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I have had big breast all my life. In middle...

I have had big breast all my life. In middle school the kids always teased me and made comments that I was stuffing my bra. By high school, I was know as " big Titties". I have 3 sons, ages 17, 12 and 9. After my last son, these girls seem like they just go bigger. The last bra that I purchased was a 38 DDD... I've been dealing with back, neck and shoulder pain for so very long. I have bra strap grooves on my shoulders, I even have a bra indentions across by back... One day, my shoulders just felt like they were on fire... That's when I knew it was time to see the doctor....I had my consultation on April 29,2014 . The doctor measured me, and took pictures and told me that they would send all of my information in to my insurance company ( btw , is BCBS of Florida)... After about 3 weeks, of waiting and waiting, and running to the mailbox..... Wait for it........... I was approved!!!!! :-) yeah!!!! I scheduled my surgery for July 21,2014...yeah!!!! I'll be part of the itty bitty tittie committee.... Yeah :-)( I'm so excited)...... So, today July 8, I had my pre-op appointment. The doctor answered all my questions and told me everything that I need to know about my upcoming surgery...ok, ladies, I visit the website EVERYDAY ...I'm very excited and yet scared to have the surgery.... But with the help of all you ladies,( reading about everyone's breast reduction journey) I do feel somewhat better.... Well, until next time... Goodnight...


Congratulations on your Date I am almost 3 months post Opt you can visit my review I HAVE TONS OF PHOTOS BEFORE DURING AND AFTER!!!!!!! Good Luck keep us updated
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Aww.. Thank u... I'm so excited and yet so nervous...I'm more scared of the anesthesia than the actual surgery...I sure will visit your review and thanks again.. Oh, and I will putting my photos up soon.
Just a small note to let you know that my anesthesiologist told me that anesthesia now adays are very safe. I have had enough of them and how you wake up is all depends on what they give you they all have there own mixtures. He had to end up putting my IV in cause the stupid lady tried three times in my hands and just couldnt get it I will never have them in my hands again I could feel it thru every muscle in my hand then she wiggles it like awhhhhh where is it WTF was the most painful part of it all :)

Finally have the nerve to add pictures...

Ok, ladies, I finally have the nerve to add my pics.. You ladies were so brave, so now it's my turn...


Just checking in - how are you doing? Less than 2 days away for us!
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Hi... I'm doing good.. I'm not as nervous as I was earlier in the month...Are you ready?? I have a quick question, did you buy a surgical or sports bra for after? If so, how did you pick the size, meaning did you buy it one size bigger because of swelling or what?
Good luck for tomorrow!
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Sorry it's been awhile since I posted anything.. I haven't had a day off from work, and I've been trying to clean and prepare for the surgery... I want to thank all the ladies for the support and this is truly the best website ever.... If there's anyone I forgot to comment back with, I'm sorry, I have been ripping and running and working.... But THANKS AGAIN!!! Soon I'll be in the itty bitty committee... Yeah...


Remember the prune juice to drink post op to prevent constipation and a pillow in the car for the seatbelt on the dive home. i hope all goes well for you
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Hi ... Ok, and Thanks again ..
Great idea! My surgery is July 28th and I was wondering how I would buckle my seatbelt on the ride home. This website has helped me so much. Thanks to all you ladies for putting my mind somewhat at ease! I will post more after my surgery.

Surgery day07/21/14

Hi everyone... I'm going to give you the details of what I remember. We (husband and I) arrived at the hospital at 5:25am. I checked in with the nurse and she brought me to me room. I waited for about 10 minutes and she ( Ms.Evelyn) was came in and gave me my gown to change into. About 10 minutes later, they were rolling me to another room. I gave my husband a big hug and and kiss( I started to cry from nervousness) and was rolled to the room where the doctor would come in and do his markings. He( doctor) took his time and carefully did his markings( which I really appreciate, because I didn't feel that he was rushing). The nurse talked to me and told me not to cry ,that I was in GOD's hands and that everything was going to be ok. I calmed down, meet with the anesthesiologist and she gave me "a little something to calm me down" . that is all I remember before the nurse woke me up. I slept on and off pretty much the entire day. The nurse had to give me nausea meds because when I tried to sit up I became dizzy and throw up a few times. After being sick, I decided to stay the night at the hospital( which my insurance approved) so that the nurses could monitor and observe me. I wasn't in any pain, until I became sick. I did wake up long enough to eat a bowl of soup and off to sleep I went..........Well , ladies I will post pics soon...

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A few pics...


Your incisions and shape look fantastic! Pretty little bewbies :)
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Hi and Thank you ...I think yours look REALLY good...
Hello thanks for sharing your story. I had my reduction on yesterday. July 24th. I'm doing pretty good. I'm going to the doctor this morning. I have not seen my boobs yet I'm scared to unwrap my bands. :). I was a 38DDD and went to a 38d. I plan on losing weight so I hope to end with a size C. Thanks for your story.
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It's been a while....

Hello everyone, it's been a while... About 10 days since I posted anything new... So, I started driving again and it feels a little weird, (but I'm ok),and I went back to work( which I'm not doing much of anything right now).However, yesterday I noticed under my breast along the incision, there's a small pucker( I don't know what to really call it).. I'm a little nervous about and was wondering what you ladies thought... Could I have did something to open the incision, could I possibly be moving to fast. I'm in no pain, nor is it oozing or dripping any kind of drainage... I cleaned, dried and put triple ointment on it and covered it with gauze... Has anyone ever seen this before? Is this part of the healing process or could I have moved in the wrong way and opened the wound? I'm just a little nervous.. Btw, sorry if it seemed like I was rambling.... Just kind of nervous...oh, and the pic is upside-down( I don't know how to fix it)...

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The picture is not upside- down

Sorry ladies the pic is not upside- down...


Looks Nice, can't wait I have 4 days to go
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Thanks and Good Luck with your new boobies...
Thanks , n ur welcome
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