8 weeks PO new pics

I'm a 32 year old mother of two. My last baby...

I'm a 32 year old mother of two. My last baby finished the look of my body lol. I'm getting most excited that I will actually be able to stand naked In front of my husband. Also I won't have to tuck my sexy loose skin in my jeans everytime I sit down. I'm very nervous. Not sure about the pain. My youngest is 2 so I'm not sure how it's all going to work out for me being able to take care of her. Luckily my parents and my husbands parents will be watching her for at least the first week. I read this website everyday and feel better seeing that so many people are happy they did it. My operation is sept 20th. Im hoping to be able to figure out how to post pics. Once I do, I'll add them

I think i have figured out the picture thing. Lol...

I think i have figured out the picture thing. Lol sooo gross! My husband hasnt even seen my belly like this.

I also didn't mention on my first post that i am...

I also didn't mention on my first post that i am also having a breast reduction. I was always larger breasted as a young teenager. I had my son at 18 and after a month my shoulder blades were bigger than my boobs lol. Then i had my daughter two years ago and all the sudden i had my bigger breasts back. And they stayed ! I thought it would be a good thing but I actually hate it! I feel gross in lower cut tops and to be honest with you, they have actually given me problems with my back. I'm not considered huge by any means but i know i will feel much sexier with them smaller and perkier. Picture a tube sock with a tennis ball stuffed in it lol. My aerosols are huge as well. They also point down to the ground lol, except in really cold weather:-) I'm not sure ill put pics up of my breasts putting pics up of my belly was hard enough lol I'm a C almost D cup now and I've asked to be a smaller B cup . Both procedures will be done on the same day.
hi..Hang in there. u will b so happy to do this for yourself.......I had my tt August 17th and m so glad to have done this for myself....Honestly, it has not been easy every day, but, i m glad i was brave enough to make the appt. and proceed with my tt. I feel better just knowing that other tt gals feel and r going thru the same thing as me........i also hav a tattoo on my belly like you, so we hav a lil bit in common also with the wanting to get rid of the belly........Just take care of urself and do what ur ps tells u to do and u will be a happier gal down the road...Already my clothes look better on me and today...lol....i had 2 guys in vehicle's wave to me....and I m a gramma in my 50"s when I was walking my dog......lol.....:)
You will do great, I had my tt with breast reduction on Sept 4th, so I am one day post op. the not knowing of what to except afterwards was the scary part for me. I honestly can say that is mostly soreness. I feel like I have done a hours and sit-ups lol!! Good luck on your surgery, you will do great:)
Thank you so much! Congratulations on your procedures:) I hope everything heals great for you!

I have a question....I'm a hairdresser. Is anyone...

I have a question....I'm a hairdresser. Is anyone else a hairdresser? I'd love to know how long it took for you to feel good enough to work. I have people booked four weeks after my surgery. I'm crossing my fingers I'll be fine to do that.
You won't regret it girl! I'm in Toronto and I have to tell you it's not exactly a walk in the park, but if you have a good husband or support system you will be fine!

I have been feeling sick to my stomach for the...

I have been feeling sick to my stomach for the past week. I'm sure it's because my emotions are all over the place. I go from..."yay! I can't wait" to "maybe this is a bad idea". I have been having crazy dreams that the doc takes my bandages off from my breast and my nipples come off with it!! I know that won't happen for real but my dreams are making me worry more and more. I just keep reading everyone's positive stories and say to myself that everything will be just fine. My biggest fear at this point is not waking up or getting a blood clot. Dr. Kao assured me I'd be fine. Most of my clients think I'm going for hernia surgery lol. I really don't want everyone to know. The clients I did tell the truth to have been pretty supportive. I have a few that have told me I'm crazy because they think I look great. I tell them that if they saw me naked then they would be more on board with what I'm doing lol. My husband says that my clients are going to wonder why I have no boobs when I start working again lol.

Hey ladies! My surgery day is getting closer! One...

Hey ladies! My surgery day is getting closer! One and a half weeks away! So I've been so worried about getting sick before my surgery. My surgeon dosent want me taking vitamins two weeks before the surgery. I looked on line today to figure out what I could take food wise to boost my immune system. Cloves of garlic. Well my client had given me some garlic out of her garden a few weeks back. Apparently eating two cloves of garlic a day helps. So I chopped up two cloves and chewed it up then chased it down with some OJ. Yuck! Not only do I smell horrible, but my belly is burning lol. Thankfully my husbands allergies have been acting up so he shouldn't smell me tonight lol. Another thing I've been worried about is getting my period on surgery day. It's funny how it dosent bother me to be naked on a table infront of strangers having skin removed from my body but having my period too seems kind of embarrassing. Anyways, went pee today, wiped, and yay! I started spotting! I thought to myself " god has been listening and he's decided to give me a break". My period is suppose to be due the day of my surgery. So a few hours later I go to the washroom to change my panty liner and I've never been so disappointed before. It seems my period has decided to not come after all. It was a teaser! That sucks!! Lol.
Hi Ginny,
I had the same range of emotions as you prior to my tt. One minute I was excited and the next I was terrified. I actually cried on and off all day at work the day before my procedure. I was terrified that I would die on the table or have a complication like a blood clot afterwards. I finally came to the conclusion that I had no control over the situation and that I am young and healthy and chances are I would be just fine. I was suprisingly calm once we got to the hospital and my nerves were further calmed by the excellent nurses and docs there. You've made the right decison. Try and focus on the feelings you will have afterwards, on all the positive things that will be in your life after you feel confident once again.
You are going to do just fine. I can't wait to see your post op pics!

Hey everyone:-) i have spent the last couple days...

Hey everyone:-) i have spent the last couple days playing and moulding my belly like its playdoe. It makes me want it gone more and more. I took a couple pics of it lol. I would have never done this 6 months ago but now that i know its being removed, why not spend my last loose skinned days having fun with it. Plus when I'm in extream pain and ask myself why I've put myself through this then i will refer to these pics and have a good laugh and remember all the times i said no to having a shower with my hubby, all the shirts I've thrown out over the years because they became too short from drying, all the tank tops I've bought to wear under my shirts to hold my loose skin in, all the times I've pushed my husbands away because he came too close to touching my belly, all the times I've sat watching a movie with my hubby and watched a beautiful flat tight tummied actress get half naked and me wonder if my hubby wished i looked more like them, all the times I've cried in a change room standing in front of those mirrors that highlight every flaw.
To the hairdresser: I think booking your clients at 4 weeks will be ok. Maybe a low load that first week. I'm 25 days post op right now and am doing fine, but don't think I would want to be standing all day just yet!
Thank you so much! I think you look awesome! It amazes me how different everyone looks after their surgerys and how quickly the incisions seem to heal. Did it ever freak you out thinking that it would rip open?

Hey ladies:) did any of you think about not waking...

Hey ladies:) did any of you think about not waking up? I can't get it out of my head. I guess if I don't wake up then I'll never know but it's really giving me the hebeejeebees.
Thanks so much for the positive words. I really don't have people to share my feelings about all this with so it's nice to be able to throw my thoughts out here lol:) your looking great by the way!
You will be fine. My surgery was two weeks ago today and I feel great. I had the same fears and concerns before the surgery. I was a nervous wreck but now i'm so happy I did it. I'm completely straight again and have no pain. You won't regret it! Good luck!
Thank you so much:)

Hey everyone! I had a week or so back that had a...

Hey everyone! I had a week or so back that had a breast reduction. She had hers video taped. Is that normal? Anyone else get a DVD on the way out? It seems weird to me. I'm not sure I could watch it
Thank you so much for the positive feed back. :)
I used to think that... No need to worry! It is a medicine induced sleep and they have you hooked up to all types of machines to monitor your oxygen, heart rate and, blood pressure. They are trained to know how much your body needs to sleep without overdosing you. I am sure you will do great! If you are worried you won't wake up because you are scared... In that case, no one would have EVER woke up after being put to sleep. It is normal to be scared, but just relax and you will wake up thinking you were only asleep for 10 minutes! =)
I was also sick to my stomach with diarrhea in the days up to my surgery....I was joking with the nurses while waiting to go in that I was looking for the exit sign....you just feel so out of control, but it is not as bad as you think and certainly well worth the anxiety! Good luck!

5 more days! So nervouse, so excited!

5 more days! So nervouse, so excited!
Wow! That's a lot of boob lol:) congratulations on your recovery and thank you so much for your positive comment:) I'm needing it right now. No one in my family is saying anything about it. And if it gets brought up I end up feeling bad for wanting to look and feel better. So thanks again:)
It's getting so close!! I'm excited for you, but remember feeling the same hesitations as you. I'm now 12 day PO and I'm feeling great. My body looks better everyday and my boobs are beautiful! I'm like you I have always been big busted since childhood and have always been so self conscious of them because they were large and saggy. I was a 34dd and I found out that my PS removed almost 500 grams from each breast which is equivalent to a pound a piece. That is crazy to me, right at two pounds off my chest! I feel like a new woman and my breast which are still swollen look amazing!! My stomach gets better everyday, so I can't wait for the swelling to go down with it!! You will do great, best of luck:)

Well only a few days left. My asthma has started...

Well only a few days left. My asthma has started to act up of course. I've even had two panic attacks. Man I'm getting nervous. Kinda feeling bummed out today. My husband seems to be acting weird around me. When I was talking about wanting this surgery he would always say that I'm going to get looking all perfect then leave him for another guy. Which is obsurd. But for the past three days he's been quiet. I'm not sure how to describe it but it's stressing me out! Lol.
Good luck! I go in on the 19th for my boobies 32FF....hopefully I would come out with at most a D cup. TT was done on the 29th May. You won't regret it. My husband thought the same thing and just as yours he is silent...I think they are more worried about our health and safety than anything else. They need us to be able to run the things that make the family work!
Thanks:) that is so true! Lol good luck on your reduction. How long we're you before you felt good with your tt?
Pain and most discomfort lasted for about a week. At about 2 weeks I was 90-95%. Just take it easy. My tummy is still numb but I rather numb and flat than all stretchy.

Ok, so I'm feeling soooo nervous right now. I just...

Ok, so I'm feeling soooo nervous right now. I just keep picturing in my head waking up and having drains hanging out of me and incisions and pain. I just can't wrap my head around it. It's kinda creeping me out. I'd love to hear about any of your experiances waking up experience. I'm excited but then I start picturing me all cut up and then i ask myself what the hell I'm doing lol. Anyone else go through this?
I am SO WITH YOU. My surgery is 8 1/2 days away and I am totally freaking out about not waking up! About my babies not having a mommy for a stupid selfish vain reason!!!! My husband is also getting weird like he just figured out that this is really a MAJOR surgery and he is getting kinda freaked out
I just double checked and your surgery is only 2 days away!!!! I will totally hang with you on this one Ginny in Canada. Feel free to send me a private message anytime :)

Good morning everyone! In five hours I will be out...

Good morning everyone! In five hours I will be out cold a on my way to looking great! I feel calm now. I'm sure I will be freaking out once I hit the hospital! I really haven thought much about my BR. I've been very focused on my TT. I will hopefully post something once I wake up. Wish me luck!!

Well, it's been done! Pain wasn't as bad as I...

Well, it's been done! Pain wasn't as bad as I thought it would be....yet lol. The worst part for me was the anasteitheologhis puts numbing in your throat for the tube to not hurt later when they took it out. Well when I woke up I couldn't feel a thing in my throat which made me panic because I couldn't feel myself swallowing. Half hour later I was ok. Spent a good chunk of time in recovery then when I finally saw my hubby he looked so happy and relieved. Even got me a magazine I said I liked last week that I wasn't sure he was even paying attention too.

So when I saw Dr.Kao when I got up he told me that I was going to love the results. He said it looks REALLY good! And his very big confident smile makes me believe him. The nurses change the dressing sometime this morning. Not sure if I'll peek this time lol.

I'll try and post later on today. My phone won't upload pics for some reason but when I am home with my tablet I'll do my best to post some pics
I'm worried about sleep following my surgery. I am a light sleeper anyway, but I feel like getting a restful sleep may be out of the question. I've bought earplugs, a sleep mask, a new comforter (to make me feel like I am in my bed), and lots of pillows. Hopefully between that and pain meds I will at least "almost sleep". LOL
I have no problems sleeping...between meds and the traumatic surgery even on my back I sleep like a baby and I am still taken afternoon naps whenever possible. It can take awhile to get that many hours of anesthesia out of your body, my 1st 3 weeks I was a cat...sleep, stretch, eat, sleep.
Hey Ginny! Are you staying on your meds this will help you sleep if you are uncomfortable! Or do you think it's that dang blasted CG?

Hey everyone! It's now been 4 days. I'm actually...

Hey everyone! It's now been 4 days. I'm actually feeling pretty damn good. I'm not on much for my pain meds. I take three torridol in a day and two Tylenol 3's at bedtime. My breast never really bothered me at all. Some itching and pinching but my milk drying up after my daughter was WAY more painful! My belly feels tight still but I'm having a much easier time getting up and down. I'm bored as hell and I REALLY want to stretch lol. I still have one drain in. Hopefully it comes out Wednesday when I see Dr.Kao. I've kinda peeked when the nurse has been in changing my dressings. Kinda scary lol. I'm sure it's going to look great when its all said and done but right now it looks....gross lol. My tattoo is gone(yay!) I have a couple stretch marks left but nothing I can't handle. My incision is very low which I love! My boobies are small and perky, which I wanted and my areoles are much smaller. I think they are going to look great when they are healed. I'd love to show everyone but to be honest with you I haven't even really looked. I've only seen what I can see laying on my back looking down. I guess I'm kinda nervous to strip down in front of the mirror and look at myself only barely healed. I get very easily disappointed and right now I know that this is not at all what I will look like in a months time.
My hubby has been awesome! I'm actually shocked. He has sponge bathed me a couple times now and always helps me with my cg. Those things are a bitch to do up lol. The cg I have is almost a full body one. I'm kinda weirded out by it because it has an opening where my crotch and butt hang out so I can just sit and go to the washroom without taking it off. It seems very unsanitary lol. Anyways, I'm healing really well. Only thing I've been concerned about is blood clots. Everyone including my doc has said not to worry about that because I won't get them but I still freak out constantly about it. I get a small cramp in my leg and I automatically assume its a blood clot. I'm almost obsessed about it. I get up and walk around a lot and I keep my feet moving time hen I'm laying down but I still worry. Anyone else obsess with that?
What's a MM? Idk all of the lingo yet lol
I just found out. It's a mommy makeover:)
I hear you about the standing naked in from of your husband thing. Mine can't understand why I don't like to hang out naked lol. If I'm in the shower and he pops his head in to ask me something, I cower and yell GET OUT!!! I'm scared if he sees my belly he will run for the hills! I have an 80 year olds belly on a 35 year olds body.

I had a really crappy sleep last night. I went and...

I had a really crappy sleep last night. I went and saw my two year old at my inlaws last night. I miss her soooo much. I think she misses me to because she was all over me. I knew I'd suffer for letting her but I didn't care. 4:30 this morning I woke up and wow I was hurting really bad. Took some pain meds and went back to sleep but I still couldn't quite get comfy. My incisions are REALLY itchy! Especially the ones under my breasts. Other than that I'm feeling ok. I'd really love to have a full soapy hot shower. I feel disgusting and I'm sure I smell bad lol. Sponge baths just are not the same. How long did you guys wait till you had sex again?

I just did my sponge bath on my own for the first...

I just did my sponge bath on my own for the first time. Hubby has been helping me but he's at work. That was hard as hell! It took me more time trying to get my sexy compression stockings and my body cg on than actually washing myself lol.

Omg I want to be better. I'm so friggin bored and...

Omg I want to be better. I'm so friggin bored and restless. I'm beginning to hate my couch. I still can't walk straight. I feel the most tightness on the top part of my stomach right under my boobs. I can feel that my new nipples are kinda stinging under all these bandages. My compression stockings are disgusting lol. My feet are always so sweaty. Gross! I hope the doc says that I can keep them off tomorrow. Sorry for the complaints but man this is hard not doing anything. My last day of work I thought to myself how nice it would be to have some time off. I take that back lol.
I think my drain is coming out tomorrow. I'm very nervous.
Why are you not showering? Use antibacterial soap and water and clean your incisions in the shower then moisterize....3 weeks and drains out I had sex. Good luck! Btw did the butterfly stay or go?
My surgeon asks that you sponge bath until he see you. Which thankfully is tomorrow. I have a nurse that comes in everyday and cleans my incisions and bandages me back up. I really do look like a mummy lol and yes the butterfly is gone thank god! Lol. He actually took a lot of loose skin off. My three stretch marks I had above my belly button are now just above my pubic area.
The shower will feel great! Lucky you to have a nurse visits. Sounds like he did a great job, can't wait to see your pictures!

I go see Dr.Kao today! I so want this drain out....

I go see Dr.Kao today! I so want this drain out. It's starting to sting when I walk. Woke up feeling pretty good, got ready. First day putting makeup on since the surgery. And now I'm exhausted lol. It's 1 1/2 hrs to my surgeon so I'm sure by the end of today I will be glad to see my couch again. I'm hoping all these bandages come off today so I can take some pics for you ladies. I still have not seen myself naked in front of the mirror yet.

I'm stuck with this stupid drain for another day...

I'm stuck with this stupid drain for another day or two:( Dr.Kao said things are looking really great though:)
Drains are the devil! But eventually it will be taken out and you will really start to feel better. Can't you already feel yourself getting stronger?
I'm totally feeling stronger every day. The only think that still kills me is my ab muscles. My husband made me laugh and now I'm in pain lol. How long before that gets better? By the way, you are looking hot girl! Your tt looks great!
My muscle repair is what I felt the longest! And I still ache when I sneeze but it got better around 3 weeks if I remember correctly!

Well here is my new body. Today was the first time...

Well here is my new body. Today was the first time ive really seen it. Im still very bruised. The puckering kinda makes me nervous but Dr.Kao said its all good and it will mould itself flat. Anyone else get those? I still have my three stretch marks under my bb but i alreadt knew they would still be there.
We will see him in December - the kids and I are meeting him in Florida for a Cruise and Disney World while he's home on leave. He will be stateside again full time in April! I have been looking at my poor tat. I think I'm going to have it covered up with another tat. Not sure what I want. I loved my lil tiger but I think it's going to have to go. :(
Yeah the chunks happen. I had one removed last week and the other this past Tuesday. They are awful. Once they're gone you'll feel so much better! My hubby is overseas so I had my Mom and Dad to help out with my two kiddos. They live about 6 hours from me so this has been a challenge to say the least but this is temporary. I may have a flat belly but my sanity may be at stake here LOL!
Thank god for this site then eh! I love looking at everyone's before and after pics to pass my time lol. I checked yours out yours looks great:) you have s tattoo as well. I was lucky enough to have mine cut off. Killed two birds with one stone lol. It would have cost me an extra $600.00 to have it removed haha! That sucks your hubby isn't around. How long until he gets back?

Today i feel really good. I sat on my butt all day...

Today i feel really good. I sat on my butt all day yesterday so my drain would hopefull not drain much and i think that did the trick. My Dr wanted 30cc and im at 25cc and im 15 mins away from it being the 24 hr mark since i drained it last. Kinda nervous about the pain of it coming out but i know i will survive it lol. My mom is bringing my baby girl over today for a bit! Im excited! I cried a couple times yesterday because of the guilt and im missing her like crazy! I took a couple more pics today and posted them. I felt kinda sexy even though im bruised, stitched up and swollen lol but i could kinda see how nice its going to look in a few weeks:-D

I'm so happy! My drain got taken out! And it...

I'm so happy! My drain got taken out! And it friggin hurt bad lol. My hole had healed closed a bit and the drain was much bigger than my incision opening. It's done now though so it's all good:) nurse says she can see a hematoma under my left breast. So she wants me to put ice on for 10 and off for 10 a few times through out the day. She says I may have problems if it bursts so she wants to prevent that. Other than that she says it all looks great:)
You will feel like a new woman without your hardware attached! It doesn't hurt at all! Enjoy!!!
:) I'm not even going to miss it lol
The drain does not hurt coming out, don't stress! You are looking good!

Hey everyone! I had my drain out yesterday but...

Hey everyone! I had my drain out yesterday but decided to wait till today for my shower. I woke up and that was the first thing I did! I probably used half a bar of soap lol. After I put my spanx on and washed my CG. I have one of those almost full body ones where your crotch and bum hangs out. It has been making me more and more queezy thinking about how gross it is that I'm wearing it every day without washing it. So I hope wearing the spanx for a bit is ok while I'm waiting for it to dry. So I've been having this pulling where my incision is and it kinda felt like my stitches were being pulled out. I'd check and check and check and I couldn't see why it was feeling that way until this morning. My CG is made out of lyrica and nylon. I had shaved my muff right off right before surgery. Well it has been growing back and my CG is pulling on it! Lol! It's like wearing one of those stretchy metal watch band and it pulls on your arm hair. Same idea lol.
Your progressive pics look great! I was laughing about the muff part. I am planning on having it all waxed off before my surgery. Never had it done before so that gives me a bit more anxiety than the TT I think lol.
Lol good luck on that! I tried to do that once by myself. I slapped on the wax across the whole top, covered it with two wax strips. Took a deep deep breath and ripped the first one. Omg! It hurt so bad that my mouth opened but nothing came out and my whole body shook! I spent the next 10 mins trying to figure out how I was going to get the second strip off without ripping it. Unfortunately there was no alternative answer. I wanted to cry! So I suggest you take some really good pain pills right before or even a shot or two lol
OMG Ginny......Roflmao

I woke up this morning feeling a lot less pain...

I woke up this morning feeling a lot less pain getting out of bed. My abs just feel bruised now. I'm finding my skin is kinda sensitive to touch today. I slept on my side last night! It felt pretty good until I rolled over to my back. It felt really achy switching positions. I'm very swollen today so my CG will be working really hard today lol. I think I'm going to tidy up a bit around the house today.

Oh and has anyone heard about a woman named Julia...

Oh and has anyone heard about a woman named Julia kozerski? She's a photographer that lost a lot of weight over a year and took pictures of her body throughout the year. They are incredible! You ladies have to check them out
I found myself on google too using my username & at first I freaked out because you could see everything & then I realized that I was still logged into realself on my computer. Once I logged out, I could only see my profile picture & username with the option to send a private message. I think you can set your privacy so no one can even send you a message. :)
What did u type in on Google to find yourself . As your user name is different from your real name ?
I typed in Ginny tummy tuck and the first 4 pages had me on it. For you I typed 20 po swell hell (your heading for today) and found pics of you. I'm seeing lots of us on there now

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good. Then I...

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good. Then I took everything off for my shower and went and looked in the mirror first. I'm swollen, bruised and that pleat seems like its never going to smooth out. I'll put a pic of it up once my tablet is charged. I have also broken out in these tiny little pimples all over my neck and chest. Kinda looks like a rash. I feel like my belly button will never look cute. I know it takes months for them to mould and take shape but I want it to look good now damn it! Lol
I look at lots of your pics and your bellys look so nice by now. I'm not a patient person. I think it's the giant pleat or indent whatever you'd call it that is really bothering me. PO says he put these stiches in to i guess anchor my skin to my muscle and says it will smooth out fine but I guess I'm just having a hard time imagining that. Hopefully this feeling will pass.
Totally know how you feel. I am 14 days PO today and I have gone from not too bad swelling to swell hell today. Just about to put up some pics which show the difference in just 3 days. Personally I think you look awesome and I wish my tummy looked as good as your as this stage. Keep hanging in there waiting is hard I know ;0)
Thanks:) I think your coming along great as well! How's your bb coming along. Mine is still flat. I'm really hoping its going to go in soon. I've read a lot about girls putting marbles in to help shape it. I'm not sure if it would work in my case. I'll be seeing my ps Friday so I will be asking
Yeah mine is kinda grosse lol. It looks like a cauliflower to me at this stage because its so swollen. I've heard about the marble thing too but was going to give it a little more time first to make sure it had all healed up.

Well everything was going great, too great. My...

Well everything was going great, too great. My hubby meantioned to me about 4 days ago that I had a small rash on my neck. Just looked like little pimples. Next day I woke up and my body was covered from the neck down in a rash. It looked like measles. Started a low grade fever. Turns out I took an alergic reaction to my anti biotic. It's gone from my chest now but still bad on my belly and back. I'm sure the CG isn't helping things out. Then when I was showing my nurse my rash she noticed blood on my bra. Under my left breast where the drain hole was is now leaking blood. It's pooling under my breast. The blood that came out was almost black. No pain or anything. It sucks because I feel so good right now.my pain level is maybe a 1. Only time I get pain is when I sneeze or laugh really hard. Other than that, I'm walking straight, not on pain killers at all, able to do stuff without feeling I need a nap. I see Dr. Kao tomorrow. I'm hoping he will say that my boob is ok and everything else is great:) ill let you all know tomorrow

So I went to my ps today. He said things look...

So I went to my ps today. He said things look great. Said I was healing incredibly well. Took the steri strips off and said I can start massaging the scars with vitamin E. in a week I will start with the silicone sheeting. He highly recommends it. He is such a great doctor. He was so busy and never once made me feel rushed. Answered all my questions and took his time. I would choose him 100 times over. I got home and stood in front of my mirror and took my shirt and bra off and I almost cried. For the first time ever I felt sexy about my breasts. I was born with saggy boobs I think lol. I can honestly say that I have never ever liked my boobs. I avoided looking at them at all costs and never let any boyfriend and my husband ever really see them. In the shower I'd cover them, in the light having sex I'd keep a tank top on, the only time when I'd like them was in the cold. It's amazing what the cold does lol. I live in Canada so 9 months out of the year they were tolerable if I kept the window open to let the crisp air get to them lol( I'm kidding about the 9 months, I think it's only 4 or 5 months out of the year that our weather is freezing cold:) ) and my belly is looking better everyday. I know I will be happy when its healed. I had tons of swelling this week because I felt great and did way too much. Dr. Kao said it will actually do more harm than good. If I want the swelling to go down I have to chill out a lot more. He also said I can stop wearing the CG in two weeks. He said it is VERY important to keep it on because it helps to form your stomach to a nicer shape. I have actually gotten pretty use to this thing and I'm sure I will probably still wear it to bed for a bit longer after my two weeks.
I'm glad that things are going well for you. It's always a big relief to get the "surgery" part over with. You've had dramatic results!! I can't wait to see your pics as the weeks go by. I'm having my TT/MR/lipo in 13 days. You said in your most recent comments that you are swollen because you did "way too much". What do you mean by that? I have 4 kids (ages 7 yrs to 14 yrs), and I'm afraid that I will be running around doing things for/with them. I know I need to take it easy. Give me an idea of what you did that caused the swelling? How much do you rest during the day (lay down for 1 hr? 2 hrs? ) Thanks. All the best to you.
Well I have a two year old and a 13 year old. I was very lucky to have my parents and inlaws take my 2 year old for the first week and a half so that was huge in my healing process. Then my 2 year old came home and that was when my swelling happened. My hubby also went back to work. So trying to keep up with her, feeling the need to clean up, I folded laundry...lots of laundry. I got very restless by day 4 so I didn't lay down as much as I should have. I would get up every hour for sure and get a glass of water, go pee then lay down. To go pee I have stairs I have to go up. So I guess between that, bending over to pick up toys, getting up to make meals, trying to stop my two year old from jumping on me, picking her up to put her in the crib for her naps, being up more than being down. All of that just make me blow up. My hubby was great when he wasn't working but during the day was just impossible lol. The ideal situation is to not have to worry about anything.
Thanks for your response. I sympathize with you. I hope you get the rest you need and I hope you make a speedy recovery. All the best to you. Truly!

18 days PO! I'm feeling pretty good. My skin kinda...

18 days PO! I'm feeling pretty good. My skin kinda feels sore. Every one and awhile my abs hurt. Swelling is bad this weekend but its thanksgiving here in Canada so it's been lots of family stuff and eating. I got my period yesterday:( my cramps were brutal! This is my last week off work. I start back next Tuesday. I'm kind of enjoying my time off now that I'm not couch bound lol. Hope everyone else is healing well and good luck to anyone joining the flat side today!

Took some pics today. Ive put a sillicone sheet on...

Took some pics today. Ive put a sillicone sheet on my bellybutton and will probably start with the rest of the scars monday. So physically im still feeling tired and i have the odd pinch in my abdominals. Sneezing and couching still is tender. Laughing is not as bad but i still feel it if ive been laughing to hard or too long. My swelling has really gotten bad around my inscision area. I remember someone on here meantioning this. She described it as a tire around her lower belly area. My belly still feels very tight and hard. I have no feeling around and below my bb area. Still kinda weirds me out but i know eventually i will get it back. I kinda feel like my belly dosent look real. Its not mushy yet, if you know what i mean. I hope it will eventually. My pucker is still bumming me out but the other day my swelling went down and it didnt look as bad. It is a stitch that is holding it down and its disolvable. I just wish it would disolve NOW! Lol. Im noticing a lot of little pleating on my inscision. Im sure it will smooth out. So with my pleats and pucker and three streatch marks im kinda feeling like a sewn together scarcrow:-(. Im sure it will get better. Patience, patience,patience. I also got a bill in the mail from my hospital for $180.00. Not impressed! I call the hospital and saywhats up with this? They tell me its an extra charge because they used the compression stockings on me! $180.00 for compression stockings!!! I had assumed the $6500.00 included compression stockings. Heres the kicker...when i went for my one week check up they took my stockings off and threw them the garbage. Had i of known i was going to pay $180.00 for them, i would have kept them and framed them and labeled it" my most expensive pair of non sexy stockings ever bought". Im very frusterted by this.
So i guess im still happy i did this but just with all my puckers and pleats werent there. I cant wait to feel excited about my new belly. Soon i hope
Your waist is soooo tiny. I'm very jealous :0)
Lol, thanks but I'm pretty sure we look about the same. You are very tiny as well:) are you still wearing your CG? PS said I can take mine off next Friday. I feel excited but kinda nervous about my stomach being on its own lol.
Yeah I'm still wearing mine. Got just over another 2 weeks in it before I can take it off. I think I'll keep wearing it longer than that though because it feels so weird without it on especially exercising. I got a nice view in the mirror this morning my swelling went down enough that I could see my abs finally!!! All that hard work at the gym before hand definitely paid off they were there along just hiding underneath my sheet of skin ha ha. I tend to have more of a column shape body thats why I'm jealous of your waist :0)

I'm feeling pretty good. I've been getting pains...

I'm feeling pretty good. I've been getting pains near my one hip area that feels like I'm pushing on a bruise so I'm not sure what that's about but I'm sure it's all to do with my healing. I put my body through a lot lol. My belly is still hard and flat but kinda swollen. The best way to describe it is that I feel like my belly area resembles a mannequin. Hard flat and unreal looking. I have posted a pic to show everyone. She even has the big scar across the belly lol. I know my belly looks better than it did two weeks ago, but man do I ever feel like its taking forever for it to look like a normal belly. Hope everyone's healing well!

Hey sweet! My iPhone just let me post a pic! It...

Hey sweet! My iPhone just let me post a pic! It wasn't letting me do that before
Hi I'm new to this site... Not sure how it works! Lol.... You look awesome! Congrats On your new mommy tummy! My TT is nov 20! Pre op is oct 18!!! We're you offered a pain pump? Im also Canadian and I'm having trouble finding out if I can just order it, and doctor can use it after surgery! My doctor and the others I have called don't use them!:( so nervous.... I guess they say beauty is pain! Good luck in your healing process!!!!
Hey! Thanks! No I wasn't offered a pain pump. With my experience, I wouldn't have needed one. It's kind of a weird pain to describe. The only time it was not tollerable was when I laughed, sneezed and coughed. Getting up and down was painful to but as long as you have a good support system then you will be fine:) I took Tylenol 3's for the pain and was fine. What part of Canada are you from? I'm from Ontario. Good luck with your surgery!
Thanks for the reply! I'm in windsor, ont... I have 6 kids and that's my only real support team well the older ones.... 16,14,12, my mom lives with us so hopefully that helps! I rented a hospital bed... Only cause my two young babies sleep with me so that might night be good! Lol take up the whole bed! I also rented a walker.. Not sure if that was needed...again thanks for the reply!! I was just wondering how do you post pics?

Well here's some pics from this morning 26 days PO...

Well here's some pics from this morning 26 days PO. I'm still not feeling it's a sexy bell but I do feel that it's better than having the stretch marks and handfuls of loose skin. Pucker seems to not be as bad. Hope everyone's having a good day:)
Thank you for keeping us updated during your PO. You look great!!!

Hey ladies! Hope everyone ones recovering well !...

Hey ladies! Hope everyone ones recovering well ! Well I'm 30 days PO. Started back at work on the 16 and I am tired lol. I'm a hairdresser so it took a few days to work my feet in again. They got use to being up off the floor for so long. I still have that pucker but it dosent seem as bad. I stretched in bed this morning and felt something happen so I hope it was that stitch that was holding my pucker in place. I'm loving everything about my belly but the pucker. My belly button still isn't resembling a belly button yet but hopefully as the swelling goes down then my bb will turn out cute. I think I will get it pierced once its healed.
Your bb looks a lot like mine and sadly I am 18 mos post op and 2 mos port revision :( You look amazing though!
Your bb looks a lot like mine...sadly mine still doesn't resemble a bb even 18 mos post op and 2 mos post revision :( You do look amazing though!

Saw my PS today:) everything is going perfect. He...

Saw my PS today:) everything is going perfect. He wants me to be CG free now. It's been off for a couple hours now and the swelling has begun and it feels really weird! I trust Dr.Kao 100% so I will keep it off:) ill take some pics in the morning and post them

I've been using those silicon gel strips and I think they are totally worth the money. My scar is really starting to flatten out.
Wow you look so good!!
Thanks:) did you have to pay for your bb revision? I checked your profile out. You look really good as well. It's crazy how different we all look after our surgeries
No my bb revision was included as well as my dog ear removal. I have my 2 month check up after the revision and thinking of mentioning the bb again..idk it's a slit. PS "argued" with me from the beginning saying that my bb looked fine but in my opinion it shouldn't be a slit and I should be able to at least have a small opening.....

I am almost 6 weeks PO and I'm feeling pretty good...

I am almost 6 weeks PO and I'm feeling pretty good. I'm happy I did the surgery still but still wish I looked better than I do now. I really hate the stretch marks coming from my scar, im still really swollen, my belly button is still not looking like a belly button I'd want and I still have that pucker. The pucker is WAY better than it was but I still don't want it there at all. Another thing bothering me is not having any sensation on my belly. It's totally weird. I'm finding its making me not feel right in my clothes. Slobby or something. Hard to explain. And my stomach is still hard. Is anyone else feeling this way? I guess I figured I'd be feeling crazy sexy by now but not so much. Ill post some new pics

Did anyone ever do the marble thing in the bb?...

Did anyone ever do the marble thing in the bb? What is it suppose to do? I want my belly button to be more of an innie. Would it help or is it used more to round your bb? I did attempt to put a marble in but it wouldn't go in and I am to scared to force it in but I do have ear plugs that fit.
I actually did the marble trick after my revision and it did nothing for me. I actually had my 8 weeks post bb revision today and PS asked how I was going....I told him that I didn't think my bb looked any different that pre revision. He told me that he thinks it looks great....all bb's are different and his technique is the oblong....idk it doesn't look like the pics from all his previous patients I saw and I don't like how there is no opening and it's just a slit but idk if it's worth fighting for a 2nd revision. I also wonder if it has to do w/ skin elasticity as I still have a ton of stretch marks :( I hope yours widens out like u want! Good luck and you look fantastic btw! I hear ya on the thinking you would look better. I love my results and would do it again but I had unrealistic expectations. As for the numbness it will get better but I was a good 1 yr old before I started to feel normal but I still don't have total feeling back :(
Hi I saw that you were asking about the marble and ear plug trick. I had asked my sister in law who is a surgical nurse. She said don't do it! It can cause a infection and keeps air from bb and it can hamper the healing process. Also if you do it without the advice from your ps. It could void any chance of a revision unless you payed for it entirely. So my advice would be to ask your doctor about these methods first
Thanks for the advice! Makes sense. Ill leave my bb alone till I see the doc in three more weeks then:)

I'm 45 days PO and still swollen...I think...I...

I'm 45 days PO and still swollen...I think...I hope lol. My bb still really hasn't changed a whole lot. I see my ps in a couple weeks so I will see what he says.

Feeling pretty good:) still so friggen swollen but...

Feeling pretty good:) still so friggen swollen but I look way better now than I did with all my loose skin and stretch marks lol. Hope everyone is healing well!
Hey there I also have a triangle belly button. I have not seen them often so I did a search and came across your profile. Let's keep in touch and see how our belly buttons are doing! You have a great hourglass figure.
Hi, thanks! You look like your healing nicely. Your bb will continue to change so much over the next couple months. I would say by 4 months mine was totally healed and not going to change anymore. I'm going to have a bb revision once I'm 1 year PO. I'd like to have more of a hallow in mine and I have a little spot that I'd like tucked in more. I noticed you are using the silicone strips. I used them for a bit but found that using vitamin E in the morning and bio oil (i used the store brand version) at night and massaging the scar firmly for five mins seemed to work way better. It's so amazing to see how your body changes every week through the healing process. You look great now but wait a couple more months. You'll look even better!
Hi i am currently looking at getting a TT im not sure if i need a full one or a mini. Did you have a full and if so what was the pricing if you dont mind me asking? Btw you look amazing:-)

1.5 years post op

Hi, I haven't posted anything in FOREVER!! I will try and post pics at some point. I've had a belly button revision that improved it but I'm still not happy with it. I have little stitch scars all around it and it's not sunken in enough. I will be having my bellybutton tattooed next month and that should campflauge the falseness of it....I hope lol. So that being said, make sure you look at your PS's belly button portfolio. I didn't do this and I regret it. I'm not sure if he does all bellybuttons like this or if he was just having an off day. Your bellybutton is what makes people not know you had a TT. I think it's a very important part of the surgery. I had three bubbly stretch marks left after the surgery that I had tattooed over and you can't see them at all now! I have recently started working out three days a week. Please start working out as soo after your surgery as your PS will allow you. I wish I would have. Any weight I gain it goes straight to my luvhandles. It sucks! The joys of getting older lol.
I'm a hairdresser too and have been wanting this done. Would you have been able to go back to work sooner than 4 wks? Would love to see updates pics as well!
I went back three weeks after my surgery. I was swollen by the end of the day but other than that I was fine. I also booked light for that first week back.
I can't wait to see updated pics. I get what you are saying about the BB, it is one of the reasons I chose my PS. Thanks for sharing your story.
Ontario Plastic Surgeon

Dr.kao is a very nice PS. He was confident with what he did and was very clean. My scars turned out great. I had a tummy tuck and a breast reduction by him. I'm happy with most of it. The only complaints I'd have is that I had asked that he make my aerolas much smaller. I don't find they are much smaller at all. I had told him about my disappointment and he did try to have the cost covered through the government but was denied. I feel like he should have fixed them from his own pocket. Especially because the last thing I said to him before the anastetic kicked in was to make sure he made my aerolas MUCH smaller and he acknowledged it. The other thing I don't like is my bellybutton. I've had a revision and it's still not great. I'm going to have it tattooed soon so hopefully it will hide the scars and fake look of it. I would choose him again if I had to do it all over again but I'd be very specific and I'd make sure we were on the same page.

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