Going with Dr. Markmann for BBL!! If there are any patients on here who had BBL with him please let me know!!

Hello everyone! I have wanted to get my BBL for a...

Hello everyone! I have wanted to get my BBL for a longgg time. I have the upperbody, but my butt is SO FLAT! IT is so sad. All the weight is in the arms, stomach and my back fat. YUK!!! I am trying to decide between Drs. Salama and Markmann. I have done my research but I keep going back and forth between these two doctors. I can't seem to make up my mind!! If any of you ladies were choosing between these two doctors, please let me know which one you picked and why. I realize they are both fantastic, but I am just looking to pick the best fit for me...

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I am mostly interested in hearing about the...

I am mostly interested in hearing about the differences you noticed in the results between the two doctors. I am looking for curviness of the hips, projection and volume.


I actually didnt ask him how many cc's but for what I know it all depends on your skin elasticity in that area. I myself want to get around 1200. The consultation went well I send Nancy my pics and got a call the same day with Dr Salama' aproval as a candidate and the next day I call her to ask her all the questions I had and to set up the date. All I want is a big booty without having to pay more than what I should. keep doing your ressearch and hopefully you can decide which Dr best meets your expectations.
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Yeah I have to really consider my financial situation too. I have had such a hard time making my mind up, but hopefully I will be able to make a decision soon. I will be keeping up with your journey!! Thank you for all the support!
I Hi I am doing mines with Dr. Salama to have my procedure on June 2013 and just made the appoinment a few days ago, so he might have openings for August. The reason why I choose him its because I really like his prices, convinience because most things are included in the price, and the most of all his results!. I really like the way he sculps the body making it look sexy and curvy and the projection of the behind area. There is a reason why his one of the bests favorites here, also I've been researching him and didnt find any malpractice record under his name goodluck girl.
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Okay so I am really leaning towards Markmann. I...

Okay so I am really leaning towards Markmann. I will probably consider other doctors if I am really struggling financially. I have a consultation with him this November. I might have to push it off till January, but that is fine. Ideally, I would like to get this surgery June or July 2013. I am so excited that I took the first step towards MAKING IT HAPPEN! :)


Are you in the Baltimore area or you flying out here?
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I am actually a Marylander! I am fortunate in that sense.
Hey MIH!! Im so excited! Its crazy because its like all i think about, having this surgery. Lol. I cant wait for my consult, only 2 more weeks! I will keep you posted how it goes. Im so excited, i wish i could do it tomorro!!
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My pre-op stats Height - 5'2" Weight - 138...

My pre-op stats

Height - 5'2"
Weight - 138 lbs
Bust - 39" (34DD)
Waist - 29"
Hips / butt - 37" (NOOO!)


Hello Kimmers25! Is there anyway I can change my location to Ellicott City? Realself will not let me :( Thank you!!!

Hi there,

I have changed your location over for you. Congrats on choosing your doctor!

Okay I have no ass AT ALL. I look just like this...

Okay I have no ass AT ALL. I look just like this with a huge gut. http://az12731.vo.msecnd.net/cdn/tp2/129942254/75809025220034560_t.jpg
I also need HIPS, and I know Dr. Markmann gives hips, but I definitely need volume! If you were me, who would you pick?

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I met with Dr. Markmann! He is so wonderful!! I...

I met with Dr. Markmann! He is so wonderful!! I really feel very comfortable with him, and I find him very trustworthy. I am positive that he will give the results I want. Until July 2013 for my surgery!!! :) I am getting lipo for arms. dorsal roll, waist, flanks, abdomen, inner thighs and outer thighs and fat grafting to both my butt and hips!! :) CAN'T WAIT!!!


Yeah I met with him too And I feel the same way!!! I just haven't updated my profile LOL Did you schedule your date yet?
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That is great to hear. I was thinking of you!! I haven't scheduled a date yet because I need to figure out exactly when I will be done with school and my job, but it will definitely be before the end of July. :) What about you? Any surgery date in mind?
Well I asked for them to revise my initial price bc there was a lot of areas added which I don't necessarily think I need. To be honest over 20k was NOT what I wanted to pay. I just want to stick to the basic areas. I haven't thought of a date yet...I wanted it to be ASAP but he said no sitting for 4 weeeeks !!! That's a long time lol I didn't even ask about how long I had to wait before having sex.... Did you? Lmao whew a lot of sacrifice for this !!!

Added my wish picture!!!

Added my wish picture!!!


Hey girl !! Did you have your surgery yet?? I changed doctors and decided to go with Salama...my date is Jan 10th
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Hey Good Luck I'm going to Markmann too in December!!
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do you have pics?! please! im thinking about markmann
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