SECOND Revision Rhino - Marietta, GA

One year ago I went in to a ENT for my VERY...

One year ago I went in to a ENT for my VERY deviated septum. They wanted to go in and do surgery so I could breathe. I suggested possibly also a rhinoplasty to try and smooth out a couple of rough edges and generally just make my nose look smaller since everything else about me is so small. A few months later (August 2011) I was under and had 2 doctors perform on my face. One for the septo and another for the rhino. Dr. Lacandro performed my Rhinoplasty. I handle pain well and bruising wasn't too bad. Within a month or so I could tell something wasn't right. There was a sharp point coming out one way and the tip was definitely fatter on one side than the other. So I went in and Dr. Lacandro agreed we needed to go under again for a few minor adjustments. Waited a few more months to make sure I could heal a little more but he went back in Oct 2011. After the swelling subsided from the SECOND surgery I could still tell my nose was not straight and the tip is still fatter than I would like. I decided to go check out another surgeon. Too much money wasted on someone who clearly did not know what he was doing.

My surgery is scheduled for next Friday! I did my research on doctors around my area. Went on a few consultations and really felt Dr. McNeel is the best. His bed side manner is great. I never felt rushed. Seriously awesome all around. Also, the staff is so warm and welcoming. They showed me pictures of his previous patients to help put my mind at ease. They even did the morphing thing on my face to show me what the results will be. I wish I had done this much research before my other surgeries! I already have my prescriptions filled, read all of the pre-op papers to make sure I am fully prepared. I even have a picture of myself and a photoshopped pic to show what I would like for the results to be so the doctor will be able to view during surgery. I am not sure what else to do to feel more secure about this one. I have been so dissapointed in the past. I don't know what I would do if things didn't turn out right AGAIN.

Thank you for all of your support! I have been reading everyones blogs for the past few weeks and many have really inspired me.

FOUR DAYS AWAY!! I am very excited... and pretty...

FOUR DAYS AWAY!! I am very excited... and pretty nervous. I am really worried about being disappointed AGAIN. I am very prepared though. I have several sets of pictures of myself before/after that I have photoshopped so the doctore knows exactly what I am looking for. All of my prescriptions have been filled. I have read over my preop/post op instructions several times. I have a ride to and from the hospital. Everything is in order! The only thing I am not sure about is what to tell my friends. Only a tiny hand full knows I am having this done. The first two times around they thought it was just the septoplasty... no one could even tell I had a rhino done. Which I guess is a good thing since they haven't noticed that it is crooked. I am too embarrassed to tell them my plastic surgery failure.

Surgery is tomorrow! I am so excited. All happy...

Surgery is tomorrow! I am so excited. All happy thoughts, prayers and wishes will all be appreciated! Fingers crossed I will be able to sleep tonight :)

Surgery went well! As far as I can tell. A lot of...

Surgery went well! As far as I can tell. A lot of bleeding, other than that no pain! I am staying on top of my pain killer. Now I just need to be patient.

Day after my surgery! I feel pretty good as long...

Day after my surgery! I feel pretty good as long as I am on my pain killers. The bleeding has stopped for the most part. My eyes are so swollen and bruised. Last night around 7 one of my nurses called to check in on me. She was so so sweet. THEN around 9 Dr. McNeel HIMSELF called to check in on me. I was so impressed. He explained to me how I had a lot of scar tissue from my previous surgery but he was able to do most everything we had discussed. So far, I love it! But I won't really know what it looks like until I get the cast removed and wait for all the swelling to go down. My post op is on Wednesday. EEE!

Today has to be the worst day. Day 4! The...

Today has to be the worst day. Day 4! The swelling is pretty bad. The bruising might be a TAD lighter but definitely more spread out. Definitely more unattractive. For memorial day my family and I went to a war cemetery to pay our respects. I kept a floppy hat over my face for the most part. But on the way home I looked in the mirror and noticed my left pupil was HUGE! My right one was normal. I called the on call doctor and he said it's not a issue from the surgery or meds. Which I find hard to believe. But if it persists for another day or two then I should go see a eye doctor. Has anyone else had this problem?

I get my cast off today!!! I will update as soon...

I get my cast off today!!! I will update as soon as I get home. Fingers crossed I like the results :D

Cast came off today... but only for about 30...

Cast came off today... but only for about 30 seconds. Apparently this doctor requires the cast to be on for 2 weeks. He did show me a glimpse of my nose for a second before replacing the cast. I was really really disappointed. The tip was good... but the rest of it was just very very NARROW. The doctor says it's because this is a revision therefore there is a lot of scar tissue which the cast has been pressing on. And that my nose should "swell up" after the cast is off a while. Swell up?!? It looks so bad right now! And I have to wait another 8 days before I even see it again! I am really freaking out and sad :(.

Day 10... Cast is still on and I am still really...

Day 10... Cast is still on and I am still really worried about how my nose will look when they finally take off the cast for good in 4 more days. I didn't realize they had to keep a cast on 2 WEEKS! Now I have to go to work with a cast on my face. But I guess that is ok. Last time they only kept it on one week and my nose went crooked. So maybe this is better? I am not freaking out as much as I was before. I am really praying the doctor knows what he is doing and everything is in God's hands. Also, the doctor ordered me Loratabs so those help :D.

Day 12... Cast came off! But only because I took...

Day 12... Cast came off! But only because I took NyQuil to try to sleep and I guess in my half drowsy slumber ripped that bitch off my face. I immeditately got out of bed to run over to the mirror to see what my nose looked like. It's... interesting. Not nearly as bad as it was last Wednesday when the doctor took it off for a minute. It's less skeletor like lol. Still more condensed and tight than I was hoping for. Hopefully that will easy up or as I call it "fluff up" over the next few days. The tip looks really good! He even did the little "scoop" on the bridge like I was wanting. Everything looks great except for how tight it is down the middle bone area. I am really hoping that will go away. Its a little red with a few blimishes. Probably from wearing a gross cast for almost 2 weeks. Also, the bruising is still there! Not nearly as bad. You almost can't see them with make-up. Eee! Everyone hope and pray it gets better!!!

As promised here are the pictures! You can't...

As promised here are the pictures! You can't really tell how bad it is towards the front. almost to the tip the bone sticks out a little more than I want it to, I am hoping its because the cast was pushing down on either side of the nose making it stick out. OR there are stitches right underneath where its pulling down, I am hoping when the DR takes those out tomorrow that the skin will loosen up. Let me know what you guys think!

I know it's only been a little over two weeks but...

I know it's only been a little over two weeks but it's really had to see the light at the end of this tunnel. My nose is still really pinched in the middle. The doctor says it SHOULD fill out but he couldn't say when or even if it definitely would. So far I would say no all of this hasn't been worth it. This is the one thing money can't really buy. Your nose can only go through so many surgeries before it starts looking like Michael Jacksons. I am scared I have ruined my face. I should have been ok with a bigger nose and then I still should have been ok with a slightly crooked nose. Now I hate looking in the mirror. I really hope it gets better. I don't even want to go out in public.

It's been a week since my cast came off. I am...

It's been a week since my cast came off. I am starting to feel a little better. Perhaps my nose filled out a little more over the night or a nice email from the office made me feel better. The woman wrote me saying that after her nose job hers took about 6 weeks to fill out and look normal again. So until it looks normal I will keep my answer as undecided. Fingers crossed it continues to look better! On the upside my bruising is FINALLY completely gone. Took about 16 days for them to go away. If you look close you can still kind of see the one under my right eye. I'll submit a few more pics in a few weeks. I hope I don't have to get the scilicon injections to make it fluff up lol.

Almost 5 weeks post op. I am still very unsure...

Almost 5 weeks post op. I am still very unsure about my decision to do the surgery at all. I THINK I like it better than it was before all crooked and junk. Still looks too skinny and tight when I smile. When I don't smile and I have make up on it looks almost normal. But who wants to be in a picture without a smile on their face?? The dr says it won't "fill out" but the skin SHOULD "loosen up". There that word is again. "Should". I know the doctors can't make any promises due to legal reasons but the word should never makes me feel any better. So going made me a little more discouraged than I was this morning. That's ok. I really hope it keeps getting better. Today he said I could massage my nose to try and get the skin to loosen up. Idk how well that is going to work since it's still rather tender. Meh, lets all hope and pray for the best!!

So! Today was my 10 week post op visit. I am...

So! Today was my 10 week post op visit. I am feeling better and better about everything as time goes on. The reddness is completely gone and no more bumps! The dr says the cartilage or scar tissue down the middle is still very swollen which is why it gives the slight pinched look on either side. But he says we can inject some medicine into that area to make the swelling go down faster... but there runs the risk of it being uneven. So I said no to that. BUT he says in 4 weeks if everything still looks the same then we can put filler injections in on either side of the bone to make the skin come up just a litte. Which would be perfect! Over all I believe in the long run I will really enjoy my nose. But it's been a ROUGH journey. I don't know if I would recommend this to anyone else. Between the pain, money and emotional turmoil... it's wasn't easy. But the pain is finally gone! I can now rub my nose again without feeling like it might break off lol. I am very excited to feel back to normal. Thank you everyone for your support! I will update again in 4 weeks and let you know if I get the injections and how that goes :D.

Three months post op!!! I just got the injections...

Three months post op!!! I just got the injections yesterday. WOW that was kinda painful... but with what I have been through it was NOTHING. SO glad I did them though. Even though it is still rather swollen I can already tell it is going to be much better. I was becoming more and more happy with the results because of the reddness going down, the cartilage in the bridge doing down ( a TAD), and the sides weren't AS pinched looking. But that still wasn't enough for me to not get the injections. I went with Restylane injections because from all the research I have done those are the safest, and reversable. Because God knows my nose is a trial and error type of a deal! I am posting 4 pics. The first one is from right after they were done. My nose was very swollen and red from getting approximately 10 stabs of the needle to the nose. After the first stab it wasn't as bad due to the pain killer that is mixed in with the filler. But the first one was pretty painful, probably a 9 on the pain scale but only lasted about 15 seconds. The rest still weren't pleasant but more like a regular shot. I know it's still not perfect.. but its getting there. I still have half of a "tube" left of the injection so that if its not enough (when the swelling goes down) I can put in more at no cost. I only did half of a syringe which was $350. From what I have read that is a pretty good deal. When I go back in two weeks we will discuss possibly putting in a styroid in the cartilage of the bridge to help the swelling go down faster. But I may just wait it out, even though it could take a year. At this point I feel like I have done it ALL except steroid injections.
Dr. Michael McNeel

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Hi, I am in exactly the same situation as you - same problems and I also went through 2 operations.. I feel like throwing up all the time and hate going out.. I cannot even imagine meeting up with friends let alone looking like this for the rest of my life.. I feel so alone. My nose was made ALOT slimmer and unlike yours I think the tip is still fairly big and thus not a smooth transition. I got the cast off 2,5 days ago and one side is way slimmer than the other (which is also pretty slim), I am scared that it will never fluff up, your story gave me a little hope though. I am scared to be operated again, and I feel like I am living in a nightmare - Will I ever feel beautiful again?.. I have even considered just going away where no one knows me because confronting people is like a stab in the chest. Well, all the best to you!
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Hello Mia! I soooo feel for you. I have been to countless doctors, wasted SO much money, I've been put on anti-depressants, done psycho-therapy, regular therapy... bought myself expensive jewelry and cars to make myself happy... nothing really worked until my nose started to look semi normal again. I believe I am a little over 4 months now and I am FINALLY starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. But I am no where near the end of this journey. I have done two rounds of the "filler" injections and one round of the steroid down the middle to help it look more even. Definitely looks better. but still not where I want to be. It's still red and looks almost bruised on either side. You say its been 25 days since your surgery? I say don't get too upset until you are 4 - 6 months out. I know I know, that's easier said than done. But I promise it will get better. I have been through it all with my doctor, after everything I have slowly grown to really trust him. If you want to come to Marietta GA he will do a consultation for free and will put your mind and heart at ease. you can start with the injections at 3 months. So I would wait until then. Please relax a little. I prooomise it will get better. I have gone through so much and have been through so much self loathing, but it gets better. Please write me if you have any questions or need any guidance. You are not alone. If you want my number ill send it in a private message. I can send you lots more pictures and hopefully it will make you feel better. My nose was BAD for a while, I didn't show the worst of them on here, I was too ashamed.
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Thank you so much for the kind words !!! :') I don't live in the US unfortunately, I live far away in Denmark. But I would LOVE to talk to you over email. (exchange photos and what not) From where I am now 3 months seems so far away, up until now I have completely isolated myself and when I go out in public I keep try to avoid light because it creates shades on my nose, and I cannot bear to look in the mirror as I hate the way I look from the front. Also I am ashamed because I caused this myself - people only seem to feel with someone who had it done for other purposes - I feel they laugh at my vanity, that it is my own fault. The only one I talk to is my boyfriend at the moment. The classes at my college start next monday (I am 24 btw) and I feel like I am having an anxiety attack, because I don't want anyone to see me like this, I am so ashamed. Oh, and I meant almost 3 days (2,5) not 25, since my cast was removed. I don't have a lot of money so I cannot even spoil myself that way - I would also like to stay in here until things resolve (if they do) but I cannot afford it. Also, my boyfriend actually paid for my surgery because I felt so bad about my nose before, and he wanted to make my dream come true. Now that fact pains me as he feels responsible because he paid for it! He asks all the time what he can do to ease my suffering - but as you said yourself money can only do so much, you cannot buy a perfect nose. I wish we lived in the same country so I could come and chat with you!! I cannot wait to hear from you!
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No answer :(
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Oh no! I sent you a private message last week. Did you not get that?
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My mail put it in the spam for some reason :) I did get it
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Well, first of all I would like to say you are looking pretty good. My doctor is also suggesting me to get analog injection, does it works and is it painful? did you faint after getting it done as I read on someone's post on this website.
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It is pretty painful. Not going to lie the first injection wasn't pleasant. BUT it only lasted a few seconds then the pain killer mixed in kicked in. The other sticks were bad but not as bad as the first. I did feel light headed afterwards but definitely wasn't going to faint. Just make sure you eat something healthy before you go in there. The swelling has definitely gone down a bit from yesterday. I am really happy with the results! I bought half of a "syringe" or whatever so in two weeks if I don't feel i need more in my nose he says its up to me if I want to put the rest somewhere else on my face... lips/under my eyes and such. Pretty cool hu?
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Thanks for the reply, are you facing any side effects, well my surgeon is giving it to me for free, I though have to spend for the flight though from New york to Chicago.

The doctor gave you the authority to do it yourself? Don't you need any supervision for injecting in at the right place in a right way?
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What do you think about my photos ?
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You can do them yourself?!?! I definitely wouldn't be comfortable doing that. It was too painful to think I could inject myself. The doctor did everything for me. The swelling did go down quite a bit after about 4 days after the injections. So it's looking great now! But I do want a little more put in in a few areas. I will post more after the final injection session :).
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Wow your nose looks good now! I am so sorry your first surgery was such a bad experience for you. You look great now though! You are looking to get more fillers done?
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I am getting it done on 12th september, lets see how it goes..
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I am not planning to get any fillers, just analog injection, lets see how it works.. it doesn't have any side effects..right?
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I think he did a pretty good job on your nose
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I'm on post op 3rd day, and very very nervous about asymmetry and how the shape is going to turn out, because right now it really doesn't look good lol

Your review gave me hope and patience to wait for swelling to go down to see final result. :)
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Great results!

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You look great!!! So happy for you!
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Hello.Please,could you post your photos?I am very curious how your nose is looking as the time goes on.It could really help,since i am also going to have a revision
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Done! I guess I should have done that before hu? Haha. Best of luck to you in your revision!!
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You still look quite swollen. It will subside...

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Hello.I just read your post and first thong I want to ask is how come you had your first revision a couple of months after your primary?The doctor couldn't have operated on you before one year is off.Second question is whether you had grafts used to thinner the bridge?I am looking forward to seeing new pictures if your progress since I am interested in revision as well.
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Hey Lisa - hope you're liking your new nose - I personally love it better than your old nose.
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Thank you so much! You said it took your nose 6 months to look normal again? Was that because it was a revision? Or some other reason? I am only at 2 months but I can already see it getting better.
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I mean, I started to like it a little more because i had noticed a change in the nostrils, they weren't as arched, and i noticed the bridge looked like it had more form. I just wanted to note that there are changes at that stage. I still hate it and regret it so much. i would go back in time for my other nose ANY day. I miss it sooooo much.
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