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I had a RNY gastric bypass Sept 2010, and two...

I had a RNY gastric bypass Sept 2010, and two years later I still think it was the best thing I have ever done. I went from 265lbs and 40+% body fat to 160lbs 20% fat! I feel great - no major complications, just lifestyle adjustments. I chose abdominoplasty after, as I had a pannus left, but needed no other cosmetic procedures.

I lifted weights regularly, walked several miles each night, and played judo a few times a week post-op, so I think the rate at which I lost is most likely not achievable for everyone.

Marietta General Surgeon

Dr. Champion has since retired, so I won't spend time explaining how awesome he was - suffice to say, he was a wonderful choice :)

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Grandma~ Hi... I had the surgery late September and it is absolutely the best thing I have done. As far as eating, the only thing I really can't tolerate is rich sweets.... ice cream etc. which is an ok thing since you really don't want to eat that sort of thing anyways. Your feelings and emotions are totally normal... everyone goes through that.... Good Luck to you and look forward to starting your new life :)
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I am having my surgery in May and excited...but scared all at the same time. I'm sure that is a common feeling. I want this so badly but scared of what it will be like regarding food afterwards.
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Judo How are you doing now with your eating? Do you eat healthy foods or do you still eat food that you probably shouldnt but only in smaller amounts? Im trying so hard to get the mental outlook of eating healthy but right now Im doing this ok Im going to eat everything that I shouldnt before my surgery since I know I wont or shouldnt afterwards... this is my second surgery so this is nothing really new to me... but I know it will be different a gastric bypass vs a stomach stapling which is what I had done 20 some odd years ago and now has to be revised due to major scar tissue...tell me please what you are doing and how you are doing.... thanks
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Hi.. amazing story...I postponed mine due to the fact i was scared of being out under with the anesthesia.Did you have any fears with that?
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I has *terrified* of being put under! I had to be given a ton of Versed just to prevent a full-blown panic attack before surgery :P When I came to in recovery, I refused all pain meds until after I saw my son, as I wouldn't really believe I had lived through surgery until I held him... I was pretty freaked out. But I'm glad I confronted the fear :)
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Thanks so much, very informative:=)
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Hi Val,

Welcome and thank so much for sharing your journey with us. Your post-op pic is amazing, you look great! If you don't mind sharing, did you find the recovery very difficult and did you have trouble changing your eating habits, post-op?


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I decline most pain meds offered after surgery (I took about half what they offered, about 1/3 of the time they offered - not so much to dull general pain, but to keep me from getting too ouchy when I walked the halls). I was up and walking immediately, and walked every hour the days in the hospital. Once home (3 days out) I stopped pain meds entirely, and walked a lot. I know it was major surgery, but it wasn't any worse for me than getting my wisdom teeth out!

As far as eating, that was more difficult than the physical part of surgery! The urge to comfort eat doesn't just go away - there were times in the beginning I made myself ill by eating too much. It took about 6 months to really "get" my new limitations. But I did - I find the monthly support group I attend to be the single most useful tool I have had in maintaining motivation to eat right and keep learning.
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Thanks for all the information, it is really very helpful. When you ate too much did you have what they call "dumping syndrome" or was it something else for you?


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I am scheduled for a gastric by pass which is actually a revision of a stapling I had done in the 90's which I have problems with now (scar tissue which stops me from eating much) yet I have gained almost all my weight back... I want this so bad but right now I am so freaked out... I have developed the habit of eating horrible what my Dr. calls "slider foods" foods that just slide down chips dairy rice cakes etc. I am so afraid that I wont be able to kick the habit of the junk food and I read that so many of the people gain the weight back I dont want to do this a second time and gain it back Im so scared.... I just want it to work and to be thin but most of all to be healthy...
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Hi Kerrileigh,

I'm sorry to hear you're having some difficulties at the moment. A lot of people struggle with the emotional addictions to food. We usually turn to food for comfort when we're down, upset, angry, etc. This is really what we need to stop, before having the surgery. The surgery is only a tool and if you don't have the mental side of it right, then it won't work.

Is you're doctor able to refer you to a psychiatrist? Most bariatric dodctors have one on staff and they're usually very helpful in getting you to deal with the emotional eating habits before you have surgery.

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Thanks Kirsty for your response.. Ive been through this before and I was ok... Im not sure why Im freaking out now.. I guess it's really a bad case of the "what ifs" far as help Im sure my Dr. does he is the head of the Gastric Dept. at USC and a wonderful Dr.... I am sure he will have a referral for a psychiatrist or psychologist I think in my head I am thinking ohhh Im going to miss Cheetos or Im going to miss cheese... and realizing that yes in time I could eat ONE cheeto or a half a slice of cheese but I am trying to get away from that I am trying to get the mindset of eating healthy not trying to work my way around the "system" so to speak and I just don't know how wrap my brain around good wholesome foods... I am sure I will figure it out.... eventually... KL
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I know quite a few people post-op and everyone has different ways of eating and different rules. Some stay away from high carb foods such as pasta, rice and bread, some don't eat cheese but some do. Once you're post-op your body will tell you what you can and can't tolerate, but you definitely have to have the right mind set. Please do let us know how you're doing and keep us updated on your progress and surgery!

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Mostly I would just eat too much volume-wise and throw up after meals. I've only ever had the blood sugar spike associated with dumping a few times... and each time was because I ate something made 100% of sugar, and was completely my fault!
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