I consulted for ab/flank lipo and was 10 lbs over...

I consulted for ab/flank lipo and was 10 lbs over my ideal weight. He recommended a little inner/outer thigh since it wouldn't be much more and it would "smooth out" the silhouette. I regret the day I ever met him. He performed lipo in an area I did not consent to and ruined my thighs and butt. He gave me a DOUBLE GLUTEAL fold under both cheeks which is the result of overaggressive lipo. Over the past 1 1/2 years he did a revision and 2 fat transfers which did not take, probably because he spent 20 minutes on the fat transfers. Two 1/2 years later, the problem still exists, and I have nerve damage AND it hurts to sit. I have years of fat transfers ahead of me at a cost of $25,000 and counting.

Has anyone had a good experience with fat...

Has anyone had a good experience with fat transfers to repair excessive liposuction?

I was told that cellulaze or vaser hi-def lipo may...

I was told that cellulaze or vaser hi-def lipo may correct this problem. Has anyone had success with this procedure?

Scheduled for fat grafting with Dr. Sydney Coleman...

Scheduled for fat grafting with Dr. Sydney Coleman in NYC in July. Praying for a positive outcome! Will post pictures after the grafting.

Fat transfer is scheduled for Wed morning with Dr....

Fat transfer is scheduled for Wed morning with Dr. Sydney Coleman. I am so excited to get the unsightly creases filled in and get my butt off the backs of my thighs. I hope and pray he is successful in repairing Thomas Lintner's overly aggressive lipo, I have been disfigured for almost 3 years now and am grateful to have the opportunity to have this deformity fixed.
Will post more photos soon.

1 week after the fat transfers and so far,so good....

1 week after the fat transfers and so far,so good. Still extremely sore and the only comfortable position is standing or lying down with legs extremely elevated. The double gluteal folds are gone as are the extensive creases that extended to the outer thighs. Was it worth it? So far....YES! I am very pleased with the results so far. I will never have my former butt back, but this is such a huge improvement. I need to stay off the thigh area for another 2 weeks. The fat was harvested from the flank/back area. All was used in the backs of my thighs and the extra was placed in the outer hip area. I will post more photos in another week.

Its been 4 weeks since Dr. Coleman did the fat...

Its been 4 weeks since Dr. Coleman did the fat transfers. The swelling has gone down quite a bit, but the areas are still extremely tender. When I exercise it feels like little needles are piercing the harvested areas and the area where the fat was transferred. Not painful, just a very very strange sensation. Still uncomfortable to sit. New pictures are posted. I may need a little touch up, but it is a huge improvement!

It has been 9 weeks since the fat transfers and so...

It has been 9 weeks since the fat transfers and so far, most has stayed. I appreciate everyone's comments and well wishes. I only wish my bad lipo result was not so common. It seems there are many of us that have suffered from incompetent plastic surgeons. I will probably need some more transfers in Feb or March, which is the earliest date. The side view looks so much better than post lipo. The backside is improved also, but there is some unevenness and slight creasing where the double gluteal fold was.

Many people have asked about the texture of the skin and fat transfers. Prior to lipo, my legs and butt were firm. After lipo, the area was very loose, soft, "scwishy" and just vacant. I was missing what appeared to be about a 2 inch band of tissue across the backs of my legs. The indentation was even more exaggerated if I lifted my leg up slightly or lay on my side. The area above and below the lipo was still very firm. The legs were no longer supporting the butt and the butt was holding up the legs (Dr. Lintner may as well have used a chain saw to obtain a similar result). The fat transfers has made the area feel smooth as there is less indentations, but there is still a noticeable difference in the texture. It is not as firm as my butt or legs. The area that was filled in is very, very soft. Afterall, it was fat that was injected and there is not much connective tissue there anymore. This may improve with time, and I will update every few weeks or so. Like all of you, I wish we could go back in time and never have the lipo. I will never have my body back. The appearance is much better, but there is a definite difference in the skin tone.

As far as the sensitivity, it is still extremely tender. Its painful to sit for any extended period, and any hard surface is out of the question for a seat. Hopefully this will improve with time as well.

If you have any questions about the fat transfer, please send me a message and I will be happy to answer.

Here are new photos, 5 months after fat transfers....

Here are new photos, 5 months after fat transfers. I would have to estimate that 80-90% of the fat has stayed, but its hard to tell, due to the intense swelling after the transfers. I was "bootylicious" for awhile! lol
The texture of the areas is still "mushy" and I have very slight scarring, which should continue to improve. It felt great to walk on the beach last week in a swimsuit and be confident.

10 months after fat transfers

Here are several side, front and back sides of the fat transfers. Most is still here. I could use a little "tweaking", but hopeful to accomplish changes by limiting calories, eating whole foods, and working out 5 days a week. So far so good, but need to focus on glutes more. The areas look much better now than after Lintner's fiasco. Dr. Coleman did a wonderful job building up the areas.

1 Year Later

It has been 1 year since Dr Coleman performed the fat transfers. I am very happy with the results and the areas are greatly improved. Most of the scars have faded. I am seeing him in 1 week while in NYC. I would love to have no visible creases from the side, but not sure if I have enough fat left for any transfers. He will take pictures next week and I will post those. Please contact me if any questions!
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

FIND ANOTHER SURGEON! He is only interested in your money, not the outcome. Wish I could give him 0 stars.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
2 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I love your story and thank goodness you were able to locate someone who was able to correct all of that it looks really good
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Hey! How you doing? Are you still glad that you went to Dr. Coleman? I am still debating and saving. Thanks for replying.
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Well, we are on the same boat..I am going to consult him soon..Also saving money now...
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Thank you for your sharing .I have the same problems. I heard there is another doctor in Dr.Coleman 's plastic surgery, she is Dr. Saboeiro. Is she good at correct liposuction deformities? Thank you very much.
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How was your follow-up with Dr. Coleman. Will you post photos? Thanks!
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I have the same problem and then some. I had lipo with Dr. Randal Haworth in LA and now my crease is way lower and it goes all the way to the sides. I also have hypopigmented scars all over my abdomen (not at the incision site but from him burning my skin with the laser from underneath). I have dents and deep gouges on my lower back and stomach as well. There are no words to describe how devastated I am over this. It has been two years since my surgery and I have been hiding ever since (he left my face damaged as well). I don't know that I'll ever wear a swimsuit again or let a man see me without clothing. I feel like Frankenstein's monster :( I am having corrective lipo/fat transfer next week but I don't have a whole lot of body fat to work with either. These photos give me hope that maybe my situation can be improved. Your results look really good. I looked up Dr. Coleman and there is a lot of conflicting info about him which scares me :( I think they all scare me at this point after having such a life ruining experience, but I know that I can't leave it the way it is though or I'll never be able to get past this emotionally. I literally cry when I see myself and have gotten to the point where I try my best not to look in mirrors anymore. Thank you for posting your photos, very brave of you, and congratulations on such a nice improvement.
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You stole the words right out of my mouth about my surgery. My doctor did not listen to what I wanted, did areas I said to leave alone & was over aggressive on fat removal. He put 9 incisions in my body. Only two can be hidden by pantie & bra. All of them healed open looking & diveted. The thread & needle he used left scars making the incisions look like big X's. I wear clothes when I go swimming because I can't find any suits that hide the hypopigmentation, scars, sagging, lumps & lines. I feel like a mutilated monster. I'm humiliated & ashamed. I cry every day or just try not to even look at myself. I'm completely devastated. I don't know how it can be fixed & terrified of trying to find a doctor that actually can fix it. It's emotionally draining & has affected my sex life with my husband. I hope you are able to find a competent doctor. I'm trying to do the same.
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Sambra, I am so sorry you are going through this. I too am dealing VERY similar results from a Tampa FL dr last Feb. I have never had kids, never smoked, good skin, I was NOT over weight; H/W; 5' 4" tall, 138 lbs, BIG BONE structure (thanks for that dad), and I had NEVER weighed more than my ideal weight, never. I simply had my weight mostly in my torso and a VERY flat rear end. I had a brazilian butt lift (fat transfer) with lipo of muffin top, abdomen, lower abdomen, and lower back area. He butchered me! I am a dented, lumpy, bumpy mess, and my Brazilian Butt Lift is COMPLETELY gone 1 year after having it done, the left side of my lower stomach area (below my belly button) sticks out 2 inches further than the right. He gauged a tunnel on my right hip (flank) and for some reason he took fat from my pubic bone but ONLY ON ONE SIDE!!!!! So now I have a big dent on my pubic bone. I was only 32 at the time, and I am now a monster!!! I WISH bad lipo like this would be an automatic FULL REFUND so we can actually afford to fix the damage being done by all of these BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON'S....They all say research your doctor....but that REALLY makes NO difference, I researched for a year, the results were still dreadful, and then this "Dr" actually told me my results were "normal" and I should give it "a couple of years to fully see results"!!! CAN you believe it? Me either! I am a shell of the woman I was, despite being the "ideal" candidate, I now live in shame, I am TOTALLY humiliated if my shirt rides up and someone see's my GROSS DEFORMED lower back, and I WILL NOT let my husband see me naked in normal lighting! I think the obvious BAD lipo suction's SHOULD be FULLY refunded. MAYBE that would SLOW these over aggressive FAST doctor's down so they no longer DESTROY their patients. I cry many days out of a month, but I am a step mom to 3 kids under 9 so I don't get much free time to grieve the very deep emotional WOUNDS (scares heal, this is a permanent WOUND) that this "doctor" left me with.....Of course, with 3 stepchildren now, I will NEVER be able to afford to fix it. These doctor's do not seem to understand (or CARE) how much emotional turmoil we feel for the REST OF OUR LIVES......but hey, at least they are $12,000 richer than before we were butchered. I wish I could offer some words of encouragement, but I know we are just victims of "LEGALIZED malpractice". I know there are good doctor's (somewhere, right?) but it truly is a matter of what the doctor does THE DAY YOU are on his operating table.....
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I think these so called Board Certified Plastic Surgeons get their CERTIFICATION out of a cracker jack box. It is evident they don't have to perform accurately or to any standard!
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Seattle2584, so sorry to hear about your situation. Did you have your corrective fat transfers? Did they help?
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Is his full name Sydney R. Coleman? Just wanting to be sure..
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Sorry for the silly question, you mentioned his full name earlier :) Just saw it..
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I salute you for your courage to post those photos.. I am very happy for you that your correction surgery went good and your results are beautiful.. I have an almost identical problem to yours. I had lipo on banana roll, outer and inner thighs and now I have a big depression under my butt causing it to fall and giving me an elongated shaped butt. I am still looking around and hearing people's stories and advice before I make any decision. I will certainly look into Dr. Coleman.. Thanks again for sharing this..
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To: MIMU I am relieved you see that Dr. Lintner did wrong. So sorry that you had bad liposuction. I hope your revision goes well, you find peace and can love your body again. Best Wishes!
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You look GREAT! Dr. Coleman did a wonderful job correcting and filling in the areas that were botched. Simply amazing that he was able to fix this area. I have heard this area is difficult to impossible to fix but seems like it's the skill of the doctor that really makes a difference. Obviously Dr. Coleman knows how to handle delicate fat cells. I have the same issues as you and I'm planning to get the corrective surgery with Dr. Coleman. Consulting with him this Thursday!!
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Did you have any success with your botched areas?
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Hi yes - I went to Dr. Coleman he fixed it - much better , but need to do more....... Will go after summer and hope that will be the end to the ordeal .......
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How many months since the fat transfers? Dr Coleman did the major fat transfer in 2012 and a minor additional transfer in Dec 2013.
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Hi Karf glad you are back to forum.May i know how much percent fat survivial rate do you think you have attained for the past 2 tranfer at Dr Coleman's?thank u.
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I would have to say at least 80% of the fat has stayed, maybe more. Its been 2 years and the double gluteal fold is gone. I will take some more photos soon and post.
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I am so happy for you. I have fixed appt with Dr Coleman too. Wish me good luck in my revision too. I hope I can achieve as nice result as you.
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Thank you. Keep me posted on your progress and best of luck to you.
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To: MIMU I was so heated when I saw your comment that I forgot to say...The problem with Dr. Lintner began when he liposuctioned an area that was not agreed upon by the patient. Kaf123 never agreed to the banana roll area being liposuctioned. Kaf123 liked her butt, but wanted a little off her inner and outer thighs. Plastic surgeons should never touch an area not agreed upon. I was lipoed in 3 areas that I didn't agree upon and now have 3 problem areas. My doctor acted as if she was doing me a favor...no she didn't, she caused 3 problem areas.
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To: MIMU You are rude! If you did your research...you would find it is not recommended to liposuction the "Banana Roll" area AT ALL!!!! It is considered the "Bermuda Triangle" of liposuction. We pay the surgeons to be educated on what can and can not be done. Dr. Lintner as well as other surgeons who have liposuctioned this area should know better. As you read in kaf123's post...the fat transfers that were done by Lintner took 20 minutes and none of the fat took at all...it is apparent Lintner didn't do the transfers properly. Lintner did transfers because he knew he did kaf123 WRONG...he just wanted to be able to say as a defense that he tried the fat transfers to make the patient happy. Lintner was thinking ahead incase he was taken to court over this case. HE MESSED UP!!!!
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amen ^^^ same thing happened to me...the doc is FULLY to blame
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