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Hi My name is ReRe and I am 37 yrs old one 11yr...

Hi My name is ReRe and I am 37 yrs old one 11yr old daughter and I am 270 pounds I cant believe how much weight I have gained over the last yr. at first I was 240 for a while as you can see I am not new to this site I had a breast reduction surgery Nov 2012 you can go look at the pictures well I was really happy then and after my breast reduction I lost 20 pounds I went down to 220 for a while stayed there for a while but know 2 yrs. later as im getting older my weight jumped from 220 to 270 pounds im not happy I have been trying to lose weight for years and as you can see only a small amount of weight came off I have know high blood pressure acid reflux really bad ankles swollen and hurt and also plantar inificitis in my foot lower back pain its so hard for me to work out I get migraines so know im trying to see if I can get a gastro bypass or a sleeve or lap band my BMI is 45.22 I definitely qualify for the procedure I talk to my dr and right know im just going threw the first steps today was my first weigh in I have to see a dietician lose weight and exercise also write a letter telling them why I need this surgery and also monthly checkups so Im on my way but this is the beginning did anybody else go threw this first I just want to know a lot about this surgery and if its the right thing to do I know this site is very helpful please let me know about your Dr visits and surgery thank you :)


Hi ReRe, I have spent the last several months going thru a similar situation as you, My surgeon has patients attend 1 support group before she will even see you. Then when I did have the appt, I saw the mental health worker, the dietician, the nutritionist, and the surgeon. I had also brought in letters from 2 therapists who have treated me for other issues attesting to my compliance and willingness to do whatever work in needed to get better. Those letters plus my own dr's notes were what jettisoned me so fast to surgery. I have having the gastric bypass in August. I have gone to 3 different support groups required by my surgery and a blended diet class required for people having surgery in less than 3 weeks. I believe this surgery is literally going to save my life because I am definitely going in the wrong direction and I'm in my late 50's/ So, while I am a little scared, I'm also a lot excited looking forward to what will be a new for me.
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Yes I how much do you weigh know also yes I only been to my first weigh in that's it I already have my letter wrote to them and I haven't went and did my lab test yet that they want and my dietician appt is in a month how long did it take you when did you first start all this how many months did it take so yes for me I have to lose weight not sure what amount yet write a letter explaining pretty much why its hard for me to lose weight lab test go to recovery addicts program to help with weight loss ummm then after I do all that what happens next do you know is the insurance paying for yours please tell me does this sound about right let me know anything I should say or tell my dr. thanks so much
my weight is current 290. I started the process at the very end of may and had been up to 326 pounds, so lucky I was able to lose weight on my own, althought they didn't require it.Since may, I have been to 3 support groups they wanted. I did get a letter Friday as well as all my drs' from the insurance company approving my surgery, so I'm waiting today to hear the date. Looking at 2nd week of August. Get letters from people who have treated you who can verify your commitment to the program and willingness to follow the plan. I really think that's what helped me go thru so fast. Good luck. Let me know how you are making out.
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