Grammie is 4 weeks post op & looking for some cyber support from post breast reduction friends

I have talked about breast reduction for years. I...

I have talked about breast reduction for years. I am a 38DD 5'4" and 130# . Lost allot of weight over the last few years and I am super saggy Sally! I need to either have them reduced or learn not to tuck them into my waist band!

What should I expect? I dont do blood and guts very well, when it is my own! The closer it gets the more excited and anxious I am! Tell me it will be worth it, even at 57

Would love to hear sone words of advice and /or...

Would love to hear sone words of advice and /or encouragement from some of you who have been down this road . 13days to go!

Well, one week out. Excited, nervous! Would love...

Well, one week out. Excited, nervous! Would love to hear from some of you who have been thru this on how to prepare. What should I have on hand, purchase, how much help will I need, etc.

Ok just one more day of work , then off for the...

Ok just one more day of work , then off for the big day! Running out after work tomorrow for supplies. Give me advice ladies what do I need to pick up? Nervous excited scared. All of the above!,,,
My cyber buddies help a TON!

Well tomorrow is the big day. Hair apt tonight...

Well tomorrow is the big day. Hair apt tonight after work. Shopping for a post surg bra. Any other suggestions on what you wish u had picked up to have on hand? I think I have food etc covered

Well trying to sleep. Need to be up at 4:30am. My...

Well trying to sleep. Need to be up at 4:30am. My DH took sone pictures tonight. No idea how to download. Will look into that. Think of me tomorrow cyber friends. Thanks for all your input and support!!

Well ladies, here I go! You ALL have been an...

Well ladies, here I go! You ALL have been an inspiration!! Wish me luck!

Back in my cozy home tonight, feeling ok. Sore...

Back in my cozy home tonight, feeling ok. Sore throat from the anesthesia, pretty much everything is sore and swollen!
Anxious to get a view of the sights, maybe tomorrow. Not having a recliner is really difficult. Gertingup and down is pretty awful. But tomorrow is another day closer to the end result and I have amazing neighbors who have offered to bring their recliner over . It's getting late and yesterday was a very ong day! Will ck in tomorrow. To all who had their surg today, I am keeping you ladies in my thoughts!

Day 2 post op. Really sore. Hubby helped change...

Day 2 post op. Really sore. Hubby helped change dressings that was interesting. Little scary! Shower tomorrow. Borderline weepy today, maybe because I was trying to cut down on the pain meds . Hubby was getting them for me and he fell asleep so won't make that mistake again . Temp of about 100 also making me feel crappy. But again, I brought this on myself! Daughter and granddaughter came over for a bit. Tired ,, tomorrow will be a better day

PO Day 3 Got up thus morning feeling pretty much...

PO Day 3
Got up thus morning feeling pretty much like my old self. (or as much as that is possible given the situation) Only 1/2 a pain pill about 6:30 this am. Girlfriend came over, had bought me a shower seat and helped me take my first shower. She took some pictures for me also. That felt GREAT but man, what a process! Another friend stopped with food and chatted a bit. Then a neighbor stopped , I am so blessed.
Really do feel better today. Moving better. Under arm swelling is concerning. Am using the ice packs a friend brought me. Very little drainage. Really saw myself for the first time today. She did a great job but wow. That's a lot of cutting ! Hope I dont pay for this tomorrow!

Hang in there for you who r behind me! It really isn't so bad after the first couple of days.

PO day 4-eve Ok, so I guess this is my weepy...

PO day 4-eve
Ok, so I guess this is my weepy day! Feel like crap. Tired, hurts, bored, and I brought this all on myself. The results will be great, but every time I read something seems like there is another 4 weeks of something (compression garments, sports bras, sleeping upright or on a wedge, etc) What was I thinking?????!!!!!!! Hubby keeps telling me he loved me just the way I was. Feel like I need to justify thus to people. Did I mention I feed like crap?? Bad cough, hurts like a you know what every time I do. Now nausea is back. Look like warmed over poo. Sorry girls, but prepare. There is an emotional piece to this........ Just didn't think it would hit me. I love my clothes, I don't want all new ones!!! , I like the old me, I just wanted to be better somehow, not totally different!
Sorry ranting. Should just put down the iPad and go to bed.
Ones further along in the process, please tell me I am not crazy, others have had blue days right?
And new post op patients, just ignore me, unless u feel blue, and if that is the case, please know u r not alone and your cyber buddies care and understand !!!

Had a followup apt with my PS yesterday. Got my...

Had a followup apt with my PS yesterday. Got my drain out. Yea!! Didn't hurt at all but got pretty woozy several times at the apt. Really pleased with the results. No way on earth I am gonna be able to go back to the office Monday. My doc is 1/2 hour away so an hour round trip. Apt at 10:00 got home about 12:00, completely whipped! Could hardly hold my head up all eve!
hubby went back to work today, so my first day alone. Feeling much better today. Still trying to figure out how to post pictures! Hang in there ladies. Gets better!

PO day 10 Feeling really clostrafobic. So this...

PO day 10
Feeling really clostrafobic. So this morning took my first solo shower and hubby and I headed out to run a couple errands. Everything is 30 minutes away from where we live. Felt pretty good to wear something other than jammies, put some makeup on etc. First two stops, I stayed in the car. Then I ran into the grocery alone for a couple of things. Then we did lunch, his choice, MEXICAN. Tasted grat but I am now in agony. SUPER swollen . Slept all the way home and could t wait to get in the house, climb into my chair and put my post surgical compression garment on (wore spanx to town) and my feet up. uGH. Note to self.....
Was good to get out, however, I am clearly not ready to go into the office tomorrow. Glad I am working from home!
Slept in our bed for the first time last night also. the bed wedge came yesterday, so between that and pillows under my knees i did ok. Was more concerned hubby would grab me in his sleep, As is his habit, or that the dogs would jump up on the bed. Did pretty well so that is three milestones in one day! No wonder I am exhausted!!

Hope all of you are well. Thank goodness we have each other. This site has been priceless for me!

Ps. Still gonna take another shot at downloading pictures, just not tonight!

PO 12 Feeling better every day. Next PO apt...

PO 12
Feeling better every day. Next PO apt tomorrow. I did my best to post sone pictures although I have no idea why they turned. So guess you r gonna have to put up with that part. Imwill ck in tomorrow after my apt!

Aren't they pretty !! Just not sure how to get my...

Aren't they pretty !! Just not sure how to get my head around not being Betty big boobs anymore!! This ia gonna take me a little time.

17 days PO One week off, one week working from...

17 days PO
One week off, one week working from home and back to the office tomorrow. Several concerns, one being what I am going to wear cause my skin is SO SORE and like everyone else, swelling is an issue. Any other Polly Professionals put there who have figured out how to wear your business clothes with a CG. Tried to go without it a couple of times and was pretty miserable in a couple of hours. My under arms/side boobs are really sore. Does the coconut oil help with the skin sensitivity? Has anyone else found any skin lotion that helps this soreness and sensitivity? I have been wearing my husbands tank t's under my bra an panties. Even pulling my pants up and down is really uncomfortable. Can u tell I am a little anxious about going back?
This site has been such an amazing help and support system for me. I hope my posts have been helpful for someone else as well. I am finding it is going to take me (and my hubby) some time to get used to my new body. DD to a C is a big step. Haven't gotten support from some of our friends (especially my male friends,,, go figure) course they didn't know what they looked like without a big ole support / underwire. Sone I would like to give a 15 plus pound pack and strap it onto their front and carry it around 24/7 for a couple weeks then come talk to me!! :0) As u can see I am kinda blue today. Just part of this journey I guess. I know that intellectually I just feel emotional. Tired of having my wings clipped, being sore, and trying to explain why I decided to do this at 57..... Lordy.
Tomorrow is another day, cyber friends, To you who have your surgery coming, stay strong!! You will br fine. Just prepare prepare prepare! For u who are healing, be good to yourselves!!! I will try to post tomorrow after re-entry to my real STRESSFUL world. (am going to try to post some updated pictures too!)

Oops lots of typos in my last post. Sorry, guess I...

Oops lots of typos in my last post. Sorry, guess I should heed my own instruction and proof my work! :0)
I realized I didn't post after my second follow up apt. It went well. Did not get woozy. She took all the steri strips off and took care of some spitting stitches. Didn't put any steri strips back on after all, ( she was going to on my tummy anyway) cause I have some contact dermatitis going. Gave me the ok to go back to the office Monday, as long as I don't go back to 12 hour days. Told me she really didn't realize how old I am (we know each other personally) and ha been concerned about doing two such large surgeries at the same time anyway, but more so when she saw my age. I thanked her for the compliment ( we always want to look younger or we wouldn't be doing this stuff to ourselves now would we ladies!! ) but reminded her I am a tough chick. (my husband is handicapped so I am the #1 hauler lifter carrier chick) She said you sure are!! You have proven that!! Anyway all went well. Hubby went to be sure he got his two cents worth in ("she shouldn't park so far away, she is trying to lose more weight, she works 12+ hours a day etc etc etc") geeze. Gotta love um!!!

Hey cyber girlfriends, my skin is ultra sensitive....

Hey cyber girlfriends, my skin is ultra sensitive. Clothes just touching it is so uncomfortable. While I have been off it hasn't been too bad. Stuck to super soft comfy loose stuff. Well it is 11:21pm, I have to go back to the office in the am and I have no idea what I am going to be able to wear! Anybody found some lotion or something that works??

Also I really need another CG that isn't so bulky and wide. I ordered a couple on line and sent them back didn't fit...Has anyone found anything?

Can u tell I am a bit anxious about going back?? Help!

PO 23 days Whew!!! That was a rough week! In...

PO 23 days
Whew!!! That was a rough week! In general, got up did the morning thing we all do ( dishes, breakfast, lunches, laundry, animals, etc) try to figure out SOMETHING professional to wear, and off to work. By 2-3 I am EXHAUSTED. Drag myself home 5ish, strip out of work clothes and into jammies, throw dinner in the oven on the way to bed, feet up and down for the count. Swell hell, looked like hell by Friday. Not sleeping well. feft good to putter around the house today, put up valentines decorations and ordered a ridiculous number of bathing suits. [Hate trying them on in a store, so this way I can try them on and have my anxiety attack in the privacy of my own home]. In hopes this year will be different. Still have some real emotional days, (today being one) But one day at a time one day at a time, little better and more normal every day. Saw my PS Friday, she took some more spitting stitches out and checked things out. Incision sites look good, she is a bit concerned because I still have so much breast swelling. My TT swelling is much better but my boobs are still SO SORE! She said she doesn't think it's a hematoma but to start massaging and see if that helps.
Gotta tell u I love this site and look forward to reading it EVERYDAY. Keep healing ladies keep healing.!!

Ok cyber friends I am 4 weeks post op and looking...

Ok cyber friends I am 4 weeks post op and looking for some advice. Things are going well overall. Healing well. Still swelling issues. Have only tried to go without the CG one day and one evening. Much more comfortable with it. Still lots of swellings in my breasts . Especially on one side. They are rock hard on the sides. And sore sore sore. Tummy looks GREAT. Still lose my stamina so fast, that's makin me crazy. Ordered about 10 bathing suits and struggling with my look. Anyone else look in the mirror at times and wonder whose body that is? I feel like I have lost my curves and now look pear shaped or square. Not the look I was going for. My boobs are so little , I look like a boy in some of these swim suits, and some of my dresses. I was so looking forward to not looking like a hooker in my bathing suit and actually being able to get in the water without always worrying about falling out. (we live on a lake)But I loved being curvy. I still have side swelling from the lypo so when that goes down maybe it will be better. Crazy , spent my whole life wishing I didn't have to go to the ole lady section or bras and that just once I wanted a matching bra and panty set. Now I am thinking I need push up and padding! Maybe I am just tired of being sore and tired, and want to be back to feel normal. Yesterday example, sent DH off to work after making his breakfast, did the usual house chores, worked a little on two furniture painting projects I have going , got around and drove about 30 min to take 10 year old granddaughter to lunch, stopped in 2 stores (one for me for a gift and toy store for her ;) dropped her off, picked up DH drove 45 min to look at furniture and turned down a wonderful italian dinner in one of my favorite restaurants cause I just didn't feel well, went home, ate a salad in bed and was too tired to even answer emails . That's NOT me! This is nuts. Maybe it's cause its my birthday this week, (14th) but man am I in the dumps. This emotional piece should be gone by now, but crap. I expected to be on cloud 9 by now, lovin my new look. Perhaps I will try one of the "maybe" suits on and post a picture for opinions. Pretty much all are going back.... Sorry ladies, but who else can ya talk to when you have brought this on yourself and you want to say what the heck (#%@$&). Sigh. Maybe today will be better........
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My goodness you look amazing even with some swelling. You will rock the beach. It is a huge roller coaster for emotions. I am like you so used to going hard, doing all kinds of things in a day . Unlimited energy. Now it is how can I get back to my recliner. It has been 1 month and yes tired of being sore and stiff. I read about all these young women and 2 days later back to work. YIKES. I am not buying any bath suits until after 3 months. I think this week has been better. I usually push things with my life and this time taking it a lot easier. Thank god we have each other as other people think we are so vain and why torture your body...but if it bugs you do something..RIGHT!!
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I think you look like like a hot granny!!!!! This process is however such a rollarcoaster- Im up and down and all over the place. One day Im wondering why I had this done and the next, Im loving my new "girls"! Ive developed bad swelling with my TT (Im at 5 weeks PO TT and BA)and have to go back for surgery next week- not something I had planned on. However- my husband keeps telling me that Im going to be so happy eventually when everything settles down and heals. Im hoping we'll all be happy eventually with our new bods. 10 new bathing suits?? Yeah!!! I have no idea what my final size is going to be and so Im scared to order too much too soon. You do look great though, and dont look like a granny at all!!! :)
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Hi. I just read your review. I think you look great. I don't think your boobs look small at all but I'm sure it must take some.time to adjust to them. I wear my cg 24/7...and that helps me with swelling but also helps me with the obsession of looking at my body. Hang in there and just keep your eye on the price. We all want instant satisfaction but we can't have it when it comes to surgeries like these.
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Happy birthday, hope your doing well.
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Arnia gel works like a wonder. Also Emu oil heals at a cellular level. That is a lot going back to work so soon with all you had I wear a white soft cotton body suit under my garment that snaps at the crotch. It really helps under the CG and lots of baby powder. Just a few tricks.
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What is emu oil? Where do you put it?
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Lulu you look great! Wow! And it's been only what? Three weeks? My sister had TT and she was out for six weeks. I massage with Arnica gel, it helps with soreness and skin sensitivity. Did you have mini TT or full TT?
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Mini- skin no muscle. Arnica will google it!! Thanks !!!!
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Arnica pills too!!
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Hi Lulu. You are looking great. I too, had the same issues as you. I tried cortisone cream and burn cream on my burning skin but nothing worked :( It does get better with time...just wear your sports bra. Some tylenol and a soak in the bath for a bit helps. My job has a corporate dress policy as well. I wear spanx instead of a CG during the day. A pair of panty hose under the spanx gives extra support. I reserve my CG for night time. Happy healing.
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How are you feeling??!
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I found that wearing a snug tank top under my shirts helped, add well as ibuprofen. That feeling is awful, i know! Luckily mine got better after a little over a week. I know a lot of people like the singlets. I like mine ok, though its tight around the breasts a bit too much for me. I prefer the high waisted, to the knee spanx and flexees myself.
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Lulu, you look gorgeous! Good luck tomorrow!!! I'm not sure what to suggest on the CG front - mine is veeerrry tight (I don't know if I shrunk it, I throw it in the dryer all the time because I only have 1 at the moment and can't wait for it to air dry). For an outfit, instead of wearing something fitted, do you have something loose like a blouse that you can pull in with a belt at your waist well above your incisions(that way you don't look like you're wearing a mumu) with a long, flowing skirt?
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Thanks so much!! My CG from the hospital is just really bulky. All of my work clothes are very fitted, pencil skirts, short jackets etc. Pretty strict corporate dress code. Just gonna have to see what I can make work. PS says i am not ready to go without it and just do spanks. I am answering this at 1:45am. Geese Louise , more than a little uptight about going back I guess. I am sure it will be fine. Thanks again for your kind words!
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Looking good, Lulu! I just did my first two days of Spanx....yeah, last night and today I am in my post op binder too. LOL. First day wasn't so bad, but yesterday I know I overdid it. I did laundry, got one kid from school, took said kid to gymnastics, stopped at the store...yeah. Too much. Luckily the swelling has gone down today.
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You look great, Lulu!!! What a difference. And as to your comment about not being Betty bigboob, you are bigger than me, and I just got implants!!! I am really happy and think the size looks perfect on my slim frame. (I am your size.) Wish I had had boobs to lift because the bad thing about these is there can be complications (ruptures, capsular contracture, etc) and they need lots of future maintenance. Yours look lovely and perky! :-)
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Thanks so much I am really pleased. You look great too, and with lots less pain. Thanks again for your kind words.
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I had plenty to lift. I could have shared! When I was breast feeding it was crazy!! My dad (very old fashioned from the generation where women did NOT breast feed!) used to ask me if I was going to go to her kindergarden class with her for milk and crackers and feed the whole class!! Funny dad funny. Thus part of the reason 32 years later they were at my waist!
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LOL!!! OMG, your Dad, lol!! I know the feeling, believe it or not, even my itty bittys were awesome feeders. My left boob alone (we called the left one "Wonder Boob") regularly produced 8 ozs, with the right one not too far behind. It was crazy. You would have thought I was feeding triplets. I fed my older son for 14 mos and my younger for 21 mos. Unfortunately once it was over, my boobs were more deflated and concave than ever. Like I said, I wish I had something to lift. :-)
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OMG...your dad.......
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Lol! At your dad's comment!
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Dont second guess your decision. You didnt do the surgery for your husband- we all do it for ourselves. If they like the results then that s great but were the ones that have to live with our bodies. Im just a few days behind you - its hard feeling so useless isnt it? I keep trying to keep my mind on how fit and great Ill be feeling a few months from now . Are you maybe doing too much too soon? Just remember to keep taking care of yourself.....we can take care of everyone else later This is OUR time.....
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Emotionally it's hard- recovery. I swear it gets better. I found at 3-4 weeks things get so much better. But everyday things do. 
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Glad you are doing well. I guess your concern about being to old for the surgery was unfounded. Happy healing, can't wait for your pics.
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The first day alone is a little rough. How'd you do? I know the hubbies mean well, but it's not helpful to hear they loved us the way we were when we've just been through surgery! We need to hear encouragement that we made the right choice! :) I questioned myself too during those first days. I can already tell the difference of the TT with MR has on my back, and it's so nice having breasts sit nicely in my bra vs flopping around! :) I'm sure you'll love it, it's just a slower recovery.
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