29 Year Old , Received BA 320cc, Moderate Profile, Silicone Submuscular Without Lift

Hi, I didn't contemplate a BA until the last...


I didn't contemplate a BA until the last year, when I noticed my breasts started to sag. I used to be a full B but became a droopy A/B :( I've been running a lot and changed my diet/lifestyle to be extremely clean so I wonder if that had an impact. I knew nothing about BA's other than what my best friend and mom told me about theirs. When I started researching, I realized that I could make subtle differences, but that they would make a world of difference in the way I look at yourself. I was worried about the time I'd lose working out and to me my breasts have always only been just things on my chest, nothing I cared too much about...but when I realized that I could have something a little more, something to make me feel happier, I knew I had to do it.

I went to Dr. Stoker, after seeing him years ago for a minor procedure, and I remembered how kind he was and how comfortable he made me feel. He listened to exactly what I wanted, was honest about me possibly needing a lift down the line but felt he could still make a significant impact with just an implant. At first I wanted really subtle implants- like 220cc, and while he said he could do that, because of my drooping it would be best to go a little bigger, to fill them out. I was worried about people noticing but he told me to pad it up until surgery day and see if anyone at work notices...which they did not. Luckily my office is always really cold so we always wear jackets =) The weeks leading up to the surgery I became crazy about looking up what my results might look like, what issues might happen, what to expect the days after, etc. I'm known as a worry ward by all my friends. But ladies, it all changes and seems silly after you get it done. I trusted Dr. Stoker to do what he thought would make me look best and I could tell immediately after that he did just that. Agonizing over 25-50cc was silly, you will feel SO much better after seeing the results (even if just through the sports bra).

I had the operation yesterday. Everyone from the nurse to the anesthesiologist to Dr. Stoker made me feel 100% at ease and excited for my results. At first when I woke up and went home they were not swollen and I was thinking "OMG I must be super lucky =)" But they did start to swell after a couple hours, so just iced and took it easy. Pain was mild to moderate, so I tool 2 of my pain pills. I was able to eat just fine. I go in today for my post-op. Sleeping last night was okay, woke up twice but I used my airline neck pillow to sleep propped up and that helped. I kept frozen peas on my chest as well and woke up to mush =). I am able to move around more today than yesterday, hence why I'm posting this but I will still take it easy the rest of the day, although I hate just sitting around! Will keep you guys posted w/ my progress if you are interested.


Hi! Hope your recovery is going well! My surgery is on Friday, my PS recommends a lift, but I've decided against one for now b/c I plan to breast feed in the future and don't want to risk it. Do you feel that the implants gave you a lift? Will you be posting photos without your bra? Thanks so much!
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Hi, the implants did give me a lift and my PS told me they would. Posting pics now, sorry the quality isn't that great. They still need to drop some so the lower part of my breast should have more volume.
Welcome to the land of boobies. And happy healing..
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29 Year Old with Sagging, Received BA 320cc, Silicone Submuscular Without Lift

5 days post op pics - swelling has gone down, still need to drop some


You look great. How tall are you and how much do you weigh? I am trying to decide on size and trying to find people as close to my frame as possible to get a better idea. I have less breast tissue than you to start with so maybe a 339 Natrelle. What type of implants did you go with?
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Hi, thanks! I'm 5'6" and I weigh 137 lbs. I went with silicone Sientra 320cc implants. I feel that they are the perfect size and look very natural. I will post more pics in a couple days, as they are looking better each day.
You look fantastic :) well done x
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2 1/2 weeks post op pics

These pics are from 2 1/2 weeks but I am about 3 1/2 weeks post op and I can pretty much do everything that doesn't involve heavy straining of my chest muscles. I've been working out - light weights, walking hills, stomach exercises, biking, etc. Nothing too high impact. At about 2 1/2 weeks things really started to get easier to do/less painful. I'm still wearing the strap to sleep and will probably continue for another week or so, even though I was instructed to wear it until today, because I sleep better with it on. After about a week and a half I no longer needed to sleep propped up to be comfy, now I only need a slight angle to be comfy...it feels weird to be flat on my back so I'm not ready for that. Anyways, I'm very happy with my results and look forward to being totally healed!

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