150 Pounds of Weight-loss: Extended Abdominoplasty with Public Lift; Panniculectomy

I have lost over 100 pounds in the last 19 months...

I have lost over 100 pounds in the last 19 months (down 150 pounds since 2004). I have been morbidly obese my entire life and I have a huge amount of excess skin. I am one week away from four procedures: extended abdominoplasty with public lift; panniculectomy, buttocks lift and lateral thigh lift.

I'm anxious, but excited to see what the next stage of my weight loss journey looks like.

Adding photos

Two more sleeps until the big day

I'm surprisingly calm, haven't taken any of the prescribed Ativan yet, but I think my boyfriend needs to! I'm sure ill need to take it tomorrow night. I'm worried most about the pain and discomfort of recovery. Since I've lost all of this weight, I've become a very active person. I cannot wrap my head around so much downtime.

The plan

On Tuesday, February 4th, I am having four plastic surgical procedures to remove excess skin. This is one of the final stages of my weight loss story that started August 13, 2012 (Dad's birthday) when I started Weight Watchers. The surgery will be about sixhours long and will be in the doctor's surgical suite in
Marina Del Rey.

Immediately after the surgery, I will be in an after-care facility in Santa Monica for two to three days. After that, I will be at the parental recovery
for another 5-7 days. Mom and Dad are leaving for a trip on Feb 14, so
I will then be home

I'll probably be off of work for two or three weeks.

I'm nervous and excited about this next part of my journey but know it will be great after the healing is complete.

I have so much love and support over the past few years of evolution. I've
got the best support team in the business!

Pre op butt lift

Forgot to say

I'm 5'2, 130 pounds


Surgery has been postponed due to another medical issue. Will be rescheduled soon, hopefully. Thanks to everyone for their good wishes.

Rescheduled for Monday

Fingers crossed it happens!

Now two procedures instead of four

taking a more conservative approach for safety reasons. Disappointing, but wisest way to go.

Day four post-op

Quick update. Leaving after care for parents home. Pain is manageable, moving around on my own well. Day 3 was the worst. Weak, tired, two scary dizzy spells. Had follow-up with dr yesterday, said everything was fine.

Day four, post-op

Day two and three were the hardest. Tired, weak, almost fainted twice. By the end of day three I was feeling much more like myself. I am recovering at my parents place now, after three wonderful nights at Serenity After Care.
The pain is not bad. I've mostly switched to Tylonol except took the percoset at night. Ambien is my friend. Slept well with that as an assist. Pain has been manageable.

Will probably get drains out Monday. Fingers crossed.

Won't post photos till after drains are out.

Everything is progressing well

Pain is minimal, just managing with Tylonol. Drains are a pain, compression garment is annoying, but I'd better get used to it since it will be around for awhile!

In the morning, I will call the surgeon with the drain log information and see if they are ready to come out. I'm prepared for them to say not yet.

I have great parents who are caring for me. I'm not weak anymore and not overly tired. Using Ambien to help with sleep. Trying to get in a nap per day.

The days my boyfriend visits are liquid gold. He makes every bit of fear and anxiety just disappear while he's here.

I haven't gotten a good look at my torso yet. Being a good girl and leaving the garment on. It seems like I'm still very swollen, like I have no waist, which is odd!

Slight communication failure

There's no one in the office today to take out my drains, even though they are ready to come out! Appointment set for tomorrow, 10am.

Drains out!

Just wearing a long, thin camisole between my skin and the binder. Feels amazing. Will post photo later.

Eight days post-op

Yes, I'm pleased. I am still swollen, but now that the padding and drains are out, I get a better sense of what the results look like. I don't have a great photo. Every time I try to take a photo, everything looks crooked and the lighting is bad. I will work on some better ones once I get home tomorrow.

Of course, now that my tummy is flatter, I really want to get my legs done. All in good time!


It's really frustrating that you can't change your surgery date because it's wrong, due to the postponement I had.

home alone

I'm home alone. I've spent a lot of time trying on clothing and looking at myself in the mirror.
I am still very swollen and the compression garment adds a reasonable amount of bulk. I tried on the petite 12 jeans and they fit properly.

So no new wardrobe until the swelling goes down and probably until I recover from the upper body work, which might be the next procedure.

But for now, concentrating on healing from this one!

Follow-up, Day 11 post-op

Steri-strips removed. Stitches from belly button removed. There is scabbing all over the incisions with a little bit of blood oozing. Wearing camisole between me and the compression garment. Doctor took a few pics and said everything is healing fine. Have f/u appointment in three weeks.

Going to go back to work next week, but not work full days.

Recovery has gone so much better than I thought it would. The body is a remarkable thing. I love the result thus far and it's just going to get better with healing and time.

More photos - from Doctor

Here's a new set of before and afters

Here's a new set of before and afters

After is taken 11 days post-op

Compression garment

Soooo tired of wearing this! And tired of not being able to be active with my regular yoga and hiking! Just a minor pity party this morning and then I was over it.

Healing is progressing

I'm anxious to get back to exercising. I'm seeing my weight bounce around all over the place even though I am still on my Weight Watchers 26 points per day plan. I am seeing swelling going down, but I still think my torso looks very square (like I'm missing the contour of a waist). Have f/u next Friday, so will talk to Dr. about that.

Already scheduled second procedure (upper body) for late April.

One month since surgery

It's exactly one month. I'm not a patient person, so this feel like the longest month I've ever lived.

I'm feeling pretty good, but still experiencing some soreness. It took awhile for sleeping patterns to resume. This morning I'm feeling like crap, but I think it's the time change and a bit of depression about the end of the weekend and heading back to work. I was back to work at the beginning of the third week of recovery.

Swelling is visibly down. Energy is mostly good. I'd say I'm 80% myself.

Tucked in shirt with belt

I cannot even remember the last time I did this.

Something I've been thinking about in relation to this type of procedure

If you aren't close to or at your ideal weight, you probably aren't going to be happy with your results. I waited until I was close to goal and I'm glad I waited. I started having consults at around 140 pounds, figuring I would be at about 130 when i had the surgery, and that exactly how it turned out. I'm about five pounds away from my goal of 120 (I'm 5'2). I think it's irresponsible of doctors to recommend these procedures to people who are still very overweight. Not trying to sounds elitist or sizeist but I've seen some other peoples reviews and those who are unhappy with their result still seem to need to lose weight.

End of the fifth week follow-up appointment

I had a follow-up appointment on Friday. Dr. Stoker said everything was healing well. He suggested one more week until I return to exercise and wants me to wear the compression garment for another month. I was really surprised at this, to the point where I forgot to ask WHY?!

He said if it was really bothering me I could skip it, but recommended I continue to wear it. I'm not going to question his wisdom, why would I go against his wishes at this point?!

Am I disappointed? Yes. Will I get over it? Already am.

A few new photos and update

Had a f/u appointment on the 4th, which was about the end of week seven I think. It was actually a pre-op appointment for the next surgery I am doing on the 29th of April, but he looked at the incisions etc. Everything is a-OK. Got permission to stop the compression garment, but I'm still wearing it around the house, just in case.

I'm attaching a picture from last month that also includes my BEFORE pic, and in this case, the before is before I lost 108 pounds, not before the surgery.

I am really struggling with the last four pounds I want to lose. It's really frustrating. I've been at the same weight for the past month or so.


the before and after picture above: the before is prior to losing weight. The after is after losing weight and the plastic surgery.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

I interviewed several different surgeons but Dr. Stoker was hands down the most qualified and confident. He seemed sincerely excited to work on my case and cares about the final aesthetic more than anyone else I spoke with.

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You look great! I am also considering my surgery with Dr. Stoker. I need the hanging big tummy removed too and a breast reduction and laser lift. You said your surgery was 12,000.00. Is that correct? I hope so. Please write me, I would appreciate it so much! Thankyou, Karen
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Look good my panniculectomy is on the 23rd
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U look Awesome!!! I am 1 1/2 wks out from a pannulectomy... Is the camisole to prevent rubbing on the skin from the compression garmet?? I hate wearing it!!! Any tips for it to not bunch up in the back?? My tummy is so itchy... Drives me nuts!! Lol thanks for posting pics!! And the info!!
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Hi Jenny, I promise it gets better. Yes, wear the camisole, it's exactly as you describe to protect the incisions, plus it just keeps things fresh and less sweaty. I bought EXTRA long camis. It's worth the investment, they hang down below the bottom of the the garment, thus not bunching up. Good luck and hang in there. I'm six weeks out of a second surgery for upper body. There's something magical about that six week mark (for me anyway and most people.
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May I ask how much was taken off?? I had 21 lbs removed... I am not sure what size of a chamis to buy.. And what about the itchy tummy??
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I didn't not have him weigh the skin. I got mediums, but I don't know what size you were before and are now. I got them at Target, not expensive. I had some itchiness, but it passed. I was told I could use benadryl cream but didn't. I suggest you ask your doctor if there's anything you can use for the itchiness.
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Wow, huge improvement, you must be thrilled to have all that skin gone! Our body types are opposite, I always had a smaller waist but carried all my weight in my thighs and legs. Once I lost the weight, I still thought I had so much more to lose due to all that skin. It wasn't until I went to a PS about my arms, that he explained I didn't need to try and lose anymore that is was stretched left over skin....I can't wait to see what life will be like with it gone!!! Hope I have great results like yours!!!
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What a success story you are! Be proud girl! Really awesome!
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Remarkable no? I also had bariatric surgery, roux-en-Y surgery in 2005. Lost half of myself. Was over 300 surgery day, and now 160 or so( I did get down to 140 but looked sickly ). So anyway had extended abdominoplasty with lipo April 16th. Was also interested in thigh lift, but money is an issue at times. Healing now, pics to come. My profile pic was taken about 1 month ago fully dressed of course (but I always hid my excess skin well from the public, but not from myself). Would recommend to anyone this surgery even with some issues I'm having now, also wanted to mention since I had the surgery I may not need thigh lift . TBD but the lifting they do with the lower abdomen actually lifted some of my bumpy thighs, still have some in upper thighs but wouldn't think of wearing shorts of any kind before. Now could probably get away with 5-7" long shorts, we'll see.......
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Huge congrats on your weight loss, you are amazing. I was fascinated by your review because I am about to have bariatric surgery and hope to lose at least the amount you did. I think I've been kidding myself that the loose skin won't be too bad and I won't have to have it fixed. That doesn't look to be the case though, I just have to hope that I can get it done for free on the NHS, as is my sleeve, and that I look as good as you afterward. You're an inspiration.
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Wow, your before/afters are breathtaking! Also, I'm wondering, how much of a difference did this make on your thighs? I'm considering an LBL or an extended tummy tuck, and was hoping it would help somewhat with the outer thighs.
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Thanks! Not likely much from what I know. Lateral thigh lift is a separate procedure. My third surgery will likely be butt lift and thigh lift.
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Wow!!! Boy do I LOVE an amazing transformation! You look fantastic, and I KNOW you are loving your results! I too underwent a total body transformation after weight loss and could not be happier! Congratulations on an amazing journey!
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Thanks and congrats to you too!
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BREATHTAKING transformation! You are such an amazing and strong woman...inspirational is an UNDERSTATEMENT! Thank you for sharing so generously. When is your next surgery? What is it gonna be? I'm watching you so closely, cause you amaze and motivate me. :-DSuzy
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Suzy, thank you so much, that's very sweet. My next surgery is 4/29. Arm lift, breast lift without implants and bra line back lift. I started a new review for that one, but it hasn't gotten a lot of activity. I'm finding the bra line back lift is a less common procedure here on RS so I haven't been able to find a lot of reviews on it, and I haven't been able to find anyone who's done the three procedures i'm doing. The next surgery also includes getting rid of the side boobs, I'm really looking forward to wearing bras and not having that side fat hanging over.
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PS: Yes, my ps also agrees we must wear our compression garment for several months! He recommends up to 6 months. However, it can be one of those comfy Fleexzies, which I've been wearing for years just to hide mine! It supports you, but also helps the continued healing and attaching of the skin, all of which help the nerve regeneration, etc. etc.
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Thanks! That helps too. I have a few Spanx types things that I think I will switch to on certain occasions.
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When I had my pre-op on Monday, my ps reminded me how long to wear the Flexzies. Since I hope to be recovered by June (op is mid-April), so I say to him "oh, I guess I could wear it under a one-piece swim suit..." My ps says "no, silly! You should wear your new bikini! Just wear the Fleexies when you don't wear the bikini" ha ha!!
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Hi Luckiest, I can't help but agree with your comment on finding a good or ideal weight, but we also have to maintain it too. I have a friend who had her tummy tuck 5 years ago. At the time, she was at her ideal weight (also 5'2", 120 pounds), and she looked great and was thrilled. Now she is dissatisfied with her TT, but she has gained weight over the years. I am also 5'2", and I cannot get lower than 130 no matter what, but my PS told me I don't need any lipo at all because its all just skin, so the TT itself should bring me closer to 120. You look great!! Congratulations on coming to the thin and flat side!! Give yourself a big hug for me!
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Thanks. I thought I'd lose more weight due to the skin removal, I also had an Panniculectomy. One doctor thought I had 10-15 pounds of excess skin, another said 6-8 pounds, but my weight really only went down by about five pounds. So do use a bit of caution about over-promises in terms of what they tell you. Hopefully it motivates us to keep going in the right direction. I think it does.
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Ya, I have to say, I agree with the doc. I think it's good to support the new tummy, and I think it supports the muscles so they can heal more easily. I am 7 weeks PO, and plan on wearing my firm Spanx garment til at least 3 months. My tummy feels tender and sensitive by the end of each day, even with the garment on, so I don't feel ready to not wear it. Just my thoughts. :-DSuzy
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Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm glad I'm not alone!
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Glad everything looked well. The month will fly by. Everything goes faster in the spring!
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ur right ! i agree!
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