One year later Pics as promised

I had my full tt with mr July 28, 2011. I had...

I had my full tt with mr July 28, 2011. I had originally planned to do the lift at that time but in the end, just couldn't bear all that time on the OR table! So, now that I have my flat tummy, I am going to go through with it. It's not that I really "need" it, I wear a 34 DD/sometimes DDD bra, but with my small frame, 5ft, 130pounds, I feel lopsided! I am going to have a little lipo as well, so that will be the most painful I am sure. I am scheduled for Jan. 3rd...just about 2 weeks away. Time to up that protien again!!! I can't believe I am spending close to 17K when it's all said and done...Updated on 22 Dec 2011:Okay, I am starting my protein powder shakes again, no way I am letting my nutrition get in the way of this healing. I have continued taking the vit C. since my tt/I figure it can't hurt!!! Uploading some pics I took after my tt of my "girls" I will get brave and post the bare ladies eventually.

Okay all...been kinda busy so haven't been...

Okay all...been kinda busy so haven't been checking out the messages lately. Hope everyone is recovering well and happy with the new looks! I am going in at 6:30 am TOMORROW for my Breast reduction/lipo and lift. I just took my xanax to relax me and I am hoping for the best. I am a little anxious but here I go anyway...will post more as I am able. Happy New Year...New you!!!

I went in at6:30 am and by noon I was home. Sore...

I went in at6:30 am and by noon I was home. Sore but nothing like the tt/ mr. This is a piece of cake compared to that. Yes it ended up costing me about 4grand doing it in two sessions but I am really glad I did it this way . I'm done now!!!

I love that I don't have to wear a bra!!!! It is...

I love that I don't have to wear a bra!!!! It is amazing not to have to lift and separate my girls!!!! Not that I will go braless, but it is just amazing!!!! Still very sore, but I think it's mostly from the lipo. This morning I stretched before getting out of bed...OUCHHHHH. I forgot I can't do that!!!!

Good news...boobies look great...bad news...I will...

Good news...boobies look great...bad news...I will be sore for months and swelling has moved down to the tummy area! Oh well...that's life.

All has gone well so far, took my shower last...

All has gone well so far, took my shower last night, still tapping the incisions as directed. Im sitting on my bed with my pjs on and all of a sudden I feel my gown is wet...I am like.."What the heck?" I look at it and it is pinkish tinted so I go into the bathroom and notice the tape under my left breast is soaked! I remove it and then I see a small, very small hole, right where they told me the most tension was. Dang, I applied guaze and taped it back up and went to bed. I am not sure how/why it happened. I am doing all the right things. I did stretch too far yesterday, so I may have pulled it. I am calling the ps this morning to see if anything needs to be done. But I sure hope we aren't going down that "hole/split" road again....Oh well, that's the world of plastic surgery!

That is "taped" not tapped!

That is "taped" not tapped!

Yes, it was worth it...but I still have big boobs....

yes, it was worth it...but I still have big boobs...they just stand up. Once I drop the 25 pounds I will feel so much better...

Breast Lift update! I am going to have a slight...

Breast Lift update! I am going to have a slight revision this summer. My left boobie is slightly higher, very slightly, due to the way the tiny hole closed. I want it perfect and so does my Dr. so we will take care of it when I finish teaching for the year. Will post some new pictures in a day or so! Still loving how they stand up on thier own!!!!

Here's the latest pics- I will have a slight...

Here's the latest pics- I will have a slight revision on the left breast sometime this summer -it has a slight lift underneath where the tissue healed.

Okay, so the pics rotated when I posted them.....

Okay, so the pics rotated when I posted them...arghhhhh..anyone know how to correct this?????

Love the lift and would do it over again,. I...

Love the lift and would do it over again,. I ended up not having any revision surgery, Iam happy with the results. Will post an updated pic soon I promise! Going braless is awesome!
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I used Dr. Hanna for my tt and LOVE him. He is N artist and just so professional. I am very pleased with all my procedures.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Did your scars ever go through a raised faze? What did you use on the scars?
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Hello CiciWantsBBL- I am only about 3 months since surgery but I did read up on scar phases and treatment for breast lift. I read that it was normal for the scar to go through a raised phase, because collagen is going to that area to heal the incision. My PS recommended scar sheets (Newgel plus- they have their own website which is the cheapest place I found to buy. This specific brand is what my PS sells in his office and recommends) which is worn starting about 3 or 4 weeks post surgery once the incisions are closed and all the scabs fall off. I have continued to wear them for 6 weeks now and it helps to heal the scar better and keep them flat, and not raised. At my 1 month post op I was told my scars were healing well and flat due to use of the scar sheets (not the kind you paint on) . I have read on their website that it can be used on scars that are already raised like keloids to help flatten them...they have some clinical trials and info on their website. Hope you find this information helpful...
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Glad to hear that you are happy with your results and decision! Just out of curiosity, how long before most of the redness was gone on the scar area? I am a little over 2 months out. Also, did you notice a change in the shape even after 4 months? Many docs say to wait a year for final results and shape.
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Hay there I am now about to be seven months post op breast lift and must say my scaring is similar to your around the areola. Kinda pink and alittle wider than I would like them to be. What do you use on yours? I have tried bio oil coco butter mederma and so on. You look great! Just curious because I also am fair skinned and have freckles or as I say beauty marks. lol. .What did your surgeon recommend for you to use? I also have been messaging scars and still have not noticed much differance.
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I've heard that breasts look square-ish temporarily after a lift. Any idea how long it takes for them to round out? Like you I am also petite and have a few extra pounds. I am just curious if you think it would have made a difference in your surgery results if you had lost the last few pounds? I have around 20 to lose.
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Your blog has been very interesting! You look great! My BA and BL is May 18, im excited and nervous!
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Yes...I still think it's worth it.  I am a little frustrated with myself that after all this money and pain I have not had the discipline to get this extra weight off.  I am not big at all, I wear a size 6-8 but for my height, I should be in a 4.  I do LOVE that I can go without a bra if I want.  It was alot of money though.  I did my surgeries separately, instead of one, but I was just too scared to do it all at was probably not the smartest thing to do and it cost more that way, but it is how I did it.  It is still the best thing I have done for myself...ever...(other than leave a very unhappy marriage!) Even though I had a little help from my awesome ps... I feel confident and proud that I am 51 and look this good.  Good luck to all of you who are considering this and who have taken that step to do something for yourself!
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Im seriously considering a lift, but worried about pain & scarring! does the end result outweigh this? or not? xx
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xkirstxbx...I am still a full D...probably b/c I need to drop some extra lbs.  However, it was NOT that painful at all...esp. after the tt.  I love that they stand up on thier own.  I am a little disappointed they are slightly off center, and will need another revision, but that's always the risk with ps.  Things happen in the healing process and then you have to decide what you are willing to live with.  For me, the BL/BR was easy as pie...would do it again hands down.  Good luck!
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I was initially worried about the scars.  But I can tell you they are almost gone now.  It looks freaky at first, but now at 4 mo. post op, they are barely there.  And I haven't even really used therapy at all..maybe I should?!!! :)
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You look great!! Healthy and happy healing.
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Thanks uniquelynoone!!!!
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YOU look AMAZING!~~~ Miss you!
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You too!!!! Did you ever do the BA?
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Your lift looks good so far. I too had a small hole at the bottom of my breast, my PS said it was very common and he just had to cut the stitch out that was poking up through the skin and it healed up a few days later.

17k is a lot, my lift was around $5,800 and I am getting augmentation done in about a month which will cost $5,900... so $11,700, and thats WITH discounts! Plastic surgery is so expensive, but with a skilled surgeon it is totally worth it.
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Mine was originaly quoted around 12K if I had both done at the same time.  However, originally I was going to just do a lift.  When I decided to do the BReduction it added to the cost as that requires much internal work.  Doing my procedures in two surgeries drastically increased my expenses.  The Atlanta area is just expensive.  Theres a few docs who undercut the prices but I feel this is in the average range for these procedures here. 
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MsMarie89, the amount was for BOTH of my surgeries, which included  two separate OR and anesthesilogist bills and  lipo for my flanks (with the tt) and lipo of my underarms (with the lift/reduction). I would have saved about 4-5 thousand dollars had I done them at the same time. 
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Just curious if you felt the TT and lift have been worth it? I am considering TT with lipo at hips and a lift together. Do you think the recovery will be horrible? I noticed you had done your surgerys separately.
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Sherrie...Yes, I do think it was worth it.  No, from what I have heard and what my PS told me, when you do the tt/mr with breast lift/augmentation, the pain and discomfort from the tt outweights the breast work.  Having done them separately, I would agree that the tt/mr/lipo(which to me is the worst pain!), is far greater than breast work.  Read about women who have had the mommy makeovers for a good picture of what to expect!  Good luck!
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Congratulations! Your boobies look great! Happy Healing to you.
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Good luck on your surgery! Xoxo
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Well, I am waiting on my daughters to help me get a decent pic! Here's one with a bra least they are standing upright!!!! LOL>
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Be brave, you can do it! :0)

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