uploaded yesterday.

So I went out and....... I SWELL!!! It's horrible...

So I went out and....... I SWELL!!! It's horrible I just got home took two tylenols and came right into my recliner. I am off my feet for the day. I didn't even do that much but the swelling in my midsection and bb sucks :-(
Looking good girl!!! I hope you can get your drain out, it will make things so much better. The stinging feeling on your side will go away and you can sleep better too.

I wouldn't worry about not being hunched over, be happy that you skipped that part ;-) Once I started walking straight, all of my back pain was gone and I felt like I had a ton more energy (So Jenn, it will get better once you are straight).
Thanks Bella! I sooooo can't wait until I can walk straight. I've been following your updates so I'm hoping I'll be straight soon.
You look awesome! My drain had about the same amount when he decided to remove it. So I'm sending you good vibes that they'll remove it tomorrow. ;-)

I'm also just on Tylenol. I feel some pressure sometimes, almost like a really full/heavy sensation. My back is killing me the most from walking hunched over. I feel like if I can straighten up some and take the pressure off the back then I would feel a ton better. I did finally sleep in the bed last night instead of the recliner and I think that helped me walk a little straighter today. So hopefully each day it's a bit more.

You look great in your dress! I haven't worn a dress in a really long time because I hated how my stomach looked in a dress. I felt like the only way I could wear one was to have on a girdle to hold in the skin. I am soooo looking forward to buying some cute dresses now.

Hey ladies , So yes, yesterday I so over did it...

Hey ladies ,
So yes, yesterday I so over did it and Andes up swelling and si but so ache that I even took a Vicodin!!!! I woke up way better today and the swelling is way less.

I went to my PS office today where my drain was finally removed . It didnt really hurt it was just weird.It was starting to get on my last nerve. I feel way better without it and today for the first time got into my flexee. My husband is washing the original CG and I didn't want to be without compression. I bought it small and it fits just nicely. I'm feeling good. They told me at PS office to keep an eye on the right side of my incision since it was a bit red/irritated from the drain but that it looked good. They just want to make sure it continues to heal after the drain is pulled out.

I have my next appt scheduled for 11/14 at 2:45pm unless I need to go in for whatever other reason (hopefully not). I saw my BB for the first time today and it looks yucky !!! It's pretty and small but still in the healing stages. The nurse cleaned it out (after I swell yesterday some dark gooey blood was pushing out . Not much though ).

Overall I am so happy with my shape and am so excited for the next couple of weeks of healing. I rescheduled my lymphatic massages for this Wednesday and I'm looking forward to it. They are a bit expensive so I would like to do them twice a month (cost 90 for an hour session then 50 for 30 minutes). I will keep you updated on how that goes.

As for my diet, I'm keeping away from salt. Eating lots of veges and fruits and drinking plenty of water. Weight change hasn't been dramatic yet but I'm still swollen (160 pre and 157 post). Appetite isn't back to normal but when I do get hungry I get full pretty quick.

I return back to work Monday the 7th so I'm hoping and praying I feel good by the end of this week. Well off I go... Took some painkillers just in case I get achey after the pulling of the drain.

Chiao Ladies
Glad to see you're doing well...and ain't it wonderful to finally get rid of those drains? I wanted to scream it from the roof tops! Take care...
Yes BellaBelly!!! It is wonderful!!!! Everything feels so much better. Now I'm just praying my belly button heals at the same speed as my incision. It looks yucky. I've seen others belly button who at day 3 looks nice and clean. But we will see.
You are looking great for just 1 week, hope I will have a similar result, Had mine today.

Hey ladies, Everything has been well on this side...

Hey ladies,
Everything has been well on this side except for the damn belly button!!! It's just yucky. I had to put a call in to my PS because I woke up with some green stuff on my gauze. I annoyed because I don't know what I'm doing wrong . Docs office tells me not to apply anything to it. Help you guys!!!!! How did you care for your BB?
I go for my first massage today. I will let you know how that goes?

Well after the BB scare things are going better....

Well after the BB scare things are going better. My PS called a prescription for some additional antibiotics (looks like my bb was spitting out a stitch which is what was causing it to be yucky)and I cleaned it out nicely so we will see.

I went to my first lymphatic massage and it was great. I can feel the immediate difference of the hardness softening. My massage therapist is amazing and she took very good care of me. She was cautious with my tender areas and took her sweet time. Def will be doing that again maybe in about two weeks.

It's like I'm going backwards. First the weird BB issue now I can just tell you guys that my back has been killing me. I think its time to hit my bed and get out of the recliner. I will be trying that tonight. Overall I can't complain. I did get my new compression garment for after my bb heals and drain site closes (It's kinda tight so I'm scared of pulling it over my incision site since its still kinda tender). I will keep you guys updated. Tomorrow I will be by myself (hubby is going to work 10:45 to 7:15pm) but hubby will be back to stay with me Friday.

I will take updated pics Sunday and posted them up along with my new girdle.
Glad that things are better. My PS said infection sometimes happens and it's not necessarily because of something we did or didn't do. I was worried my drain site was getting infected because it's pretty darn red. But he said it's fine. Told me to use 1/2 peroxide, 1/2 water on it a couple of times a day for a couple of days. Said I could do the same to the BB but I'll just leave it for now.

Just started looking at what kind of CG to get next. I was checking out spanx and trying to figure out what would be best. I'm kind of worried about pulling it on and off over the scar. But I guess once the scar is healed then it won't be so bad. Then I didn't know if I should get one with a flap to go to the bathroom so I wouldn't have to pull it off and on. Oh, decisions, decisions. ;-)

I need to check out the massage thing. Sounds like it was awesome. I've never had a massage ever, so maybe it's time to start. ;-)
Glad that you are getting your belly button taken care of ;-) I'll be praying for you. Don't let it get to you.

And I'm glad the lymphatic message was nice, I got the okay to start so I'm calling first thing tomorrow!
Hi Newme - sorry to hear about that belly button of yours. Stay on top of it. Maybe they will put you back on antibiotics?

Day 10 post op Hi Ladies, I'm feeling great...

Day 10 post op

Hi Ladies,
I'm feeling great today. I'm able to get in and out of bed or a sofa without the uncomfortable tightness and burning feeling in my Abs. My BB is doing way better thank God. Swelling is there but not too out of control. So far so good.

I go back to work on Monday so I need to rest up and make sure all is well for my return.

Do any of you have really hard spots in your belly? My TT included lipo of my entire stomach so my mid section like between my upper BB to right above my incision is really hard and numb. I'm guessing it's all normal . My PS said everything looked great.

I promise to post pics at my two week mark.
Hey Jenn,
That was my first massage ever as well and it was great. You should definitely give it a try. The pulling the CG over the scar totally freaks me out as well. I'm going to wait until things are a bit more healed before trying it. I'm happy you are doing well. Sometimes I still can't believe we are in recovery land!!!

So tired of things not just going completely...

So tired of things not just going completely smooth!!!! Now I've been draining from the midsection of my incision since late yesterday afternoon. So ofcourse I was like "IS THIS CRAP NORMAL" goshhhhhhhhhhh. So I put a call in an they said to relax and going in anytime this morning.

But some of you might know how I'm feeling. I'm thinking all kinds of things: seroma, hematoma, MY SCAR SPLITTING, infection; you name it I thought it. Please keep me in your prayers and I hope I can get back in with some good/decent news. I'm praying for the best. God got this!!!! I'm just annoyed.

11 days post-op So, I went into my PS office...

11 days post-op

So, I went into my PS office freakin out. First off I should tell you guys that my PS has been on vacation this week so the couple of times that I have gone in, I've been seen by his nurse , who by the way is AWESOME AND SUPER PATIENT!!

Well today when I walked in she checked me out completely and told me everything looked great including the now not so yucky BB. To make me feel even more at ease she asked my DR.'s partner step in the room and examine me (Kudos to Dr. Khalifeh for being so nice and having such amazing bedside manners. He was great!! He looked over my incision and pressed down a couple of times all over my belly and told me that everything looked great and that I'm not going to a hospital (and smiled). He said that since I had the lipo done with the TT fluid is expected and that the drainage is most likely also do to the massage. Before leaving the room he turned around, smiled at me and said "That was easy".

So ladies I'm fine; just paranoid lol. I have my 2 week follow up appt with my PS on Monday and I'm looking forward to it.

I did notice one thing: since the drainage began mid incision, the hard swelling above the incision and between my Belly Button now has a dent. So What I'm draining is the fluid from that hard area!!! I was happy. The Dr. said its great that its draining and better out then accumulating in there.

My temperature has been normal today and I'm being a good girl taking my antibiotics on time. Thanks for listening ladies and always being there!!!!

Other than the drainage freak out things have been great. No pain. Not taking any pain killers, standing up straight, swelling is there but not that ridiculous, stingy and burning sensations have lessened significantly and my weight is good (Still 157 from 160 pre surgery. Doc/Nurse say that once swelling comes down some I will see more of a change in the scale).

Once again I hit you guys with a long post but this is why I love this site!!! I can come here and vent and identify with others.

Glad to hear all is well...enjoy the weekend!
Great news! Glad everything went well!!
Thanks Jenn!!! Now just dealing with the annoying BB issue and the incision drainage!!! Can't wait until all this is pass us and we are just enjoying our results :-)

13 post op Wow guys!!! I can't believe it's...

13 post op

Wow guys!!!
I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since my surgery . This morning things are finally feeling WAY better and I'm feeling a bit more back to normal.

The drainage is still there but usually in the mornings when I'm changing my gauze it continues to drip as I'm trying to change it and it's so annoying . Well, this morning, although there was drainage through the night, I changed the gauze with out having to catch any drops !!! It remained nice and neat as I cleaned it and apply new gauze. So that was awesome!!

My BB is also looking so much better!!! Finally healing. The only thing I'm going to complain about is an annoying stingy / itchy feeling at the drain site since the nurse messed with it Friday. Other than that all is well. I have an appt with my surgeon tomorrow so I'm excited and it will also be my first day back at work.

The swelling is there but not unbearable ... Yet. Most of my swelling is in the sides and my midsection (from under my breasts to above incision). I tried a new compression garment yesterday and I LOVED IT. But I haven't been cleared by my PS to wear it so I will bring it to my appt tomorrow (don't really think its a big deal since its a stage one with a zipper).

Well I hope everyone is doing well and continues to heal nicely. For those who will be going into surgery good luck and just know that although there may be some set backs, they shall pass. Not everyone heals the same or at the same rate so don't bother reading other people stories and wondering why you aren't at that stage even though your surgery was the same time or around the same time as their's. All will be well.
Glad you're doing so well! Good luck at work tomorrow and make sure you take it easy!
Hang in there and take it easy when u go back to work.
Have a great first day back at work!

Work Well Ladies , it was suppose to be my first...

Well Ladies , it was suppose to be my first day of work but it didn't turn out that way. I went all bright and early and then was told that I was unable to start working until I received clearance from my doctor (long dreadful story) which they knew I wouldn't have until 2pm same day but they still let me come in. So since my PS's office is in the same building I hung out at my work place until my appt time.

2pm Appt time
So I get to my PS's office and am greeted by his nurse who takes me into a room to change. She looks over my incision and cleans it a bit (its still draining a bit in the center and the drain site, which was pulled just a week ago, is still kinda yucky). My sweet PS walks in and looks over everything. He tells me that everything looks really good. The area next to the drain site has a very small "incision opening" that he says will close up but if it does not he can revise it. He looked over the center of my incision where the drainage was coming from and said that it looked fine and it looks like there was the beginning of an infection that has already started to heal (thank God to the antibiotics that I started last Wednesday). The rest of the incision looks really nice and neat and is ITCHY like crazy.

My belly button is finally healing and is looking the greatest it has ever looked since surgery!!! Yeahyy to my Belly Button!!! He said that all is well and there is absolutely nothing to be concerned about. He wants me to let my incision air out a couple of times throughout the day and has scheduled me for a 3 week follow!!! He states that if anything changes from where it is now that is of any concern to me just give him a call and I can come in before than. But he doesn't think that will be necessary since everything is starting to come together nicely.

The swelling is there but not horrendous. They told me to apply warm compress over it so that it can get better.

I will try and see if hubby takes some pics when he gets home from work that I can post for you guys. Glad everyone seems to be doing well and I hope it stays that way!!!
Glad that everything is fine and that you're on the mend ;-) Keeping you in my prayers!
Thank you si much Bella!!! I'm glad that you are doing so well!!! I can't wait to be at your stage with swelling and all but atleast all healed and closed up.
Thank you guys!!!!!!!!

Can't wait,
You are so lucky you get so much time off. If you have it I would definitely take it. I feel good. I actually think two weeks is just fine but I had a couple of minor complications that set me back some. If it wasn't for those things I would have been good to go. But yes def take as much time as you can just so you can relax and take it easy.

Hey Ladies!!! So I'm almost done with my 8 hour...

Hey Ladies!!!
So I'm almost done with my 8 hour shift. The morning up to around 1pm was really hard. I was just so achey!!! Then I had to remind myself that it's been two weeks of doing absolutely nothing and laying around. So, my body is screaming for rest. I finally found a routine that made things alot more comfy.

I found a better chair and I moved everything closer to me so is so way comfy. The day is almost over so I'm excited!!! I just want to get home and rest. Things continue to improve so that's great. Not too much drainage so I'm happy. Hope everyone is doing well!!!

Shaila!!! I hope you are doing ok. Sending healing and smooth recovery prayers your way.
You're welcome. You'll get there soon enough so don't worry about it ;-)

Wow 18 days already!!!! All is getting better....

Wow 18 days already!!!!

All is getting better. BB is healed up nicely just some scabs around it. Incision is all healed except at the center where I am still having drainage (ughhhh) . The drainage is less thank God!!! I'm really praying and hoping that by the time I get to see my Ps (11/30) , I am gauze free , ready for scar therapy and able to switch to a new CG.

Feeling good. Have been working my eight hour shift then going home to relax. I get really sleepy towards the end of the shift and am pretty swollen by the time I get home. Like most TTers , I'm beautifully flat in the AM and loving what I see.

Well I just wanted to check in with you guys. I have been lazy about uploading pics maybe I will do that this weekend. I will be three weeks post op on Monday!!! Incredible how time is rolling by. Now I'm just praying things finish healing up.

My weight is steady at the post surgery weight of 157, I've been fitting into my preop jeans since day 3 (loose already) and I'm pretty much pain free. Tomorrow is my last day on anibiotics. All is well. Drain was pulled out a week ago this past Monday and the hole is already closed up and healed nicely NOW IF THE SMALL TWO DRAINIAGE AREAS IN THE CENTER OF THE INCISION WOULD HURRY UP AND CLOSE UP and stop draining ( incision split at the surface) I would be a happy happy camper.

I hope everyone is doing good. Jennregi , how are you? Bella83 I'm glad you ate doing Fab!!!!
Thanks NewMe!! I am glad that things are going well for you too ;-)
Wow 18 days already? Im day 7 and i thought we went close together....glad ur doing so well! I drove today and got out of the house for a bit but still taking it easy =)

Well I just added my two week post op pics. Sorry...

Well I just added my two week post op pics. Sorry it took so long.

I'm doing well. I got my period today so I'm bloated, more swollen and cramping but all is finally healing.

I'll have hubby take 3 week post op pics tomorrow!!

Hope everyone is doing well!!

Hi ladies , So today I am 3 weeks pos op!!!...

Hi ladies ,
So today I am 3 weeks pos op!!! Crazy!!!
I'm feeling alot more back to normal and finally the drainiage is finally ending and closing up. Swelling is crazy!!!! I swell the most around my hips and from under my breast straight down the middle to above my pubic area.

I got my period yesterday so I'm super duper bloated , cramping and feel more swelling then ever. I might just purchase the arnica pills for the swelling but we will see.

The end of my incision on the right side is a bit puckered which PS said will go away but Im not to sure... It's starting to look like a mini "dog ear":-/ but we will see what he says during my next follow up. BB is doing good still scabby but way better.

My first week back at work wasn't horrible and today was more normal. I hope everyone is doing well!!!
NewME you are looking good!
You're looking good girl!! Glad that everything is healed up ;-) I just had a spot on my incision that turned really red and then I noticed today that I had an ingrown hair in it. I plucked it out and put on triple antibiotic ointment so I am praying that I don't get an infection and that it doesn't get any worse. Scared the crap out of me before I found the hair in it!!

Holy crap!!!! I can't believe that I'm going to be...

Holy crap!!!! I can't believe that I'm going to be one month post op next week.

All is going very well. My BB is looking great and the incision is healing nicely. I just have one little spot that needs to finish healing. The swelling is there but not horrible. I purchased a columbian garment which I will be switching to this weekend.

I was given the Ok to start light exercising this coming week so I'm looking forward to that. Work is going great and I'm feeling good. I still get really tired/sleepy towards the end of the night.

My recliner is being picked up tomorrow. I've been sleeping in bed for the last week in a half very comfortable so I'm ok with not having the recliner .

It's weird. I feel like time is passing by but at the same time it hasn't been that long since my surgery. I try to remind myself not to over due it and that I'm still healing.

I hope everyone is doing well and that you are all doing well!! Happy healing ladies!!! And safe surgery prayers to those about to go into surgery.
Hey Newme, glad to see that everything is healing nicely! Looking good girl and can't believe that its been almost 4 weeks! Time sure flies. But glad to know that you are doing ok..Keep us posted. ;-)

Well 4 weeks post op tomorrow... Feeling good...

Well 4 weeks post op tomorrow... Feeling good except for the late afternoon to night swelling on my mid section down to my incision.

I went out shopping today and although I didnt find anything I liked I found out I am now officially a size 8!!! Yeahy!!!

I will post new pics up tomorrow. I hope everyone is doing well.

Hey Ladies, I've attached three week and four...

Hey Ladies,
I've attached three week and four week post op pics!!! Everything is doing good and I'm loving my flat belly. Still have that one annoying spot but it's healing.

I've added my before pics again (not sure how I deleted them).
ok wow your waist is look amazing!! you probably didnt delete your pics ..its some kinda glitch on the website..bc alot of peoples pics got deleted..mine did too a couple weeks ago...anyway you look fantastic...
You are looking great!! Congrats on getting into 8's too! So happy to see you are healing well and getting on with your life.
Yay NewMe!! A size 8!! That's awesome! So glad you are doing well. I haven't been on here much because I still can't update or add pictures. I feel like I'm getting behind lol!

Hey Ladies!!! So this week kris five weeks since...

Hey Ladies!!!
So this week kris five weeks since my TT. I have been feeling super great. My incision is all healed up and I've started massaging it with vitamin E.

I had my 5 week follow up today and I have been cleared to hit the gym and ease into The Insanity workout. My PS says everything looks great.

We discussed the right side of my incision and like I knew it ... It will need to be revised. I have a small dog ear but it bothers me and I don't want it there. We will be discussing a date for the revision at my January visit.

I'm loving the new me!! Last Friday I went out clubbing for the first time since surgery and I HAD SO MANY GUYS APPROACH ME AND BUY ME DRINKS!! It felt good. I had a girls night out and got home like 4:30 am jejejejeje hubby wanted to kill me. I told him all about my experience and he was laughing.

I also went out shopping for Panties and boy was that fun !! I went to Victoria Secret and picked up a few then modeled them for hubby lmao. They look amazing on me thanks to my new flat tummy.

Overall I can say I am very happy with the way I look and I'm not even at my end result yet. I was told I don't need a compression garment but I will continue to wear one. The only thing that annoys me is the freaking swelling throughout my midsection all the way down to above mid scar!!! My the end of the day I feel so tight and full that it drives me crazy BUT I still look great.

I hope everyone is doing good!! I will update some pics later tonight.
I am so happy things are going so good for you!! Yay to the free drinks and attention he he ;-)
You go girl!!! Cant wait to see the new pics. I've always wondered do they charge to remove the dog ear?
I am having an awake mini with liposuction January 3rd. So nervous. I don't want the anesthesia though. I had a full lift about 2 yrs ago and thought my tummy would come back after three kids.....ha. But now I don't want general anesthesia again. Thanks so much for posting your story. I am going to post pics of my before pics this week!

Hey Ladies!!! I've been a bit MIA but I still...

Hey Ladies!!!
I've been a bit MIA but I still come in a read your updates . Everything is well with me. Nothing new. Loving my flat belly and the way I look in clothes (swelling and all)! My new goal is to lose 15 lbs and then tone up. Funny how at first I was like: after I get the tummy tuck i will live my weight!! Well now it's different ... I feel like I need to lose a couple more pounds.

Incision is doing good. I'm massaging it twice a day and I'm still wearing my CG. I'm planning on wearing it for a very lonnnnnnnngggg time. I just feel more comfortable with it on.

I've been really lazy with hitting the gym :-/ I need to get with the program!!! I wasn't as lucky as others who lost alot of pounds with surgery. I only dropped three pounds but lost plenty of inches. I really need to start hitting the gym.. Other than that all is well. I hope everyone else is doing ok.

Gosh!!! I seem to be stuck!!! I read other peoples...

Gosh!!! I seem to be stuck!!! I read other peoples review and wonder WHY THE HECK DIDN'T I DROP THAT MUCH WEIGHT !!! Not like I was eating like a dog during recovery. I continued to watch what I ate.

Finally gettin my lazy behind to the Gym this weekend. I'm on a mission to lose another 15 additional pounds and toning up. I haven't gained weight but I haven't lost any. I thought that once I had surety I would be happy at my current weight but I am not.

Don't get me wrong. The changes in my body are amazing. Everything fits big!! I lost a tone of inches but I'm obsessed with the scale :-/

Let's not foret that the holidays suck with all this junk food always around . I've decided not to torture myself until after the new year hits. I need to lose those 15lbs before the summer!! Better yet before May.

Anyways , everything is well with my recovery. The one spot that took longer to heal kinda oozed just a bit some clear fluid after the scan on it came off but is back to being dry again. I will post updated pics soon. This will be tmi but I've been so freaking constipated/bloated for the last week. It's driving me crazy. That combined with swelling.... Ughhh.

I hope everyone has an awesome Christmas!!
I didn't lose any weight either. I'll try after the holidays!
I'm with you newme.... I haven't lost anything either! I'm a little pissed. But when I look at my nice flat tummy, I get over it. I have another 20lbs to go.

Hey everyone!!! I've been missing is action. I...

Hey everyone!!!
I've been missing is action. I hope everyone is doing well.

I'm doing great. I can't believe it's already been two months and some days. All continues to heal well. At my follow up appt yesterday my PS gave me a couple of steroid injections. Some on my BB and some on some annoying spots along my scar.

My scar is not bad at all. The area where the drain stuck out of is thicker and darker as well as the one spot that took forever to heal so he is going to treat them with steroid injections as well as the small dog ear. My BB is gotten really small and he was scared that it might be trying to close up which is why he injected it. To be honest I wasnt able to see my BB at all before surgery so it looks fine to me. I was told to massage it so it's less tight.

I'm still wearing my CG because it makes me feel secure. My weight is still the same :-( atleast I didn't gain anything over the holidays. I start Zumba tonight and have made the goal of losing 15-20 lbs by this summer!!! Then I will be totally happy :-) I will try and post updated pics.

Hope everyone is doing great!!!
Thank you ladies!!!!
Glad to hear from ya again ;-) Happy that everything is going good too!
Glad to hear you are doing well!

Hey ladies!!! So after googling and reading a...

Hey ladies!!!
So after googling and reading a couple stories on shrinking BB's I decided to try the ear plug trick.

I don't know if it's mental but I can so see a CHANGE!!! After a full day of having the ear plug in I took it out to shower and my BB looks great!! I'm not sure how long I will be doing this but I will keep you guys posted.

On another note let's talk about my weight. So right after surgery I was 157 ( on surgery day I was 160) then two to three weeks later I was back to my pre surgery weight . I continued to bounce between 157-160. After the holidays I weighed in (this past Tuesday) at 161.4. So I gained 1.4 lbs during the holidays which is actually not bad at all.

So I started dieting and exercising as of Tuesday and this morning I weighed in at 159.8 lbs!!! So happy!!! My goal is to reach 140 by the summer. Totally doable!! I will keep you guys posted.

I hope everyone is well
Hi NewMe! Glad to hear things are going well. We are almost the exact same weight. I got up to 162 during the holiday's and now I'm back down to 158. I'm also hoping to get to 140. I started walking and a little jogging but it feels weird. So now I'm going to try and jog with the CG on and see if that helps. Sis-in-law wants to run a 5k at the end of March but I'm not sure if that's enough time for me. I'm not really a runner and even though I'm cleared for exercise, I'm trying to take it slow.

How come they gave you an injection in the BB? Mine still is swollen. It's nice and round but it's kind of closed. I think it's fine but who knows. What does the ear plug do?

I've been using BioOil on my scar and I think it's helping. It's still pretty red but it's flat and I think once the redness reduces, it's going to look fine. Overall I'm pretty happy. I even went clothes shopping. My tummy looked great in new clothes, but I think I gained in my hips and butt. ;-)

Anyway, glad to hear all is well!

HI LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been MIA for a...

HI LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been MIA for a while. All is well in my end. I just finished my spring semester and I'm healing pretty great.

The ear plug in bb trick worked and my bb has remained the same size. My scar has been improving month to month. I still get swollen and stiff towards the end of the day but I AM IN LOVE WITH MY RESULTS. I look better and better as time passes by.

I hope you all are doing great. I've update my pics check them out!!!

By the way... My weight has been stable (THANK...

By the way... My weight has been stable (THANK GOD). I"m steady at 155lbs so I only have another 10 to 15 lbs before my goal weight. I'm pretty sure I can achive that by the summer ;-)
Hey thanks you just gave me hope I'm having t.t with lipo on Tuesday and can't get any sleep b.c. I've been stressing if I should go through with local. I haven't really read to many ladies that had their procedure under local so I began worrying big time. Thanks for sharing. Jizfiya
why worry its local its better then having to be told they want to put you out !
You look awesome!!!
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