Cochran Cutie!!!

Had a consult with Dr. davoudi quoted$7300 had...

Had a consult with Dr. davoudi quoted$7300 had consult with Dr. losken quoted $6300 very nice Dr. Now going for a consult for smart lipo with Dr. Moody. Trying to decide what procedure to do Tt or smart lipo . My greatest concern is the scarring& recovery time. I want to choose very wisely.

Consult Dr. Cochran

Im very happy to report im going to consult with Dr. cochran in columbus Ga. I will keep you all posted! Thank you for the awesome support from both Real Selfers & physicians who have answered my questions. You make a young woman feel welcomed!:))

I Found My Surgeon!!!! Dr. Thomas Cochran ,Columbus Ga

I drove to Columbus Ga yesterday morning from Atlanta. My appt was at 8:45. Dr. Thomas Cochran & his staff were the best. I was greeted by very kind nurses the reception was awesome. My consult was very thorough. Dr. Cochran was funny, kind& honest about my expectations& said that I was a good candidate for the surgery. Even though i workout he told me the skin stretching from my two pregnancies would not bounce back. Im so happy to have found this Dr. After reading reviews on him. I met one of his patients. She even txt me to make sure i got there safe. ;) I cant wait to have this done. I know the recovery is no joke but i have a supportive husband & family. This belly & love handle issue will be gone soon enough. I will no longer have to hide it. I want my Body Back!!!!! I was quoted a total of $5100 yes Lord the best price ever!! My tummy tuck was $4900 & lipo of my bra rolls will be an extra $200! Im ready!

Procedure Scheduled!!

I drove up to Columbus Ga Today! I went to see Dr. Thomas Cochran. I had a visit last march. To my surprise he remembered me! Long story short we discussed my procedure for my Tummy Tuck & Lipo of my bra roll. I also discussedvmaking sure my waist is contoured. I hate that boxed shape i sometimes see on patients post tummy tuck. He said I had a good waistline with a natural deep arch in my back. Im very excited to say Im scheduled for March 27th 7:30 am. Im very athletic so I enjoy working out. I will continue to do so until im close to my Rx day! Im finally doing this for me.:)

The countdown Is Now!

Ive changed my date from March 27th to feb 25.. Im so excited! I just finished purchasing all of my post op care items , night gowns, socks, recliner, shower chair!!! Your girl is ready for Feb 25!... More excited that Im being treated to a trip to Las Vegas in May once I heal up:) this journey has been a longtime coming! I train in the gym 4-5 days a week & do yoga everyday! I like my size my body is toned except my tummy! Im even loving the shape of my hips & butt! The tummy must Go !!!

I lost 20 lbs pre surgery

From the very first post of my body when i first joined realself. Ive lost over 20 lbs. Only thing thats missing is my flat tummy! Its coming ... When??? Feb25,2015! Hell yeah!!

Wish pic

Post opp supplies

Post op supplies purchased! I only purchased what was necessary! My cousin is 6 months out & told me everything I needed!

22 days & counting!!!!

I cant believe im a few weeks out from having a flat tummy again. My nerves are going crazy for the last few days. My appetite has changed, im anxious & nervous. I barely eat but i take my vitamins & drink lots of water. I workout because i love it. It also helps the days go by quicker. Feb 25 will be here in no time!!

Paid In Full!!!!

Less than 19 days Away! Columbus here I come!!!!

Final step!! Labwork!!!

Im getting my Labwork Done Today! Even my primary care physicians are happy for me! Such positive Energy!.. I go to sleep early now just to get to the next day lol!... Im so ready to get rid of this Giant Flapjack hahaha! Cant believe im two weeks away from my transformation!

A little over A Week to Go!!!!

Im going nuts!!! The count down is really on im ready to get this done already! Im more concerned about the Healing process. I eat well & i trained hard in the gym prior to me goin in to get Snatched! So fresh squeezed fruit & veggie juices prepared by my personal chef Mason ;) aka My hubby. 2/25 cant come quick enough! My clients at my salon will keep me busy this week. Congrats to all of the Feb/ March upcoming Tuckers,boobylifters, lipo lovelies.

3 days to go!!!!!

Its Sunday morning! Im thankful to be a few days away. Im ready to get this done. Im more nervous about the recovery! Ive prayed about it God got me & he has the hands of my surgeon. To all the ladies waiting on their surgery dates it will be here soon. Real self has been a huge help to me! This community is Awesome thank you! See you all on the Flatside;)

Snatched & Tucked!!!!!

My surgery went very well! Dr. Cochran is the man! He walked in the room with Duck Dynasty army scrubs & cowboy boots! I loved it! He said his nurses got it for him as a gift for Christmas! We laughed & joked. Kathy one of the nurses was sooo kind to me! She teases me bcuz i dont like needles but I have alot of tattooes. She said she even had some!. They gave me a shot of Demoral in the butt cheek. It burned for a second, i laid on the operating table next thing i know I woke up all done. Took about 45 mins for me to be able to slightly focus. They wheeled me out to the patient pick up. My hubby helped me get in to "Big Sexy" lol thats our Truck . The ride home was not so bad despite seeing an accident occur right before us. We made it home getting out of the truck & walking up the steps to my house was a challenge. I ended up sleeping on the sofa with an ottoman & pillows under my feet. I could not climb the stairs to the third level of our house. So i rested for a few hours. My rx was at 7:30 we were back in Atlanta a little after 12:00 noon. After napping. I finally made it up stairs to the 3rd floor in our house whew... That was tough! But im tough lol! So i was able to go tee tee & i drained about 70 cc's I then laid in my recliner with my body pillow. My hubby gave me gatorade & crackers with peanutbutter Heaven!!!! I will post pics 2 mrw im very swollen. The pain is manageble. Its just hard to get up & walk hunched over! Ttys lovies Mwaaah!;)

Post op Day 1

Whewww! Im swollen & my tummy is aching . Im resting then I will get up & walk to help the swelling go down . I was able to shower yay! It took alot of energy out of me. Im just glad to feel fresh & clean. Im going to drink some more gatorade& take a nap:) Ttys

Before & After

Pre-op /post op

Swell Hell! Helpful Advice Needed

Ok post op Day1 i looked great with minimal swelling. Today is post op day 3 i have swell hell!! My flanks & bra roll aka Fat rolls look the same as they did before i had the surgery. Wth is happening? Im eating clean drink plenty fluids water & gatorade. But im swollen like crazy! Is this normal?... Will my back & tummy go down flat again. Im so nervous right now. Trying not to cry! Helpppp!!!


Im looking at other patients from my same Dr. My tummy is super swollen compared to them. I wonder why? My inciscion looks nice! Its my damn tummy that looks like puff the Magic Dragon! I called the Dr. He said to take colace to try to get things moving. Im super bloated, gassy & just miserable! Swollen like a bull frog! I took a hot shower that was heaven. The lipo to my back the first day was super flat! Since yesterday super puffy & tender. I understand this is a journey! I just didnt think i would start out with a big puffy stomach & it stay that way post op Day 4. I cant wait until my post op appt. I have major questions for my Dr. Im just very frustrated about the bloating & swelling. Still wearing my binder until my Faja comes in the mail. Im not posting any pics until this bloat has gone away!!! Ughhhh!

Much Better day!

My swelling has gone down a bit. I called the nurses they told me what to do. I will have a post op visit in a few days. I will ask my Dr. all the questions i need answered instead of guessing & freaking my self out. Its annoying trying to figure things out or listen to others give you advice when they have not experienced the same procedure as you. To rid myself of all the Drama i will keep my binder on, drink my fluids & take dulcolax as the nurse instructed. Painpills = constipation. I will post more pics when im happy with my tummy progress. Until the happy healing to everyone else. Im giving Realself a break!:)

Lymphatic Massage

Looking for a massage therapist who is familiar with post op Lymphatic massage. Inbox your info or reccomendations please. In the Atlanta , lawrenceville surrounding areas plse ;)
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Thomas Cochran was very kind at my consult! I know in my heart he is the Dr. for me! My surgery was an absolute Success!! Thanks to Dr. Cochran & his staff! Thank you to all of the Wonderful nurses! Dr.Cochran is the Surgeon for me!!

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