7 days post-op, free of implants!

Hello Ladies, (first of all i apologize, grammar...

Hello Ladies, (first of all i apologize, grammar won't be perfect) but I want to share my pictures and story with you.

Like most of you, i am really grateful about your reviews and brave stories. Without you i am not sure if i would have the information and courage to do the removal of my breast implants.

My story starts when i was 18 years old, with the influence of society and family i made the wrong choice and finished with breast implants that became a painful experience an low self esteem as a result. Now i am 30 and ready to take this toxic bags out of my body. I understand that sometimes for some women this can help to feel more beautiful, and correct some imperfections surgeries can be a bless. But i hope society change the point of view for young women and admire the beauty of the natural body.

For mature women surgeries can be something exiting as long as is healthy mentally and physiologically, and is just to please yourself NO OTHERS.
I hope i new better when i was 18, basically what i remember is "women with big breast had better and easier everything, (how stp is that, lol). oo well, big lesson.
The sad part too, is that this affect my sex life. I am so ashamed that i can't show my body, i feel really sad about that for so long. having fake boobs is not good for me, i became extremely self-conscious.

I visit a few PS and finally i'm going to have my surgery on January 22, with Dr. Grant. I had my first visit and he seams to have allot of experience, and make me feel that i am in good hands. I am exited that i finally can do this.
I understand i wont have allot of breast but that's how i was before. As long as i am healthy and my breast is with some good form even if they are small.
As you can see in the picture i have big scars and have coloration, (sometimes they look whiter sometimes darker) that is something that the doctor can fix and make them thiner this time, i really hope so.
I feel back pains every night, short breathing, sometimes pain in my left breast, anxiety (my heart irregular from stress) and allot of inconveniences. I just start feeling this after 10 years with the implants. And of cores i am older and my body can't take things like before.

I have my 2nd appointment with my PS on Monday, one day before surgery and they already send me an email with following instructions with some pre and pos surgery cares. I am exited! But very nervous, honestly i am afraid of been optimistic, i don't know how the result is going to be. But i am sure i want this implants out.

My PS give me a choice of local anesthesia or general anesthesia/sedation.
And i really don't know what to choose. I am worry that if i choose local i can get really nervous and have a complications, i know i can get very nervous and stimulate my heart allot. But it also sounds less risky then general anesthesia, and can save the money from general anesthesia.

Is anyone with more experience about this, i'll appreciate it?

Thanks for read this, lots of blessings!


I had mine put in with a local; is taking them out worse than putting in?
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Wow! put in with a local? YOU are a strong lady...there's no way I could have done that.I did however have only a local for the explant. It was a simple surgery with no pain except the needle pricks of the local anesthetic which my PS had excellent expertise in this. This was done in a matter of an half hour.One implant had already ruptured and so he just ruptured the other and all I felt was a little pressure and it was over.Sent me home with ace wraps and comfortable front closure bra.and RX for pain med.Only need to take one pain pill.The incisions were made at the original incision scars.It was an amazing experience.I am sooo happy I am now saline bags free..Hope you make the right decision for your circumstances. and have a good PS . Best to you.
hi adios hope your surgery went well today..let us know...best to you.. truly
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Hello my darlings :) I am one day post op and...

Hello my darlings :)
I am one day post op and feeling fantastic that my body is natural again after so many years.
I am really thankful of all your support and to your histories that make me laugh, cry, and the most important give the courage to go through this. Thank You all.
Last night i slept like i haven't slept in a long time. Mentally relax, i am in the other side :) I have no real pain, no nausea, i have no drainers now, hopefully i wont need them but after some days will see. I need to be careful and avoid doing things with my arms and bee relaxing basically. I love my new natural breast. This time i'll be on top to do the best for my scars with the help of my PS too. I'll be asking hem everything about how can i help my scars.
The surgery when well, my PS decide to go with general anesthesia because i may need a very possible Capsulectomy.
Well i haven't see my PS since before surgery but one of the assistants came today to my post op appointment to see my results and he mention they decide to don't do the capsulectomy, i really was expecting the capsuletmy i have read that is allot better to do it for lower future risks. But at this point that i haven't see my PS since before surgery i am confuse a little bit. But my PS assistant was nice, and the nurse was a sweetheart.
I have another appointment on 10 days, hopefully i can see my PS. i also ask for the implants, i think in 10 days they are going to be at the office. i just want to see what i had for 10 years one more time. OO My.
Did i mention "Best decision ever" :)
I have 1 pict or 2, i am going to port more after my shower tomorrow.
Thanks and Blessings

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I am getting a little bit concerned that my PS and...

i am getting a little bit concerned that my PS and i agree in capsulectomy, i really search allot about that and allot of doctors agreed
capsulectomy should be done to have no problems in the future. Also i been charge for capsuletctomy as well plass i thought the general anesthesia was because the capsulectomy, and the muscle problem that it's to soon to see if that is gone. , mmm i don't know what to do now. i really can't wait to know more from my PS.I'm sure he will explain me better, i hope is ok to leave the full capsul insight and i don't going to increase future risk.

Let me know if you have experience about the same concern. Thanks You.


sometimes if the capsule surrounding the implant is very thin they don't feel a need to remove them because they say your body will take care of it naturally. . Usually only remove if they are thick. You look great !!
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Thanks, i feel better without implants, "i can breathe" i am so thankful they are out! You are provable right, i just find a miss understanding between my PS and i , he never mention that if i have thin capsule he won't remove it. He always mention full capsulectomy. But it's ok, i will see hem in my next consultation and he can let me know how he so things insight, he is very professional and i am sure he did the right thing.
Your natural breasts look much better. You look great :)
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I am going to take more pictures next week. At the...

I am going to take more pictures next week. At the moment i am keeping Ice bags around my breast, and using arnica cream to help the swelling go down, and hopefully heal a little bit faster, hopefully. My classes start soon, i wonder if i can start driving in 10 days?. However i am really happy i was able to do this now. I am resting allot now.
Yeiii No more implants :)


Ohh my goodness!!! I can't believe I found other women with the same issue!!!! When I was in my 30's ( and it was the 80's also), big breasts were the thing. The implants were fine but 20 years down the road my right breast/implant started to feel strange. Lets see if I can explain this to you... Ok,,,, you know when your bra is riding up your breast, OR your bra strap keeps falling down your arm?.... You are compelled to try to fix it. That is how my right breast felt. But I could never get comfortable. I started moving my right shoulder around without even thinking of it in a subconscious way to fix it. Well, I figured its time to change them. I was not guaranteed 'the feeling' would be gone... But I had to do it. 6 years ago I had mentor silicone implants put in. I was sooo happy because the feeling was gone... It was gone for two years and then IT CAME BACK!!!!!!! So I began doing the 'shoulder moving thing. I must have done it so much that I aggravated my right shoulder. I had X-rays and an MRI, age related arthritis... I'm 57, so that's normal, but I have severe tendonitis. I continued to work but I'd get 'referred pain' in my shoulder, then it went to my neck. Let me tell you... I was in agony!!! I had a jaw replacement years ago and I don't remember being in so much pain. Well the pain meds worked back then but nothing has worked for this shoulder!!! 4 cortisone shots, cervical collar, icy hot, heat packs, Celebrex on and on. The only thing that helps is to lay down. Ladies, we know our bodies!!! I KNOW that I'm having all of this referred pain from the implant issue. I personally think these mentor implants are too big and too heavy. Now I can't stand them and want them out. They are under the muscle by the way. I'm just a little worried about what to expect post op. my doctor said there'd be drains. I will have to read more. What fills that space???? And I knew nothing about the capsule thing. I hope I've explained myself well enough. And I'm so glad I found all of you!!! My surgery date is for Feb 27. I'm out of work collecting until then. Thank you.
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Hey tezoo, I had the neck and shoulder pain too! I had mentor salines under the muscle for 7 years - removed a month ago. The doctor removed part of the "capsule" which is the scar tissue surrounding the implant. He "scraped" away the front portion of my capsule, the did some internal stitching to the back portion of the capsule, closing up that pocket space that contained the implant. (partial capsulectomy) It gave me an "internal lift." I came home with drains, one slipped out 2nd day, I had to return to hospital to have the breast aspirated and another drain placed. They aren't bad and if the dr feels it necessary it's probably because your capsule was thick and removal causes extra bleeding. You don't want fluid (seroma) or blood (hematoma) developing in the pocket, so go along with your PS's instructions. The pocket heals quickly if you take it easy after surgery!! I had a little complication with the drain, but am still 100% ecstatic a month later and loving my small breasts!
Hi tezzo, I am happy for you, this is the first step, get them out! :) As you all know now, i suffer with the implants, last months with them pain was waking up in the middle of the night, and i can go on and on with negative reactions from having breast implants. You are going to feel better and better, i can sleep with no back/ribs pain anymore :) i feel in general more flexible, i can move easier and i feel lighter, stronger, in one word, relieved!! Like Natural Liv said trust your PS, he will decide how much capsule needs to go and very possible drainers, the first PS i visited he mention 100% sure i would have drainers. But my PS didn't said that and he wait, provable to know more ones i was open (oOoOuCh). My capsule felt hard a little bit, more on the base i was able to touched it right there, but that's all it's hard to tell really unless you are the PS on the surgery. I love my small breast too :) I am still swollen, today i came to sports chalet, the only place a find sports bra with zipper on front. They have a few models, i really liked the nike i get 2 mediums they fit tight and they are soft. I am still on arnica cream after shower and arnica homeopathy. Hope that helps. You should start taking arnica 12 homeopathy 2 or 3 days before your surgery ( i wish i did this) o well. February 27 :D Exiting!

Hi ladies, i am on my day 7 post op. No more...

Hi ladies, i am on my day 7 post op. No more implants!!!
I think i am healing well, i been on sports bra, i get the most comfortable i could find, but tight.
I am really swollen still, i wonder if that is normal? i wonder if anyone use something to help on that?
i really can't use my arms allot, i been resting and taking it easy. I have a little bit of pain on my right boob, but not crazy it just feels very tender and a little more red the skin.
I been using ice packs, arnica cream, i tray to don't touch my boobs or take out the sports bra for to long.
I am also wonder if any of you start driving after only 2 weeks? my classes are about to start and i am thinking how i can get there if i can't drive jet. My following appointment with my PS is 4 days after my classes start so i don't know if i should drive.


I thank you for sharing your story! You look amazing so far!
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Can I ask you lady how many CC did you go to cause you neck and shoulder pain?
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My surgeon said I could drive after 1 week, but I ended up waiting until almost 2 weeks when I felt stronger. Also, I wore fluffy scarves when I drove at first so the seatbelt didn't press into my boobs. You should be okay to drive to your classes as long as you aren't taking any pain medication. Good luck!
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