4 weeks tomorrow!

At 28 years old, I really miss my pre-pregnancy...

At 28 years old, I really miss my pre-pregnancy body! I was a young wife and mother - I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, who is now 7, one month before my 21st birthday; 21 months after giving birth to her, I had our second child, our son who is now 5. I struggled with post-partum and have not liked my body since giving birth to our children. I breastfed both of our children, our daughter for 3mths and our son for 6 months, and that greatly impacted the perkiness of my breasts. I remember waking up one morning while breastfeeding with huge breasts filled with milk thinking this must be what I would look like with breast implants! Too bad they deflated so rapidly once I stopped breastfeeding. ?

Over the last two years, I have gained about 20 lbs putting me at 140lbs on a 5’2” frame – which is considered overweight for my frame. The anti-anxiety medicine I take is also not helping my weight gain! Due to some recent happenings, I have taken a step back, evaluated what I really want to look like, and am making steps to get there. I decided plastic surgery was a serious option for me.

I finally went for a consultation about two weeks ago and was surprised at how much fun I had! I originally inquired about a tummy tuck and a breast augmentation. After having two 8lb babies, the skin around my stomach is stretched but not as bad as a lot of others I have seen that have gone through tummy tuck surgery. I was shocked to see how expensive both surgeries were. Together, I would pay approximately $12-$13k. After some soul searching, I decided at this point, I really want just the boobs.

Here are my reasons:
• I am working out and toning up some, once I tone up I will evaluate if the pain and expense of a tummy tuck is for me
• If I had more volume and nicer breasts, I would not feel as self-conscience about my stomach
• I am not 100% sure I will not have any more children! Implants can survive a pregnancy, tummy tucks – not so much.

So, my adventure begins. I am almost 100% I have chosen the right surgeon. In fact, my husband and I go back tomorrow to see the before and after pictures that are exclusive to my surgeon. I am hoping my husband is just as excited as I am once he gets to play with the implants. Hee Hee

I am scared and excited at the same time. My fears are that my boobs will look funny, my nipples will be crooked, or I will hate the implants. After my consultation, I feel much better even though the fears are still there. Because I am a 34B now, my surgeon feels the tissue I already have will help my implants to have a more natural look. And once he measured my chest, my surgeon also said the size of a full C or small D would suit my frame. He was very open that I needed to look for images of people with breast like mine because if my nipples point one way now, they will only be worse with implants. My natural breast “look” will still exist – which is great for me. In addition to the implants, I am going to have him even my nipples. After breastfeeding one breast is slightly larger and my nipples are off from being in line with one another. I have decided on the gel implants versus the salt water filled due to the fact that they feel more natural. With all this said, my next steps include seeing the before and after pics for my surgeon’s work, and finding other images online that I can use to visually show my surgeon what I want and don’t want. Wish me luck! Thanks for sharing my journey with me. I will keep you informed as I go.

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! I'm looking forward to following along on your journey!

Good luck!! I'm excited for you, keep us updated!! I just got implants about 5 months ago and will say without a doubt it is the best thing I've ever done for myself, I hope you have a great experience too.
Good luck on your journey. In my case, I never had more than an A cup, going up to a B when breast feeding. At age 29, after my last baby was weaned, I just couldn't find bras to fit. The 'almost' bra hadn't been invented yet. I simply got tired of not finding cloths to fit, etc. When I found out that one of my cousins had augmentation surgery, the light came on for me.
I wasn't really told what some of the complications or long lasting effects would be. I wanted small ones and the Dr. complied. They were like hard boiled eggs under the skin because the capsulized almost immediately. When I went back to have that fixed, the Dr. convinced me that 'bigger is always better' with a big grin. So this time I complied. They were bigger than I was ever comfortable with--a full C. I was 5' 8" with a slight frame and no upper body fat.
I have had implants for 34 years now. I had to have surgery to release the scar tissue due to that set due to them capsulizing. I had to have an expander put in the left side to try to stretch the skin in hopes of preventing more capsulizing.
It wouldn't end for me. I finally had the idea to have a size smaller put in. He used a C cup size, but smaller than the others. I can still wear the same size bras. They just aren't as full. That was about 13-15 years ago. I'm OK with them, and they are very soft, but the left one still 'rides higher' than the right. Now that I'm in my 60's it would be nice if they both started sagging equally.
I didn't mention that the Dr. had stitched me to the left implant. They used to let you have the ones that had been removed, and the stitches were there for about 2 inches. I didn't tell him for a long time. When he asked to see them I took that one to him. The left one is the one I've had the most prob. with. They told us back then that approx. 20% would have problems. I believe that to be higher.
The one thing I miss and never thought much about beforehand, is that I lost sensitivity in my nipples. You realize how important after it is gone.
I should tell you the type of implant that finally worked. Initially, and thereafter to the last ones, I had the clear ones that you see all the time on TV. There were never any other kind discussed, and I didn't know to ask. The ones that have worked are the grey textured ones that look kind of furry. My sister-in-law got those initially and never had a bit of trouble with hers. She also breast fed two babies with them and as far as I've heard, she's never had any problems with them.

Update 10/2/2012: Last week my husband and I went...

Update 10/2/2012: Last week my husband and I went to pay the deposit on my new boobies. :-) With that said, my date is now officially November 15th! I am nervious, excited, scared, and guilt-ridden all at the same time. During our visit, I was able to try on a compression bra and different cc's of the gel implants. I think trying to determine cc's has been the hardest part. I am looking to go to a full C or small D - from what my consultant told me, with my current breast volume, I will only need 350-375cc's to get where I want. Since I am only 5'2", I am worried this size may look too big on me.

I am also on a mission to lose weight before the surgery. I was placed on anti-anxiety medication approximately 2 years ago and gained 20lbs. I am 140 and hope to be around 125 before the surgery. I am weaning off the medicine to see how I do and have been working out every other day with Jillian Michael's 30 day shred.

I have been researching the post-surgery roller coaster I will face and am embracing the fact that it will be approximately May when my boobs are where they are supposed to be. I keep hearing of "boob blues" where women don't like their implants for the first few weeks and start regretting their decision. I would love feedback on others who have experience these blues and how they handled it.

Thanks again for sharing my journey with me. I will post again in a few weeks - on November 2nd- when my pre-op is scheduled.
Hello anm. doesn't look like you need implants to me..... just a lift! What size bra do you currently wear? I see one breast is a bit larger than the other, but not a huge difference. I think with the nipples centered higher you will look absolutely amazing. good luck on your journey:)

Update 10/04/2012: I have been searching for a...

Update 10/04/2012:

I have been searching for a nice, high impact zip-front sports bra for the last week. I know I will need one at some point in my recovery. Well, after searching what seems like everywhere, I finally found one at T.J.Maxx for only $16.99! So if you are looking - try there.

My current bra size is a 34B and I am right at 140 lbs. The size I bought was a large and should fit a C/D.
Hello anm~ Congrats on booking the surgery!  I am 5"10 145lbs and have 304 cc's silicone Allegren implants. Went from a small B cup to a full C.... It feels AMAZING to finally have full, perky ta ta's!!!  Look forward to seeing your post op piks. Good luck on the journey:-)

Update 11/2: Just met with the Doctor for my...

Update 11/2: Just met with the Doctor for my Pre-Op!

A few hours ago I met with my doctor for my pre-op! Now I am super excited! I took my ideal pictures along with my no-no’s. I printed them out and reviewed them with my doctor. He felt as though the 350-400cc range would be fine and would put me at a full C/small D.

Now for the fun stuff – I had a lot of questions after reviewing online stories. I can shower the day of my surgery, put lotions on (which I read I could not) and do not have to shower with anything special. I cannot put on make-up or jewelry; this makes sense. I have a list of prescriptions to go ahead and feel. I have to take a muscle relaxer before surgery which I can take with a Dixie cup amount of water. I can still tan and do not have to remove my artificial nails prior to surgery– which again, I read I had to do. All my questions were answered and I am so ready for the big day – November 15th.

Until then…..

11/16 - Yesterday was the big day! I was full of...

11/16 - Yesterday was the big day! I was full of nerves and excited at the same time. I started Sinnech for swelling and bruising the night before. At 6:30 am I took 2 muscle relaxers just like I was told. By the time we got to the office at 7:30 I was already drowsy.ha I had to change out of my clothes and put on a gown that buttons in the back - I thought that was funny - footies and a hair cap. I sat in a resting area withmy husband while the nurse told mewhat was going to happen and asked me the usual questions - when was the last time I ate, did I take my muscle relaxers, etc. Dr Leaked came back and we reviewed the pictures. He asked if he had one implant size in one breasted and another slightly larger one in the other breasted and they both looked good, would I want him to go with the larger or smaller implant. I said larger due to the fact I keep reading women always wish they went bigger. They took my husband to the waiting room and told me they were going to start giving me something to relax me in my iv. That is the last thing I remember before waking up fully dressed with my husband by my side. My chest was really tight and they instructed my husband not to give me the pain meds until we got home.

The ride home was tough, every bump hurt. Once I got my pain mere I was out for a few hours. I did not expext going to the bathroom to be so difficult. I also did not my biceps, arm pits, and fingers to ache so bad! I also did not expect to be so swollen all over from the fluids.

I have not looked at the girls YET! I am so nervous. The doc gave me to 375 cc's. As soon as I check out the girls I will post pics.

The ride home was tough. Every bump hurt. But once I got home and took the pain med, I was out for a while.
Hope your doing good ! I take depression pills I also have anxiety pills if I need one . I used to take the anxiety pills 4 times a day . I need my pills I went off them and I stress to much . So if you need them don't feel bad . Some of us need them . I call them my happy pills . When I stopped taking the anxiety pills is when I gained weight . I'm always happy !
I got down to 132 lbs before surgery but I am holding liquids right now. I am sure this will go way - I just hope sooner rather than later.
I was also on an anti-anxiety med that caused me to gain weight...hated that! Ask your doctor to try another med. I had better luck when switched to fluoxetine, but everyones different. Try weaning off. I did the same thing. bBut the trith of the matter was I really needed it and feel 1,000 times better. I will have my surgery on 111/19 and I was also worried about the emotional rollercoaster afterwards. Hope you feel o.k. post-op!

11/18 - Still really sore. It is hard for me to...

11/18 - Still really sore. It is hard for me to walk straight and I was not prepared for the bloating from the fluids and the constipation. Still really swollen also. I have two days until I see Dr Leake again. I am hoping for good feedback because right now I think I have the booby blues!
ANIM04 , hope your doing good . U look great . I think u will be happy with your size . Your going to be soooo happy with your new boobies . I ask my self should I have gone bigger and I tell myself no . I already wear a 34/ DDD . When get my weight off I have gained I will Proubably wear a 34/DD . If u get bras at VS they run small in the cup so I go to Dillard's . I wear my M shirts still . Also if your still constipated get miralax it works and drink a lot of water . Happy healing :-)
Thanks for sharing your story, ANM. Prune juice can help with the constipation. Metamucil works wonders too. Hope you feel better soon.....God Bless
I was really surprised with what an emotional roller coaster this is. Day 10 is so much better than that first week! I feel better and therefore begin to relax and not worry so much about the boobs. I was so worried in the first week that I had made a serious error in judgement but I'm really beginning to Luke them (size and all). It sure takes a little time to get used to it! Take care and take care if yourself. You already are looking fabulous!

11/27 - Each day is getting a little and little...

11/27 - Each day is getting a little and little better. I have more range of motion now and am doing more and more on my own. I have stopped the pain medication and the muscle relaxers. I also started back to work yesterday. I am not back to 100% yet - I get fatigued easier and need to just relax and close my eyes every now and then.

Sleeping sucks! I hate sleeping propped up; I can not get comfortable. I wake up in the middle of the night moving pillows.

My right breast is being complicated. It dropped quicker but has stayed swollen longer! It still has that shiny look while the other doesn't. I have also had bleeding from the suture on this breast. I freaked out because I went to the grocery store on Sunday and looked down to see blood on my shirt. I move my appt up with my doctor - I was scheduled to see him this Friday but am going in today instead so I won't worry as much.

At my appointment last week, the compression bra I had was cutting into my skin and so uncomfortable. My doc does not like sports bras after BA's so he told me to go and by another bra that snaps in the front. I ended up with a Playtex 18 hr bra with soft cups, and back and posture support. I love it!

One thing I forgot to mention was my nipple on my right breast before the augmentation always looked lower. It never looked like this before having kids. I breastfed both of my children and during surgery, Dr. Leake found that this breast had lots of fiberous tissues pulling the nipple down. He corrected this! I am hopeful for a more even look once all the swelling goes down. Unfourtunately, this breast has lots more brusing and is the one I am having more issues with.

All-in-all - I have been very satisfied. I added my 1 week post op pic and will add my 2 week post op pic in a few days.
Your looking good !!!! I hope all is ok . Let us know what the DR said .

The last two weeks have been a blur! It took a...

The last two weeks have been a blur! It took a little while to get back into the swing of things once I went back to work. I am proud to report my full range of motion has returned! I can't start my messaging until next week due to the bruising my right breast had. They are softening and feel much more mine! My one regret - I should of went bigger - ha. I am hoping when I visit my doctor next week he tells me I can start bra shopping! I traded in my surgery bra for a Playtex 18 hour bra a week after the procedure...and I am ready for something a little sexier!

I haven't been given the ok to start excercising yet. I feel like I am getting a little flabby and am ready to start doing anything! I also still can not sweep or vaccum which is annoying but I understand why.

Does anyone know of a good site that shows the dropping of breast implants over time? I would like to see where I will or should be at in 2 months. I just posted my week 3 photos and will take my week 4 photos tomorrow!

I love my new boobs!
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