1 year 2 months PO Tummy Tuck 2 1/2 months PO inner thigh lipo - Marietta, GA

I have wanted a TT since I had my son 13 years ago...

I have wanted a TT since I had my son 13 years ago. Either the money was an issue or I allowed family and friends to talk me out of it. I now have 3 year old twin girls and I am finally going to do it! I thought I would be more nervous about not waking up or something awful happening but not yet... I'm actually really calm.

My Pre Op is Schedule for March 6th. Surgery is March 19th at 1:00. Wish it was first thing in the morning but that was all the PS had...otherwise I would have to put off for another month.

I am so obsessed with this site... less than 30...

I am so obsessed with this site... less than 30 days to go..... Trying to figure out what I need to get in prep for SX. Was planning to start a cleanse or qick diet this week, I want to loose at least 5-7 pounds before surgery, I am 5'4" 154 right now.

Oh and I'm starting to think 2 weeks off isn't going to be enough?

One Step Closer..... Did my lab work today.......

One Step Closer..... Did my lab work today.... This is becoming so REAL!

Had my Pre Op today.... LOVED Dr. Okoro. Great...

Had my Pre Op today.... LOVED Dr. Okoro. Great Bedside manner. Paid in full and got my prescriptions... Hubby went and is excited too.....13 days to go....

Well... I'm exactly 7 days away from my SX. The...

Well... I'm exactly 7 days away from my SX. The insomia has started. Guess the nervousness will kick in soon....I think i was totally nesting this weekend...cleaned up everything and painted my bedroom... Everything is PAID IN FULL and we are ready to go. Hubby is on vacation the first week. My PS said no achohol 2 weeks before surgery... I am so used to my glass of wine in the evening. When did everyone else stop and start back drinking?

So as luck would have it.... My cycle started!...

So as luck would have it.... My cycle started! UGGGHHH! How many others were actually on their cycle on thir SX day? Anyway.... I go back to my Dr.'s office tomorrow for a pregnancy test and Tuesday is the day!

Well Ladies... I am about to call it a night. Last...

Well Ladies... I am about to call it a night. Last sip of water.... tomorrow is my day! Please pray for a successful TT for me... See you on the flatside!

Ok...so while I'm awake..here's the run down. Got...

Ok...so while I'm awake..here's the run down. Got to the hospital at 11:00. They tookme back and started my IV. I was BEYOND nervous.... To make matters worst... My doctor ws running behind so my surgery wasn't gonna start until 1:45 instead of 1:00.

Once he arrive he marked me up.... they put some medicine in my IV to relax me.... Next thing I know they put something else in my IV and this is the bad part. I have been put under several time before and never had this happen... But it was like they gave me too much too fast. I immediately could move anything...could talk but could them.. I wanted to scream help me but couldn't....JUST AWEFUL feeling.

Then I wake up in recovery...I felt fine on the ride home but I did start vomitting once we got here. I am in a little pain now but it's bearable.... I have a pain pump so I'm sure that's helping.

I'll take picture when I can....I still haven't looked my self. But I feel pretty flat!

PO DAy 3. Pain is slowly getting better. I am able...

PO DAy 3. Pain is slowly getting better. I am able to walk a little faster as well. Dr said I could shower but I haven't yet. Did a little bird bath. I haven't looked at my tummy again but I feel like I'm going to pleased. My scar is very low and I'm happy about that. When Hubby gets back I'll try to post pictures

Do I took my first shower today! I have to say I...

Do I took my first shower today! I have to say I feel great! I have some swelling but overall I am loving my results so far... WELL WORTH IT!

8 DPO... Feeling really good. Off pain meds...just...

8 DPO... Feeling really good. Off pain meds...just taking Motrin when needed. I LOVE my results. Will try to post pictures tomorrow. Still have my drains. Doctor says if less than 30 a day by Friday he'll take out. I am suppose to return to work next week. I really hope to be drain free by then.

Still have my drain.... (:

Still have my drain.... (:

Well I'm officially 3 weeks. I must say I feel...

Well I'm officially 3 weeks. I must say I feel almost like myself again.... Got my drain out yesterday. Still was draining 40cc a day but Dr. said leaving in longer was a greater risk of infection. I am terriefied I'm going to blow up like a baloon! I started working again last week and probably should have stayed home... but I made it through. I finally am experiencing the Swell Hell everyone talks about. I was lucky for a while... But even swollen my tummy looks 100% better! Will post new pics tonight when I'm home on the laptop. Happy healing to all my TT sistah's!

Well I'm a month out... Feeling pretty darn good....

Well I'm a month out... Feeling pretty darn good. I went for my 4 week follow up and everything is healing fine. I was given a smaller compression garment and I got some Bio Gel for my scar. also had a smoothshape massage to smooth out lumps and swelling. IT WAS GREAT! My stomach felt so much softer after the massage. I have another one scheduled next week. Nice thing is my PS gives a couple complimentary ones...

I put on a very fitted dress for work today.... I'm loving my results....

So tomorrow I will be 7 weeks PO. I am down 13...

So tomorrow I will be 7 weeks PO. I am down 13 pounds in all. I LOVE how my slothes fit. IT is an amzing feeling to be able to just buy just about anything and not worry if I'll look pregnant in it. Most of my pants are way too big... guess that's a good problem to have. I am still wearing my CG everyday all day and I sleep with my binder on. I just feel so much better with it on... When did everyone stop wearing CG all together?
Still experiencing swelling but hopefully that ends soon... it just amazes me that My pubic area is still so swollen....

This is still by far the BEST thing I could ahve ever done for myself!!!!

3 Months Todsy!

I had my 3 month PO visit today. My doctor was very please with my progress. I still have swelling but mostly after I eat and late in the day. I am really enjoying shopping these days ....feels so good to buy clothes without worrying about hiding my gut! This has been the best thing I have ever done for myself.

never satisfied ....

Oh and now I am obsessed with getting rid of these inner tighs!

Feels Good not to be self conscious at the gym.....

Started working out more...hoping to trim down these tighs...funny thing I use to hate the way I looked in my workout clothes.....not anymore!

SWELL HELL at 15 weeks!!!!

So Is till wear my cg but I swear I am swelling more lately than I ever have. I have gained back 5 pounds! I want so badly to be passed this swelling and just have a normal belly! I know it's my diet and all the sodium that's doing it but man...I'm so over it! Ok...that's my vent for today...

7 mos PO

Hi Ladies.. I'm 7 months PO. I must say this has been the best thing I ever done! I still struggle to eat right and exercise but I love my results! I have gain back a couple of pounds but you can't tell in my clothes AT ALL! I went to Miami for my sister's Bday and wore a 2 piece on the beach... I felt great.

Still having swelling during that time of the month and when i eat too much. I haven't been wearing my garment but I think I'm going to start back again... I just don't want to ever see my old waist again! :)

I'm adding some 6 month pics that were taken at my Doctor's office.

Hope everyoen is doing well!

1 YEAR PO...

Hello ladies....I finally got around to posting my 1 year update. Things are great. My battle with my weight continues...it's just so hard to eat right and exercise. I was dissappointed that I had actually gained weight when I went to my doctor visit. He was like be carefulbecause the weight didn't go to my belly but you can definitely see it in my tighs and back. I've alwasy hated my tighs but OMG now that my belly is flat they look HUGE.

I'm having lipo done on my inner tighs on May23rd... I'm so excited!


1 Year P O Pics

2 weeks PO lipo on thighs

I had my upper inner thighs done on May23rd. They still look really big to me..but my doctor says I'm extremely swollen. Even swollen...my big humps on each inner thigh appear to be gone.... I'll be honest... this garment is driving me crazy and I haven't been sleeping in it at night.... probably impacting my swelling hanging around...

Bruising was minimum and didn't last long...hope the swelling is gone before my cruise next month....

1 Year PO tummy tuck 2 1/2 months PO inner thigh lipo

My thighs still look huge to me but I can definitely see a drastic difference. Overall I'm very please with both my tummy tuck and thigh lipo! Just need to shed these extra 8 pounds I've put on,
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Wow! Great results!!!
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You may not be able too see a big difference with your thigh lipo but I definitely do!! It looks great.
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Thanks! I'm trying to be patient....
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happy one year you look amazing!!
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You look amaaaazing!! Your doctor did a wonderful job.
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Thank You! I love my doctor...having lipo on inner tighs in May!
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Thank you for taking the time to update your story. Your scar is similar to mine. If you don't mind can I ask you something? Do you feel your scar line lowered through out time? I was a bit bummed last night. My underwear did not cover the scar. But then again they were low. My doctor cut really low. A little under my pubic area like yours. Could it be I'm still swollen. After all I am only 8day in. But looking at your pictures really gives me hope.
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Your scar would definitely appear lower once all the swelling goes away. 8 days is reallye arly..you're goona see lots of improvements as time goes on... My PX told me I would see final results until 6 months to a year and he was right.
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Oh thank you.
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Great results!
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So how are you doing now? How's the scar?
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I'm great. My scar is still a little darker than I would like but I still LOVE my results!
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You look AWESOME!!! I hope to have just as great of results!!! I too have been working on my thighs, was considering lipo but the Dr. advised against it. I will be fine without it though, because when I get to look down and not see this hanging belly, it will be the Best day of my life! Thx for sharing, it helps so much to have a visual with what you've gone through!
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Thanks.... the swelling has been the most frustrating part...but I would do it again in a heart beat! Good Luck
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What a wonderful transformation! Your doc did an amazing job with your scar--that thing is gonna fade into nothing! Congrats on your new bod
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Thanks! I have no regrets!
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you look great!
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You look great! Did you end up losing more weight before your surgery or were you 154 on surgery date? Did you have any lipo? I hope my results are as great as yours!
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I was 154 on sugery date. I had been going up and down from 149 to 158 for months.... but on the day of the surgery I was 154. I had LOTS of lipo!!! I really think my PS did way more areas then we talked about.... I paid for TT and lipo on my waistline but I swear he did some on my back as well...
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Have you been working on loosing weight?? You look soooo different from your before shots! Wow... Something to strive for :)
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