Thank You Dr Stoker! Finally I Have Perky Beautiful Breasts - Marina Del Rey, CA

Third time is the charm. I had unsuccessful...

Third time is the charm. I had unsuccessful breast lifts with implants twice. Both times the implants were placed too high and I had fallout within weeks. After years of being disappointed with how I looked with essentially boob tubes and partially ruptured encapsulated implants I found out about the Laser Bra. I researched and read about it off and on for a long time wanting to make sure the technique was good and results long lasting. I knew I wanted to go to Dr Stevens or Stoker for the surgery since they were the pioneers. By the time I was ready to choose, Dr Stoker had his own independent practice. I studied the before and after photos from both Drs websites and was surprised to see Dr Stokers photo results are on both his and the other site. Dr Stokers site has only his work. Once I determined who's results were who's I decided on Dr Stoker. I was looking for a pretty breast profile. I want to look good braless and his results looked fantastic and natural.

I am now almost three weeks post BL, with Laser bra technique, implant extraction and replacement, Custom TT due to hernia, BBL and lipo to hips, flanks and inner thighs. I traveled to CA and returned home to East coast two weeks later.

Dr Stoker removed my old implants which were calcified, partially ruptured and unflattering to say the least. He put in sub pectoral implants, much smaller and 4 inches lower. Having used the laser to create an internal bra will keep me perky for years. I am 52 and my breasts look (all of me actually)the best they have since having my children 26 years ago. I had less bruising and less pain this time for the breast surgery.

My husband and I are so pleased with the early results which I am posting. I will post again as I heal and the final results are easier to see once the swelling subsides.

I wish I had done this all sooner.
Thank you, i have new photos to post. So far real good. Dr Stoker has been great with followup despite the distance. I will go to him in the spring for a facelift. I trust him. There is a lot of articles about the laserbra technique and i first saw it on a special on Discovery channel.
I read about it online...sounds like a great procedure..makes sense. Can't wait to see your new pics!
You look fabulous! The laser technique sounds interesting.

New photos from 4 weeks

Hi, trying to get this weeks up too, but may have to wait till 6 weeks. Happy healing everyone
I know what you've been through I'm getting my third revision because my implant won't drop down like the left breast did and also there is some extra skin hanging under the nipple I can't stand it . So I hope third time the charm for me too. I hope all goes well for you and me and anybody else that is through this journey.
So farmine are still looking good, anit larger thn i wanted but i think he had to because the scar would have ben too long if he made me any smaller. But, they are perky so i am happy, i hope the third time works for you too.
Looking good! What is BBL?


After 9 long weeks I am ready to go to the beach in my new Bikini Body.
YOU LOOK AWESOME!  I am so happy for you! 
Thanks, the left breast is still more swollen, hoping they even out. I will post. N

Breasts, hope i did this right

Wow wow wow x
I do love my RS friends, thanks ladies, I hope to pist more soon, happy healing one and all
Wow ! You look fantastic ! I hope you look similar in a few days !


I have wanted to be able to wear pretty summer dresses with thin straps(and look good) for so very long, on vacation at 12 weeks po I finally did it. Bought this dress and some very sexy high heels, So glad, thank you Dr Stoker!
Wow you look awesome in that dress!
Thanks, just the pick me up I needed today. It is so cold I have spent a lot of time in the barn with my crew, llamas and goats.
My hubs is dealing with all our farm animals today thankfully. It's negative degrees out there. Brrrr.

Mommy makeover at 17 weeks.

Still a ways to go, hoping to get into exercise soon, but, I am looking so much better. Still not feeling hundred percent and still am pretty uncomfortable most days. Hoping more sensation comes back.

17 weeks

Hi Laserwoman, You look fantastic! I've been looking into the laser bra lift, TT, lipo and BBL. How are your results with the BBL? Do you still have the same fullness or has some of the fat been absorbed? How was the recovery? Also for the inner thigh lipo, did you notice any skin sagging or more dimpling in your thighs? Dr. recommended lipo but I have loose skin and everywhere I'm reading suggests it will only make it worse.
Hi, I took some photos but cannot remember or find where to upload them. Will try later. And, how to get them from phone to ipad. That aside, i am very very very happy with the bbl. I am so glad Dr Stoker persuaded me. I did not have much pain from it and did not have to wear any special garments etc. not for the thighs either. I was able to take a 7 hour flight home after two weeks, but relied on the pain meds and a soft cushion. I have very loose skin, almost no elasticity and was worried about the inner thigh lipo too. I do not have sagging skin at knees, he did not take a lot out though, a few bulges remain, the recovery was easy from that too and I am happy I did it, ditto for flank lipo.the pain from that lasted longer. If I would exercise I know I would look even better. The breasts are a lot better than they were but not as small as I wanted. I think Dr did best he could given my skin, the scars would have been longer ,I think ,if I reduced more. For me, I did not feel good for 4 months from the Tt and at 6 months felt normal again, but did lose some sensation. The scar in the middle needed some injections and maybe more. I have not been back to CA for a recheck but hope to go soon and see what he thinks and how we can tweak things. Who are you using for your surgery? Best wishes and lok for photos later. Oh, and no increased dimpling for me and, after surgery my butt was huge, scared me, but just the right amount of fat stayed and the swelling went down pretty quickly. I really like it. Some others on the site have a different opinion though.
Hi...amazing results. You look fabulous. I read your review but wondered if you could explain a internal laser bra as I have never heard of this procedure:-)

One year one month post op

13 months post op

Looks like I got it. Hope this helps.

Hopefully pics this time

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This man is an artist. He clearly loves changing peoples lives for the better through plastic surgery. I really like him, he is very proud of his accomplishments and ability, as he should be, but maintains a humbleness and genuine sweetness that I really appreciate. I have never seen a more enthusiastic Dr. I had the surgery in his new operating room at the Marina del Rey location. Everything went perfectly and I felt calm and confident in the staff. Everyone in his office has been wonderful. I have had excellent care post op and my phone calls are always answered or returned promptly. I would highly Recommend this Dr and his lovely staff.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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