I consulted for ab/flank lipo and was 10 lbs over...

I consulted for ab/flank lipo and was 10 lbs over my ideal weight. He recommended a little inner/outer thigh since it wouldn't be much more and it would "smooth out" the silhouette. I regret the day I ever met him. He performed lipo in an area I did not consent to and ruined my thighs and butt. He gave me a DOUBLE GLUTEAL fold under both cheeks which is the result of overaggressive lipo. Over the past 1 1/2 years he did a revision and 2 fat transfers which did not take, probably because he spent 20 minutes on the fat transfers. Two 1/2 years later, the problem still exists, and I have nerve damage AND it hurts to sit. I have years of fat transfers ahead of me at a cost of $25,000 and counting.

I have consulted with 4 different surgeons. One recommended extracting fat cells, using some now and freezing the rest for future grafts (afraid to go this route and lose precious fat cells). Another recommended fat transfers and also cutting out damaged area and lifting the thigh up. This will obviously leave scars so I am nervous about this solution also. Another recommended fat transfers and then using a permanent filler as needed. Another recommended fat transfers which I may try, even though I haven't had any success. Hopefully it was Dr. Lintner's lack of skill and not the absence of blood vessels, supporting tissue, etc in the area that needs to be injected with fat. I have consulted with a renown fat transfer expert in NY, but unsure if that is the Dr. I will proceed with. I have one chance to get this right with the fat transfer since I am missing so much in that area now and don't want to make a wrong choice. I hate what has happened to me and hope my experience will prevent anyone else from allowing this Dr. to mutilate them. Inner/outer thigh lipo does not and should NEVER consist of lipo'ing the backs of the thighs.
I am hoping these message boards will give insight of a good solution and competent physician that has corrected these type of problems in other patients.

Hi there, I'm sorry you had such a bad outcome to your procedure. Have you been able to find a surgeon to correct it?


Has anyone had a good experience with fat...

Has anyone had a good experience with fat transfers to repair excessive liposuction?

I was told that cellulaze or vaser hi-def lipo may...

I was told that cellulaze or vaser hi-def lipo may correct this problem. Has anyone had success with this procedure?
Kaf- if you're in Marietta, talk to Dr Randall Rudderman. He did my breast aug and he also does other procedures. I got a consult for lipo from him but I ended up moving before I could get it done. He's amazing, very, very knowledgable and I really trust him. I think he'll be able to tell you dead on what he can and can't do. Hope that helps!

I love that. and it works

thanks for the information

Scheduled for fat grafting with Dr. Sydney Coleman...

Scheduled for fat grafting with Dr. Sydney Coleman in NYC in July. Praying for a positive outcome! Will post pictures after the grafting.
Okay. we are with you. You are not alone. so happy for you to have the opportunity to get some correction. I will await your photos and experience. Think positive through the experience so matter what and hopefully the outcome will remain that.
Thanks for your referral, but I have made an appt with Dr. Sydney Coleman with Tribeca Plastic Surgery in NYC. Flying in on the 24th and the surgery is scheduled for the 25th. Praying it is successful as this condition is miserable. I will post pictures after the fat grafts.

Fat transfer is scheduled for Wed morning with Dr....

Fat transfer is scheduled for Wed morning with Dr. Sydney Coleman. I am so excited to get the unsightly creases filled in and get my butt off the backs of my thighs. I hope and pray he is successful in repairing Thomas Lintner's overly aggressive lipo, I have been disfigured for almost 3 years now and am grateful to have the opportunity to have this deformity fixed.
Will post more photos soon.
praying for you.
Okay, today was your day. I am wishing you well.
Okay. We are praying for you. I am so happy for you.. So very, very excited. I want such good things for you.. As one of us emerges from the darkness and this god awful place I know that there is hope for others. I wish you the very best!!! Remember, stay positive. Tell yourself this will turn out really great. Wish for the result that you desire. Good Luck.

1 week after the fat transfers and so far,so good....

1 week after the fat transfers and so far,so good. Still extremely sore and the only comfortable position is standing or lying down with legs extremely elevated. The double gluteal folds are gone as are the extensive creases that extended to the outer thighs. Was it worth it? So far....YES! I am very pleased with the results so far. I will never have my former butt back, but this is such a huge improvement. I need to stay off the thigh area for another 2 weeks. The fat was harvested from the flank/back area. All was used in the backs of my thighs and the extra was placed in the outer hip area. I will post more photos in another week.
I am so happy for you!!! thank god you had your prayers answered! you look really good, and it seems like your doc knows what he is doing!
I knew it would turn out. It look terrific!!!!! Follow the after care to the best of your ability so that the fat survives. Yay. Glad to hear that you are home and looking pretty darn great!!!!


Its been 4 weeks since Dr. Coleman did the fat...

Its been 4 weeks since Dr. Coleman did the fat transfers. The swelling has gone down quite a bit, but the areas are still extremely tender. When I exercise it feels like little needles are piercing the harvested areas and the area where the fat was transferred. Not painful, just a very very strange sensation. Still uncomfortable to sit. New pictures are posted. I may need a little touch up, but it is a huge improvement!
My mother says; we pay for vanity, dont play with what God gifted you ! I say thank you, but common, if God gifted you with some badass gifts and a coalition of kind doctors who we are supposed to trust because they have given 7 years to medical education are screaming out I can "fix this" we go for it. LOL
I dont trust doctors anymore.
Its amazing how warmly you are greeted initially and the surgery planner sweetly calls you 3 times a day with all kinds of info and then Ones You Pay all the attention is gone..... you need to start thinking of ways to get their sympathy and beg for a day on which the doctor has an opening to fix what he botched up in the first place.
We pay exuberantly elevated prices for these procedures; operating room, anesthesia, doctors fees. How would it set him back to correct a problem, why make such a big deal out of it !!!!! Greed, is what I think it is.

The "stem cell";;; Dr. Newman first had me come in to do some more lipo. It was a small amount, he took that fat and sent it to his friends lab who grows stem cells out of it. I think it took about 2 weeks or more to grow. Then, I came back and he has injected the hollows with what he said were my mature stem cells. It looked like thin liquid (body juice) didnt look like fat at all. The hollows filled up and within a few weeks started getting hard. I didnt understand what was happening and by instinct just started softly touching those areas and massaging them. I then went for my post -op and was told that it takes a long time to see the results. Over a few months, the filled out folds (and it was not filled out perfectly as he said he didnt have enough cells to go all around the fold so he just did the outer parts that were the worst) started to droop and the hard mass which I felt through out started to become clumpy and form clot like balls.
As I spend half the year in Europe and half in LA so it took me some time to get back to him and complain. He gave me no face of sorry or anything and said he could try to get it out. He put me back on the table and took out most of it on one side and left a good amount on the other side. If I stretch my leg, it looks like I have forgotten a small grape vine underneath my skin. Cute, ha :-(( When I go for a massage, they feel it and start asking what it is.... very relaxing

I asked Dr. Newman what he thinks he will do when women start to arrive with grape vines coming out of there expensively injected cheeks. His answer was that he didnt know, it didnt happen yet. I hope it will never happen.
I didnt go back to him again and just wait to see that it goes away on its own one day.
I got scared when I saw the pictures above, I thought it was me ! I have the exact same thing. I have gone through "stem cell" injections by Dr. Nathan Newman B.H CA who said that the cells would grow and fill in the gaps. It just clumped up into little balls which later turned out to be blood clots "he said" - and tried to remove them with more localized lipo. Pain, money, suffering; No effect, just worse.
Then, I found a guy in Bulgaria who does non surgical but lifts through "threads" or "sutures" as he calls them. Did it; Again, pain, money and more suffering. Actually, a year later, I still have pain when I sit in certain positions. No effect.
The Bulgarian doctor has swayed me off Dr. Coleman to say that he makes the butt bigger and lower .......he suggested repeating his technique a several times for my desired effect. If I go through this horrible pain 1 more time, I will become a crazy woman looking for forums suggesting shrinks as well :--))))
Anyway, I am so tired of this. The summer just passed by me and again I was too embarrassed to walk around in my bikini so decided to avoid the beach (which I love) all together. Reading all the info which the kind ladies have shared, made my day and gave me hope. I think that Coleman and Ersek will do me good in combination....Sceptic, but positive
Our situations sound similar...my first ps did three revisions after the first lipo. Every procedure made it worse. I looked into the thread lift...very glad I didn't go that route and so sorry to hear about your problems with it. How long before the "stem cell" injections turns into hard knots? The areas where Coleman transferred the fat are very smooth, not lumpy at all, and tomorrow will be 5 weeks post op. I hear you about the swimsuit. I haven't worn one for 3 years either. Hopefully next year will be different. Ersek had some wonderful before/after photos too. I spoke with him on the phone. He was very gracious and sent me a package with detailed info and a dvd illustrating his technique and surgical procedure. I opted to go with Coleman first, as it was less invasive. Keep us posted with your progress!

It has been 9 weeks since the fat transfers and so...

It has been 9 weeks since the fat transfers and so far, most has stayed. I appreciate everyone's comments and well wishes. I only wish my bad lipo result was not so common. It seems there are many of us that have suffered from incompetent plastic surgeons. I will probably need some more transfers in Feb or March, which is the earliest date. The side view looks so much better than post lipo. The backside is improved also, but there is some unevenness and slight creasing where the double gluteal fold was.

Many people have asked about the texture of the skin and fat transfers. Prior to lipo, my legs and butt were firm. After lipo, the area was very loose, soft, "scwishy" and just vacant. I was missing what appeared to be about a 2 inch band of tissue across the backs of my legs. The indentation was even more exaggerated if I lifted my leg up slightly or lay on my side. The area above and below the lipo was still very firm. The legs were no longer supporting the butt and the butt was holding up the legs (Dr. Lintner may as well have used a chain saw to obtain a similar result). The fat transfers has made the area feel smooth as there is less indentations, but there is still a noticeable difference in the texture. It is not as firm as my butt or legs. The area that was filled in is very, very soft. Afterall, it was fat that was injected and there is not much connective tissue there anymore. This may improve with time, and I will update every few weeks or so. Like all of you, I wish we could go back in time and never have the lipo. I will never have my body back. The appearance is much better, but there is a definite difference in the skin tone.

As far as the sensitivity, it is still extremely tender. Its painful to sit for any extended period, and any hard surface is out of the question for a seat. Hopefully this will improve with time as well.

If you have any questions about the fat transfer, please send me a message and I will be happy to answer.
I truly understand the over aggressive work that Dr. Lintner performs. I need fat transfers in my right breast now. He cut too much skin and the skin from my abdomen is pulled up as breast skin now. Another plastic surgeon told me that it was not a good job. He will start the expensive fat transfers in a couple of months. Good luck with your results and another surgeon!
Hi Katrina, I have been wondering how the grafts are holding? Is Everything staying about where it was the last time that we spoke? I think you often and hope the very best for you. Take Care, Natalie
Thinking about doing the same procedure, but would like to see your results thus far to see if the fat transfered has stayed. Thanks!

Here are new photos, 5 months after fat transfers....

Here are new photos, 5 months after fat transfers. I would have to estimate that 80-90% of the fat has stayed, but its hard to tell, due to the intense swelling after the transfers. I was "bootylicious" for awhile! lol
The texture of the areas is still "mushy" and I have very slight scarring, which should continue to improve. It felt great to walk on the beach last week in a swimsuit and be confident.
Hi..are you still happy with your correction?  Did the fat stay?
Wow! The same thing happened to me....can I email you pleas...i would love to get some advice from you one on one? Thank you. So happy the fat transfer worked for u!
Hi, thanks for your posts and updates. How is the skin on your flanks doing? Do you notice it's still elastic or feel it lost some elasticity and is now more loose? Thanks!

10 months after fat transfers

Here are several side, front and back sides of the fat transfers. Most is still here. I could use a little "tweaking", but hopeful to accomplish changes by limiting calories, eating whole foods, and working out 5 days a week. So far so good, but need to focus on glutes more. The areas look much better now than after Lintner's fiasco. Dr. Coleman did a wonderful job building up the areas.
To: MIMU I was so heated when I saw your comment that I forgot to say...The problem with Dr. Lintner began when he liposuctioned an area that was not agreed upon by the patient. Kaf123 never agreed to the banana roll area being liposuctioned. Kaf123 liked her butt, but wanted a little off her inner and outer thighs. Plastic surgeons should never touch an area not agreed upon. I was lipoed in 3 areas that I didn't agree upon and now have 3 problem areas. My doctor acted as if she was doing me a favor...no she didn't, she caused 3 problem areas.
To: MIMU You are rude! If you did your research...you would find it is not recommended to liposuction the "Banana Roll" area AT ALL!!!! It is considered the "Bermuda Triangle" of liposuction. We pay the surgeons to be educated on what can and can not be done. Dr. Lintner as well as other surgeons who have liposuctioned this area should know better. As you read in kaf123's post...the fat transfers that were done by Lintner took 20 minutes and none of the fat took at all...it is apparent Lintner didn't do the transfers properly. Lintner did transfers because he knew he did kaf123 WRONG...he just wanted to be able to say as a defense that he tried the fat transfers to make the patient happy. Lintner was thinking ahead incase he was taken to court over this case. HE MESSED UP!!!!
amen ^^^ same thing happened to me...the doc is FULLY to blame

1 Year Later

It has been 1 year since Dr Coleman performed the fat transfers. I am very happy with the results and the areas are greatly improved. Most of the scars have faded. I am seeing him in 1 week while in NYC. I would love to have no visible creases from the side, but not sure if I have enough fat left for any transfers. He will take pictures next week and I will post those. Please contact me if any questions!
I love your story and thank goodness you were able to locate someone who was able to correct all of that it looks really good
Hey! How you doing? Are you still glad that you went to Dr. Coleman? I am still debating and saving. Thanks for replying.
Well, we are on the same boat..I am going to consult him soon..Also saving money now...
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

FIND ANOTHER SURGEON! He is only interested in your money, not the outcome. Wish I could give him 0 stars.

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