TT October 5th looking forward to the second half of the make over

I am 47 and I had my wonderful son at 41 and it...

I am 47 and I had my wonderful son at 41 and it can take a toll on you at that age when you gain an impresive 70lbs and have a 10.2lb baby.

I just kind of gave into my aged body and was trying to deal with the big change, but was approved and covered to have my breast reduced by insurance so I thought why not do both at once. TT/ Breast reduction with some lipo to even things out.

I am so happy to have found this site to read, learn and be prepard for the surgery.

I tend to over think everything so this is going to get worse before it gets better. I am doing my best to stay calm but it is going to be a roller coaster. I am not as worried about the pain as I am the anestisia(did i spell that right?) and not waking up or getting a clot....and when I DO wake up and being in so much pain not being able to snuggle with my son in the mornings when he comes to our room. I don't want to scare him or for him to pass the stage of wanting to be with Mommy while I am healing He is the BEST THING in the world. Ill post photos later.

San Francisco, I decided to read your post after you've commented on mine. I understand how you feel, and I definetely would like to talk to you more about what to expect with interaction with your son after the surgery. That was one issue I under estimated on....
By the way, keep in mind I'm 10 weeks post op and my kids can get on my lap, but have to be very careful with movement and applying pressure to the stomach area. It's still kind of numb and sensitive.
Hello, thank you for letting me ask all these question. I think I am doing the right thing by starting to ask questions early. My son is ALL boy and likes to play and run and jump to me. It is going to be hard to tell him he can't. I also work full time and for the most part am the bread winner. My husband helps alot so I will get help from him with my son. I guess there will be alot of just wait and see. I will go back to work in 10-14 days but will be able
To work from home for 2 weeks after
That. I am trying to get my son ready for this, but you know the memory of a 6 year old? I am just wince when I think he is going to jump on me. I hope you are feeling better every day.

Did anyone have quilting stitch with one drain?

Did anyone have quilting stitch with one drain?
Thanks for the response. I think he will be fine it's me that is going to have the issues. :) I am so very nervous, I hope I'm doing the right thing. I want it but so worried something will go wrong. I have To get those thoughts out of my mind. Did anyone have those thoughts? I think about it all the time.
Ok breath.........I am glad I have this time to relax and go through all the emotions..
Hope you are feeling great and bet you look Fab!
I had the same thoughts. I think we all do what if I dont wake up what if what if??? I had a mini tummy tuck 10 days ago and I feel great! I was also dissappointed was suppose to have breast lift with augmentation but my mammo showed some cysts that were not there last year soo dr. recommended I wait another 3 -6 months after another mammo. I was soo disappointed but I believe things happen for a reason. Better safe than sorry and your recovery will be less painful each time even though you have to go through it twice Best of luck and enjoy your vacation!
Best of luck to u on your upcoming surgery.

I just had a mini tt this past Tues. My kids are older now so they are old enough to understand my decision/surgery.

I did have a breast aug when they were very young....Let's see.....2, 2, and 3. I was absolutely desperate to repair my empty water balloons. They were horrible. Everything worked out ok. I had Grandparents come in who helped in every way. I actually stayed in a hotel for the first night because that was the worst and my husband was fetching me ice packs all night long. In your case, you may be in a hospital? Your son will understand when you say "mommy has a boo boo". Maybe mark on a calender as a countdown to when u can pik him up. You will find ways to cuddle. I understand. It's all overwhelming enough and we worry most about how our decisions impact our children. But I promise, he will be no worse off...

Best of luck and keep me posted.

Well less than 7 weeks to go. Wish I had it done...

Well less than 7 weeks to go. Wish I had it done last year, I'm on my way to Mexico next week and would have loved to wear a 2pc. I am trying to eat right and work out but not doing either very well the last 2weeks. I will try to keep at it while on vacation. I weigh 157 and wish I was 10-15 lbs less before surgery. I might be able to lose 8 before SURG. But will be tough.
Well just needed to put my goals out there and then I might just do it.
may i ask who's your doctor? im from the bayarea too and planning on getting a mommy makeover.
Doctor McClure in Napa is great. And so is Dr. D'Amore in Marin. What part of the Bay Area are you from?
im from the east bay benecia

Well a set back :( my PS called me today and said...

Well a set back :( my PS called me today and said he talked with my Doctor and said I have some risks involved with my procedure and we does not feel comfortable to do the full Mommy make over at once. He wants to do the breast reduction and a little lipo then do the TT after he sees how I do. I thank him for looking out for me but I had everything planned down to the day and now I will have 2 surgeries and more time I will need to find to get this done. I know I could take it but better safe than sorry and to boot more $. I take medication to lower my immune system and he is afraid of infection and a lung issue I had several years ago.(but I am all better now:)) anyway back to the hard task to plan this. I don't know if I can do it within in this year with all the work I have and travel scheduled. Just had to vent.
Oh I am sorry to read your update for you. We kind of get all emotionally set for one thing and work through the nerves and everything, so when things get changed it is a bit heartbreaking. But all things are meant for a reason. I am sure your PS and your dr. Have your best intrest at heart and are concerned for your well being...which is a huge comfort.

Even though your final outcome will take a bit longer, your recovery will only have to focus on one part. Huge hugs girl!

Ok update is I will be getting my breast lift and...

Ok update is I will be getting my breast lift and lipo of flanks bra line and outer thighs on June 1 Then in a few months if time permits I will be getting my TT. PS feels safer doing the separate so I am not under for so long. Well at least I can get my outer thighs done now since I am having 2 surgeries now, he would not do all of it together before. little less nervous.......but still nervous.

Well one week away for the first 1/2 of my Mommy...

Well one week away for the first 1/2 of my Mommy Make over. I have my Breast reduction and lipo June 1st. Getting nervouse.
I posted pictures today and I hate them. I do have to say the are wider than i really am but the shape is correct and boy my breasts have sagged so much BLAH!!!!

hey! Wondering how things went? Hope all is well and you are recovering good too :) Keep us updated!!!

Ok I am so ready for my TT. Just got my Breast...

Ok I am so ready for my TT. Just got my Breast reduction and lipo and feeling fine in a weeks time. Lipo was the hardest. I pS said I could do the TT in 6 weeks if I wanted to. Still a little scared of anesthesia but need really think I will regret it if I don't do it.....I NEED IT. I was so nervous the first couple of days about clots and my lungs and a heart attack. My mind flies. But feel real good....little sore but not much. Nothing but tylinol since day 3

Now to fine the time. I will need to take a week off work and then work from home for a week.

My breast still are sore and tender:( almost 4...

My breast still are sore and tender:( almost 4 weeks POI also am not too happy with my nipple placement. As low as they were before the lift... just with smaller breasts.
Also a little boxy. Looks strange naked but looks good in cloths. I can t seem to send pics via iPad or iPhone so will have to wait until I get to a laptop. doc said I need to let them settle but not sure they will settle in the right place. I'm hoping. If the sorriness goes away I don't think I will dwell on as much. When I go in for my TT maybe he can lift the nipple but then there is always the chance that It will not be what I want. Oh my what to do....

I am scheduled to get my TT on Oct 6th. My breast...

I am scheduled to get my TT on Oct 6th. My breast lift went well and is feeling good now. Still a little tender but good. I am going to ask when I go in for my TT to raise my nipples a littleif it is not too hard. They are just a little too low and I told him I wanted them higher. I was on the fence about getting the TT but I know I will be so happy when I do. A friend of mine who is a nurse said that blood clots ate most common when having surgery in the belly area.....That freaked me out!!!, I have a few more months to work out more and feel better but I don't want to lose too much weight since I don't want my breasts to get any smaller. Going from a F to a DD was small enough.
Hey lady! Well worth the wait! Omg you look amazing! I too told everyone that iput my back starts getting old at about 4 weeks out of surgery and you will still be telling people "oh yes I put my back out but it's getting better each day" for about 8 weeks after that. Lol
You look amazing. I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I am just so hard on myself. I want to see the workout queen before baby and 20 lbs lighter, but I am happier and to know I will be able to wear clothes without hiding my belly. It also gets me motivated to go back to the gym. I just stopped because everything I did would not make my belly go away. Now no excuse. Can't wait!!!
I can't wait to look like you!!!!

Well I'm 18 days PO went back to work at 7...

Well I'm 18 days PO went back to work at 7 days from home office and went back to work on the road today. What a day. I am really tight right now. It was a 9 hour day on the road and in meetings. I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. As soon as I can stand straight all day and stretch I will be so happy. They say my cloths will get loose but right now they are a bit tight. I weigh a few lbs less but my waste and hips measure 1.5 inch larger. I am looking forward to the smaller version. Spirits are good but need more rest and really don't have much time to do so. I'm happy I'm on the other side of the hill now and looking foreword to the improved bod.
I have been out many times with friends and customers and not one person said I look thinner or different, but I guess I'm hunched over and it really is not weight lose but a flat belly. Wait I wear that little black dress for the Christmas party :)
I still have not told Anyone but my husband I got this done. But so glad I can check in here to talk about it.
I hope everyone is doing well.

Looking good nicksmom!!
I like your belly button way better than mine...but am super happy with what I have verses what I had!! blubbery yucky ick!

I will post more pics soon
your belly button looks perfect...
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